A Loving Legacy! Chapter 2.6


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Heir is declared, powers come into existence and transition into college begins

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A Loving Legacy! Chapter 2.6

  1. 1. Welcome back to A Loving Legacy! Chapter 2.6. Alexandra has never made a cover before so to make up for it, she gets one by herself. Two things to note about this chapter, first off it is a lot shorter than usually because it wasn't originally planned and second I recently changed my default eyes so half of this chapter has different eyes. Recap of Last Chapter: Charity and Randy went out of town and Victoria decided to throw a party. Rosaline met a guy Ethan at school who became her only friend. Romeo grew up into a teenager and Rosaline began to feel some negative feelings toward Juliet. Victoria threw her major party. At the party Ethan kissed Rosaline causing their friendship to turn awkward and Alvin, Juliet's boyfriend who she loved, told her that he wasn't going to be going to college. Now that we are all notified of changes and caught up, we can begin....
  2. 2. “ Everything at home going okay?” Charity asked into her cellphone, standing on the sandy coast of Twikkii Island, the sun beating on her golden tan and the ocean breeze blowing around her. Behind her Randy was making a sand castle enjoying his last day on the island. “You guys have been following the rules right? No parties? No boys? No giant messes that your father will have to come home to tomorrow?”
  3. 3. “ Yeah mom everything here is dandy” Alexandra responded knowing that they had broken the rules, but there was no way she was going to get in trouble for that especially when it wasn't even her idea. “ You sure Victoria hasn't thrown any major parties?” Charity asked knowing her eldest daughter well. “ No, we have been boring” Alexandra lied. “ And the house is clean?” Charity questioned imagining empty pizza boxes everywhere and dirty dishes piled in the sink.
  4. 4. “ Yeah mom, the house is spotless, you can trust me on that one.” That statement actually was very true because all five of them had done a major cleanup of the house after the party. It was a lot of work, but the five of them managed to do it together and with Rosaline's 10 neat points, the house looked spotless in the end. “ Glad to hear it!” Charity said smiling, the last thing she wanted was to have a messy house. “ Yeah, how has the vacation been?” Alexandra asked wanting to change the subject.
  5. 5. “ Oh the vacation has been wonderful!” Charity cried excited thinking about the past couple of days, “Your father and I have been just about everywhere. The scenery here is amazing, especially the ruins those are beautiful. Don't worry we have taken plenty of pictures for you and Victoria to look at.”
  6. 6. “ We have also just had a lot of fun, just acting silly. One day we played pirates, the pirate ship is very entertaining. Your father even claimed that he saw the ghost of the ship captain on it though I think he was just imagining things because that doesn't seem very possible to me.”
  7. 7. “ And we have just enjoyed having sometime to ourselves, the beach is very romantic, though don't worry we have missed both of you girls very much and your father is very excited to come home and see you girls tomorrow, but overall the vacation has been amazing, you girls defiantly need to come here sometime.”
  8. 8. “ Wow mom that sounds great, glad you are having fun. I defiantly want to go there sometime, plus I hear there is like cool voodoo magic there” Alexandra smiled. Charity let out a small laugh, “Well I don't know about that Alexandra, but it is a place worth going to. Now can you remind your sister for me that she needs to be preparing for college.” “ Uh yeah sure” Alexandra answered though she knew Victoria wouldn't. “ Okay remember your father is coming home tomorrow, love you guys, keep the house clean bye.” “ Okay bye love you”
  9. 9. Alexandra placed the phone back on the deck, happy that her father was coming tomorrow, she couldn't handle another party. “ Was that the parentals?” Victoria asked who had just walked in still in her pajamas despite it being late afternoon. “ Yeah dads coming home tomorrow and mom wanted me to remind you to prepare for college” Alexandra mumbled. “ Pssh yeah right whatever, I am fully prepared for college, I have been ready for it for months!”
