A Loving Legacy! Chapter 3.4


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A Loving Legacy! Chapter 3.4

  1. 1. Welcome back to A Loving Legacy! We are now on the fourth chapter of generation 3's college years and I don't really ever name my chapters but this one is called “The Way Love Talks.” So RECAP of Last Chapter Romeo moved into the greek house having to adjust to living with 5 other girls! Alexandra and Jimmy got together. It was revealed that Vicki was bi and she ended up falling for Ethan's twin sister and lead singer of Supersonic Shadows, Lexy Mason. Juliet finally told Corey she loved him and he began to think he may love her back as well, but Rosemarie (his evil cheerleader sidekick) was not going to tolerate that. So when the time came to execute the plan Corey said no realizing he actually loved Juliet, but Rosemarie forced him into it and Juliet was heartbroken to see him kissing her. Then Juliet learns that Aimee once dated Corey, and he only dated her for revenge. So if that all sounds familiar let's move on....
  2. 2. Juliet Loving had not been acting like herself. Ever since she had returned back to the greek house she was all frowns and sorrow, not even displaying a hint of her normal sweet and loving self. She didn't talk to anyone and whenever someone tried to engage with her, she would blow them off completely making some lame excuse to go elsewhere.
  3. 3. Everyone was worried about Juliet seeing that as time passed she wasn't getting any better. She continued to spend the majority of her day locked up in her room or studying. It wasn't good and nobody really had any idea of how to fix it. Even Victoria knew that a party wasn't going to work this time and just let Juliet be.
  4. 4. “Jules are you okay?” Romeo worriedly glanced over at his older sister who had wolfed down her breakfast in record timing, “You're really starting to worry me.” Juliet didn't say anything and just glanced at her brother, she wasn't okay. How could she be? The guy who she had been in love with who she thought was her perfect match, who she had been ready to spend the rest of her life with had just been using her the entire time to get revenge on her parents of all people. She felt about 100 times worse than the time her teenage boyfriend Alvin had broken her heart. “Jules?” Romeo asked again concerned.
  5. 5. Juliet sighed, “I'm fine Romeo” she lied, “I just need some space and some time alright?” Romeo could tell from her sad face that she was certainly not fine, “Jules you're really starting to worry me, you've been acting lifeless, it's not healthy.” “Romeo I'm fine” she said more harshly, “You bothering me is just making me feel worse alright?” she frowned, “I'm going upstairs.” She quickly left the room before Romeo could tell her anything else. Romeo watched her leaving with a sigh, this had gotten out of control.
  6. 6. Once he finished his breakfast he headed into the living room wanting to talk to someone about how to make Juliet feel better. He walked in to see Alexandra and her boyfriend curled up on the coach and Victoria making out with some dormie. Well no wonder Juliet is feeling so horrible, having to see all these couples all the time he thought, “Hey do you guys realize how insensitive you are being?” Alexandra looked up at him, but Victoria continued what she was doing, “Insensitive?” Alexandra asked confused on what he was getting at. “Yeah to Juliet” Romeo cried, “Do you know how hard it probably is for her to see couples around all the time?”
  7. 7. Hearing this Victoria separated herself from the guy whom she had been with, “Please Romeo like you're one to talk.” “Huh?” Romeo asked confused. Victoria narrowed her eyes at him, “You and Layla are the most obnoxious couple of all, you two parade around here like you own the place!” “What no we don't!” Romeo snapped annoyed. “Are you kidding?” Victoria cried, “I mean seriously Romeo just yesterday you were making out on the sofa over there when Juliet was doing homework in here!” “What? Why would I do that?” Victoria glowered at him wondering why he was being so weird, “I don't know Romeo ask yourself, seriously the second Layla walks in the door you will be PDAing in no time!”
  8. 8. Just then in perfect timing Layla Monroe walked through the front door a little wet from the rain that had begun to pour outside. “Romeo” she cooed walking in the door to see Romeo standing there. Romeo looked at her feeling confused and then found himself walking over to her.
  9. 9. “Uh hey Layla” he said just standing there staring at him, he wasn't going to perform any PDA to prove to Victoria that he wasn't like that. “Well aren't you going to say hello?” Layla asked him with a flirtatious smile. “I did just say hello” Romeo answered. “Romeo? I mean hello, hello.” she said somewhat coldly. “I said hello Layla, isn't that enough?” Layla slightly narrowed her eyes at him not liking his attitude, she glared at her ever so carefully, “Romeo” she purred.
  10. 10. Within seconds Romeo found himself wrapping his arms around her with a smile, “Sorry Layla” he said obediently. “Now that was what I was looking for” Layla grinned returned the hug. Romeo then kissed her completely forgetting about anything about not doing PDA. “Yeah Romeo that's what I thought” Victoria called from the other side of the room, but Romeo ignored her not even hearing what she said.
  11. 11. Not all of the couples in the greek house acted overt though, Vicki and Lexy always kept things private restricting themselves only to Vicki's room. “I love you Lexy” Vicki gushed wrapping her arms around the petite girl and pulling herself over her. Lexy laughed, “Sure you do Vicki me and all your other lovers. I mean you are a romance sim and all so I know I'm not the only one which I am okay with because well we are just having fun and all right?” “No Lexy I really love you” Vicki responded to her seriously. “Well sure Vicki I love you too, but I mean it's okay if I am not the only one” Lexy told her.
  12. 12. Vicki separated herself from Lexy and just stared at her with a straight face, “No Lexy your the only one I love.” Lexy continued to smile, “Vicki you don't need to lie to me to make me feel special or anything okay, I know your a romance sim and I'm a pleasure sim so it's okay alright? There is really no need for you to get all serious and stuff because it really is okay.” “Lexy I am serious” Vicki remained with a straight face. Lexy just continued to smile, “Vicki what are trying to say? I mean we have talked about this a million times are relationship is fun and that is how we like it, we have fun and that's that.”
  13. 13. “Fine Lexy you don't believe me then I'll prove it to you” Vicki leaned down on one knee and looked up at her. “Vicki what are you doing?” Lexy concerned, “Don't embarrass yourself alright, I get it, you love me okay now please don't do anything stupid because well it's really unnecessary alright?” “I'm not going to do anything stupid” Vicki gushed.
