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Mobile Marketing with a Cloud WCM system
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Mobile Marketing with a Cloud WCM system


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According to Gartner, over half of online traffic will be from mobile devices by 2012 and the number of web-capable smart phones will exceed the number of PC’s by 2013! Follow Shelley Iocona, Director …

According to Gartner, over half of online traffic will be from mobile devices by 2012 and the number of web-capable smart phones will exceed the number of PC’s by 2013! Follow Shelley Iocona, Director of Product Marketing at CrownPeak, as she presents how enterprises can create an effective mobile strategy with a Cloud Web Content Management (WCM) platform.

Published in: Technology

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  • Hello. I’m Shelley Iocona, Product Marketing Director at CrownPeak. Today I am going to discuss how leveraging mobile as a content channel helps organizations achieve more with their marketing campaign dollars.
  • CrownPeak was the first company to offer a cloud web content management solution, starting in 2002. We are the leading web content management company with over 3,500 web sites in production and over 10,000 end users.
  • During the Internet’s early years, organizations only had the desktop (CLICK) to design and build a website for (CLICK). Today, we have to account for all kinds of devices (CLICK) with different bandwidth capabilities and screen sizes.With the recent rise ofmobile technology (CLICK), a new content channel has emerged.
  • Today, there are over 4.2 Billion mobile devices worldwide. And mobile web growth is happening 4 times as fast as the Internet. In fact, one out of every seven minutes of media consumption takes place on a mobile device (CLICK). Gartner predicts that by 2012, mobile Internet usage will eclipse (CLICK) desktop Internet usage.With the rapid and growing shift from desktop to mobile devices, organizations are now asking themselves an important question when it comes to their corporate web presence, “Should we invest in mobile marketing?”
  • Mobile as a content channel (CLICK) provides rich opportunities for interaction with customers (CLICK). And it requires that organizations pay even more attention to content delivery as they did in the past. Consumers have wants (CLICK). They expect to find what they need whenever they are connected to the Internet, regardless of what type of device they are using.By providing the information customers are looking for,you can increase the size and scale of your company’s presence and create additional monetization opportunities. Let’s take a look at some common mobile deployment options.
  • A FULL SITE(CLICK), allows the entire version of an organization’s website to be deployed by individual website page, simultaneously, and properly rendered for output on a mobile device (CLICK). In this example, we see a pizza chain’s corporate website within an iPhone browser.A MICROSITE (CLICK), allows for individual pages (often landing pages) meant to function as a supplement to a primary website, offering customization and enhanced user interface design, all while retaining corporate brand consistency (CLICK).Finally, a MOBILE APPLICATION (CLICK), delivers content directly to mobile applications via XML files that can be consumed by the application at run-time. In this case (CLICK), a user installs an app via an App Store, loads the application, and is immediately able to consume content and interact with your brand.
  • Often, defining a mobile strategy to support these options can be complex. The way consumers browse the Internet is literally changing before our eyes. No longer is content delivered directly from publisher to consumer, as in the days of print publishing, without an intermediary process or system. Technology fragmentation presents a number of technical challenges (CLICK) – different operating systems (CLICK) that may cause accessibility issues, a suite of browsers (CLICK) that render content differently, markup languages (CLICK) that affect site layout and styling, and bandwidth that (CLICK) depends on mobile network speed.As a result, marketing is presented with their own set of challenges (CLICK-through) that may prevent defining and implementing a mobile strategy altogether. Fortunately, the right web content management solution can address these issues.
  • CrownPeak’s solution to mobile content management removes technology and marketing challenges. Our cloud architecture eliminates complexity, thus enabling organizations like yours to deploy full sites, micro-sites, and mobile applications across all mobile platforms.
  • CrownPeak WCM allows fast creation of pages using templates (CLICK) and content development through an advanced WYSIWYG editor. Modify content and apply social connectors (CLICK) for consistency of your message across social networks. Publish content (CLICK) and apply workflow logic to handle release management and determine the schedule from which new devices are supported.Content editors (CLICK) can create, manage and publish with speed and ease. They can control mobile device filtering logic through easy to use interfaces, defining what version of content end-users are redirected to whether they come from a phone, standard PC or tablet. And integrated testing and targeting tools (CLICK) empower marketers with the rich analytics data they need to optimize marketing campaigns across web and mobile channels (CLICK).
  • CrownPeak’s mobile content management solution is platform agnostic.Custom template files can be created to target specific platforms, operating system versions, andeven device types.iOS (CLICK), Android (CLICK), Windows Mobile (CLICK), BlackBerry (CLICK) & HTML5 (CLICK) display content with 100% cross-platform and browser compatibility.
  • CrownPeak’s robust optimization tools that provide insight into your website users’ behavior. Marketing teams can use our web content optimizer (CLICK) to bind specific content to mobile devices (CLICK) and view actionable analytics to understand views, conversions, and usage of mobile content in real-time.Utilize geo-targeting (CLICK) capabilities that leverage the mobile device location (CLICK) of the demographic you wish to market to. At CrownPeak, we give you all the tools necessary to drive current and future integrated testing and targeting campaigns for maximum return on investment.
  • Here are just a few of our happy customers using CrownPeak WCM.Our customers choose CrownPeak because our cloud WCM enables them to deploy content across any website and content channel.
  • CrownPeak’s cloud architecture enables your web presence to be truly mobile. Your content can be optimized and redeployed anytime and to any mobile device. Speed of implementation is no longer a concern and affordability is built into our subscription-based model. Compare that to on-premise and hosted solutions on the market today.Our mobile content offering can empower you to achieve the goals of your mobile strategy and help your organization avoid the pain and cost of separately managed websites and applications.
  • Thank You. For more information, please visit our website at
  • Transcript

