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  • Customer voice and interaction with your brand and understanding what they are doing and how you can help that moreConnect business with real people
  • Free and (paid later)See major brands performingSee basic segmentation by countryWe support for all major social networksNo on has these statsMonitor top brands and rank and put that in context – see the 2 tables to the right, what does this mean? keep this in mind because I will keep coming back to this
  • Monitor top brands and rank and put that in context – see the 2 tables to the right, what does this mean? keep this in mind because I will keep coming back to this
  • Here you see users and % penetration in different markets around the world. All of our numbers are updated on a daily basis.
  • There is a lot out there and that is why it is so exciting for me to be doing what I am doing here at Socialbakers. Let me share with you what I think.
  • This is our view. You have a lot of solutions that do what I call social listening. Radian 6 is a good example and what social listening is monitoring the conversations out there about your brand, your product, your service, your company and then determining the sentiment – is it positive, is it negative?Then we see solutions that do what I call personal rating. Klout is a great example. When I log in with my Twitter handle, I am given a score – which then tells me how influential I am on Twitter. Are my tweets getting re-tweeted?Then I see personal monitoring. Hootsuite is what I use. I can run a quick report on how is clicking into my links, where they are from, etc.Then, perhaps my favorite is what I call platform metrics. How many of you are on Facebook? I know that there are about 800M people on Facebook these days and I am sure that in no time, we will see a billion users. Almost every social network ha it’s own proprietary tool to see metrics. For Facebook, if you use Insights, you see how your page is performing. More about this later because you can only see the pages you own or administer for.So, the way we see social media analytics is that we’re the heart of all of this – hence our logo with the heartbeat. In order to glean true intelligence and insights on your consumers, you really need something that is an intersection of all of these methods. So, what do I mean by that?
  • You first get the data. This is the basic measurements with basic segmentationHowever, it is that much more useful if you see it in context. How are you performing relative to others in your industry? You are neck-in-neck competition with the same 2-3 players in your space. What are they doing in social media and more importantly, how are they mining And then finally, you want to act on your data. Once you understand what your data is telling you, you can then build meaningful social campaigns that accelerate your engagement.I do want to key in on viewing data in context and why that is the first important step.
  • Here is a quick example of monitoring your performance in data. While it is easy to see the number of fans you have and you can probably guess at how fast you are growing your fans, when you see this in the context of what others in your industry are doing, you start to understand how you are truly performing. This is an example of a dashboard that we created, that anyone can create for any industry in our analytics module. This shows the airlines that have a Facebook page and how they stack up against one another for growth of fans, engagement rate, which I will get into a little more soon.Monitor airlines and customer care and response  20 hours, imagine passengers, nervously writing
  • It’s not about fans but it is – critical mass, 1000-2000 for B2B, 100K to start with – sizing up is important, critical mass.Engagement when your page, launch post, people are liking it, comparative metric, relative to size of community, 1 with 10K can win over 1 with 1MReactive monitoring – monitor who core fans are, here to be socialCompetitive – our sweet spot, using tools like Socialbakers, you can see everythingSo, how do I get started and what metrics should I pay attention to? I get asked this a lot. There is so much out there and isn’t it just about the number of fans on Facebook and the number of followers on Twitter? Yes, and no. Yes, you start by looking at the number of fans, what is your reach, and how that is growing.Then I would look at my engagement. Are my fans interacting with the content that I am posting. Are they sharing it? Are they talking about it?Then I would also look at how the community is being managed. For the first time in history, we are able to tap into the voice of the customer and see how they feel about your company, brand, product or service in real time. I would look at how I’m harnessing this and how I’m responding to my customers’ questions, who are key influencers, who my core fans are and I can harness that.And finally, this is all meaningful if it is in the context of not just how I’m doing but what that means relative to others in my industry, perhaps my competitors or just others that I aspire to or want to model after.
  • Create a dashboard with just a few clicks
  • View data in context and monitor others that are relevant
  • And you can do this very easily in our application, you do not need an analystNice pretty graphs via export to management, into powerpoints, etc.