  14. 14. Suddenly Vicki pulled out a velvet black box and opened it in front of Lexy's face where she saw a shinny diamond, “Lexy Mason will you marry me?” she asked with a huge smile. Lexy squealed just staring at the ring, she was speechless for the first time in her entire life. Vicki continued to look up at her waiting for an answer. “Vicki are you serious because marriage for a romance sim that doesn't really make much sense!” “I am one hundred percent serious Lexy Mason, I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you which is why I really want you to say yes!” Lexy just grinned, “Well duh Vicki of course I'll marry you!”
  15. 15. The two women hugged each other with big smiles. Lexy looked up a Vicki skeptically, “Are you really sure Vicki because I know much romance sims hate marriage because my mother is one and I mean I really don't want you to be unhappy or anything and....” “Lexy!” Vicki interrupted, “Shhh, I can't picture spending my life any other way alright?” “You sure?” “Yes I'm sure, now will you please shut up and enjoy the moment?” Vicki asked grinning. Lexy smiled, “Yeah I can do that.”
  16. 16. From that point on Vicki was fully committed to her one love Lexy, and ended any shenanigans with anyone else having no desire to peruse anyone other than Lexy anymore. “Hey Vicki, I have a dance for you” Patrick, the stripper, called standing naked beside her. Vicki didn't even look over at him, “I'm engaged now Patrick, go find Victoria or something she will probably enjoy it.”
  17. 17. It was a good thing to that Vicki had finally settled because her time had finally come to graduate. She ended up graduating with honors thanks to all her hard work receiving “private tutoring” from the professors though once she got series with Lexy she actually learned to study the right way. The greek house threw a major graduation party for her to celebrate.
  18. 18. Everyone was sad to see Vicki go as she had practically become a member of the family, “Vicki we are really going to miss you” Juliet leaned in to hug the greek house placeholder that had done an awesome job. “Me too Jules, but we will still see each other.” Vicki smiled, “I just really hope that you feel better.” Juliet frowned sick of people telling her that, “Thanks” she muttered.
  19. 19. Vicki spent most of the party is the arms of Lexy who had worked hard to graduate early so she could graduate with Vicki. The two were more than ready to leave college and begin their lives together as married women.
  20. 20. Which they did quickly did after graduation. Vicki and Lexy married right after graduation throwing a fairly small wedding at the house that they had purchased together back in the Rosendale*. The wedding included all of their closest friends and family members. *I have never mentioned the name of the neighborhood before because I thought I was going to change it, but it's named Rosendale pronounced ROSE-EN-DALE.
  21. 21. Of course the entire Loving family was invited to the lovely ceremony. Victoria, Rosaline and Juliet all sat together at the wedding reception somewhat bored all having come alone. “I hate weddings!” Juliet and Rosaline cried at the exact same time, they looked at each other wide eyed. Victoria laughed, “Well geez I didn't think this was that bad and Jules I thought you loved weddings.” Juliet just stared at her silently, “I used to, but now that I am not going to be having one, they kind of suck.” Victoria sighed refraining herself from saying anything mean.
  22. 22. “I suppose it really doesn't help that we are being forced to sit here and watch all of those sickenly sweet couples dance” Victoria turned her head over to see all the young slow dancing couples lost in their own little worlds. “No that doesn't help at all” Rosaline muttered, particularly one couple at the far left. Juliet sighed, “They are all cute but no seeing all of them just makes things even harder.” “Okay you know what” Victoria cried turning her attention back to Juliet and Rosaline, “This is stupid, you two need to lighten up. I mean you are both super hot single girls, you can find someone in no time. I mean there are some single guys over at the table over there and hey Jules that one guy is wearing a pink tux you two would totally match!”
  23. 23. “Uh Vic I really don't think that would work” Juliet turned around to look at the guy for a slight second to see it was very clear that he wouldn't even be attracted to her. “Well whatever what about the guy with the mohawk? He seems like a cool guy!” Victoria suggested. Juliet shook her head, “Vic no, I can't move on right now alright?” she looked down sadly. Victoria sighed, “Well fine” then she turned to Rosaline, “What about you Ros? Have you even ever kissed a guy before? I mean seriously, you should go talk to one of those guys.” “Uh Victoria” Rosaline mummbled.
  24. 24. “No seriously Ros go talk to one of them, that one guy with the emo hair looks perfect for you!” “No Vic” Rosaline sighed, “I'm not doing the wedding hookup thing.” “You two are lame just so you know” Victoria cried, “If you won't take them, I totally will.” “You know what, I think I'm going to go get some food” Rosaline stood up from her chair wanting to escape Victoria. “Kay whatever” Victoria responded.
  25. 25. Rosaline headed over to the buffet thinking about what Victoria said. Part of what she had said was true, she hadn't ever dated anyone before and she really felt no desire to. She had never been attracted to anyone, but she didn't want to end up alone either. She frowned at the nasty looking iced gelatin. “Ros!” someone cried behind her. No please don't be you.
  26. 26. “Ros I haven't seen or talked to you in forever!” Ethan cried watching Rosaline. Rosaline continued to look at the gelatin having no desire to see or talk to him, she had known that he would be at this wedding as he was Lexy's sister, but she thought she had been doing a pretty good job of avoiding him, “Uh yeah I've been busy” she muttered. “Well apparently so. You were definitely at one of the bands gigs one time though, I remember seeing you but you left early or something.” Rosaline sighed remembering that night, “Yeah I wasn't feeling well that night.” “Aww well that's too bad, at least you saw us though.” Ethan smiled. “Hmmhmm”
  27. 27. Rosaline pulled her hand away from the gelatin not wanting any. She turned to face Ethan now seeing his face smiling, she hadn't stood this close to him in a long time and it was making her feel uncomfortable. “So how have you been?” Ethan asked her, “How's college been treating you?” Just peachy, “Fine” Rosaline answered quickly. Ethan tilted his head slightly, “You've been living in your family greek house right? I mean Lexy has practically been living there the past few months.” “Yeah”
  28. 28. “Well that must be fun with all the parties and stuff” “I suppose so” Rosaline answered coldly, Ethan knew she didn't like parties or he used to anyway. Ethan shuffled his feet back and forth as Rosaline continued to stare at him in silence “Lexy is so happy to have Vicki” he finally said noticing the newly married couple to the side, “She really loves her.” “Yeah there cute” Rosaline placed her hands on her hips. “I know I couldn't believe Lexy graduated early for her, I mean Lexy has never been one to put much effort into schooling.” “Uh huh” Rosaline nodded her head.
