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Crowd DNA: Credentials, 2012
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Crowd DNA: Credentials, 2012


Published on

We're Crowd DNA: a full service research & strategy agency

We're Crowd DNA: a full service research & strategy agency

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 2. What we’re going to talk about...‣ A brief intro to Crowd DNA‣ What our work looks like
  • 3. A brief intro to Crowd DNA... ‣ Launched in 2008, based London E1 ‣Full service research and strategy, qualitative and quantitative, online and offline ‣In house team, plus a network of contributors covering the EU, Asia, Australia and Americas ‣MRS company partner - winner of MRS, Media Week, AOP and MRG awards
  • 4. A brief intro to Crowd DNA... ‣Trustworthy techniques - but also moving research forwards, ensuring relevancy ‣Showing the logic, this allowing us to make tangible recommendations ‣ Three proprietary tools/approaches: Crowd DNA Communities Impact DNA Youth DNA
  • 5. A brief intro to Crowd DNA... We help clients to gain commercial advantage through understanding people and the ever-changing relationships they have with media, content, products, life experiences, each other and brands...
  • 6. Brands we’ve worked for...
  • 7. We work for agencies, too...
  • 8. Making sure research connects...A focus on outputs and engagement, on developingnarratives to amplify research. Outputs include films,websites, blogs, print material, workshops and events.
  • 10. Channel 4 - UK Tribes ‣An authentic, innovative way to segment youth ‣Qualitative and quantitative research with over 80,000 participants ‣ A range of techniques - forums, groups, ethnography, surveys (including TGI fusion), co-creation, blogs, a UK-wide network of contributors
  • 11. Channel 4 - UK Tribes‣ Created a content rich website to bringthe segments to life
  • 12. Channel 4 - UK Tribes ‣ Created planning tools from the data
  • 13. Channel 4 - UK Tribes ‣ Short films to offer a snapshot on each tribe
  • 14. Channel 4 - UK Tribes ‣Latest stage of project has consisted of working with 50 young video bloggers responding to various topics with a total of 500 videos
  • 15. Channel 4 - UK Tribes ‣Considerable press coverage and awards nominations ‣Deployed by COI, McDonald’s, Nike, Xbox, Unilever, Durex, Puma, Nintendo Key achievement: by far the best known, most respected youth research study of the 2000s; positions Channel 4 as the expert in the field
  • 16. The Guardian - Word Of Mouth ‣Explore the dynamics of word of mouth and brand advocacy ‣ Make word of mouth something tangible, measurable ‣ Why? Commercial advantage, thought leadership
  • 17. The Guardian - Word Of Mouth ‣ Expert interviews, desk research ‣ Network audit - observed and interviewed 10 networks of friends/ colleagues/work associates; approx 400 interviews in total ‣Quant phase to test findings on nat rep sample, plus to fuse with TGI
  • 18. The Guardian - Word Of MouthCreated short, share-able film as method of presenting the research Created website to act as hub/destination for the research ‣Key themes emerged like the status bargain, bridging capital and the significance of weak links Key achievements: nominated for 2009 Research Awards Consumer Insights Award; winner of 2010 AOP and MRG awards; 15 media agencies now signed up to use GNM’s TGI- fused word of mouth database
  • 19. Captain Morgan - Twitter Research ‣Research in the US and Germany (mature versus emergent market) using Twitter mobile phone technology ‣ Granular, spontaneous means (supported by depth interviews) to exploring how the target audience organise their nights out, and what they get up to on those nights out ‣ Findings presented to global marketing teams and incumbent agencies Key achievement: powerful findings in areas such as group (dis)organisation, spontaneity, risk aversion, use of mobile technology and when legendary nights become legendary
  • 20. River Island - Various Co-creation devices Customer segment films ‣Have worked on audience segmentation, product development, campaign testing, attitudes to media, website usability, shopping and brands, competitor analysis, overseas opportunities, emergent trends ‣ Short term research communities, conflict groups - brand loyalists and rejectors in the same room - and quant studies (including trackers) across different territories Key achievement: have completely overhauled the brand’s attitude to research, including significant support at boardroom level
  • 21. Holiday Inn - Proposition Testing ‣Researching business travelers in UK, Germany and China ‣ Exploring attitudes to business travel - triggers, barriers etc ‣Tested a number of propositions for revising Holiday Inn’s positioning with business travellers, evaluating required changes compared to US positioning Key achievement: successfully provided a clear picture of the strengths/weaknesses of each proposition as part of a complex project requiring much collaboration between agencies