  • Then I would monitor my effective content. See the album with 32K likes. And then of course, you are comparing this to others that are relevant so that you can measure how well you are doing.RedBullwanted to top 100 pages with videos, we sold analytics, filter by video, order by engagement rate
  • Then I would take it 1 step further and monitor new content. I can even do this for my competitors. Remember that I mentioned that social media is just a wealth of information for consumer intelligence and that there is so much mining you can do to tap into what your customers are looking for. Well, what’s powerful is that you can do this across your industry and even see and see hints of product strategy for competitive insights. See what your customers products your competitors are launching for example and see who they are targeting.Immediately identify new tabs that competitors see, competition on FB, you can take action
  • Zynga is probably the best example of mastering taking the voice of the customer, in this case, their players and then gleaning intelligence, acting on the analytics and then perfecting going viral. 100K fans, 1% click rate with status update, and some publish, then you get 150 new players
  • Cycle of virality, when people share, if accomplish this cycle of virality, you will see users grow, if you accomplish this virality and get more people to push, your users grow.
  • Now I will walk through some fun learnings and discoveries. Take a look at our graph by categories of industry. We did a quick analysis of engagement relative to the number of fans on each page for every industry we are monitoring and found the biggest gap with FMCG / CPGs. FMCG is the largest on FB in terms of fan countIn contrast, airlines, Telecom, Alcohol all have a smaller presence on FB, fewer fans but their engagement is highPretty interesting
  • If a user posts a question, and you do not see a response, then the response rate is 0%Average response rate with brands is 2-15%Over all average response rate is 5%; only 5% of posts are being responded to. For example, if someone posts where is the closest dealership? No response  huge gap with ideal response rate and we’re just not there yet with social media.
  • AT&T is a good example of managing their responses and servicing their community.AT&T responses 45% within first 10 mins. 80% in 30 mins.
  • Marketing is basically about measuring but you don’t need an analyst to do so.
  • These are true trends we are seeing based on us monitoring. People do not go to labs. People do however go to landing tabs. We saw that the pages with tabs are growing faster.We’ve analyzed over 100K pages with and without tabs.
  • We are using our own platform and we’ve been doing a lot of comparisons between Facebook and Twitter.Exception is media on twitter, then the click rate is high for twitter.People do not go to labs. People do however go to landing tabs. We saw that the pages with tabs are growing faster.
  • We are using our own platform and we’ve been doing a lot of comparisons between Facebook and Twitter.People do not go to labs. People do however go to landing tabs. We saw that the pages with tabs are growing faster.
  • We see a lot of Facebooks trying to push fans to websites with links. That is the least engaging. Mix up links with albums, etc.Myth: We have take traffic from Facebook and push over to our website.
  • Top posts worldwide with over 1M fans, most emotional, Xbox against FB rules, we don’t recommend. Ensure that engagement is proactive, mix of FB posts with calls to action. Incent to like.This is a report from our platform.Keep it humanBe timely & relevantShare news and exclusive contentEncourage fan participationReward your fans
  • Bellagio is hitting it off with good stuff – customized pro dashboard – for a casino company, monitoring 20 pages and 20 twitter  1K/month or less than that, 14K every sec
  • And going 1 level deeper, we drilled into the type of content that was most engaging for all Vegas hotels and it really does appear to be photos of actual hotels.
  • App we built for Peugeot in Central Europe, 6 languages, a quiz, fun to respond, after a wild night, I’m never drinking again, b) I can’t drink like I used to and it’s too bad that I can’t drink anymore. Your real age is 23, 24. Gender, how old are you in real life, deducted a lot. The publish rate, 5-30%, women were publishing this at 98% 98% shared with friends. Went viral and got 90K users. Sold 65 cars using this app. Once you published, you got a birth certificate and an invite to test drive a car. 65 cars is a great return on investment on a Facebook app with no ad budget.
  • 2 Valentine days in Europe , when I asked why, the boys said that they could kiss more girls. I’m still trying to figure this one out. 3M FB users, 5M shares, women had more than 2 kisses on the wall, FB suspended for a few minutes because they thought it was a virus and we had to explain that no, it was a very engaging app that we built.