  29. 29. “Uhhh” Ethan stuttered having nothing else to say, “Well I should probably go find Katerina, she doesn't know anybody here.” “Right Katerina” Rosaline looked away from him. “Well it was nice seeing you Ros, we should hang out sometime” Ethan let out a small smile. No “Sure” Ethan smiled again and then headed away from her back to Katerina who had been awkwardly standing by herself.
  30. 30. Rosaline headed back to the table in a worse mood than she was before, she was ready for this stupid wedding to be over. “So Ros who was that?” Victoria asked immediately after Ros sat down. “Who was who?” Rosaline questioned annoyed. Victoria's eyes widened, “Uh that guy duh! He was pretty hot!” “Wasn't that your friend from high school?” Juliet asked her. “Yeah”
  31. 31. “Oooh friend from high school! Is this why you have never dated?” Victoria looked over at Rosaline amused. Shut up Victoria, “No, he's just a friend.” Or was. Victoria looked at her carefully, “Sorry but that's just not possible, I mean just friends please.” “Well believe it Victoria, we aren't all skanks like you alright?” Rosaline snapped. Victoria jerked back surprised but not angry, “Geez Ros someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning!” “Whatever” Victoria grunted shaking her head, “He's really got you.” Anger filled through Rosaline feeling the sudden urge to punch Victoria right into the face, “I swear to boolprop Victoria shut up! He means nothing to me!”
  32. 32. “Absolutely nothing!”
  33. 33. Eventually the guests began to head out as the wedding began to wind down. Lexy and Vicki never seemed to notice though having been in their own world from the very second they said I do. They continued to dance outside in each others arms long after the wedding was over. They were just about the happiest set of newlyweds anyone had ever seen. ****
  34. 34. Later that night a full moon shined over Sim State and the stars sparkled all over the dark sky. It was the perfect night and the Old Sim State tower stood high and brightly in the shining sky abandoned as usual.
  35. 35. “So why are we here?” Alexandra asked trailing behind Jimmy. He had told her they were going somewhere special, but didn't specify where so she had been following him anxiously for the past hour. Jimmy smiled, “Because this place is special” he turned around to face her, “It's where we first met.” Alexandra couldn't help by grin, “Oh right.” “Now come on lets go up top” he grabbed her hand dragging her inside and up the many flights of stairs.
  36. 36. When the reached the top Alexandra looked out the window amazed, “Wow you can see the entire campus up here. I can see the greek house over there.” she pointed to the large green house on the other side of the central quad. Suddenly the sound of thunder boomed loudly and a heavy rain pour began to fall from the sky, “Well too bad it's raining though.” Alexandra thought of the long walk home, neither of them having an umbrella. “Well you know you can change that” Jimmy smiled behind her. Alexandra turned around to face him, “Right cause we all know how well it went last time I performed that spell” she grinned.
  37. 37. Jimmy lifted his hand to stoke her cheek gently, “Hey if you never did that, we probably wouldn't have ever met.” Alexandra softened from his touch, “I know which is why that was the best spell I have have ever performed.” Jimmy paused continuing to caress her cheek, “I love you Alexandra London.” Alexandra smiled feeling her insides go warm, “I love you too Jimmy Phoenix.” “You are amazing.” Alexandra could feel her cheeks going pink in flattery. Jimmy removed his hand from her placing it inside his pocket. Alexandra watched him closely as he slowly began to lean down to the floor.
  38. 38. He quickly pulled out a small black velvet box opening it in front of her to reveal the shiniest diamond ring Alexandra had ever seen. “Alexandra London you are the most unique and just plain out incredible girl I have ever known which is why I want nothing more than to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?” Alexandra's mouth hung wide open in complete incredulity discovering that she was at a complete loss for words. All she could do was just continue to stand there will her mouth hanging open. “Uh Alexandra?” Jimmy asked nervously feeling his knee begin to ache against the hard wooden floor.
  39. 39. “Yes, yes, and yes!” Alexandra suddenly shrieked leaping into arms catching his off guard, but he quickly wrapped his arms around her holding her up.
  40. 40. Eventually Alexandra separated from him, holding out her hand with the diamond ring now on her finger with a huge smile. “I was scared you weren't going to say anything for minute” Jimmy laughed. Alexandra shook her head laughing as well, “I was just incredibly shocked in the most amazing way.” They kissed each other passionately remaining in each arms as the rain continued to pour outside the tall tower, they ended not leaving the tower at all that night.
  41. 41. From that point on Alexandra and Jimmy were more in love than ever still spending numerous amounts of time in the back of Alexandra and Rosaline's closet as it was their special place.
  42. 42. Victoria on the other hand still made no form of commitment even though her sister had, continuing to jump from guy to guy having no care in the world.
  43. 43. Romeo though was fully committed to Layla giving into her every need always mesmerized by her presence.
  44. 44. And then their was Rosaline who continued to remain alone becoming more bitter about it daily. She would often times find herself angrily strumming on the guitar which in the end made her more upset for it reminded her of Ethan who she wanted more than anything to forget about.
  45. 45. Though Juliet was also unhappy for things for Juliet still hadn't gotten much better. Hey Juliet Juliet rolled around in her pink bed one night hearing a sound of something faintly but ignored it, she was having trouble sleeping and felt tired. Hey Juliet This time Juliet heard the noise more clearly, hearing that it almost sounded like someone was saying her name. She slowly pushed the covers off of her and looked over at Victoria who was fast asleep.
  46. 46. Hey Juliet This time she knew it was her name, but why would she be hearing her name in the middle of the night? It was probably around 3 in the morning if not later. She slowly sat up in bed feeling confused, was she dreaming? Hey Juliet “Hey Vic” she called out quietly to her sleeping cousin needing a second set of ears. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz “Vic?”
  47. 47. She walked over to Victoria's bed gently tapping her shoulder. Victoria quickly opened her eyes and glared at her. Juliet moved away from the bed watching Victoria get up, “Jules what the hell? It's like 3 in the morning!” Hey Juliet “Victoria do you hear that?” Juliet asked her just having just heard it again, it also sounded like some sort of music was playing. “Hear what!” Victoria snapped annoyed, she did not like to be woken up. Hey Juliet “That!”