  • 22. Sony PlayStation - Three Speech Blog as hub of activity Offline events and workshops ‣Blog to create a more informal, two-way relationship between PlayStation and a core opinion-forming audience ‣Effective way of engaging with gamers (200,000 unique users a month), offering research insights and brand advocacy Key achievement: offers PlayStation a window onto a notoriously hard-to-understand audience, allowing them to make quick decisions based on insights pinpointed from a positive collaborative process
  • 23. Channel 4 - Comedy Community ‣A place for the Channel 4 team and audience to meet and share ideas on what makes them laugh - online, on TV, on radio ‣Hawthorne Effect! Asking the audience what matters to them increases engagement and advocacy Key achievement: gave Channel 4 the confidence to make a set of major decisions on delivering comedy content both on TV and online
  • 24. Ikea - Thought Leadership ‣Liberate The Home - writers, designers, architects etc across five territories contributing ideas and fresh thinking to a blog ‣ Analysed the most compelling themes, providing the Ikea PR teams with thought leadership stories on the future of the home ‣Don’t Be A Snob - Ikea wanted to improve sales in Finland and needed a new campaign idea ‣Research identified a rich topic of conversation around snobbish attitudes to design/furniture, with Don’t Be A Snob comms campaign powered by insights Key achievement: Liberate The Home secured 130 items of media coverage in five different markets. Don’t Be A Snob campaign became a major talking point on Finnish radio; 22% sales lift in Helsinki attributed to the activity
  • 25. Christian Aid - 21st Century Charity ‣The brief was to help turn Christian Aid into a 21st Century charity ‣Used an extensive programme of online and offline methods to develop a positioning for Christian Aid as a digitally- minded charity that thinks like a broadcaster and knows when to lead and when to hand over the controls to the audience Key achievement: Christian Aid launched its Ctrl+Alt+Shift initiative based on the findings, thus starting an entirely new conversation with previously disinterested audience segments
  • 26. Orange - Wi-Fi Hotspots ‣ Research to understand what makes an ideal wi-fi hotspot for business customers ‣Interviews and ethnography at a country-wide range of venues ‣Based on selection criteria from the research, located Top 100 hotspots in the UK Key achievement: Orange created a website from the research findings, offering business customers location-based advice on wi-fi hotspots
  • 27. Sony PlayStation - Decoding Digital‣We were briefed to create a newsegmentation model of the digitalentertainment audience‣ Groups, field research, co-creation, expertinterviews‣Looked at all points from drivers/barriers tousing digital entertainment through tooptimising communication channels Key achievement: research provided a shared vision (both internally and across external agencies) of the target audience(s) and how best to connect with them as part of the challenging process of introducing the PS3 Created website, films and data-cutting devices from research
  • 28. Festival Republic - Event Evaluation ‣Access to 65,000 16-24 year olds - pre, mid and post-festivals ‣Developing innovative online and ethnographic research techniques ‣Recommendations for brands on how to build enduring, innovative relationships with consumers through festival activity Key achievement: we’ve created efficient means for brands to evaluate and optimise their activity, ensuring stand-out in the crowded music marketing space
  • 29. Bauer Media - Product Development ‣ A range of projects across brands such as FHM, Q, Kerrang! and new concepts like Gaz7etta, providing both quick fix tactical recommendations and ‘bigger picture’ cross-media channel strategic recommendations ‣Various techniques - forums, blogging, focus groups, ethnography ‣Explored differences/commonalities between loyalists, lapsed and potential readers Key achievement: we’ve built a strong collaborative process with the marketing and editorial teams at these titles, reaching results to challenge existing thinking and drive positive change at all levels from magazine layout to digital strategy
  • 30. Viacom - Global Campaign Effectiveness Research‣ Campaign effectiveness research across 25 markets -from South Korea, China, Japan to Germany, Mexico,Greece - for campaigns such as ’21 Century VWBeetle’, ‘Captain America’ and ‘Swatch PlayGround’‣ Innovative online survey formats, co-creation, forums,at-event interviews, blogging diaries and social medialistening, plus our Impact DNA measures‣ Important to capture the consumer full journey interms of exposure; also the multi channel effect (TV,online, social, events) Key achievement: achieved a range of effectiveness aims per project, such as successfully demonstrating the role of Viacom viewers as influencers in their social networks; particularly those viewers who’d been exposed to the campaign across multiple channels; also in optimising new iterations of sponsorship packages