  • I would first take a look at my brand. What you see in this folder structure is a list of industries, categories, that we’ve created to segment the data.
  • Then I would monitor in context. Where do I compare with others in my industry? Having this context is what will really give me a sense of how I am doing.
  • Then, I would look at trends. These reports are easy to generate, at your fingertips, you don’t need an analysis.Zynga, over past 12 months, decreasing every 10% with engagement but fans increasing, they built a new strategy. They were not engaging new fans and old fans. You have to know why?
  • We just launched our new benchmarking feature which extends how you can monitor and view data in context. Here is an example of comparing the telecom industry as a whole in Turkey with overall growth of fans as well as overall engagement rate in the area.No one has this in the market right now.
  • I have a tabs on my page. I want to know how many of these tabs convert to fans or social actions. I can look at conversion by day. I can look at this in aggregate. I can see which tab is performing the best and use that as my landing page.Take out monitoring tabs slide
  • I present at these conferences, my hope is that my presentation helps you see somewhere down the road that it might might make sense to monitor either what you are doing in social media currently and if not, maybe get you started in leveraging and taking advantaging of marketing in this way because you remember my story about Peugeot and the ROI on a zero cost campaign.Think about how to do quizzes on my pages, not just launch 5 tabs
  • I come from having spent the last 8 years in CRM and was previously at What’s super exciting with what I am seeing today and why I decided to move into social media is the wealth of information about your customer. Consider collecting data, of course in compliance with policy and mining off of that data. This is pretty powerful information in volumes that you can bridge for all of your campaigns. If possible, integrate this with your existing CRM system.
  • And then finally, I leave you with what we also get asked a lot. What should be social media strategy look like? How do I get started? Let’s take Facebook as an example. You can start with a page and build a few small apps to gest out what is most effective. Then you want to build larger campaign apps and determine what a longer term app could be. And what’s super nice is that the costs are not high and
  • Based on Jan‘spoints:Youneedqualitysocial media analyticaltools to really be able to activelyhelpyouBuilder super exciting Facebook pages, apps, and strategiesaroundhow to utilizethemActupon the analytics–know more beforeyoucommit to a strategyGet Socialbakers tools in your company
  • Add summary slide (between 39 and 40)  what we want them to do, 1 minute after presentation, about to finish presentation, the next time you get to work, should I save time now, an hour or two and save months of time in the futurePlease, whenever you want to speak to me, come find me, you can find me here for the rest of the day. I’m based on SF and you can connect with me electronically. Come up to me, I’m here all day. Thank you.
  • Socialbakers

    1. 1. Getting to #1 in Social Media Measuring & Managing Engagement in Social MediaKatrina Wong, VP Nov. 14 – 15, 2011 @KatchMeSocial Washington DC #socialbakers
    2. 2. About Socialbakers October 31, 2011 London, Prague, San Francisco “We are a „customer developed‟ company,” said Jan Rezab, who is the CEO and co-founder of Socialbakers. “Our customers kept 250,000 marketers across 60+ telling us the metrics they wanted to see.” countries, every continent Founded in 2008 as Social Used by Leaders Media Agency Launched Socialbakers platform 2011 Facebook Preferred Developer
    3. 3. Basic Measurements Basic statistics found on user homepage
    4. 4. Top Brands on Facebook At-a-glance statistics by industry trending over time
    5. 5. User Demographics At-a-glance statistics with demographics Drill-downs by continents, countries, an d cities # of users, penetration rates
    6. 6. What is Social Media Analytics?
    7. 7. Our View Social Listening Personal Rating e.g., e.g., SOCIAL MEDIA ANALYTICS Publish Platform Metrics Managemente.g., Facebook Insights e.g.,
    8. 8. Key is Viewing Data in Context View in Build Get Data Context Engagement Basic Measurements Engagement Analytics Engagement Builder Understand data in Build meaningful socialSee number of context for what is media campaigns thatfans, followers and relevant to you, how accelerate engagementother basic are you doing relative to based on what yoursegmentation on user others in your analytics are showinghomepage industry, for example
    9. 9. Monitoring in Context
    10. 10. How do I get started?