  48. 48. Victoria stood up from her bed slowly still irritated by her cousin for having woken her up. Hey Juliet Victoria scrunched nose, “Yeah what the hell is that? It sounds like your name.” “I know! And I have no idea what it is!” Juliet cried. Victoria looked toward the window, “It sounds like it's coming from outside.” Juliet and Victoria quickly headed toward the porch door.
  49. 49. Once they were outside, the sound was much clear. The sound of music belted from a tiny black boom box below and there beside they saw Corey wearing a suit with his arms wide belting at the top of his lungs. Once he saw her, he grew even louder. “Hey Juliet I think you're fine You really blow my mind Maybe someday you and me can run away I just want you to know I want to be your Romeo Hey Juliet Hey Juliet”
  50. 50. “Oh my freaking plumbob is he for real?” Victoria looked down at the pathetic singing guy in abhorrence. Behind them Romeo had stepped outside having heard the noise, “Um wow” he muttered seeing what was happening, “Just so he knows I'm her Romeo!” Juliet didn't say anything just staring at him, staring at him in complete disbelief that this was actually happening for stuff like this was only supposed to happen in the movies.
  51. 51. “Girl you got me on my knees Beggin' please, baby please Got my best DJ on the radiowaves saying “Hey Juliet, why do you do him this way” Too far to turn around So I'm gonna stand my ground Gimme just a little bit of hope With a smile or a glance, gimme one more chance”
  52. 52. Victoria turned around to face Romeo, “Who the hell does he think he is? I mean to have the nerve to come back here with some pathetic excuse of a song and just think he can win her back!” Romeo grunted looking back down at Corey and then back at Victoria, “You gota admit it's sort of romantic.” “Romeo are you kidding me!” Victoria spat. Behind her Juliet was smiling completely lost in Corey's horrible voice.
  53. 53. “I mean who the hell would fall for this! Right Jules!” Victoria cried turning back to Juliet. She stared at her skeptically to see that Juliet was somewhat lost with a goofy grin, “Jules?” she asked loudly. Juliet didn't even hear her infatuated with Corey looking down at him not helping but smile. “She's gone” Romeo laughed behind Victoria. “Uh no, Jules? Get back to reality now!” Victoria snapped, but Juliet continued continued to ignore her.
  54. 54. Juliet did not get back to reality far from it, Corey smiled from below realizing that she was into it. “Juliet!” he yelled loudly. “Corey?” she yelled back to him feeling all her old feelings for him rush back to her quickly. “I love you!” he stood up, “And I'm coming up!” “What?” Juliet shouted. “I'm coming up!” “But the door is locked!” she yelled back. “That's not going to stop me!”
  55. 55. “No” Victoria shook her head rapidly, “I can't watch this!” She glared at Juliet who was mindlessly looking down at him with the most lopsided and goofy grin that ever existed. Romeo smiled behind her, “I think I'm going to leave them alone.” Victoria shook her head one last time before heading inside behind him, she was not okay with this, but she couldn't stop it.
  56. 56. Within seconds Corey quickly leapt onto the column under the porch wrapping his body around it slowly pulling himself up. “Corey!” Juliet screamed from above realizing how dangerous this was. He looked up at her smiling through struggling pain, “I'm coming Jules!” “No Corey, that is way too dangerous get down, I can go unlock the door!” Juliet watched him worriedly, but it was too late for Corey was already almost there and he wasn't going to stop now.
  57. 57. Soon enough he had managed to reach the railing grabbing on it tightly and slowly pulling himself over it, exerting much effort. Juliet reached her hand out to him, her mouth still hanging wide open, “Corey take my hand.” He clutched onto it carrying the of his body over the railing as Juliet pulled him.
  58. 58. Once he had gotten he was fully standing on the porch, he smiled staring at Juliet across from him. Juliet narrowed his eyes at him not amused, “I can not believe you just did that! Do you realize how dangerous that was you could have died!” “I know” Corey responded still smiling. “No seriously you could have died or gotten severely hurt or something just as horrible!” “I know” Corey continued to smile. “How are you smiling right now!” Juliet snapped. Corey didn't say anything continuing to flash a huge grin across his face.
  59. 59. “You are so stupid!” Juliet cried wrapping his ams around him and planting a huge kiss upon his lips without thinking, it was like nothing had even happened.
  60. 60. Corey was still smiling when she separated from him, he just stared at her as she stared back at him silently, “Juliet I know I don't deserve you but I love you more than anything and can't even put into words how sorry I am about what happened. I will never forgive myself for hurting you.” Juliet just stared at him remembering everything, “You really hurt me Corey.” “I know Juliet and I hate myself so much for it , you don't even know, I haven't left my dorm in weeks.” “You dated my mom. Do you know how messed up that is?” Juliet frowned. Corey sighed, “I know Jules, but the thing with your mom was nothing like what I have with you, she wasn't right for me.” Juliet just looked at him in silence contemplating everything, this situation was just so messed up.
  61. 61. “That was the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me you know.” she said. “That was what I was hoping for” Corey answered. Juliet let out a small smile, “Well it worked just so you know, I was completely lost by it.” “Look I love you Juliet and I am and will do whatever it takes to get you to forgive me!” Juliet looked down for a second silently, her biggest fear was getting hurt again for she couldn't handle it a third time, that would completely break her, but Corey he seemed real this time and purely honest. “I..” she began struggling for the words, “I love you too Corey.”
  62. 62. “Juliet I promise with all my heart to never hurt you again” Corey began to lean down one knee. Juliet looked down at him clasping her hands together, she knew what he was doing and she began to mentally prepare herself. “Because I love you more than anything Juliet Loving and can't picture any part of my life without you in it!” “Corey..” her heart was beating quickly as his hand hand began to move toward his pocket.
  63. 63. Even though she had tried to mentally prepare herself, she still found that she squealed like a little girl the second he pulled the ring out in front of her. “So will you marry Juliet because I promise I will never do anything to ever hurt you again” Her mouth continued to hang open looking at his smiling face.
  64. 64. Juliet grabbed the ring and placed it on her finger, “Yes” she looked at it in awe as it shined brighter than the moon. “Oh thank goodness” Corey exhaled a huge sigh of relief, he had been so scared she would say no. He knew he didn't deserve it, but was the happiest he'd ever been at the fact that she had forgiven him. Juliet continued to look at the ring in amazement, she had been waiting forever for this moment and here it was finally happening.