  10. 10. “ Just telling you what mom said” Alexandra said with a melancholy tone placing her hands on her hips. Victoria laughed, “Wait, actually there are a few things I should get before I leave. Do you want to come to the store with me?” she asked her sister, ever since Alexandra had become a teenager Victoria found her less annoying though she still found Alexandra weird. “ Uh no thanks I have things to do” Alexandra responded, going on outings with Victoria meant watching her flirt with random guys.
  11. 11. Victoria looked at her sister oddly, Alexandra always seemed to have things to do but what? “Uh look, but no offense what could you possible have to do all the time? You don't really have any friends.” Alexandra sighed and stared at her sister, “Things okay, you wouldn't understand.” “ Uh okay? Whatever.” Victoria mumbled heading out. Alexandra watched her go out still wearing her pajamas, the thing was Alexandra did really have things to do recently.
  12. 12. Awhile ago Alexandra had met Jane just walking around town, a witch, something Alexandra was greatly fascinated by, which is why she immediately friended her. Alexandra then began hanging out with Jane quite often. Alexandra already knew all about witches before meeting her and Jane was greatly impressed by this, so impressed that she offered Alexandra an opportunity.
  13. 13. She offered Alexandra the chance to become a witch herself. She told Alexandra that this was a rare honor and opportunity that very few people ever get offered. Every witch is allowed to grant one other person powers she told Alexandra and that she would be honored to use that grant on her because Alexandra seemed like the right person for it.
  14. 14. Of coarse Alexandra, having been fascinated by anything supernatural and mythical her whole life, was mesmerized by having been granted this and of coarse was more than willing to do it. Being a witch would be just about the coolest thing that could ever happen to her.
  15. 15. So before she knew it, Jane waved her wand and granted Alexandra the powers of being a witch. Of coarse beforehand she had explained rules, many many rules that had made Alexandra's head hurt. The main rule was to remain mostly secret because things could get very dangerous if witch powers were completely exposed. Alexanda felt a weird tingling sensation as blue sparkles had sparkled around her. The transition had felt weird though if felt really good and right at the same time.
  16. 16. And from that point on Alexandra had been a witch and she spent most of her free time learning and creating spells. Jane had given her a spell book and a melting pot, both of which Alexandra placed in the attic where no one ever went. The rules and facts of witch life were fascinating, much more interesting than what Alexandra learned in school though they came with many rules and choices.
  17. 17. The main choice any witch had to make was to choose a path. The three paths were light, neutral, and dark. Jane had chosen the path of light which Alexandra planned to follow as well because she wanted to be good not evil though sometimes she found herself casting evil spells...
  18. 18. ...because they could just be plain hilarious. “Uh Victoria what are you doing?” Scott laughed as Victoria began to act like a chicken randomly in the middle of their date. “ I have no freaking idea!” Victoria snapped completely having lost control of her body. “What the hell?” she muttered bemused after it had stopped, she had no idea what had just happened to her and was very confused. Alexandra let out a sly grin from the side, thinking that's what Victoria got for playing so many guys.
  19. 19. Overall though Alexandra stuck to good spells that involved lifting people's moods and brightening the day. She liked having the powers to help other people and felt like her mystical fantasies and dreams had partially come true. She was excited to learn more about her new powers everyday and figure out what to do with them in the future.
  20. 20. Juliet was especially one who could use one of Alexandra's mood lifter spells. Ever since Alvin had told her that he wasn't going to college, she couldn't seem to feel any sort of happiness at all. They had decided to break up seeming as they would not be able to have a future together which is what Juliet had wanted. The sweet and loving Juliet had turned more into a sad and forlorn girl who spent all of her time doing homework and studying for college.
  21. 21. Rosaline found Juliet's behavior annoying because she had lost Ethan as a friend recently too and you didn't see her moping around not being able to function. Granted Ethan hadn't been her boyfriend, but still he was an important part of her life that was now gone all from one awkward moment. Rosaline decided that teenage boys were a waste of energy anyway and focused on her studies even if college was still awhiles away for her.
