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Crowdfunding to Transform IPO and Capital Markets?
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Crowdfunding to Transform IPO and Capital Markets?


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Published in: Economy & Finance, Business
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  • 1. Crowdfunding to Transform the IPO and Capital Markets? Markus Lampinen, Founder & CEO
  • 2. Markus Lampinen Background from, the US, Sweden and Finland CEO Crowd Valley Inc – US based crowdfunding infrastructure and back office. Active investor. Active in global securities crowdfunding since 2009.
  • 3. Crowd Valley provides SaaS technology and back office to marketplaces ranging from equity crowdfunding, to real estate diversification, to pension funds asset allocation. Global Perspective
  • 4. The biggest market in the world is being disrupted by efficient online models. The impact will be bigger than what traditional media has faced to date.
  • 5. Investment Market's Already Affected by Crowdfunding $75B $23B Friends & Family Venture Capital $905B Reg D
  • 6. .. of new applications of crowdfunding, peer to peer models and open marketplaces. Plethora
  • 7. Applications What we already see..
  • 8. Derivative Models Emerging from P2P Lending Retail, wholesale, trading.
  • 9. Pension Funds Cutting Out the Middlemen Reducing costs of $500M allocations
  • 10. "Crowdfunded ETFs", basked products of diversified portfolios for institutional investors to partake in early stage startups.
  • 11. Next Think about this..
  • 12. What now? Web 2.0's impact on the capital markets has only begun
  • 13. What do you get when you cross the global web 2.0, crowdfunding and virtual currency? Access, Liquidity, Transparency. And something unprecedented.
  • 14. Remember, the Sheer Scale (US alone)? $75B $23B Friends & Family Venture Capital $905B Reg D
  • 15. .. And it's expected to GROW? $905B Reg D $623B US Defense 2012
  • 16. What role does the IPO market play anymore? Why is it relevant?
  • 17. Crowdfunding is introducing not just a new asset class, but the second wave of all asset classes.
  • 18. Renewable energy 2.0, real estate 2.0, startups and growth companies 2.0, new indexes, instruments and risk portfolios. A completely new market.
  • 19. Markus Lampinen Phone: 646-801-4054 Crowd Valley Inc @crowdvalley Kudos