Strategy for the Top by Bob de Wit -


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Slides from the live online lecture "Strategy for the Top". This was a trial lecture for the online Crowdale course "Strategy for the Top".

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Strategy for the Top by Bob de Wit -

  1. 1. Strategy  for  the  Top
  2. 2. CROWDALE Leading In Online Executive Education Strategy For The TopProf. dr. Bob de WitProfessor of Strategic Leadership, Nyenrode Business UniversityDirector, Strategy Works / Strategy Academy
  3. 3. CROWDALE Leading In Online Executive Education Bob de Wit§ Professor of Strategic Leadership, Nyenrode Business University§ Honorary Professor Maastricht School of Management§ Director, Strategy Works / Strategy Academy§ MA in psychology, MSc & PhD in Management Sciences§ Journal of Change Management Editorial Advisory Board Member§ Strategic Management Society Best Paper Review Committee§ Former Chairman, VSB (Dutch Society of Strategic Management)§ Co-author Strategy Process Content, Context & Strategy Synthesis§ Born and raised in Rotterdam§ Teaching experience in 44 countries§ Married, one daughter Page © Strategy Academy
  4. 4. CROWDALELeading In Online Executive Education Flagship publications “The authors carefully guide the readers through the many, often conflicting, perspectives in the field of strategy, in order to help them become critical and creative strategic thinkers”. Page © Strategy Academy
  5. 5. CROWDALE Leading In Online Executive Education Next Level of Leadership§ Higher expectations and pressure on improved results;§ Higher levels of complexity and ambiguity;§ Increased information overload;§ Incompatible and even contradicting information;§ And a variety of opinions and perspectives….. …require effective leadership and leaders who stretch their ‘glass ceilings of leadership’ on permanent basis Page © Strategy Academy
  6. 6. CROWDALELeading In Online Executive Education Key Learnings After this lecture you will: Ø Know what the important barrier is to reach the top; Ø Understand what it takes to stretch your own glass ceiling; Ø Be able to decide whether you are willing to reach your next level; Ø Order the series of Crowdale lectures (we hope) Page © Strategy Academy
  7. 7. CROWDALELeading In Online Executive Education Key Question to Reach the TopWHAT CREATES THE GLASS CEILING OF LEADERSHIP? Page © Strategy Academy
  8. 8. CROWDALE Leading In Online Executive Education From ‘my perspective’ to ‘bridging’Great leaders:‘Great’ leaders have the ability and Generativecapabilities to bridge differences of Reasoningopinion, preference and interests at a Perspectivehigher level’ (Collins & Porras)21ST Century leaders‘This goes beyond professionalcompetence. It relates to personaldevelopment objectives andambitions’ (Trompenaars & Hampden-Turner)Strategic Leaders: Rational Reasoning Perspective‘Strategic leaders have the ability andcapabilities to apply ‘great’ leadershipprinciples on strategic issues andtensions’ (De Wit & Meyer) Page © Strategy Academy
  9. 9. CROWDALE Leading In Online Executive Education At the top, issues are paradoxes, not puzzlesEngineering PoliticizingEconomizing Strategizing Page © Strategy Academy
  10. 10. CROWDALE Leading In Online Executive Education Poll Question Do you think that the great leaders of today distinguish themselves with others by being able to managing tensions and paradoxes?1. Yes2. No Page © Strategy Academy
  11. 11. CROWDALE Leading In Online Executive EducationExample: Corporate Level Strategy PerspectivesSynergy: IntegratedMulti-business companies must exploit Organizationsynergies between businesses to Perspectivecreate competitive advantage. SMulti-country companies must exploit yglobal synergies to create competitive nadvantage. erResponsiveness: g yBusinesses must remain responsive tomarket changes. Portfolio Organization PerspectiveBusinesses must remain responsive to Responsivenesslocal differences Page © Strategy Academy
  12. 12. CROWDALE Leading In Online Executive EducationStrategic leaders take a dialectical approach Presenting opposite perspectives frame the full Range of ideas set of views that exist on the topic The ´contrast function´ of opposite ideas is that Points of contention it brings points of contention into sharper focus The ´integrative function´ of presenting opposite Stimulus for bridging ides is that it stimulates readers to seek a way of getting the best of both worlds The ´generative function´ of presenting Stimulus for creativity opposite ideas is that it stimulates innovative ideas Page © Strategy Academy
  13. 13. CROWDALELeading In Online Executive Education Poll Question I am capable to reach the top 1. Yes 2. No Page © Strategy Academy
  14. 14. CROWDALE Leading In Online Executive Education Key principles for leadership at the TopStretching your ‘glass ceiling of leadership’ means:• Deciding it is worth giving up mental seatbelts• Knowing yourself and accepting the way it is• Overcoming your own perspective (opinion, interest, preference, etc)• Understanding others’ perspectives (strengths, advantages)• Embracing the differences (great you’re different, let’s explore)• Developing capabilities to bridge differences and contradictions Page © Strategy Academy
  15. 15. CROWDALELeading In Online Executive EducationLeaders Dealing with Strategic Tensions Section Chapter Topic Strategy Tension Strategic Thinking Logic Creativity Strategy Strategy Formation Deliberateness Emergence Process Strategic Change Revolution Evolution Business Level Strategy Markets Resources Strategy Corporate Level Strategy Responsiveness Synergy Content Network Level Strategy Competition Cooperation Industry Context Compliance Choice Strategy Organizational Context Control Chaos Context International Context Globalization Localization Purpose Organizational Purpose Profitability Responsibility Page © Strategy Academy
  16. 16. CROWDALE Leading In Online Executive EducationStrategists Dealing with Leadership TensionsSection Chapter Topic Leadership Tension Strategic Goals Ambition RealismStrategic Strategy Continuity Exploitation Exploration Organizational Composition Unity DiversityOrganizational Org. Decision-making Direction Participation Interpersonal Control Tasks ConditionsInterpersonal Interpersonal Influence Challenge Appreciation Personal Competence Thought ActionPersonal Personal Malleability Authenticity Adaptation Core Values Wealth HealthPurpose Core Interests Self-actualization Service Page © Strategy Academy
  17. 17. -­‐  Course  -­‐  Strategy  for  the  Top
  18. 18. Course  Strategy  for  the  Top• Start:  20  november  /  5  weeks• Audience:  C-­‐level,  partners,  business  owners,  entrepreneurs,   future  board  members• 4x  live  webinars   20 november, 20.00-21.30 Key Strategic & Leadership Issues 27 november, 20.00-21.30 Perspectives on Corporate Strategy 11 december, 20.00-21.30 Improve Innovativeness 18 december, 20.00-21.30 Corporate Responsibility & Social Media• Weekly  assignments• Books  included• Costs:  €  995,-­‐  
  19. 19. About the bookStrategy: Process,Content, Context4th EditionBob de Wit and Ron Meyer9781408019023
  20. 20. Thanks  for  your  ParJcipaJon!