  22. 22. Of course for Victoria college was much sooner and she actually did begin preparing for it in her own way. “ How is that helping you for college?” Alexandra asked confused when Victoria claimed that all her dancing was preparing her for it. “ Tsang Footwork Award, duh!” Victoria cried continuing to dance to the blaring hip-hop music that had annoyed their father.
  23. 23. With college for the two eldest members of generation 3 growing close, an important decision still needed to be made and Aimee shuffled uncomfortably about it in her bed. “ Weldon?” she whispered loudly feeling uneasy. “ Mmmh?” he mumbled sleepily beside her. “ I can't sleep” she murmured quietly. “ Mmmhmm” Weldon muttered tiredly. Aimee sighed, “I can't decide, decide on whose going to be heir.”
  24. 24. Aimee turned over on her back, “I can't decide between my kids.” Weldon opened his eyes realizing how worried Aimee sounded, “Do we have to talk about this at like 2 in the morning?” he asked. “ Yes we do because this is important.” Aimee continued turning toward him, “I mean they are all great. Juliet is so loving though I'm not sure she is strong enough, I mean have you seen her recently ever since her and that Alvin kid broke up. Then there is Rosaline who is stronger but I don't think she knows who she is yet. And lastly there is Romeo who as we both know is very persistent and self-assured though I don't know if he is shrewd enough.” Aimee sighed. “ Aimes relax” Weldon said more awake, “Whoever you chose will do a great job, they are all good kids.”
  25. 25. Weldon then proceeded to wrap his arm around her. Aimee smiled and cuddled into his shoulder, “I just feel like I am choosing favorites here.” Weldon pulled her closer into him, “They all know you love them all the same and that this decision has to be made.” Aimee exhaled slowly looking up at Weldon, “Why does this have to be so hard?” she asked. Weldon let out a small smile, “Because we have created some wonderful kids that would all do a great job. Whoever you chose is going to do great.” Aimee smiled in his arms thinking and she suddenly knew.
  26. 26. “ Wait are you being serious?” Romeo asked in disbelief staring at his mom who had just told him that he was going to be heir. “ Of coarse I am, why wouldn't I be?” Aimee asked, she had thought about it long and hard and decided that Romeo had a strong confident spirt that would make for a great heir. Romeo bit his lip, “I don't know, it's just I'm the youngest and Juliet has always been so family oriented and Rosaline is so smart.”
  27. 27. “ Yeah well, you are also all of those things plus you have always seemed to be able to get whatever you have wanted.” Aimee smiled. Romeo laughed, “Very true, but I mean hey that's the youngest kids job right?” Aimee grinned, “Yeah I suppose it is, but don't worry Romeo you are going to be a great heir and I will be here to guide you through it. Honestly it's not that hard, you just gotta watch over the family, which you being a family sim will work out just fine.”
  28. 28. Romeo smiled and his mom leaned into him for a hug which he gladly returned, “Thanks mom for having faith in me and all.” “ Of coarse, you are going to do great” Aimee smiled. “ So does this mean I can boss Juliet and Rosaline around?” he asked guilefully separating from the hug. Aimee rolled her eyes growing stern, “Absolutely not.” Romeo laughed, “Hey, it was worth a try.”
  29. 29. “ So did you hear?” Rosaline asked Juliet that night referring to Romeo's heirship which she was completely okay with. “ Hear what?” Juliet asked sitting on her sofa in a trance. Rosaline sighed annoyed, how long was it going to take her to get over one stupid guy? “About Romeo” “ Oh” Juliet mumbled, “Yeah mom told me earlier.” “ And are you okay with it?” Rosaline asked curious, she had always assumed Juliet would get the job.
