history of titanic
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  • 1. Title: Titanic Author: Paul shipton When: on April 14,1912 Where: in Atlantic Ocean
  • 2. Contents 1. Introduction 2. The ship of Dreams 3. The biggest ship in the world 4. The “Unsinkable Ship” sinks in the water 5. The World Cries 6. The Titanic on film 7. Conclusion
  • 3. 1. Introduction The ship sank in the North Atlantic ocean over one hundred years ago. But almost everybody in the world today knows the name of the Titanic. • So really what happened that terrible night? • Why did the ship hit an iceberg? • Why didn’t another ship save the passengers? • How many people survived and how many died? • Why this disaster is still famous?
  • 4. It’s not the story about Jack and Rose, but it’s a report about facts of the disaster of April 14, 1912. The author of this book isn’t the author who was writing the movie Titanic – James Cameron. His name is Paul Shipton
  • 5. 2.The ship of Dreams In the 1900’s, more and more people wanted to travel across the Atlantic Ocean.The White Star Line decided to build the biggest and the best of all. The company planned to make tree ships. Their name is : Olympic, Titanic, Gigantic. So then Titanic finished to built in 1912.
  • 6. 3. The biggest ship in the world in 1912, the Titanic is the biggest ship that was ever built. It is 269 meters long and everyone thinks that the ship is also very safe. The ship can carry more than 3.000 passengers, and has many decks, a swimming pool, a library, Turkish baths, and excellent restaurants and bars.
  • 7. Life on the Titanic was as comfortable as life in the most expensive hotels in Europe and America. There were many kinds of people : rich and poor, young and old. Some of the richest people in the world were on the ship.
  • 8. The Titanic leaves Southampton, on the south coast of England, on April 10, 1912. There are 2.207 people on the ship for its first trip. First class: 322 passengers Second class: 275 passengers Third class: 712 passengers Crew: 898 passengers The different classes don’t mix on the ship. They slept, lived, and ate on different decks, the first-class passengers are on the higher decks, the second-class passengers in the middle and then come the third-class passengers at the bottom of the ship.
  • 9. 4. The “Unsinkable Ship” sinks in the water Everyone thought that the ship was also very safe. There were sixteen compartments. In an accidents, big metal doors could close and then no water could get from one compartment another. The Titanic became the famous “Unsinkable ship”. Nobody seemed to worry about another important fact. The ship could carry more than 3000 passengers, but it only had lifeboats for 1178 people.
  • 10. • On Sunday, April 14 comes the third ice- warning on this day! Captain Smith doesn’t show it to his officers. On 11:40 P.M. an iceberg hits the side of the Titanic and fifteen minutes later, water comes into the ship. No hope, the ship is sinking now. April 14 early in the afternoon Radio operaters received so many ice warming from a ship called Baltic. Unfortunately they didn’t attend to warming message.
  • 11. Parents say goodbye to their children, husbands kisses their wives for the last time. • There is only one thing that Captain Smith can do. Just after midnight, he orders the crew to prepare the lifeboats. Because there are more than 2.200 people on the ship, but the ship have only 20 lifeboats for 1.178 persons. So women and children are the first who are going.
  • 12. • In the great ship’s final minutes the lights go out. The ship is breaking in two pieces. People are still falling. At 2:20 A.M. the morning of April 15, the “Queen of the Ocean” was sunk. The cold is terrible, but much worse it is for the people in the black water. Many are screaming for help, but the screams are becoming quieter, as the people in the water become weaker and weaker.
  • 13. • First class: 60% survived 130 died • Second class: 42% survived 166 died • Third class: 25% survived 536 died • The crew : 24% survived 685 died Even after the accident, things were very different for first class and third class passengers. The survivors from first class were taken to the best hotels in New York. But the passengers from third class were in a new country without any money or clothes,or any of their things.
  • 14. • First class passenger Benjamin Guggenhiem came on deck in his dinner suit. “ We’ve dressed up in our best and are prepared to go down like gentleman” he said. This part was exciting to me when read it.
  • 15. 5. The World Cries • Ten thousand people were waiting when arrived in New-York on the evening of Thursday, April 18.Through newspapers and radio, the eyes of the world were on the ship and its survivors.
  • 16. 6. The Titanic on film • When James Cameron was writing the movie Titanic, he wanted to show the rich history of the ship and it’s many true stories. The love story between Rose and Jack was the most important part of the movie. If people worry about the two young lovers, they will understand the disaster more.
  • 17. While Cameron was making the movie, not everybody was so sure about its success. It took a long time to make the movie. As it continued, the cost went up and up.It finally cost between 185’000’000$-200’000’000$. But the world’s most expensive movie became the biggest success. It earned over 1’600’000’000$.
  • 18. 7. Conclusion • I like this book very much, because it is very interesting to read about this history ship. When I saw the film, there was a sad love-story about a poor young man and a rich young lady. But the reality wasn’t romantic. I think the author wants to show the different of rich and poor people. The most of rich people survived, but the most of the poor people and the crew died. I recommend you read about more exciting story from this book. I learn new words and its easy to read and I advise my friends to read this amazing story. •
  • 19. • Keep away- холхон байх • Go down-буулгах • Dress up- гангалах • Move up- дэвших • Come up- гарч ирах • Hold on to-салахгүй байх • Go out- унтрах • Pick up- ирж авах • Feel about- тэмтэрч хайх • Break down-эвдрэх • Find out- олж мэдэх • Run away- зугтах • Clear up- учрыг нь олох • Turn out- гаргах, хаах