A Loving Legacy! Chapter 3 5


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A Loving Legacy! Chapter 3 5

  1. 1. Welcome back to A Loving Legacy! Chapter 3.5 RECAP of Last Chapter … Vicki got engaged and married to Lexy. At the wedding Rosaline awkwardly ran into Ethan. Jimmy proposed to Alexandra. Corey got Juliet to take her back and they are now engaged. Victoria and Renaud got into a big fight causing her to realize to actually loves him and she proposed to him. Layla somehow gets Romeo to propose to her and Zoe was shocked by this. Lastly Alexandra realizes that Romeo's overpowering girlfriend Layla is actually a witch. Caught up? Good, onwards......
  2. 2. “So why are we here again?” Victoria asked annoyed, “Because I sort of have better things to do right now.” “What, like going to some useless party?” Rosaline muttered under her breath. “Precisely,” Victoria answered with a smile. Alexandra sighed at her sister, “No I have something serious to talk about, about Layla.” “Yes Alexandra we all know Layla is annoying, but it's Romeo's choice so can I go now?” Victoria whined. Alexandra shook her head, “No Victoria this is more than just her being annoying!” “Look I like Layla so I don't see what all of you keep complaining about,” Juliet interjected, “Sure she's a little controlling but Romeo loves her.”
  3. 3. “No Juliet that's the thing,” Alexandra began, “Romeo doesn't love Layla, she's only forcing him to love her.” “Uh Alexandra we all know how weak love potion from the gypsy ends up being cause trust me I've tried it, so I have no idea what you're talking about,” Victoria cried. Alexandra shook her head, “No Victoria it's not love potion she's using, though it's something similar to that, the truth is Layla is a witch and she's been forcing him to be with her through magic.” “What?” Rosaline asked puzzled, this seemed a little odd even for Alexandra.
  4. 4. “Alexandra how many times do I have to tell you that all that supernatural crap you are so keen with is NOT real and just plain out stupid!” Victoria told her sister irked that this was what she was wasting her time with. “Yeah um Alexandra, I love you and all but this really doesn't make sense,” Juliet said quietly beside Victoria. Rosaline nodded, “I mean witches are great and all Alexandra, but they are aren't real.” “Yep so can I go now because this is seriously a big waste of time!” Victoria confided.
  5. 5. Alexandra ignored her sister and looked down irritated by them, she would of thought at least Rosaline would believe her, she frowned. “Witches are real,” Alexandra began, “I know better than anyone because.... I am one.” Victoria burst out in complete and utter laugher, “Alexandra that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard in my life! Like seriously what's next? Oh let me guess, Jimmy's a werewolf! I knew it, that's why he's never here at night!” she laughed. Juliet didn't say anything just thinking how crazy her cousin sounded though she wasn't going to say anything because she didn't want to hurt her feelings. Rosaline on the hand was just watching her carefully thinking that maybe she wasn't lying, the witch outfit she had grown up in, the mindless hours she always disappeared, it sort of made sense when she put the pieces together in her mind. Alexandra scowled, “Fine you don't believe me, then I'll prove it to you.”
  6. 6. Alexandra quickly pulled out her wand causing sparkles to fly all around her. She focused intently in front of her muttering words discordantly under her breath with her focus intently on Victoria who was still smirking.
  7. 7. Within seconds a cloud of dust poofed around Victoria and she began to sparkle. Victoria found herself standing up with a grin, “Wow that was actually sort of cool Alexandra, did you like buy some fake wand that makes sparkles or something?” she asked oblivious to her own sparkles. “Uh Vic you are sparking too,” Juliet cried watching her in amazement and a little bit of fear due to the fact that she had no idea what was going on. “What are you talking about?” Victoria asked then looked down at herself to see that she was indeed sparkling, “What the..!”
  8. 8. It was then that Victoria began to dance like a chicken completely against her will, Victoria found that she had absolutely no control of her body and what it was doing, “Alexandra what the hell, stop this!” she yelled confused and freaked out, then she remembered something, “Wait a second, you.... your the one who did this when I was a teenager on all my dates! It was you!”
  9. 9. Alexandra grinned holding up her wand, “Indeed and it was just as funny back then.” “I got called chicken girl for weeks!” Victoria yelled. Alexandra nodded with a small laugh, “Yeah and it sort of got funnier every time.” “I can't believe this!” Victoria yelled finally having gained control of her body again, “You really are a freak!.” “Victoria!” Rosaline cried, she for one found this completely amazing. Victoria scowled, “I mean it's sort of cool I guess but how? I mean why are you so weird?”
  10. 10. “Look Alexandra,” Juliet interrupted remembering what this had been about in the first place which was more important to her than Alexandra's powers, “If this is all really is true then Romeo isn't really in love with Layla.” Alexandra nodded, “No he isn't, he's just under some sort of spell that makes him think he is.” “I knew I never liked Layla!” Victoria cried sitting back down. “Then what are we going to do about this?” Rosaline asked. “I'm not sure right now,” Alexandra began, “But we do need to tell him because that might help make him realize.”