  65. 65. The both hugged their arms around each other giving a passionate kiss. Victoria and Romeo watched from the window inside. “Romeo she agreed to marry him!” Victoria cried glaring out the window in disbelief, she was not okay with this. Romeo chuckled, “I know but I mean did you expect any different?” “He better not hurt her again.” Victoria glowered. “I don't think he will and if he does, he'll be very sorry” “Oh yes he will” Victoria turned away from the window not wanting to watch them any longer.
  66. 66. Juliet was so excited about her engagement that she told any person who crossed her path bouncing up and down with exhilaration. She even told the coach who was not amused and just screamed at her to do pushups. The only person she hadn't told was Rosaline for the reason that she knew Rosaline would probably get mad and judge her about it, but she knew that she couldn't keep it from her forever, so the next afternoon she headed up to Rosaline and Alexandra's room to see Rosaline lying on her bed in silence. “Hey Ros” Juliet called, “I have something really amazing to tell you.” “Uh huh?” Rosaline didn't even look at her. Juliet flared her arms out excitement, “I'm engaged to Corey!”
  67. 67. “What!” Rosaline cried standing up from her bed. Juliet walked over to her. “Jules are you kidding?” “Um no” Juliet held her hand up, “See here's the ring.” “He used you Juliet! he dated mom! He hurt you on purpose!” Rosaline glared at her sister. Juliet frowned, “I know but he ended up climbing up a balcony for me and just trust me he regrets all of that more than anything.” Rosaline shook her head, “And you believed him Juliet!”
  68. 68. Juliet crossed her arms gazing at Rosaline carefully, remaining calm, “Why can't you just be happy for me?” she asked almost in a whisper. “Because Juliet you act stupid!” Rosaline snapped, “You're too nice and just let guys walk all over you! Do you not understand that Corey ONLY dated you for revenge on mom and dad!” Juliet kept serene though feeling hurt by Rosaline's statement, “I love him Rosaline, and he loves me.” Rosaline shook her head, “Are you not hearing what I'm saying!” “I hear everything your saying and you just don't get it because you've never been in love Rosaline.”
  69. 69. “Love is not the point Juliet! The point is you're engaged to a guy who hurt you!” Rosaline narrowed her eyes. “Love is the point. Forgiveness is the highest form of love.” “But Juliet he..” Rosaline muttered not knowing what to say, Corey was a jerk why couldn't she see that. “Life is too short to hold a grudge.” Juliet interrupted, “I know he's sorry Rosaline and I know he won't hurt me again.” Rosaline just stared at her sister thinking of how for the past couple of years she had found her annoying and ignorant, but she saw something different in Juliet's eyes now, she looked strong for once and confident.
  70. 70. “You can't change my mind Ros” Juliet stated. Rosaline took a deep breath calming down, “Yeah.” “You'll still come to the wedding won't you?” Juliet asked her. Rosaline nodded, “Of coarse I would never miss your wedding.” Juliet smiled, “I know you don't trust him, but he's not Alvin, he's not going to break my heart again.” Rosaline gave a small smile not showing her teeth, “Okay Juliet.”
  71. 71. Just then Juliet gave Rosaline one of her famous hugs. She didn't even remember the last time she had hugged Rosaline, it may have been back when Rosaline was still just a kid. “I hope you know that I love you Ros.” Rosaline smiled feeling warm, “I love you too Juliet” The two sisters remained in a hug feeling closer than they had in a long time. They were going to be okay and the tension between them seemed to have mostly vanished. They separated from each other in silence, “Soon everyone's going to engaged” Rosaline laughed. Juliet looked at sister carefully having a brilliant idea.
  72. 72. “Ros I know this guy who is really sweet and I can totally set you up!” Juliet cried excitedly. “What? No! I am not going to be set up Juliet sorry.” Juliet frowned, “Oh come on Ros, it will be fun and he's really nice.” Rosaline shook her head, “No! I don't want a set up!” “Come on please” Juliet begged. “No!” “Pretty please with a cherry on top!” “I said no!” Rosaline laughed. “Fine” Juliet grumbled, “Your no fun.”
  73. 73. Despite the fact that her sister and cousin were settling for their one true loves, Victoria continued to steer far away from that literally dating any guy that crossed her path. Ever since Juliet's engagement she had seemed to grow worse, settling for absolutely anyone. “Why hello Victoria” Renaud muttered walking inside the greek house one sunny afternoon seeing Victoria kissing the arm of some guy, “And who do we have here? Let me guess you don't even know his name!” Victoria separated from the dormie and turned around to face Renaud annoyed, “I do to know his name!”
  74. 74. “Enlighten me” “It's David!” Victoria grinned. “Uh actually it's Dawson” the dormie muttered behind her. Victoria glared at him, “Whatever close enough!” Renaud shook his head amused, “Right that's what I predicted.” “Renaud what the hell do you want?” Victoria snapped annoyed by him. “Can I not come and say hi to Victoria or wait I guess you don't like me anymore because I don't allow you to use me.”
  75. 75. “What the hell is that supposed to mean!” Victoria retorted scowling at him. Renaud placed his hands on hips, “Please Victoria everyone knows you are just about the easiest girl in school and that you only use guys to get with them. You have no feelings.” “That is not true!” Victoria cracked her knuckles, “I do too have feelings, I just like having fun.” “There is a borderline between having fun and just being a total skank!”
  76. 76. “Um excuse me!” Victoria snapped infuriated. Renaud just smiled, “You heard me Victoria, just stating facts here.” “Renaud what the hell is wrong with you today? I swear to boolprop you better shut up or my fist will end up in your face!” Victoria yelled. Layla walked behind the argument amused. Renaud just laughed, “I'm not scared of you Victoria.” Victoria tightened her fists wanting more than anything to just knock him out, but something inside her stopped her from doing so and she just continued to glare at him with pure hatred.
  77. 77. “Yeah that's what I thought Victoria” Renaud walked away from her feeling satisfied with himself. Victoria just glowered at him in complete vexation, she had never hated someone so much in her life. “And he lost his soul to a women so heartless” Victoria snapped her head over to Layla at the karaoke machine, “Layla I swear to boolprop” she yelled.