  30. 30. Juliet looked up at Rosaline whom she had had a weird relationship with recently, her face was sad, “Yeah, why wouldn't I be?” “ I don't know, I mean you are a family sim so it seemed like something you may have wanted.” Juliet shrugged, “I mean sure at one point the job appealed to me, but not anymore seeming as you kind of need a spouse to do so.” Rosaline looked down at Juliet and rolled her eyes exasperation flowing through her, “Jules really?” “ What?” Juliet asked confused.
  31. 31. Rosaline crossed her arms looking down at her sister whom she was rather irked by, “This whole Alvin crap has got to stop. You have been moping around for weeks. The guy wasn't even that great, he forgot your month anniversary which you had been so excited for.” Juliet shook her head, “Ros, you wouldn't get it you've never been in love.” “ So what? I realize that I don't need a guy to function, you need to stop acting like a hopeless and irreparable girl who can't live without her boyfriend by her side.” Rosaline snapped, her voice was bitter and rancorous.
  32. 32. Juliet didn't say anything feeling herself wanting to cry, she didn't want to hear this, Rosaline didn't understand what it was like to have your whole future destroyed. Rosaline shook her head in irritation, “Seriously you are being pathetic, you have your whole life ahead of you.” Juliet continued to sit in silence, looking past Rosaline, she couldn't deal with this. Rosaline shook her head realizing that Juliet was a hopeless case, “Whatever”
  33. 33. She walked back to her room annoyed, all she could think was how glad she was that Juliet hadn't been the one who had been chosen to be heir because if she was Rosaline probably would have protested or something. Her sister was so pathetic, why did she used to think she had the answers? She was happy Juliet was leaving soon.
  34. 34. Juliet on the other hand was sill stuck in a trance, staring at the wall. What was wrong with Rosaline recently? Ever since the girl had grown up she had been a completely different person, not the sweet little girl who adored her older sister. She wasn't going to let Rosaline's words affect her because Rosaline knew nothing, knew nothing about loosing the most important thing.
  35. 35. Unaware of his sister's problems with each other, Romeo continued to spend his teenage years excelling at everything. He got good grades, was star of the soccer team, and every girl in school seemed to want to be with him. Many of the guys held strong jealously toward him. “ How is it possible that you are good at everything?” David asked him in disbelief as he began to play the drums perfectly in music class. Romeo shrugged, “I honestly have no idea, I guess just many things come naturally to me.”
  36. 36. Even though many people were jealous of Romeo for his amazing skills at just about everything, it was hard to hate him because he was always so sanguine and fun. Never once was he cocky about his abilities and always helped other people. Romeo was just the type of guy who was impossible to not like.
  37. 37. Plus Romeo wasn't good at everything anyway, though girls always came to him he wasn't the best at keeping them around. He could always flirt, but when it came to bringing things to the next level he always seemed to fail. “ So Whitney, you're really great, I like hanging out with you and stuff” Romeo muttered shyly as he wrapped his arms around the girl whom he had just casually been hanging out with a lot. Whitney smiled, “You're pretty cute too.” “ So I was wondering do you want to take things further?” he asked her. “ You mean like dreaming date and stuff!” Whitney cried excitedly.
  38. 38. “ Uh no” Romeo muttered quietly, “I mean like a future and stuff.” Whitney separated herself from Romeo and stared at him is disbelief, “A future? Are you being serious? Romeo we are teenagers, we don't need to worry about that now, now come on let's go fool around in the janitors closet.” she grinned. Romeo stared at her feeling hurt, he really liked Whitney and thought she was more than the typical romance sim, “Uh no thanks Whitney, why don't you go find some other guy.”
  39. 39. What Romeo didn't understand was that many teenagers such as Victoria were not looking for commitment. “ Victoria, what will I be doing for you today?” the gypsy asked very familiar with Victoria who she helped often. “ The usual cheap dream date, gota get as many of these in as I can before college.” The gypsy sighed, “Okay Victoria, but soon we are going to run out of guys.”