  11. 11. “Alexandra what!” Romeo cried raising his hands in the air in complete incredulity, “Do you really expect me to believe that?” “Look Romeo I know it sounds stupid but it's true,” Victoria called behind Alexandra, “Alexandra's a witch too.” “Yes Romeo I'm afraid it is,” Alexandra looked at his wide worried eyes. Romeo shook his head, “No Alexandra, I'm engaged alright, if I didn't love her I wouldn't be engaged!”
  12. 12. Alexandra let out a small sigh, “I know Romeo, but she forced you to propose to her, Rosaline saw the whole thing and said it looked weird already, and that's because Layla is a witch whose been seducing you with magic.” “Alexandra no, that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard, I love Layla!” Romeo cried sternly. Alexandra shook her head, “No you don't Romeo, you're under a spell that makes you believe that!” “Romeo it's true, we have seen proof,” Juliet added behind Alexandra. “No it's not!” Romeo yelled angrily
  13. 13. He began to walk out, “You just don't like her!” he snapped, “But I love her alright and you can't change that!” “Romeo wait,” Rosaline called as he walked by her. Romeo scowled, “No Rosaline and you're just jealous because that friend of yours has a girlfriend!” He slammed the door behind him heading downstairs. The four of them remained standing there in silence just shocked, Romeo never acted like that, things were really worse than they had thought.
  14. 14. “Well that was a fail!” Victoria cried walking over to Alexandra. Rosaline walked over to her as well not saying anything, she was a little hurt by what Romeo had said, though she knew he didn't fully mean it. “What are we going to do now?” Juliet asked worried, she couldn't let her little brother end up with Layla. “I'm gonna spell shield him,” Alexandra answered realizing this was the perfect solution. “Huh?” Victoria muttered. “I'm going to put a spell on him that blocks any other spells,” Alexandra explained, “meaning that when Layla tries to seduce him using magic, it won't work because he will have a spell shield that repels it.” “Oh,” Victoria answered, “Then awesome that better work!”
  15. 15. Alexandra wasted no time in casting the spell on him. She stayed up all night learning how to do and making the reagents for it. The next morning she was fully prepared to cast it on him as he played pool.
  16. 16. She did just that and smiled when she saw the sparkles flying from him meaning that it had worked. Romeo prepared to shoot a ball and then paused noticing something weird around, “What the heck?” he muttered then shook his head realizing he was just imagining things, “Whatever I should not have stayed up till 2 playing Sims 3 last night.”
  17. 17. “So did you pass it?” Victoria asked her sister having noticed that she had had her wand out. Alexandra raised her hands “Yep it's all done, I'm not sure how long it will take to kick in, but soon enough he should feel no attachment to Layla.” Victoria smiled, “Good... are you sure you are going to be okay with this since Juliet and I graduate soon?” Alexandra nodded, “Yeah I have it all under control, and I'm really close to developing my full powers meaning I will be more powerful than ever.” “Awesome, I'll come back here in a flash if you need to me to knock her out too.” Alexandra laughed, “I'll keep that in mind thanks.”
  18. 18. Sure enough Alexandra did finally develop her full powers, all of her long hours of studying from her spell book had finally paid off. Even though she didn't have to study in the closet anymore, she still did having found comfort in the place. It was weird to her that her family finally knew everything, but she also felt relieved because of it. It was like a big weight had been lifted off her shoulders and she could finally be herself around them and even Victoria had ended up being with cool with it and had promised to not tell anyone.
  19. 19. Victoria and Juliet had also been very busy spending their remaining days at college studying hard. They had their final exams very soon, and they both had been studying non-stop. Even Victoria studied herself for the first time in her life mainly because Renaud was making her, but Victoria actually found that she somewhat enjoyed philosophy and regretted that she hadn't really studied it that much for the past couple years.
  20. 20. Of course the stress of their finals managed to get to their heads and they began to make some mistakes. “JULIET!” Rosaline shrieked having ran into the kitchen hearing her scream. “How the hell did you manage to catch the kitchen on fire!” Victoria yelled running in as well. Juliet turned around to them panicked, “I don't know, I wasn't paying attention and then it happened.” “Who cares someone call 911!” Renaud shouted running in after them seeing the flames.
  21. 21. “Relax,” Alexadra called running into the kitchen completely calm. “RELAX!” Juliet shrieked holding her hands to her head in panic, “How are we supposed to relax the kitchen is on fire! Alexandra smirked, “I got it all under control.” She quickly pulled out her wand muttering some words under her breath, all Juliet got out of it was some word that sounded like Exflammo.