  78. 78. “And then he just walks away! Walks away!” Victoria informed Juliet about the entire situation still just as mad about it. “Uh Vic, you have told me this like 5 times in the past hour.” Juliet raised an eyebrow at her cousin, she knew Victoria got mad but this was a little extreme. “You can't even begin to understand how pissed off he made me, I mean seriously I just wanted to uhhh.” she grunted punching her hand. “Geez Vic those are some passionate emotions.” “Um yeah I'm pretty passionate about wanting to punch him in the face!” “Uh huh” “I hate him!”
  79. 79. Juliet smiled, “Mmmhmm.” Victoria scrunched up her face, “Why the hell are you smiling do you not realize how pissed off I am?” “Oh I realize it.” “What are you getting at?” “Well what I think is that you like him and you are just trying to convince yourself otherwise.” Victoria opened her mouth in disbelief, “Are you freaking kidding me! Did you not hear what I have been telling you the past hour? I hate him Juliet!”
  80. 80. “Hate and love are very similar emotions!” “How? They are complete opposites.” Victoria placed her hands on her hips. Juliet smiled, “Oh no they aren't far from it, they both contain very much passion.” “Hey Jules?” “What?” “Stop bringing your psychology crap into this!”
  81. 81. “Look Victoria” Juliet spared her hands apart, “I'm just informing you of the truth. I promise you that the next time you see Renaud you are going to think about this and realize that it is all true once you stop being stubborn. He's your one.” “Juliet that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard!” Juliet just shrugged with a slight grin and walked away leaving Victoria to contemplate what she had said.
  82. 82. It wasn't long until Victoria saw Renaud again for he practically lived at the greek house always wanting to escape the dorms and for the free pizza. Victoria glared at him as he walked in feeling all the hate fill through her, she dropped her pool stick as he began to walk over to her, she would be sure to punch him this time. “So what are you doing here?” she asked him coldly. “Not here to see you if thats what your getting at” Renaud answered. “It wasn't!” “I am actually here to study with Juliet, she invited me over.” “Oh did she now” Victoria muttered making a mental note to yell at her cousin later.
  83. 83. “Yeah okay, bye Victoria” he walked by her not even making contact with her. Victoria turned around and watched him go annoyed suddenly that he was ignoring her so much, the stuff that Juliet had talked told her came through her brain. Hate and love are very similar emotions .... the next time you see Renaud you are going to think about this and realize that it is all true once you stop being stubborn. He's your one. Victoria crossed her arms and shook her head, no all that crap was stupid, she just needed to go watch TV and get some sense into her mind.
  84. 84. An hour later her mind was now filled with completely ridiculous drama from the dating reality show she had just watched, she couldn't even believe how stupid that stuff was. She looked up from the television and noticed Renaud was leaving, he didn't even turn to acknowledge Victoria making her angrier. “Hey Renaud” she called, but he ignored her and continued to walk away from her. He walked right out the door and Victoria stood up infuriated, no one walked away from her!
  85. 85. She quickly pulled on her blue jacket and ran after him, “Renaud!” she yelled, he continued to ignore her, she knew very well that he heard her. “Renaud!” she yelled again more harshly. She grabbed his shoulder, “Stop!”
  86. 86. “What?” Renaud asked annoyed, he didn't want to talk to her. Victoria just stared at him, “You were ignoring me!” “Um yeah, not everyone loves you, sorry.” Victoria just continued staring at him in silence wondering what she was doing, she didn't run after guys. “Are you just going to waste my time?” he asked her sourly. “No Renaud, you really pissed me off the other day.”
  87. 87. “Okay that was sort of the point, you piss me off a lot too.” he told her flatly. Victoria looked at him confused, “How? I have never done anything to you.” Renaud sighed, “Trust me Vic you do, you're not good with emotions.” “I don't understand what that has to do with anything.” “That is exactly my point.” “Renaud...” she paused, “I'm sorry for whatever I did to you alright?” “Kay thanks” he began to turn around and walk away, Victoria grabbed him.
  88. 88. “Why do you keep doing that?” she asked. “Doing what?” “Walking away! It's pissing me off!” she cried. “Why do you care?” he asked her raising an eyebrow. “Because....” she widened her eyes, why did she care? “Uh huh” he nodded, “Bye Victoria.”
  89. 89. Then without even giving much thought to what she was doing, she grabbed him and forcefully planted a kiss upon him where he was unable to escape from her again.
  90. 90. “Um Vic?” Renaud slowly separated from her in shock once the kiss was over. Victoria just smiled at him wiping her mouth unsure of what she was doing exactly, “Yeah?” “I thought I told you that you aren't using me anymore” he told her. Victoria tilted her head, “I know and I wasn't, I just I don't know you were pissing me off and I didn't like you walking away and I just wasn't thinking.” “Right” Renaud crossed his arms. “Just I don't know Renaud, I like being with you, you know” Victoria mumbled looking down, she really had no idea what she was doing, spilling her emotions was not at all her forte.
  91. 91. “I do too Vic, but I'm not going to be with you if I'm not the only one” he told her sternly. Victoria nodded,”I know and that's really hard for me.” “I know it is.” Victoria just stared at him thinking, thinking how Renaud was the only guy who she had ever actually sort of liked that she was kissing, “But I think I may be able to do it.” “Think? I'm not going to unless you know.” Victoria shuffled back and forth, “Well what if I proved to you that I do know.” “Then I think I would be interested.”
  92. 92. “Are you seeing what I'm seeing?” Romeo asked Juliet completely confused. Juliet nodded with a huge smile, “Yes and how totally sweet and adorable it is don't you think?” “Umm, I'm just really confused, I mean I would never think to use those adjectives to describe her.” “Yes, but she's in love Romeo, love it changes you in the most delightful way!” “Sure Jules, but I never thought it would be this extreme.”
  93. 93. “Okay will you two shut up you know I can hear you!” Victoria snapped, “And so what I was singing a cheesy song on the karaoke machine, the world has not ended and I'm probably never going to do it again!” “Oh your so right, she is in love” Romeo smiled. Juliet just nodded. “Love is such an inane word and I refuse to be described with it!” Victoria cried putting down the microphone. Juliet just smiled, “Try telling that to the ring on your left finger.” Victoria slapped her right hand over her left and darted her cousins an evil glare before leaving the room.