  • 31. Metro - The Social City ‣Exploring the relationship between social media and the city - how do online and in-city experiences impact on each other and what can media/brands learn from these ‣Filmed interviews, blogging diaries, Twitter- based research ‣ Also devised a Build-A-City co-creation device - an online space in which our participants could create and describe their ideal city, plus comment on the cities created by other participants Key achievement: a wealth of fascinating findings on how social media usage increases the need for offline experiences, the explosion in opportunities for marketing activity that combines online and offline engagement, and the potential of social commerce; Metro has presented these findings to existing/prospective clients and, alongside, Crowd DNA shared them at a number of events
  • 32. Dorothy Perkins - Social Media ‣ Have researched/developed social media strategy for DP across six markets in Europe, Asia, Australia ‣Analysis of sentiment around Dorothy Perkins online - tracking plus qualitative methods ‣ Explored the messaging/content/ discounts/opportunities which matter for the DP audience ‣Ultimately establishing a ROI model for social media Key achievement: findings have led to an increase in social media ROI in excess of 100%, and developed a clear path for international growth
  • 33. Global Radio - Advertising Effectiveness ‣Testing the effectiveness of around 75 campaigns for the likes of Persil, British Airways, Sunday Times, ASOS, Vodafone and Nutella across multiple stations and including event sponsorship ‣Incorporating cross-media metrics (on radio, online, events) ‣Establishing category-specific benchmarks and creating powerful output material for sales teams Key achievement: over 50 effectiveness projects completed, allowing Global to provide illuminating data to clients and to encourage sales
  • 34. Sony Music - Communities, Tools And Workshops ‣ We’ve helped Sony Music revolutionise their approach to research ‣Created a portal and planning tools (website, email newsletters, data cutting apps) to share segmentation-based research findings internally and externally ‣Conducted workshops to explore knowledge sharing ideas/systems and to encourage best practice Key achievement: the marketing and A&R teams at Sony Music now have a much improved ability to integrate insight into their planning and creative thinking; Sony Music has used the project to position itself as the market leader in research-driven marketing and brand solutions
  • 35. Digital Cinema Media - Diving In ‣A study for Digital Cinema Media exploring the social and cultural currency of cinema for young audiences ‣Expert interviews, MMS/Twitter activity, social media tracking, online forums and accompanied cinema visits ‣Presented findings through short films and a presentation (shown at DCM’s Bigger Picture conference), with a central message of cinema as a unifying force in an increasingly fragmented world Key achievement: DCM has a fresh story to share at a trade level, highlighting the enduring thrill of the cinema for young audiences
  • 36. Asda - Middle Classes ‣ Researching barriers/drivers to the middle classes shopping at Asda ‣ Blog diaries plotting changing attitudes to brand, depth interviews, tasks and ‘Come Dine With Me’ exercise Key achievement: findings offered Asda a succinct and revealing view on previously unexplored opportunities within this market segment, including a particularly well received action plan on how to use print and online advertising
  • 37. The Body Shop - Developing Products And Comms ‣ Quantitative and qualitative techniques to research new product ranges ‣All points from exploring trends that are impacting on a category/sector, to testing propositions, concepts, packaging, the product and marketing/comms material Key achievement: working alongside the brand team in a rigorous process of developing revised iterations following each research phase, we’ve successfully arrived at innovative, category-changing products for launch
  • 38. Telegraph Media Group - Happiness ‣Commissioned to explore how, as a result of the recession, the nation’s attitudes towards happiness may be changing ‣ Desk research (relevant papers, editorial); expert interviews (government advisers, economists, psychologists, marketers); blogging diaries (Telegraph consumers noting moments of happiness, plus interactions with media); quantitative study (nat rep sample tested against Telegraph consumers); voxpops (further evidenced the insights) Key achievement: a refreshingly different narrative enabling Telegraph Media Group to shift perceptions of the value of its audience. Revealing insights to support the following three parts of our hypothesis: 1. A link between happiness and advertising effectiveness. 2. Economic/social changes have altered people’s concept of happiness. 3.Telegraph Media Group’s audience potentially represents a happier, more contented audience