  40. 40. Romeo decided that he would find his girl one day, but in the mean time the world of girls made his head hurt. “ Girls are crazy Leroy, I don't understand why it can just be as simple as you, you love me unconditionally and make me smile.” Leroy who had recently grown up to be a beautiful black and brown dog licked Romeo's face in response who let out a big smile.
  41. 41. On a completely different note, Aimee and Weldon, both being fortune sims, decided to finally open up their first business, something that they have been wanting to do for a very long time, so they opened up Loving Game Shack complete with all the typical board and card games anyone could think off.
  42. 42. The business quickly took off and Romeo with his persuasive charm was able to pretty much convince anyone that Loving Card Shack was the place to be. “ Oh come on David, there are some pretty hot girls who just walked in, I'm sure they would love if you taught them how to play poker.” Romeo grinned. David smiled, “Really? Well count me in dude, you know I can't resist that.”
  43. 43. Romeo also managed to wipe out the cash of just about the entire neighborhood, poker being another thing to add to his list of things he was gifted at. “ Sorry Christy, but I win again looks like you aren't going to be able to buy a new sweatsuit after all” Romeo said pulling in all the chips. Christy sighed looking down how did she just let a teenage boy completely wipe her out?
  44. 44. Aimee and Weldon were ecstatic at the fact that they had finally opened up a business and spent their time there being inappropriate in front of customers. Aimee even let Weldon wear his cow suit which made him insanely happy.
  45. 45. Rosaline enjoyed playing the quiet game of mahong with the customers. It was a confusing game, but she was able to pick it up quickly and teach it to customers. She liked the game as it kept her busy and kept her mind off of other things.
  46. 46. Rosaline also worked as a sales girl though trying to convince people to come to the game shack was not her strong point. “ It's really awesome, I mean we have card games and chess!” “ I have all off those things at home, is there a bar?” “ Uh no, but there is a dart board!” “ Um no thanks miss” “ Okay, well come back some other time!” Rosaline called after him awkwardly as the guy walked away.
  47. 47. She just didn't have the selling skills that Romeo had, who soon enough was able to dazzle just about any customer into buying a ticket within seconds. “ Mr. Smith with a man of such great knowledge and skill as you, I bet you can wipe out all of those townies in no time!” “ You think so? Yeah, you know what you're right give me a ticket, I am going to walk out of here with triple the amount of that ticket!”
  48. 48. Romeo also enjoyed throwing water balloons at the customers, at first Aimee told him that doing so was completely inappropriate (not that her making out in the middle of the place was any better), but then she realized that the customers loved it and encouraged him to do so. Romeo made water balloon fights quite a popular attraction.
  49. 49. Overall the business was very successful quickly going up in ranking. Not only was it earning a lot of money, but all of the Lovings enjoyed working there as well. Though sometimes it could get creepy, especially when old men hit on Aimee.
  50. 50. Juliet was the only one who did not at all get involved in the business spending time at home alone when everyone else went. Aimee and Weldon have never been ones to mope when something bad happened so they didn't understand Juliet's actions and just left her alone. Juliet was leaving for college very soon and she knew that she needed to get over Alvin and move on though the statement was easier said than done. Juliet still felt like she would never be able to overcome this though she knew she was going to have to.
  51. 51. Rosaline had given up on Juliet and Romeo attempts to help her failed, but they each had their own issues to deal with and just hoped Juliet would get over it eventually. “ Hey Ros, there is some guy here to see you” Romeo told Rosaline walking in the dining room as she ate her breakfast. “ What? Who?” Rosaline asked, there was no one who would want to see her. Romeo thought for a second trying to remember his name, but it wasn't coming to him, “Uh I don't know, but all I know is that he's wearing eyeliner.” Rosaline felt herself feeling nervous, Ethan, she hadn't spoken to him since he kissed her at Victoria's party.
  52. 52. Sure enough when she went to the front door, Ethan was standing there looking solemn like always. “ Ethan” Rosaline said staring at him, ever since the kiss he had avoided her like the plague at school and they hadn't talked once. It was weird now seeing him at her doorstep. “ Hey” he said quietly pausing, “Can I uh come in? I need to talk to you.” “ Uh yeah sure” Rosaline answered wondering what this could be about.