  22. 22. Then quickly enough the flames had disappeared and all that was seen was a burnt grilled cheese sandwich and Alexandra holding out her wand. Juliet, Victoria, and Rosaline all stood calmly now thankful for Alexandra. Renaud on the other hand was shocked at what had happened holding his hand to his chest with heavy breaths, “How...did you do that?” Alexandra looked over at him realizing that he had seen everything, “Uhhh,” she muttered. “I'll explain it to you later,” Victoria interrupted knowing she could get him to believe some stupid story.
  23. 23. Despite all the stress Juliet and Victoria both managed to graduate in the end with honors. They both walked in the greek house with huge grins having just aced their final exams. “Woo Sim State's two newest graduates just walked through the door,” Victoria cheered, “And both with honors might I add.” “Yeah except I got them on my own,” Juliet crossed her arms smiling at her. Victoria rolled her eyes, “Yeah yeah whatever I studied for the last exam, the point is now it's time to PARTY!”
  24. 24. And they did just that, Victoria inviting over pretty much the whole campus to celebrate, it was going to be her last college party after all, so it had to be awesome. The two both posed for a graduation picture with big smiles well Juliet smiled anyway, Victoria decided moose ears were more appropriate
  25. 25. “Congratulations Jules,” Rosaline smiled. “Thanks Ros,” Juliet leaned closer to her and held her hands together, “Hey there is someone I want you to meet.” she blurted out quickly. Rosaline just looked at her not amused, “Who?” “His name”s Sam..” “...No” “Come on Ros just meet him alright? Please!” “Fine,” Rosaline grumbled, “But I don't like this.”
  26. 26. “Sam this is my beautiful sister Rosaline and Rosaline this is a Sam a super awesome guy who is in a band!” Juliet smiled after she had pushed Rosaline to stand in front of him. “Um hi,” Rosaline muttered awkwardly she was not at all feeling this. “Hey,” Sam winked. “Well you two kids have fun,” Juliet gushed walking away, hoping this arrangement would work.
  27. 27. Rosaline placed her hands on her hips looking at the guy carefully thinking how he looked really familiar, she had seen him somewhere, “You look really familiar” He smiled, “Probably because you've seen my band play, in fact I know you have because I remember you. I”m the drummer in Supersonic Shadows.” Rosaline's heart sank, that was Ethan's band, of course could she ever escape him, “Right yeah that would why.” He nodded, “Yep except ever since Lexy got married our band has sort of fallen apart. You don't happen to know any singers do you?”
  28. 28. Rosaline shook her head, “No sorry.” “Aww well that's to bad, what did you say your name was again? I have a bad memory.” “Rosaline” He thought for a second, “You're friends with Ethan aren't you?” Rosaline coughed. “Yeah you're that blonde girl who he has talked about before.” “He talks about me?” Rosaline asked she couldn't help but notice that her insides were filling up with some sort of hope.
  29. 29. He nodded, “Well I mean not really he said that he knew you in high school or something, I mean it was nothing special.” Rosaline's hope crashed, “Oh right well yeah I did know him in high school.” Sam nodded, “Well anyway enough about Ethan, I've been wanting to tell you that you are rather attractive since the second you came over.” “Oh.” He smiled, “Yeah after this party do you want to go hang out the student lounge or something or the arcade, I love the arcade!” Rosaline frowned this wasn't going to happen, “Umm I don't think so, sorry Sam.” She looked down avoiding eye contact with him and before he could say anything she walked away feeling horrible but not for hurting his feeling, she felt horrible for another reason, she felt horrible because he reminded her of Ethan who didn't even care.
  30. 30. Meanwhile Victoria and Alexandra had ran into each other by the pool table, “Hey” Victoria smiled at her sister, “Dude do you know that your glowing is like way obvious. I mean you're lucky everyone here is stupid because it's a little obvious you aren't normal.” Alexandra let out a small laugh, “Yeah I know trust me, I still need to the learn how to shield my magic aura, but in the mean time I'm just laying low.” Victoria looked over to the side noticing something that made her smile, “Hey check out Layla and Romeo looks like they aren't getting along well.” Alexandra looked over satisfied, “Good it was taking long enough, I guess the spell just took a little awhile to kick in.” “Yeah” Victoria turned back to Alexandra and looked at her sister, she remembered her mom telling her that one day she would realize that she would need Alexandra, but she never thought that would ever happen.
  31. 31. Victoria found herself hugging her sister in a warm embrace, Alexandra was shocked by the gesture, she had never hugged Victoria in her entire life, “Um are you hugging me?” she asked confused. “Maybe,” Victoria answered slow separating from her, “But don't make a big deal out of it alright? I don't want my rep to be ruined or anything.” Alexandra laughed, “Sure.” Victoria smiled, “You're kind of weird Alexandra, but you're also kind of awesome and I'm sorry it took me way to long to realize that.” “Don't worry about it.” Alexandra looked at her sister, it was weird them getting along but she liked it, “I'm going to miss you!” “Me too, but it's not like we are never going to see each other again”
  32. 32. “Romeo what do you keep staring at!” Layla snapped over by the karaoke machine, he was supposed to be looking at her and she didn't understand why he wasn't. “The party,” Romeo answered, “I don't understand why we can't just go over there and dance and have fun!” “Because,” Layla hissed, “We are having fun over here!” “Um no we're not,” Romeo turned his attention back her thinking how there was something about Layla all the sudden that made him cringe, but it was probably just because she was being unpleasant at the moment.
