Updated Corporate Introduction - CrownPeak

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Updated corporate introduction - Who is CrownPeak? And how is our Cloud WCM platform different from other enterprise WCM vendors?

Updated corporate introduction - Who is CrownPeak? And how is our Cloud WCM platform different from other enterprise WCM vendors?

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  • Ten years ago, it was hard to update web content. So when the last generation of products was built, the focus was purely on updating web site content. But as digital marketing has evolved, marketers have needed to gain control of much more than just the content. Rapid changes to site structure, look and feel and channel have also become a priority. Thus the push to replace legacy applications and find a new approach to digital marketing.
  • CrownPeak is aimed at enabling control for the marketer of all of their digital content plus control of the display and channel for that content. We’ve seen over and over again that organizations who have tens or hundreds of millions of dollars of annual revenue dependent on their digital marketing channels are hobbled by their existing platform. And it’s costing them in a big way.
  • IT has likewise been left behind by legacy products and delivery models. The cost and difficulty of managing and updating these products has left IT in a bad spot. Global scalability, lack of agility for their internal customers, and huge costs to maintain the platform have left many IT teams frustrated.
  • Today, CrownPeak is managing over 3,000 major web sites for many of the largest companies around the globe. Our radically different Software as a Service platform offers the most speed, scalability and interoperabilityavailable on the market today. And our best-in-class services and support model is focused on drastically improved digital content results for customers like Nissan, Intercontinental Hotels, Earthlink, MetLife, and Skype.
  • The technology industry is being transformed by SaaS because costs are being saved. 76% reduction in average deployment time, up to 85% fewer developer hours, and over 50% average total cost reduction are powerful drivers. More importantly, cloud solutions can provide huge improvements in agility, innovation and reliability, making revenue increases from deploying SaaS the norm. Almost $4M in average revenue increase is shown across SaaS deployments.
  • For CrownPeak customers, these equations can be even more powerful. MetLife has deployed all of their international sites and mobile projects on the CrownPeak platform at a cost savings of 70% from the alternatives considered. Earthlink has reduced call center volume by 23%. On the revenue-driving side, Skype accrued over $4M in new revenue in the three months due to the speed of the CrownPeak deployment. Kaiser Permanente is now rolling out new revenue-driving campaigns in a day, as compared to 4 times a year previously. And organizations like AMB and Heifer International have achieved global reach for the first time, which is game changing for their organizations. A new CrownPeak customer is a top-10 global insurer who is driving over $1B of new business annually through their web sites and has moved their release process from 12 weeks to 2 days. They believe they will achieve between 1% and 3% improvement in results from this move, which will drive over $30M in new business for their organization by switching to CrownPeak’s agile cloud platform.
  • In the world of web content management,ITrequires scalability, security and interoperability. <CLICK> Marketing requires agility and innovation. <CLICK> However, due to the last generation of content management systems, IT has struggled to deliver these requirements in an economical and forward-looking way and marketing has struggled to be agile and innovative in evolving their digital marketing programs. <CLICK> Up until now, neither group is happy with the results.
  • As we’ve said, previous web content management products were focused on a small problem: making it easy for marketing to change web content. The bigger problem, though, is being good at managing all aspects of digital content, including display, channel and format. <CLICK> Marketers need to be able to change site structure, layout and look & feel just as easily as they need to change the content. <CLICK> Marketers need to be able to easily add – new web sites, mobile sites, languages and new channels like social media. <CLICK> And they need to be able to easily share content with other internal applications and with global partners. Speed and ease of changing, adding and sharing all of these things is solving the big problem – being good at digital marketing. Just being able to change the content is no longer enough.
  • IT has also struggled with legacy approaches to web content management. <CLICK> Scaling to support a global audience and marketing teams around the globe has been expensive and challenging. <CLICK> Delivering reliability, security and availability has required sacrifices in speed and innovation. <CLICK> And Interoperating with other applications hasn’t been easy. Development has required expensive experts.
  • The reason for all of these difficulties is that the last generation of web content management applications were far too complex. Here we show an actual customer’s previous setup. This large software development company had multiple live application servers and database servers, separate environments to enable staging and disaster recovery and dozens of integration points. We can see why they had such a problem. Changes to the system required development by experts who were writing complex code. With this complexity in the live production environment, the IT team had to create a multi-week release process. So even adding a new button to the home page took 8 weeks! <PAUSE> The end result of this content management approach was a real disaster for the business. The company had no innovation in their digital marketing programs. It took months to introduce new products to market. And content delivery around the globe was slow until they made a major investment in a content delivery network. Further, they had difficult expensive upgrade projects to manage and had expert developers spending most of their time on small details of managing the CMS, rather than doing actual development work.
  • CrownPeak solved this problem by eliminating complexity. IT immediately jumped to a globally scaled environment and the most interoperable platform available anywhere. Costs for web content management were down by over 50%. Changes to page layouts and site functionality dropped from taking 8 weeks to 1 day. The development team was able to focus on high value-add applications as the marketing team shifted tickets to CrownPeak’s super-responsive services team. New web sites and mobile projects could now be rolled out by the company’s design agencies because CrownPeak’s platform requires configuration, not development. And at the end of the first 3 months live, traffic had almost doubled and conversions were up across product groups.
  • According to a recent McKinsey study, companies with poor digital marketing efforts have as much as 10% worse overall corporate results as compared with similar organizations in their industry sector. When all marketers can do is change content on an existing web site, they simply can’t be good digital marketers. So the complexity of last-generation web content management products is measurably harming overall corporate revenues. Marketers MUST be able to easily make changes to all aspects of their digital domain. It is a non-negotiable requirement.
  • Thanks for speaking with us today about the future of web content management.