  • 39. ITV/UKTV - Dual Screen ‣Testing attitudes to/the user experience of ITVs interactive ‘dual screen’ football service, Live - in-home ethnography and self-filmed material from ITV viewers (aged 18 to 45) while watching World Cup games ‣ Similar format adopted for researching UKTV dual screen offerings, such as for Dave’s Argumental Key achievement: our precise, quickly delivered recommendations are impacting directly on improving the service for roll-out across ITV football broadcasting in 2011 (FA Cup/Champions League coverage), plus across other content strands (soaps and talent shows); for UKTV have established best practice guidelines for digital teams and agencies
  • 40. National Magazine Company - 100 years ‣“A Women’s Place” - major study to mark 100th anniversary of National Magazine Company ‣ Explored changing attitudes to technology and content, how changing lifestyles are driving the changes; also decision making processes/purchase journeys and multi-channel content strategy ‣Blogging diaries, expert interviews, quant study comparing nat rep sample and readers/users of specific Nat Mags media brands ‣Organised hugely successful research event with 40 magazine readers, the Nat Mags marketing and editorial teams and a number of clients/ agencies Key achievement: next to findings for internal use (product development and marketing strategy), we’ve created a well-evidenced thought leadership story demonstrating that we now live in a social age and that, as women are naturally social, this creates significant advantage for them
  • 41. Red Bull - Event Evaluation ‣ Red Bull tasked us to evaluate the audience experience at various events, including the prestigious international X-Fighters motocross series ‣Using Twitter, video and images, our research participants provided a detailed diary/ reportage covering exposure to X-Fighters pre-attending the event, to the event itself and the lasting impact on their sentiment towards Red Bull Key achievement: provided a powerful sense of the audience experience and a set of three core recommendations that are now being implemented; also new insights to share with partner/sponsor brands
  • 42. Lacoste - Trainer Trends ‣ UK-wide study of attitudes to trainers, with a particular emphasis on changing trends among JD Sports shopper ‣ Next to the broader view of trainer trends, also focused on the Lacoste brand (the product, heritage, marketing comms) ‣Focus groups, store manager interviews, quant survey and pre-tasks were the main methodologies Key achievement: next to successfully mapping regional differences in trainer trends, we pinpointed a strikingly new comms proposition for Lacoste, one that’s now being implemented
  • 43. Vimto - Sports And Energy Drink Development ‣Extensive product development research to test the viability of launching a range of sports and energy drinks under a licensed brand name ‣ Researched extreme sports professionals through to those simply inspired by the culture ‣Touched on all points from taste, functionality and packaging to providing an overarching assessment of the scale of the opportunity Key achievement: our research led to a radical re-thinking of the launch plan; an entirely new proposition with a revised point of difference over competitors
  • 44. Peroni - Agenda Community ‣Online/offline influencer community, who we engage with across the year ‣ Respond to tasks and challenges, many of them image/video based, to provide us with a window onto their cultural preferences ‣Findings presented via short films and PDF magazines Key achievement: findings presented to brand and its creative, digital, below the line and PR agencies, with metrics in place to ensure creativity and comms is bolstered through the research
  • 45. ITV - Superfans ‣ Detailed, three-phase study of fandom: ‣Phase 1 - expert interviews and extensive desk research to explore different kinds of fandom and identify key segments of TV fans ‣Phase 2 - large online quantitative survey to validate and measure the segments ‣Phase 3 - in-home ethnography, focus groups and research communities for TOWIE, The X-Factor, I’m A Celebrity..., Downton Abbey, The Chase, ITV4, E4, Loose Women and Coronation Street Key achievement: developed robust fan segments that can be applied across all ITV genres, as well as overlayed onto existing audience groups/consumer needs. Made recommendations on how best to engage with (and monetise) each segment