  33. 33. Layla flew her hands up in the air, “Yeah we are, in fact you know what maybe you're right.” Romeo smiled. “We should head upstairs instead,” Layla continued. Romeo's smile wiped away, “What! No Layla this is my sister and cousin's graduation party, I do not want to spend it upstairs!” Layla raised her chin annoyed, but she knew what to too. She narrowed her eyes at him staring into his face carefully, “Romeo,” she purred. Romeo crossed his arms in disbelief, “Layla what are you doing! I said no alright, now I'm going over there to dance and you can come with me if you want but I'm not going with you!” Layla watched him go shocked, that wasn't supposed to happen.
  34. 34. Not all the couples at the party were having problems though, Juliet and Corey were doing just fine, they weren't the troublesome couple anymore both now fully being infatuated with each other. They had finally managed to completely patch all their issues up and they were now better than ever. “Are you ready to get married soon?” Juliet smiled at him, she had already begun planning the wedding. Corey nodded, “I've never been more ready for anything.” Juliet laughed wrapping her arms around him in a huge embrace thinking how things were finally going perfect.
  35. 35. Things were going really well for Victoria and Renaud as well, Victoria had finally realized that being with one guy wasn't too bad and that she didn't need anyone else anymore though sometimes she had to resist the urge as it was an old habit. “And are you ready to get married soon?” Renaud asked her with his arms around her having heard Juliet and Corey earlier. Victoria snorted, “No marriage is for old people, but I am ready to move in with you in a house where we are going to throw the most kick ass parties ever!” Renaud laughed, “Okay I can handle that for now, but we are getting married eventually Victoria London.” Victoria just shook her head playfully nuzzling his nose.
  36. 36. Sooner than Juliet and Victoria would have liked, the party came to an end and it came the time for them to transition into the world of adulthood. Victoria transitioned first in giant whirlwind of confetti revealing a very bright fuchsia shirt paired with a short jean skirt. “Hey look Vic you're wearing my favorite color,” Juliet giggled amused by her outfit, Victoria didn't look right in pink. “Oh shut up, I bet you're going to grow up in some ugly mini dress or something!”
  37. 37. Juliet didn't actually growing up in somewhat descent clothes, “Hey look at this Vic, my clothes aren't that bad though they aren't really my style,” Juliet called out to her cousin with a smile. “Oh be quiet and get in the taxi Juliet!” Victoria snapped from outside. Juliet laughed doing just that.
  38. 38. Once Juliet and Victoria were gone (especially Victoria), the house was much more quiet. Victoria wasn't there anymore to throw her crazy parties and not nearly as many people came by anymore. The only sounds that ever came from the house were the occasionally mutterings between the remaining members.
  39. 39. Though the silence didn't last long, “Romeo what the hell do you keep staring at?” Layla demanded harshly, she was getting more and more annoyed at the fact that he didn't seem to be obeying her anymore. “The painting behind you,” Romeo answered. “That ugly thing with the tulip in the butterfly!” she snapped more irritated, “Seriously Romeo we are in your room alone let's actually do something!” Romeo turned his attention back to her, “That painting is not ugly and I don't want to do what you have in mind Layla.”
  40. 40. Layla crossed her arms and glared at him, “Why the hell not Romeo! We used to do that stuff all the time until recently you have become some sort of prude!” Romeo narrowed his eyes at her slightly, “I've never been into that Layla, I really have no idea why I used to do that all the time with you, but the point is it's not happening anymore!” Layla continued to just glare at him wondering why he was being like this, he should be giving into her every wish, “Romeo we are going to do something fun alright!” “Fine!” he snapped, “But you better mean something that doesn't involve the bed.”
  41. 41. She scoffed , “No Romeo I do mean the bed because you are being ridiculous!” He now completely narrowed his eyes at her and found that his hands were in fists, “You're the one being ridiculous Layla!” he yelled, “I don't understand what is wrong with you! I feel like I don't even know you because this is all you want to do!” “Yeah because this is what couples do!” she snapped. “Sure but you know what else they do, they get to know each other and talk and actually do what the other person wants sometimes instead of just being a selfish bitch!” “Excuse me!” she hissed she had never heard Romeo say a bad word ever, “What the hell did you just call me?” “You heard me Layla, loud and clear!”
  42. 42. “Ugh this one sounds really bad,” Rosaline shuddered to Alexandra downstairs. “I know,” Alexandra responded, “But that's good right maybe this will finally be it.” Rosaline shrugged, “Yeah maybe, I really sure hope so because I don't know how much longer of this fighting I can handle, we have exams coming up you know.” “I think it will be, Layla and Romeo are completely incompatible,” Alexandra looked up listening to the angry murmurs.