  • 1. We’re the best choice for any
    global enterprise
    serious about replacing
    their legacy web content management system
  • 2. Optimized for your
    entire digital marketing channel
    not just content management!
  • 3. Our unique Saas based service model & platform provide
    Agility for marketing + peace of mind for IT
  • 4. our radically different SaaS
    scalability + interoperability + the best customer service in the industry
    Over 3,000 Major websites managed globally
  • 5. SaaS – The Numbers Don’t Lie…
    76% - 85%
    reduction in deployment time
    fewer developer hours
    reduction in 3-year TCO
    reduction in annual downtime
    fewer calls to help desks/support
    average annual revenue increase
    SOURCE: IDC Whitepaper, September 2009
    © 2011 CrownPeak Technology. All rights reserved.
  • 6. Customer success
    Global Store in 44 languages
    $4M in new revenue in 3 months
    2x site traffic in 8 weeks
    From 12 weeks to 1day for release-to-live
    23% reduction in call center volume
    Global rollout for 30% of the cost of alternatives
    Mobile innovation = connection
    To developing world
  • 7. Scalability + security
    Agility + innovation
    + interoperability
    Are you experiencing this?
  • 8. Easy to change
    Web Site Content
    Web Site Look and Feel
    Web Site Layout
    Web Site Structure
    Easy to add
    New Web SitesNew Mobile SitesNew Mobile Content AppsNew LanguagesNew Social Media Channels
    Easy to share
    Content with other ApplicationsData with CRMContent with PartnersContent around the globe
  • 9. Scalable
    Global Infrastructure
    Global Speed
    Global Support
    Robust Repository
    Large Teams
    SecureWorld-Class Infrastructure
    Strong DR
    High Availability
    Great SLA
    Content with other Applications
    FunctionalityComprehensive API
    Easy Methods
  • 10. Legacy WCM Approach: Far Too Complex
  • 11. Cloud architecture reduces complexity for
    Agility + innovation
    Scalability + Interoperability
  • 12. solve
    the big problem
    Complete control over digital content
  • 13. Global scaling via cloud
    Rendering | deployment | NOC monitoring | dynamic delivery