  • 46. Bauer Media - Project Phoenix ‣Tasked to understand the various journeys music consumers take - covering lifestages, friendship networks, purchase journeys and interaction with music media ‣Major quant study - music media consumers vs nat rep sample Created a series of short films to help share the findings ‣ 45 depth interviews across friendship networks ‣Interviews with bands representing Bauer music brands ‣ An expert roundtable discussion Key achievement: a wealth of findings that have gained traction within the media (from trade press to the Independent), given Bauer a positive story to present to media agencies, and driving product development across Q, Mojo, Kerrang! and Kiss; winner of Media Week Award
  • 47. Wallpaper* - iPad Development ‣ Evaluating user experience of the Wallpaper* beta app, current patterns of iPad usage and opinion of interactive iPad adverts. ‣15 x 90 minute filmed in-home depth interviews, filmed from different camera angles (aiming at face and screen) ‣ Participants exposed to an unreleased dummy app for research ‣Hard-to-research high net worth participants recruited using an online survey seeded via Facebook, Twitter and Wallpaper* database Key achievement: working to extremely tight timings we produced clear findings for the client to act on in finalising the iPad app; also broader findings on expectations the audience has of interactive Wallpaper* products and digital advertising for luxury goods
  • 48. Oakley - Brand Healthcheck ‣ A six-monthly read on how Oakley is performing with two key target audiences: lifestyle consumers and sports participants ‣A tracker survey to observe attitudinal change and shifting spend trends, and focus groups to test comms ideas and products Key achievement: a fluid, accurate update on brand performance for a busy client who wants to get straight to the nitty-gritty! Has already played an important role in developing ad campaigns, sponsorship activity and retail
  • 49. WeightWatchers - Product Development ‣Meticulously detailed bottled drink product development research, testing attitudes to concept ideas for launching products in a number of categories (carbonated, fruit juice, water+ etc) in phase one, then in-depth exploration into favoured concepts - bottle designs, taste, packing, messaging etc - in phase two ‣UK-wide focus groups, plus an online diary pre-task to help us understand attitudes towards and drivers of weight management among the target audience Key achievement: enabled the client to enter a highly competitive marketplace with confidence; armed with a solid set of understandings of the target market the first product is now in production
  • 50. Dr Martens - Global Trends ‣Qualitative and quantitative study to help Dr Martens understand style tribe trends in different markets - the UK, South Korea, Japan and US in phase one ‣Desk research, a team of on-the-ground contributors in each market and a survey via Facebook Key achievement: ensures that Dr Martens marketing teams are working from shared framework and can clearly articulate style developments at both a micro and macro level; has improved the brand’s ability to target consumers and communicate authentically
  • 51. Ubisoft - 18-40 Gamers ‣Ubisoft wanted to get away from generalisations when talking about/marketing to casual male gamers aged 18 to 40 ‣Filmed friendship groups, accompanied store visits and street voxpops to help understand gaming rituals, purchase patterns and influences ‣ Culminated in a workshop day for Ubisoft and its incumbent agencies, with video content and tasks/ challenges to help the teams to connect with the audience Key achievement: Ubisoft have used the work to develop colourful profiles for various segments within the 18-40 age range and to plot media/social media preferences, messaging drivers and attitudes to gameplay and functionality
  • 52. Bethesda - EU-wide TV Ad Testing ‣ Focus groups and online discussion groups for TV ad testing in multiple territories around major games releases such as Brink and Rage ‣Working with different target audiences we test look/feel, comprehension and appeal of the TV adverts, noting differences and commonalities across the markets Key achievement: our findings have played a lead role in shaping the final versions of the adverts that are signed- off for broadcast; we’ve also noted more longitudinal trends which have impacted on the messaging that Bethesda is concentrating on in upcoming TV adverts
  • 53. Philips - Male Grooming ‣Video blogger/citizen journalist study in Brazil, the US, France and Germany; next to video reporting, participants also completed exercises via tumblr blog ‣ Explored attitudes to male grooming among two different customer types, including influences, tools/products used and new trends Key achievement: project turned around in just nine days; high quality footage revealing a wealth of commonalities and differences per market and per customer type