  43. 43. “Fine you aren't going to give in are you?” “No Layla I'm not!” he snapped. “Okay you leave me with no choice,” she smiled. “No choice for what?” he asked partially confused.
  44. 44. She didn't say anything now focusing intently on on his face, her eyes completely locking with his. She curled her lips up in a tiny smirk seeing that he was now fully focused on her looking lost. “There we go Romeo,” she whispered remaining close eye contact, “All you needed was to calm down.” He was calmer now completely focused on Layla, beautiful Layla Monroe.
  45. 45. “Romeo,” she whispered, “Romeo let's have some fun now.” He didn't disagree. She began to move closer to him, and he didn't push her away or even move, her lips were almost to his and she could feel that he was giving into her. She smiled.
  46. 46. “No Layla!”
  47. 47. “Get off me! I don't know what the hell you were just trying to do, but it's not going to work Layla!” he screamed, the angry inside of him just having exploded like a bomb going off. “What the hell,” she muttered to herself, “That was supposed to work!” He glared at her remembering something, “Dammit Layla Alexandra was right!” “What the hell are you talking about!” she snarled. “You!” he yelled, “Being a witch or whatever she called it!” Layla froze for a second then got a hold of herself, “What! Romeo are you kidding!”
  48. 48. “No!” he calmed down a little bit, “It makes perfect sense because I don't know how else I could have stayed with you this long!” “Romeo,” she hissed, “We love each other.” He shook his head furiously, “No we don't at least I don't because I could never love someone like you!” “What are you saying?” she asked stalling. “I'm staying that this whole relationship has been you controlling me with magic or something and Alexandra must have done something to make me realize that!” “That's stupid we are engaged”
  49. 49. “I know,” Romeo responded now letting his hands down and taking a deep breathe calming down a bit as he stared at her. Layla had been his first, Layla had been the women who he thought he was going to spend the rest of his life with, he used to think Layla was beautiful. He straightened his posture, “But I'm done.” “Excuse me?”
  50. 50. “I said I'm done Layla in fact I've been done for the past couple of weeks now I just think I've been trying to convince myself otherwise!” Layla gasped for a split second holding her hands up to her mouth, “You aren't doing this!” He narrowed his eyes at her as far as they could go and pointed to the door, “I am and I think it would be a good idea if you just left Layla!”
  51. 51. Layla didn't move and just furiously glowered at him, “You're making a big mistake Romeo.” Romeo crossed his arms , “No I think I am making the best decision I have ever made!” She narrowed her eyes at him coldly, “You're going to regret this Romeo.” Romeo shook his head, “Nope I really don't think so and I think it's time for you to leave now.”
  52. 52. Layla did leave Romeo's room, but not peacefully. She made it a point that she was mad as she stomped into the living room with a huge scowl. She may have left Romeo's room, but she wasn't leaving the house just yet. She had some business to take care of because despite what Romeo said this wasn't over.
  53. 53. “You,” she snarled approaching Alexandra who was sitting on the coach peacefully with Rosaline. “Me?” Alexandra asked in fake surprise “Don't even Alexandra, I know what you did!” “Hmm do you because I don't.” Alexandra gave a small smirk remaining completely calm. “Oh don't play dumb, you put a spell shield on Romeo, I know you did.”
  54. 54. “Who me?” Alexandra asked placing her hand to herself. “Stop with that!” Layla spat, “You and I both know you did!” “Okay, so so what if I did, I seem to recall you being the one to con him into liking you by magic which isn't much better in fact worse.” “Yeah well Romeo wasn't complaining, so there was no need for you to do that!” Layla hissed.
  55. 55. Alexandra stood up infuriated, “Yeah he wasn't complaining because you wouldn't allow him to, but he wasn't able to be himself which is horrible enough!” Layla rolled her eyes, “You nice witches are so galling to me! What's the fun in being a witch without controlling sims? Like I said before Romeo wasn't complaining, really you're the one who caused him more pain by making him realize the truth.” “That's not true! He would have been able to see threw you eventually when it would have been too late and also none of this was fair to him!” “Whatever Alexandra, you may have stopped me now, but I promise you this won't be permanent.”
  56. 56. “Now if you excuse me I'm going to go make a spell more powerful than yours,” Layla smirked turning to leave. Alexandra glared at her, “You're not leaving!” she yelled. “Really? Cause I'm pretty sure I am,” Layla called almost at the door.
  57. 57. “No you're not!” Alexandra yelled, placing herself in front of Layla, she had finally learned how to do that spell.
  58. 58. Layla crossed her arms not amused, “Wow look at you being all magical,” she yawned, “now move I've got things to do!” “I told you, you're not going anywhere, I'm not going to let you hurt Romeo anymore than you already have!” Alexandra snapped.
