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Baby animal names
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Baby animal names



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  • 1. baby animal namesDid you know a Baby Lion is called a Cub? And a group of chicken is called a flock? Here are morenames to add to your collection.Animal Male Female Young As a groupAntelope Bull Cow Calf HerdBear Boar Sow Cub SlothCat Tom Queen Kitten ClowderCattle Bull Cow Calf Herd/Drove.Chicken Cock/Rooster Hen Chick FlockDeer Buck/Hart/Stag. Doe/Hind Fawn Herd.Dog Dog Bitch pup Kennel.Donkey Jackass Jeneet/Jenny foal/colt Pace.Elephant Bull Cow Calf Herd.Fox Dog Vixen Cub Skulk.
  • 2. Giraffe Bull Cow Calf Herd.Goat Billy/Buck Nanny/Doe Kid Herd.Goose Gander Goose Gosling Flock/Gaggle.Horse Stallion Mare foalt/colt(male)/filly(female) Herd.Kangaroo Buck/Boomer Doe/flier joey Herd/troop/mob.Lion Lion Lioness Cub Pride.Ostrich Cock Hen Chick flock/troop.Pig Boar Sow shoat/farrow/piglet. herd/drove/sounder.Rabbit Buck Doe Kindle/kitten. Warren.Rat Buck Doe ******* Colony.Seal Bull Cow pup/whelp rookery/trip.Sheep Ram Ewe Lamb flock
  • 3. Swan Cob pen cygnet flockTurkey Cock/gobbler/tom hen poultduleWhale Bull cow calf school/podZebra Stallion mare foal herd.
  • 4. Collective names of animalsA herd of antelopeA colony or an army of antsA shrewdness of apesA herd or pace of assesA culture of bacteriaA cete of badgersA shoal of bassA sleuth or sloth of bearsA colony of beaversA swarm, grist or hive of beesA flock, flight, congregation or volery of birdsA sedge or siege of bitternsA sounder of boarsA herd of buffaloA brace or clash of bucksAn army of caterpillarsA clowder or clutter of catsA herd or drove of cattleA brood or peep of chickensA clutch or chattering of chicksA bed of clamsA quiver of cobrasA rag of coltsA cover of cootsA kine of cows (twelve cows are a flink)
  • 5. A band of coyoteA sedge or siege of cranesA float of crocodilesA murder of crowsA litter of cubsA herd of curlewsA cowardice of cursA herd of deerA pack of dogsA dule of dovesA brace, paddling or team of ducksA clutch of eggsA herd of elephantsA pod of elephant sealsA weaner pod is yearling elephant sealsA gang of elksA mob of emusA business or fesnyng of ferretsA charm of finchesA school, shoal, run, haul, catch or draught of fishA swarm of fliesA skulk or leash of foxesAn army or colony of frogsA flock, gaggle or skein (in flight) of geeseA cloud or horde of gnatsA herd, tribe or trip goatsA charm of goldfinches
  • 6. A band of gorillasA leash of greyhoundsA down or husk of haresA cast or kettle of hawksA brood of hensA hedge of heronsA drift, or parcel of hogsA team, pair or harras of horsesA pack, mute or cry of houndsA smack of jellyfishA troop or mob of kangaroosA kindle or litter of kittensAn ascension or exaultation of larksA leap (leep) of leopardsA pride of lionsA plague of locustsA tiding of magpiesA sord of mallardsA stud of maresA richness of martensA labour of molesA troop of monkeysA barren or span of mulesA parliament of owlsA yoke, drove, team or herd of oxenA bed of oystersA company of parrots
  • 7. A covey of partridgesA muster or ostentation of peacocksA litter of peepsA nest, nide (nye) or bouquet of pheasantsA flock or flight of pigeonsA litter of pigsA wing or congregation of ploversA string of poniesA pod of porpoisesA covey or bevy of quailA nest of rabbitsA pack or swarm of ratsA rhumba of rattlesnakesAn unkindness of ravensA crash or herd of rhinosA bevy of roebucksA building or clamour of rooksA herd or pod of sealsA drove or flock of sheepA nest of snakesA walk or wisp of snipeA host of sparrowsA dray of squirrelsA murmuration of starlingsA mustering of storksA flight of swallowsA bevy, herd, lamentation or wedge of swans
  • 8. A flock of swiftsA sounder or drift of swineA spring of tealA knot of toadsA hover of troutA rafter of turkeysA pitying or dule of turtledovesA bale of turtlesA pod of walrusA school, gam or pod of whalesA nest of vipersA pack or route of wolvesA fall of woodcocksA descent of woodpeckersWhat young animals are calledAntelope - calfBear - cubBeasts of prey - whelp
  • 9. Beaver - kitBirds - fledgling, nestlingCat - kittenCodfish - codling, spratCow - calfDeer - fawn, yearlingDog - pup, puppyDuck - ducklingEagle - eagletEel - elverElephant - calfElephant seal - weanerFish - fryFowl - chick, chickenFox - cub, pupFrog - polliwog, tadpoleGoat - kidGoose - goslingGrouse - cheeperGuinea fowl - keetHawk - eyasHen - pulletHippo - calfHorse - foal, yearling, or colt (male), filly (female)Kangaroo - joeyLion - cubOwl - owlet
  • 10. Partridge - cheeperPig - piglet, shoat, farrow, sucklingPigeon - squab, squeakerQuail - cheeperRabbit - bunny, kitRat - pupRhino - calfRooster - cockerelSalmon - parr, smolt, grilseSeal - pupShark - cubSheep - lamb, lambkinsSwan - cygnetTiger - cub, whelpTurkey - poultWhale - calfZebra - foal