  53. 53. They both stood in silence staring at each other for about a minute until Ethan finally began talking, “Well I'm leaving for college tomorrow and I was just thinking and realized I couldn't leave things with us the way that they were.” Rosaline stared at him listening, she had forgotten that he was Juliet's age. “ Look the whole kiss or whatever I really never meant it to ruin our friendship, it was sort of something that just happened. You are my closest friend Ros and I never wanted to mess that up by doing something without thinking.”
  54. 54. “ Then why have you been avoiding me since it happened?” Rosaline asked him because even though she had never admitted it out loud, it had affected her. Ethan looked down shyly, “I don't know Ros, it's just the whole thing was so awkward and I didn't know what to say about it and I didn't want to do something else that was stupid.” Rosaline nodded understanding what he meant though she wished he would have just talked to her instead of waiting till he was going to be leaving.
  55. 55. “ Yeah, look Ros it was really stupid of me to avoid you and I'm sorry for doing so which is why I am here now to make things right. I hope we can just put that whole thing behind us and just move on because you're pretty much my best friend and I can't picture life without you in it somehow.” Ethan said placing his hands on hips and looking into her eyes directly. His words seemed sappy which was not his style, but he was going to let it slide. Rosaline smiled, “Yeah me neither, and I've really missed talking to you and will continue to do so seeming as you are leaving.”
  56. 56. Ethan let out a small grin, “There is a thing called a telephone and you aren't that much younger than me, you will be there before you know it.” “ I suppose so, though high school without you is gonna suck.” Rosaline muttered wanting her college time to come sooner. “ You can handle it and like I said you will be out of that place soon enough.” he paused, “Well I really gotta go, but I'm really glad we can put this stuff behind us and move on and I promise to call you right when I get to college and tell you all about it.”
  57. 57. Rosaline grinned, “Okay, you better! Bye Ethan I'm gonna miss you.” “ I'll miss you too Ros” They both quickly hugged until Ethan walked out the door. Rosaline smiled watching him go, she was really glad that they were friends again though she was annoyed that she still had to wait before she could see him again.
  58. 58. The next morning was finally the day that Juliet and Victoria would both be leaving for college. They were both excited though Juliet was also very nervous about leaving her family and starting somewhere new. Juliet went into Rosaline's room to say goodbye. She hadn't talked to Rosaline since they had had the argument about Alvin and things had been long weird with them before that. “ Hey Ros, I'm leaving today so this will be it for awhile.” Juliet said.
  59. 59. Rosaline didn't say anything so Juliet walked up to her and grinned, “I'm gonna miss you, but soon enough you will be there too and we will be living in the greek house together just like we used to talk about when we were little.” Rosaline didn't say anything and just stared at her sister, she did love Juliet it was just something about her annoyed her now to no end.
  60. 60. “ Yeah” Rosaline said emotionless just staring at Juliet. Juliet shuffled awkwardly not knowing what to say, “Okay well bye Rosaline, I'll miss you.” “ Yeah” Rosaline said without much effort, she wasn't going to lie she wasn't going to miss Juliet that much. “ Okay well bye” Juliet mumbled as they stood awkwardly across from each other, she didn't even give Rosaline one of her famous hugs.
  61. 61. On the way out Juliet ran into Romeo in the hallway to give Romeo a hug goodbye, the farewell was much more warm than the one she had had with Rosaline. “ Bye Romeo I'll miss you and you're going to be an awesome heir.” Juliet smiled, she had never congratulated him on his heirship. Romeo grinned, “Thanks Jules and I'll miss you too, though I was wondering since you will be gone, can I have your room?” Juliet separated from him confused, “What? No.” Romeo frowned, “Aw dang, I was hoping I could have two rooms.” Juliet laughed and shook her head heading downstairs.