  59. 59. “Seriously move because if you don't I'll move you myself and I can't guarantee it will be gentle,” Layla told her. Alexandra placed her hands on her hips and narrowed her eyes fiercely, “I'm not going anywhere until I can be sure you won't hurt Romeo anymore!” “You sure about that?” Layla asked giving her one last chance. “One hundred percent sure!” Alexandra snapped.
  60. 60. “Fine don't say I didn't warn you!”
  61. 61. Suddenly before Alexandra could even try to fight back her entire body became surround by a giant aura of neon green and yellow light and sparkles, “What did you just do?” she asked fearfully trying to not loose her cool though she was pretty sure something really bad was about to happen to her, and she had no idea how to prevent it. Layla just laughed not saying anything.
  62. 62. Then before Alexandra knew it a giant swarm of angry bees furiously began chasing after her and all she could do was run trying her best not to get stung. Rosaline watched the scene with a gasp having no idea what to do feeling helpless as Alexandra ran frantically around the room in circles.
  63. 63. “What the heck is going on down here?” Romeo asked having heard all the noise, when he entered the main room his jaw fell wide open seeing the bees swarming after Alexandra. “What happened?” he gasped.
  64. 64. Alexandra couldn't answer Romeo for she was to busy swatting away angry bees and trying to survive through the strings that pierced through her pale skin. Even if she knew how, she was completely unable to fight back. Layla watched Alexandra from behind with a huge grin, she had originally planned to leave, but she could never resist a good fight and she had realized that Alexandra would always try to stop her so she might as well just deal with her now.
  65. 65. Eventually the bees stopped chasing Alexandra and she was able to gain control of herself. She stood breathless looking at Layla who stood beside her with a smirk. Alexandra wasn't going to let her do that to her again.
  66. 66. “Did you have fun?” Layla asked with a smile. “Loads,” Alexandra snarled reaching for her wand in her pocket, “And now you're about to have fun!” “Ooo I'm scared,” Layla teased not threatened, Alexandra didn't scare her one bit.
  67. 67. “You should be,” Alexandra pulled out her wand holding it back with a big smile, “I promise I won't make this hurt too much.” “Oh do you cause I can't make that promise!” Layla laughed being one step ahead Alexandra having already begun to pass a spell.
  68. 68. And before Alexandra could pass her spell, she realized that one had been passed on her as her body became surround by orange flames. She narrowed her eyes at Layla who had walked over to her wondering how Layla had done that so fast. Layla just laughed allowing her magic aura to shine threw causing her to be surround by green motes. Alexandra looked over to the side seeing a headless ghost figure appear, “What is that!” she snapped feeling a little bit of fear and anger at herself. Layla again didn't say anything just chucking and moved over to the side as the ghost figure began to make it's way over to Alexandra.
  69. 69. “Layla what the hell did you just do?” Romeo yelled running over, he could not really believe any of this was actually happening right here in front of him. Layla didn't answer him instead yelling at her spectral ghost to attack Alexandra.
  70. 70. Which the spectral ghost quickly obliged fiercely attacking Alexandra who was left helpless having no way to defend herself. She gave a quick gasp as the ghost grabbed her pulling Alexandra down who had no control.
  71. 71. The ghost continued to assail Alexandra who had begun fighting back a little though no matter how strong her efforts the ghost was more powerful than her and was always able to slam Alexandra harder who tried her best to swat it away. It seemed like they were fighting for hours. Laula watched the fight screaming at the ghost to attack harder where Romeo cringed at loss of what to do.
  72. 72. As it began to grow clearer that there was no way that Alexandra was going to be winning this fight, Romeo grew more concerned very close to just running in the the fight to try to stop it, but instead he found himself frozen unable to move, “Layla please do something, anything!” he pleaded. “I don't think so,” Layla narrowed her eyes focusing intently on the fight enjoying every second of Alexandra failing.
  73. 73. Eventually Alexandra had no more strength left in her and the ghost dropped her to the ground with a giant thud. Layla smiled, Alexandra was sure to have no way of fighting back now.
  74. 74. Rosaline, who had been on the other side of the room, quickly ran over to Alexandra anxiously, “Alexandra are you okay? Alexandra can you hear me?” Alexandra could hear her, but not well her entire body and mind felt dizzy and confused, it was an odd feeling, but she also felt some strength entering her veins and she slowly began to get up feeling as it the room was shaking. “Alexandra no let me help you!” Rosaline cried assisting her up.
  75. 75. “Oh don't even bother helping her, she's done for,” Layla laughed. Romeo glowered at her in complete disgust, “How the hell did I ever date you?” he muttered harshly. Layla ignored him continuing to laugh completely pleased with herself. Layla let out a loud evil crackle, “Ready to surrender?” There was silence until suddenly a voice began talking, “No...”
  76. 76. “..I'm not!” Alexandra yelled placing her hands on hip feeling everything beginning to get clearer now, she still felt incredibly weak and her left eye was aching uncontrollably, but the motive to put down Layla was so strong that it didn't even matter how weak she was.