    • 1. Mobile Marketing
      Staying Ahead of the Curve In Today's "On-The-Go" Environment
      Shelley Iocona, Product marketing director, CROWNPEAK
    • 2. CrownpeakEnsuring Your Web Content Success
      Rated Positive
      • Category leader in Cloud WCM: Founded 2001
      • 3. Over 3,500 major web sites. Over 10,000 end-users
      • 4. Focused on public web sites for marketing and eBusiness
      • 5. Offices in Los Angeles and London
      • 6. Software run and supported globally
    • The rise of mobile devicesNew Technology Choices
    • 7. Mobile user projectionsMobile vs. Desktop
      Global Mobile vs. Desktop Users, 2007-2015E
      Mobile Internet Use Eclipses Desktop Internet Use
      - Gartner
      Internet Users (MM)
    • 8. A NEW CONTENT CHANNELInteraction & Engagement
      “Where can I purchase…?”
      “I would like to subscribe to...”
      “Is there an app that helps me find…?”
    • 9. Mobile deployment options
    • 10. mobile strategy challenges A New Publishing Model
      Technical Challenges
      Marketing Challenges
      • Brand Consistency
      • 11. Operating Systems
      • 12. Browser Compatibility
      • 13. User Experience
      • 14. Content Syndication
      • 15. Markup Languages
      • 16. Connection Types
      • 17. Repurposing Web Content
    • 18. Cloud architecture reduces complexity for
      Agility + innovation
      Scalability + Interoperability
    • 19. CrownpeakMobile Content Management
    • 20. Crownpeak
      Cross platform DEPLOYMENT & delivery
      Platform agnostic | targeting logic | cross browser compatible
    • 21. Crownpeak
      Integrated testing & targeting
      USER BEHAVIOR | GEO-TARGETING | real-time analytics
    • 22. our radically different Cloud WCM
      scalability + interoperability + the best customer service in the industry =
      happy customers
      Over 3,500 Major websites managed globally
    • 23. Our Architecture makes us uniqueCloud Web Content Management
    • 24. Thank you
      For more information, visit contact us, email info@crownpeak.comor call +1.800.887.1944.