    11. 11. What should I pay attention to? Fans: The size, reach, and growth of fans on your page Engagement: Fans interacting, engaging with your content, sharing, people talking about Community: Managing community, response rate, key influencers, who your core fans are Competition: See all of this in context to what others are doing
    12. 12. Create Dashboard Step 1: Create a dashboard for my company, brand, product, service
    13. 13. Create Dashboard Step 2: Add others in my industry, competitors or leading brands for context
    14. 14. Create Dashboard
    15. 15. Monitor Engaging Content
    16. 16. Monitor New Content
    17. 17. Build Engaging Apps 1000 Players More than posting, build engaging content, maximize Facebook marketing applications 50 Publish 150 New Players
    18. 18. Build Engaging Apps 1000 Players More than posting, build engaging content, maximize Facebook marketing applications 400 Publish 1200 New Players
    19. 19. So, what is interesting?
    20. 20. Engagement Rate
    21. 21. Response Rate Ideally, 100% response rate GAP
    22. 22. AT&T Response Rate 45 % !
    23. 23. Why is all this important? “I know I need to do something with social media. What do I do? How can I measure my ROI? Where do I start?” Marketers Need to Make Decisions Based on ROI
    24. 24. Why is all this important? “Wow, I discovered that if you have landing tabs on your Facebook page, the page grows 44% faster.” Marketers Need Analytics to Understand how to Make Decisions
    25. 25. Why is all this important? “Wow, the click rate of a Facebook post is 2-3x larger than a tweet.” Marketers Need Analytics to Understand how to Make Decisions
    26. 26. Why is all this important? “Wow, the top 50 brands on Twitter are 4-10x smaller than on Facebook.” Marketers Need Analytics to Understand how to Make Decisions
    27. 27. Best Types of Content By Volume By Engagement
    28. 28. Top Posts Worldwide
    29. 29. Case Studies
    30. 30. Major Vegas Hotel Case Study
    31. 31. Major Vegas Hotel Case Study
    32. 32. Major Vegas Hotel Case Study
    33. 33. Case StudyAPP : “What is your real age?” Result: 90K Users Virally ROI: 65 Cars Sold
    34. 34. Case StudyAPP : “May 1st Kisses” Result: 275K Users Virally Result: 5 Million Kisses in 5 Days
    35. 35. So, how do we help companies measure social media ROI?
    36. 36. Brands
    37. 37. Monitor in Context
    38. 38. Trends > 1% Excellent Trending Down Why?
    39. 39. NEWBenchmarking
    40. 40. Monitoring Tabs
    41. 41. Where to Find Us
    42. 42. What are some best practices?
    43. 43. What to Do Have a mix of content and include photos, videos Diverse Content along with your status updates and links Pay attention to your most Engaging Content engaging content and replicate Call to Action Don’t be afraid to ask your fans to like or to take action Simple, Clear Less is more, keep messages Messages simple, concise and clear
    44. 44. What to Avoid Recommend 1 – 2 posts Too Many Posts day for brands Not Engaging with Not responding to questions or engaging with your fans comments Fans May seem obvious but rule of Confrontation thumb is to not engage negatively with fans Not Following Facebook has rules on how you run contests, etc. Make sure you stay Facebook Rules within limits! Not Using Apps or Leveraging apps and tabs to build fun ways for fans to Tabs engage with you
    45. 45. Social CRM Collection of user data should always be in compliance with Facebook policy and your own data policy
    47. 47. Summary: Keys to Success It’s Never Been Easier to Market Your Business Socially Recognize Build Super Understand View Demo and Analytics is Exciting your Analytics Sign Up for a Key to Pages, Apps & Before Free Trial TodayMeasuring ROI Incorporate a Committing to a Strategy Strategy
    48. 48. Questions? Contact 603 101 475 Katrina Wong VP Marketing Socialbakers, San Francisco @KatchMeSocial