  77. 77. “Oh my goodness you can stand!” Layla gave a fake gasp, “What are you going to do to me now? Summon evil magic dust on me?” she laughed, “Face it you have no strength to fight back anymore Alexandra, not that you really were in the first place, which is why this is over and you have two choices surrender or suffer more pain, and I guarantee that the pain will be much worse than what you have already had to endure, though the choice is yours.”
  78. 78. “Well in that case I choose neither!” Alexandra whipped out her wand quickly murmuring words rancorously under her breath not even really knowing what she was saying exactly the words flowing out uncontrollably. “Alexandra...” Rosaline began worried that she might severely weaken herself out, but she paused seeing the drive in Alexandra eyes knowing that there was no way she would even be able to stop her.
  79. 79. Layla hissed seeing the spell beginning to take place, “Are you really trying to fight back?” she gave a small smile, “That's pretty humorous seeming that I will be able to bounce your spell back in seconds, so feel free to just harm yourself.”
  80. 80. Alexandra lifted her wand, entirely not herself, the anger having completely run through her, taking over every last inch and part of body, “That's not going to happen!”
  81. 81. “Because I'm not going to let it!”
  82. 82. Suddenly it struck Layla like a giant bolt of lighting that came from out of nowhere, the magic of the spell began to travel throughout her body like a quick electric current and she found herself rising surround by sparkles in complete loss of any control, “No!” she yelled panicked, “Stop! What the hell did you do to me!” For the first time in the entire fight, Layla was filled with fear, complete and absolute fear now being the one who had no idea what was happening to her.
  83. 83. Alexandra held out her wand watching Layla rise still with an apoplectic expression, in all honestly she had no idea what she had just done, but it had worked which was all that mattered right now.
  84. 84. All three of them watched as Layla began to fade screaming for help.
  85. 85. She disappeared further and further
  86. 86. Until she was completely gone with no trace of her ever having been there.
  87. 87. Romeo looked over at the blank space beside him with his mouth hung open, “Hey um so what the heck just happened?” he turned back to Alexandra.
  88. 88. Alexandra stood frozen in a sort of trance unable to hear him, an odd feeling was flowing through her body that she had no way of describing. “She's .... she's gone,” Rosaline muttered behind her taking in all that had just happened in shock. Alexandra suddenly felt dizzy and began to somewhat loose her balance and stumbled.
  89. 89. Romeo quickly ran over to her grabbing her shoulders and stabilizing her, “Alexandra are you okay? Can you hear me?” he cried out nervously holding her up. Alexandra didn't responded blinking heavily as if something was in her eye. “Alexandra?” he cried out again, Rosaline watched them anxiously wondering what to do. Alexandra blinked again seeing Romeo more clearly now and found that she was able to stand up on her own now, “I'm fine” she responded softly sounding week.
  90. 90. She looked at Romeo more clearly now with a solemn expression plastered on her face, “Actually Romeo,” she began gaining a little strength, “I'm more worried about if you're okay.” “Me?” he questioned, “I'm fine, why would I not be okay, you're the one who just had to go threw a gruesome magic battle over me, I mean just look at your eye! You really didn't have to do that!” “There was no way I was going to let her continue beguiling you Romeo!” Alexandra cried out angrily. “But still... couldn't there have been a better way...” Romeo pondered. “I'm fine Romeo it really doesn't matter!” Alexandra snapped.
  91. 91. Romeo didn't say anything just looking at her worriedly. Alexandra looked back calmer now, “Seriously are you okay?” she asked. “Yes Alexandra I'm fine why wouldn't I be?” he asked. “I mean, you just found out your relationship with Layla wasn't real,” she told him quietly. Romeo didn't say anything and they both just stared at each other in silence eventually he said, “I'm fine, truly.” “Romeo...” she began knowing he was lying. “No really,” he interrupted, “I'm fine.”
  92. 92. “I think I just need to think,” he told her, “If you excuse me I think I'm going to go upstairs.” Romeo walked away and Alexandra watched him, she was worried though at the moment her mind felt too overwhelmed to do anything about it.
  93. 93. Rosaline quickly walked over to her, “So uh Alexandra” Rosaline began. Alexandra turned around almost having forgotten that Rosaline was there, “Yeah?” she responded weakly. “Do you really have any idea where Layla is?” she asked her with wide eyes curiously. Alexandra bit her lip, “Um no,” she paused thinking, “The thing is that spell or whatever I put on Layla was weird, it wasn't normal. I had no idea what I was doing, it was like some force inside of me was taking over.” she looked down, “For all I know Layla could just be just down the block, Downtown, in Bluewater Village,...”
  94. 94. “...or she could be far far away.”