  • 54. Dove - Digital Utility And Entertainment ‣A remote video study looking to uncover the utility and entertainment that the target Dove audience derive online, and the evolution of their usage of smartphones and tablets ‣Ultimately zoomed in on the role of digital in health and beauty - tips and recommendations through to product research and purchase decisions Key achievement: findings gathered at an extra-fast pace and used to inform Unilever workshop sessions with digital agencies; helped get beyond the ‘vanilla insights’ that had previously got in the way of idea generation
  • 55. News International - Media Meshing ‣Tasked to help client understand engagement in the context of media meshing, customisation and the ‘personal brand’ ‣Expert interviews, quantitative study and innovative video techniques to explore meshing and customisation trends Key achievement: provided the client with a powerful commercial narrative around the need for media owners and brands to optimise content for relevance, interactivity and personalisation
  • 56. Spotify - UK/US/France Music Consumption ‣Quantitative surveys, research communities and desk research to assess digital music consumption trends in all markets and commonalities/differences between each ‣Particular areas of focus included recommendation patterns, ownership versus streaming, music apps/editorial, brand partnerships and competitor analysis Key achievement: findings have created a clear landscape of findings which are informing a strategic roadmap in all markets, covering all points from interface development to partnerships and subscription models
  • 57. Yahoo! - Multi Market Content ‣Exploring commonalities/differences in content requirements in different EU markets, covering sport, celebrity and news; also have explored the role of user generated versus professionally produced content ‣Conducted a quant survey in each market, plus blogging diaries, video voxpops and mini research communities Key achievement: created a roadmap for Yahoo! covering recommended partnerships and acquisitions, optimising content streams and the role of professionally produced content versus user generated; further brought to life through workshop sessions with the product strategy teams
  • 58. Three - Youth/Parent Mobile Journeys ‣Detailed exploration of influence and purchase journeys in relation to handsets, tariffs and networks, with focus on drivers/ barriers among youths (8-24 years) and their parents ‣ Conducted a quant survey, online communities, depth interviews and workshops Key achievement: provided a clear and well structured account of emergent trends among youth and their parents in relation to mobiles; co-developed proposition ideas and media/social media strategies
  • 59. GE Capital - Store Cards/Loyalty Cards ‣Projects in conjunction with Topshop/Topman and River Island, using a mix of focus groups, depth interviews and quantitative ‣Topshop/Topman work centred on attitudes to debt among young people and the brands’ roles in communicating information relevantly and responsibly ‣River Island work focused on repositioning their store card as a loyalty card, and building in more aspirational elements to the offering Key achievement: both projects delivered clear findings that allowed the brands to action changes quickly and effectively
  • 60. Mentos/Smint- Gum And Mint Usage ‣Exploring drivers/barriers for usage of mints and gum, pinpointing where in the landscape Mentos and Smint products sit compared to those from rival brands ‣Ten focus groups with different audience types across the UK (preceded by innovative pre-task techniques), a quantitative study and a workshop format to debrief findings Key achievement: the research has helped parent brand Perfetti Van Melle to plan revised product positioning and comms messages, amplifying the strengths (as perceived by consumers) of the Mentos and Smint product ranges
  • 61. Sony PlayStation - EU-wide communities ‣250 strong research communities across six markets, enabling qual and quant research with a number of key gamer segments - from hardcore to family ‣Utilises forums, video tasks, co-creation, image exercises and surveys; also take the research offline (groups and depths) Key achievement: provides Sony Computer Entertainment Europe with rapid response feedback on all points from packaging, comms and game play to overarching trends in gaming and digital entertainment
  • 62. MTV - Road Trip ‣ Six researchers under 25, two weeks, 11 locations, 150 participants - everything from quickfire interviews to lengthy ethnography ‣ Research themes explored included: Utility trumps all Media stacking rules Sponsorship preferred Online/offline symbiotic relationship Don’t forget about local Key achievement: produced a well designed and editorialised booklet, enabling MTV to share the findings both with internal stakeholders and partner brands
  • 63. THANKS FOR LISTENING! ! Crowd DNA, Unit 6.03,The Tea Building, 56 Shoreditch High Street, London E1 6JJ | | +44 (0)207 739 2885