  62. 62. The last goodbye Juliet had to make was to both of her parents who stood in the living room with proud smiles. “ Bye Juliet, have fun at college though not too much fun” Aimee smiled at her eldest daughter giving her a long hug. “ Yeah Jules have fun and tell me if the new cow mascot is annoying enough because if it isn't I'm gonna have to come and whip that cow in shape.” Weldon cried thinking back to his cow mascot days and how he was probably the best one around. Juliet looked up at her dad skeptically, “Uh okay dad, sure.”
  63. 63. Over at the London household, Victoria called Charity before she left, who was still in Twikkii Island due to her work project needing more time than originally planned. “ Bye sweetie, I can't believe you are actually going to college! I'm gonna miss you and make sure you focus on your studies as much as having fun.” Charity told her daughter on the verge of tears, she wished she was there. “ Kay thanks mom, bye” Victoria said quickly hanging up the phone, she couldn't handle these mushy goodbyes, she just wanted to leave.
  64. 64. Though before she could leave she had to have one last breakfast with her father. Salad was a weird choice for breakfast, but Randy was not cook and it was the easiest thing he could whip up as they were out of cereal. “ Now Victoria remember that college is an important time in your life to work on your skills and enhance your learning.” Randy told his daughter with a serious expression. Victoria rolled her eyes, “Yeah okay dad, I'll try to fit that stuff in between partying in dream dating.” Randy shook his head, “Victoria seriously make sure you learn something.” “ Okay dad” Victoria mumbled in order to make him stop nagging her, she was more than ready to leave.
  65. 65. And Victoria did just that heading out to her taxi without even saying goodbye to Alexandra. She had been so excited to become a teenager, but she was even more excited to go college because it meant no parents and complete and absolute freedom. She knew her college years were going to be absolutely crazy and she was ready for it.
  66. 66. This is where I will be leaving you right now. I know this chapter was really short and I'm sorry about that, it was too long to tag on to last chapter so it just ended up being its own short chapter. College years will be filled with more intense plot and other craziness. This is a picture of the main three kids in order from youngest to oldest and I'll refresh your memory on their stats. Picture 1: Romeo: Heir Personality:3/10/0/10/8 Aspiration: Family LTW: 6 grandkids Picture 2: Rosaline: Spare Personality: 10/3/2/10/10 Aspiration: Knowledge LTW: Reach top of Entertainment Career Picture 3: Juliet :Spare Personality:3/2/10/8/9 Aspiration: Family LTW:Reach Top of Education Career
  67. 67. The two cousins of this generation, Alexandra and Victoria. Giving the Noogie: Victoria Personality: 7/7/6/8/5 Aspiration: Pleasure LTW: Reach Top Culinary Career Receiving the Noogie: Alexandra Personality: 8/2/1/10/10 Aspiration: Popularity LTW: Reach Top of Oceanography Career (Just like her mom) And since this chapter was so short for some random picspam...
  68. 68. Teenage Aimee: “And then I want to own a business someday and thats basically my ten year plan!” Real Aimee: *Yawn* “Seriously kid been there done that, I have topped 5 careers and have a very successful business so your dreams are amateurish.” I made teenage clones of Charity and Aimee in order to shoot some pictures and Aimee seemed to find herself really boring.
  69. 69. Also the fake teenage Aimee and Charity clones absolutely hated each other. With no guidance from me they started fighting and attacking each other continuously. Teenage Charity: “So I hear in the future that you are going to try to break up Randy and I!” *Poke*
  70. 70. Teenage Aimee: “Yeah well then I hear you try to break me up with both my boyfriends!” *Slap*
  71. 71. Eventually the two cooperated and gave me the nice family photo I was looking for. I'm sort of going to miss these two being the main girls though they will still be around and I adore their children. But anyway that's all I have for now, thanks for reading and feedback of any kind is much appreciated. See you later in the first generation 3 chapter at college!