  94. 94. “So Romeo all your family is pretty much engaged now” Layla said later that afternoon. Romeo nodded, “Yeah I know even Vic I think which we all thought would never happen.” “Well what about us?” Layla asked. “What about us?” Romeo questioned confused. “Aren't we going to get engaged?” she raised an eyebrow. Romeo widened his eyes, “Wow I mean sure eventually, but we are only sophomores we have plenty of time for that.”
  95. 95. “Why can't we get engaged now?” She glared at him looking intently into his eyes focusing on them keenly. “Well I mean we have so much time...” suddenly he froze feeling overwhelmed by her gaze, he felt his mind being completely jumbled and found that he entirely forgot what he was saying, and that something different was being filled through his mind. Suddenly he stood up straighter, “Why you are right Layla, we should get engaged now” he chanted.
  96. 96. He leaned down on one knee as if he was being programed to do so and pulled a black box that he had bought way back freshmen year for the girl he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, “Layla will you marry me?” he asked. Layla gave a fake squeal in delight pretending to be surprised, “Oh Romeo!”
  97. 97. “Of course I'll marry you!” she wrapped his arms around him thrilled, “This is great isn't it?” “Uh yeah” Romeo answered confused unsure of what had just happened exactly, he almost felt as if this was a dream and he was going to wake up any second and get back to reality, but he wasn't waking up and he soon realized that this was reality, “This is great” he said.
  98. 98. “We are going to have such a fantastic wedding Romeo, I already know where to get everything and it is going to be so much fun!” Layla gushed. “Uh huh” Romeo agreed flatly still confused. Rosaline watched them having walked in from the kitchen, she had seen the whole thing, “Well that's just fantastic even my little brother gets engaged before me” she muttered under breath.
  99. 99. “Oh my gosh you're engaged!” Arianna cried in shock, “Really? I never would have assumed you to be the type to settle down.” Layla just laughed at her fellow dormie mate back at Sim State dormitory, “Yeah well Romeo is just the one.” Zoe overhead this conversation in the background in surprise, engaged? He was engaged to her? How could that even happen? How did was even able to tolerate her? Zoe didn't understand any of this, but she knew that it wasn't her problem and that she just needed to move on.
  100. 100. But Romeo continued to make that harder for her, later that week she headed to the library to get some work down because the dorms had been too loud. “Hey Zoe?” a familiar voice called, she looked up to see Romeo feeling her stomach flop. She had been doing a pretty good job avoiding him despite the fact that they had most of their classes together, she always made sure to sit far away from him in class and then jet out of class before he could talk her, but right now she was trapped having no excuse to leave. “Um hey” she mumbled quietly looking up from her work. “Are you working on Johnson's homework?” he asked. Zoe nodded. “Mind if I work with you?” he asked with a big smile. “Umm....... no.”
  101. 101. He sat down in the desk across from her pulling out his notebook with a sigh, “Do you understand this stuff?” he asked looking up at her for a second. Zoe grumbled, “No all I know is that we are trying to relate the line integral to a double integral over some region.” “Hmmm” Romeo hummed, “Well that sure doesn't make much sense. Remind me why I decided to major in my worst subject?” he laughed. “For the challenge?” Zoe questioned, Zoe herself many times wished that she had decided to major in art rather than math as it also helps with architecture, but then her houses probably would not have been mathematically correct. “Oh right” Romeo answered, “And why did I decided to do that?” Zoe just laughed with a shrug. “So what did you get for number 3?” he asked.
  102. 102. “Uhhh” Zoe began to answer him, but then found her eyes darting directly to his left hand where there she saw it, the full proof that he was actually engaged to Layla. The tiny little diamond ring that lay upon his finger, it was so small yet she found that she couldn't take her eyes off of it. She just didn't understand how Romeo who was so nice and fun could be Layla who was the complete opposite, it just didn't seem to click.
  103. 103. “Zoe?” he suddenly asked breaking her thoughts. Zoe looked up at his confused, “Oh uh” she looked frantically down at her paper, “Uh I got -1/6.” Romeo raised an eyebrow at her looking back down at his own paper, “Hmm I was way off then.” “Romeo I wasn't necessarily right, I could be way off” Zoe told him. Romeo shook her head, “Nah your smart, I trust you.”
  104. 104. They spent the next hour sitting across from one another working mostly in silence, every once in awhile they would ask each other a question, but for the remainder of the time they were dead silent. Zoe found herself having a very hard time focusing, and finding that her mind kept drifting to thoughts far away from anything math related.
  105. 105. Once they were finished Romeo walked over to Zoe with a huge grin, “Well that sure fried my brain” he laughed, “And I don't think I got barley anything right.” Zoe just nodded, “Neither and watch it be for a grade.” “Oh I'm sure it will be, the few times I ever understand the homework are the times it isn't graded.” “It always seems to work like that” Zoe responded. Romeo paused thinking of an idea, “So Zoe I never see you around anymore, you want to go get coffee at the Student Lounge or something and catch up? You can tell me if the dormies in our dorms ever learned to shower or not.” he laughed. Zoe froze fearing this would happen, she wanted to say yes she really did.
  106. 106. It was then that she found herself looking down at that left hand of his seeing the pure reason why she couldn't go, that little diamond ring, the fact that he was engaged to Layla Monroe, going would just makes things harder and who even knew what Layla would do to her if she found out. “No Romeo I don't think so” she finally said, “I had promised Shawn that I'd help him with his art project.” she lied.
  107. 107. “Oh” Romeo responded disappointed, “Well that's too bad, maybe some other time.” Doubtful, “Yeah maybe.” Romeo let out a small smile, “So I guess I'll see you around, I will definitely be needing your help with homework again.” “Yeah sure” she answered forcing a tiny smile, “See you around” she walked by him feeling Romeo's eyes on her as he watched her leave.
  108. 108. Romeo didn't spend too much thinking about Zoe's rejection for Layla was quick to take his mind off that. Ever since the engagement Layla made it a strong point that they needed to spend more time together and Romeo obliged giving her all of his attention any time she was around. The two were even more overt than they had been before if that was even possible.
  109. 109. Now that pretty much everyone had loves of their own, the other members of the greek house weren't as bothered by it, but Alexandra still felt that something wasn't right with them. She had had her doubts about Layla for awhile but just had chosen to ignore for the reason that Romeo always seemed so in love whenever she was around, but the more she watched the more his love looked more like demand rather than a choice.