  95. 95. “She's gone though which is what really matters,” Rosaline said looking at Alexandra more brightly though Alexandra remained solemn. “For now she is,” Alexandra muttered, she had a feeing that Layla wasn't gone permanently. “Well she's not here,” Rosaline gave a faint smile though really there wasn't much to smile about. She continued to looked at Alexandra and then quickly frowned at her black eye, “You really should get some rest Alexandra and I'll go get some ice for your eye.” “What, no! I'm fine!” Alexandra cried, “Truly,” though suddenly to felt herself stumble as her vision blurred and body began to breakdown. “Alexandra,” Rosaline said in a motherly tone, “You are getting some rest.” “Fine,” Alexandra grumbled.
  96. 96. Upstairs Romeo stood still just staring, staring at the painting that Layla had called ugly not to long ago, his mind was blank, completely blank, he had no idea what to think right now. The question Alexandra kept asking him burned in his mind, was he okay? He wasn't sure if he was sad, if he was happy, if he was angry, if he was anything, he truly felt nothing, no emotion at all.
  97. 97. Romeo promptly pulled out his cell phone quickly dialing a number and placing it to his ear, “Uh hey.... um well I've been better... uh yeah I was wondering if there was any way you could come over.... please I really need to talk to someone... alright bye.”
  98. 98. Romeo wandered outside and waited having ignored Rosaline when she had tried to talk to him, she wasn't who he wanted to talk to. Romeo still wasn't exactly sure what he was feeling at the moment, he only had on thing on his mind and when he saw her already he felt a little better, “Thanks for coming.”
  99. 99. Zoe looked at him skeptically, “Yeah sure you uh kind of sounded desperate on the phone.” “Uh yeah,” Romeo muttered looking down. Zoe noticed his oddness, “Are you okay?” she asked concerned. Romeo nodded, then shook his head, then froze, “Um I don't know.” “Do you want to talk about it?” Zoe asked thinking this was why he had called her. Romeo nodded, “Yeah let's go inside.”
  100. 100. They ended up on the balcony outside which Romeo had led them to without really realizing it, he felt as if he had no control of anything right now. They both sat down on the bench and neither of them said anything. Zoe eventually looked over and him and he looked back, she could see the emptiness in his eyes, “Romeo what happened?”
  101. 101. Romeo suddenly look pained, “I...I don't even know where to begin.” Zoe just looked at him tranquilly, “Can you try?” she asked almost in a whisper. Romeo bit his lip and looked away for a second then turned back, “The thing,” he paused thinking of the words he wanted to use, “The thing with Layla, it wasn't... it wasn't real.”
  102. 102. “What do you mean it wasn't real?” Zoe asked confused. Romeo scrunch his forehead thinking of how to say this without sounding crazy, “I mean like I never loved her or anything... the whole thing was just a big lie.” “A lie?” “Yeah a lie?” Neither of them said anything for a second.
  103. 103. “Romeo I don't understand.” Romeo sighed, “Layla well she wasn't normal.... she was like a witch... or something and the whole time she was just like controlling me or something, I still don't really fully understand it.” “Huh?” Zoe shrugged not expecting that response at all. Romeo frowned, “Look I know you probably don't believe me because I'm even sure if I do, but...”
  104. 104. “...No I believe you I just don't understand how I missed that or why that happened to you” Zoe interrupted. “Wait,” Romeo raised an eyebrow in surprise, “You believe me?” Zoe nodded, “Well yeah I mean I am knowledge sim you know, I don't really doubt things, and thinking of the way Layla acted in the past and how you acted it makes perfect sense.” “It does?” “Well yeah I always thought your relationship with her was weird, I just never did anything, I should have but..” she paused feeling her cheeks flush, “Never mind”
  105. 105. “You actually believe it all?” Romeo asked again, he just couldn't believe that she did when he barley believed it himself. “Yeah I do,” she noticed his shock, “Don't act too surprised now.” “Sorry just.... I don't know” “I mean,” she looked over at him, “Are you okay Romeo?”
  106. 106. “Uh well I don't now, I don't really feel anything right now,” Romeo told her. “Is she uh gone?” Zoe asked a little worried that she wasn't. “I think so, Alexandra like did something, she's.. she's a witch too.” Romeo wasn't sure if he was allowed to tell Zoe that, but he really didn't care at the moment. “Um.. wow,” Zoe looked down. “The thing is I just feel lost, like I don't know who I am anymore.”
  107. 107. “You're Romeo,” Zoe quickly answered without thinking. Romeo gave a friendly grunt, “Yeah except, Romeo doesn't exactly know who he is either.” Zoe looked down unsure of what to say, “Well Romeo's going to find himself,” she gave a small smile. “I hope he does,” Romeo responded. “He will,” Zoe paused, “It just may take some time.” Romeo nodded, he really wanted to believe her, though he wasn't sure if he could, just like he wasn't sure of anything anymore.
  108. 108. So this is where I will be leaving you, hope you enjoyed it. I have pretty much already finished next chapter, so it should be out sooner than later. Until then thanks for reading!