  110. 110. Her true doubts about Layla began just one afternoon when she had decided to play pool with her and Romeo. It had been a normal game until she noticed something about it that wasn't right, the fact that Layla kept getting balls in the pockets non-stop. Now this normally wouldn't have phased her, but Layla had horrible shooting form and her initial shots were always way off yet somehow the white ball kept gravitating in the right direction as it were under some sort of spell.
  111. 111. Romeo of coarse being “madly in love” with Layla never noticed this, “Wow Layla that shot was amazing at first I completely thought it was going to go in the other direction!” Alexandra on the other hand wasn't falling for it, pool table balls didn't magically gravitate in the right direction, that wasn't possible, something wasn't at all right.
  112. 112. Her doubts of course didn't limit themselves to just the pool table weirdness, there also was the pure reason that Romeo changed so much whenever Layla was around or talking to him. She had known Romeo most of her life and knew her cousin wasn't a pushover who would give into someone's every demands, yet he did that with Layla. It wasn't at all normal that he would be talking to her all excited to go watch a band play at the campus lounge and then automatically think it's a horrible idea the second Layla calls and tells him it is, that wasn't right. Alexandra knew for a fact there wasn't something right about Layla and she was going to find out what it was.
  113. 113. “You called” Jane magically appeared in the back of Alexandra's closet within seconds of Alexandra having called her telling her she needed to talk with her. Alexandra looked up at the sparkles with a huge grin, “I really want to know how to do that.” Jane laughed, “Once you're full powers develop you will.” she paused looking around the room, “My goodness is this where you are confined to study, I can barley breathe in here.” “Yeah I don't really have much of choice.” Alexandra answered. Jane just scrunched her nose then turning to Alexandra, “So what did you need to talk to me about my dear?”
  114. 114. “Okay” Alexandra crossed her arms suddenly growing serious, “I think my cousins girlfriend may be a witch...and an evil one at that.” “A witch you say?” Jane asked calmly. Alexandra nodded, “Their relationship just isn't right, it's like she has him under a spell or something.” “Thats quite a serious accusation” Jane noted. Alexandra nodded, “I know, but I've been watching her closely and there's a lot of evidence that indicates so, I just need to know for sure.”
  115. 115. “Hmm” Jane pondered, “There's not really a pure way to know unless she lets her magic aura show, but most witches are smart enough to know not to do that in public.” “Yeah she hides it if she has one” Alexandra responded. Jane thought for a moment, “Well then I'm not really sure how you can find out other than catching her in the act of a spell or something.” “Hmm? How could I do that?” Alexandra asked. Jane nodded, “I'm not sure other than following her or something.”
  116. 116. “Yeah I guess that would be only way” Alexandra pondered this idea. Jane just nodded. “So what if she is one?” Alexandra asked, “What am I supposed to do.” Jane sighed, “I don't know my dear that's really up to you, I can't make that decision.” “Yeah but if she's evil aren't we supposed to be like do something?” she asked. Jane shook her head, “Unless they do something purely wrong we really have no right.”
  117. 117. “Well forcing my cousin to love her wrong!” Alexandra cried. “I know, but witches do that sort thing all the time, I'm not saying that it is right, but there is really nothing we can do to stop it.” Jane answered. “Well that stinks” Alexandra sighed, she couldn't just let this happen. “I know you will figure something Alexandra, your a good witch.” Alexandra smiled, “Thanks” she knew what she had to do.
  118. 118. Before Alexandra could do anything she knew that she needed to know for a fact that Layla was a witch. She knew that if Layla was performing spells as powerful as mind control that she would have to be preparing for them daily as they took many reagents and powerful magic. Alexandra also knew that since Layla lived in dorms there was no way she could be doing that there for dorm rooms were far to small to hold what she would need and the chances of getting caught there were always high. Alexandra knew that if Layla truly was a witch she had to be hiding her stuff somewhere and this was where Alexandra was planning to find out.
  119. 119. So she took Jane's advice to follow her which is exactly what she did one late afternoon making sure to keep a far enough distance where Layla wouldn't notice. She followed her by the library.
  120. 120. By the coffee shop.
  121. 121. By the Old Sim State Tower. It was when Alexandra noticed that she was continuing to walk by the Old Sim State Tower that she knew something was up for nothing was past the Old Sim State Tower other than woods.
  122. 122. Alexandra looked at the hill that lay before them knowing that for sure something was going on for there was nothing up there.
  123. 123. By the time they reached the top of the hill it was dark. Alexandra had almost gotten caught multiple times as she was a horrible climber, but she had been very lucky that Layla had managed not to see her. Alexandra was tired, but the further they went the more drive she had to keep going because she had to know the truth. Eventually they reached a small stone house that lay thick in he woods hidden by tall trees, Alexandra stopped at this point noticing Layla walk toward the door, this was it she thought, this is where all the truth would be confirmed.
  124. 124. Once she made sure Layla was in the house, Alexandra crept quietly over to the small window on the side of the stone house peeping in carefully.
  125. 125. There she saw it, even though she could only see Layla's back, she knew exactly what was going on for she saw the glowing red caldron , saw the magic regents lying on the wall, saw Layla stirring the glowing liquid with the tip of her finger, saw everything.
  126. 126. Alexandra's expression didn't change, she stayed purely still and emotionless by the window for this wasn't a surprise, she had already known all of this, this was just confirming it. Layla was a witch.
  127. 127. And an evil one at that.
  128. 128. And this is where I will be leaving you this time. ----------- “Vicki that is by the far the ugliest outfit I ever seen!” “Oh shut up Lexy you know I rock it!”
  129. 129. Yeah um Lexy didn't do much better in fact worse. But anyway thanks for reading. I hope the balcony scene went okay, it was totally meant to be cheesy and overly romantic. I even reread the balcony scene from the actual Romeo and Juliet for inspiration and I had completely forgotten how cheesy it really is. Also during Alexandra and Jimmy's engagement it actually did begin to rain, you just can't see it very well in the pictures, but it was.
  130. 130. “Hey Lexy guess what?” “Mmmh?” “You're hot!” ____________ Song Credits Hey Juliet- LMNT, this lovely 90s boy band song could not have worked more perfectly Heartless- Kayne West Thanks for reading!