Online Consultation: Preliminary Construction and Traffic Management Planning


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Metrolinx and the TTC invite you to participate in an online survey to learn more and share your input on the Preliminary Construction and Traffic Management Planning for the Allen Road Area. Have your say at

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Online Consultation: Preliminary Construction and Traffic Management Planning

  1. 1. Preliminary Construction & Traffic Planning Intro to Shop Local/Shop Eglinton Initiative June 27, 2012
  2. 2. Agenda• Introductions• Project Update• Preliminary Crosstown Construction & Traffic Planning Overview – Tunnelling Process – Stations – Allen Road• Shop Eglinton, Shop Local Initiative• Q&A, Discussion and Next Steps 7/3/2012 Preliminary Construction Planning
  3. 3. The Crosstown - 2012 • 60% faster than current bus routes • 7 minutes from Eglinton West Station (AllenFinal number and location of stations subject to Provincial review Road) to Yonge Street Preliminary Construction Plan
  4. 4. Update• The first Tunnel Contract (Keele St to Yonge St) will be awarded this summer• Detailed traffic plans will be developed after the contract is awarded• Additional public meetings in Fall 2012 to discuss detailed construction plans for the first tunnelling contract• The earliest utility work could begin on Eglinton in the vicinity of Allen Road is late 2012 (Eglinton @ Allen southbound & Keele Street) Preliminary Construction Plan
  5. 5. Tunnel Construction Principles• Package contracts to coordinate all work under same umbrella (utilities, city, transit)• Maintain a minimum of one lane eastbound and westbound on Eglinton in construction zones• Access to buildings from Eglinton remains open• Only propose road closures if required for safety reasons or to provide exceptional time savings and reduction to long term disruption Preliminary Construction Plan
  6. 6. Eglinton Bus Ridership• Eglinton 32 & 34 buses carry 68,500 riders every weekday• Transfers required at Eglinton West and Eglinton Stations (Allen & Yonge)• Eglinton has amongst the highest ridership of all bus routes Preliminary Construction Plan 6
  7. 7. Eglinton at Bathurst (looking west) Preliminary Construction Plan 7
  8. 8. Eglinton West Station Preliminary Construction Plan 8
  9. 9. Looking east from Oakwood Preliminary Construction Plan 9
  10. 10. Crosstown Construction Update• Tunnel preparation work at Black Creek and Eglinton in Keelesdale Park• Piling rigs are building concrete support walls for the future west tunnel launch shaft• The west launch shaft will enable tunnelling works in late 2012 towards Allen Road Preliminary Construction Plan
  11. 11. West Launch Shaft Keelesdale Park near Black Creek DriveLaunch Shaft• 60m long• 20m wide• 16m deep Preliminary Construction Plan
  12. 12. Tunnel Construction Overview• Relocate utilities at major intersections to maintain services (gas, water, cable)• Construct “headwalls” (support walls formed by a series of concrete columns) at east and west ends of each future station location - 4-5 months per station location - Process called “Jet Grouting” when soil conditions allow – 3-4 months• Concurrently, construct Tunnel launch and extraction shafts• The tunnel machines are launched from Keelesdale Park (just west of Keele Street) and tunnel eastward through the station “headwalls” Preliminary Construction Plan
  13. 13. Jet Grouting - Headwalls Typical Rig Jet Grouting Process2–3m Diameter Jet GroutFormed Soilcrete Columns Preliminary Construction Plan
  14. 14. Tunnel Construction Overview Continued• To maintain Subway Service throughout construction, tunnelling machines are extracted at the west side of Allen Road on Eglinton and re-launched from a new pit on the east side of Allen Road on Eglinton• Tunnelling proceeds to Yonge Street, and a second extraction pit is built to remove and re-furbish the machines before they reach Eglinton Station• Following this tunnelling work, the Crosstown Stations between Keele and Yonge will be constructed• Stations will each take approximately 4 years to construct Preliminary Construction Plan
  15. 15. Utility Relocation Preliminary Construction Plan
  17. 17. Challenge of Underground Utilities Preliminary Construction Plan
  18. 18. Tunnel Drive SequenceLaunch Shaft Preliminary Construction Plan
  19. 19. Tunnel Drive Sequence Extraction Shaft Preliminary Construction Plan
  20. 20. Tunnel Drive Sequence Leading TunnelTrailing Tunnel Preliminary Construction Plan
  21. 21. Tunnel Drive Sequence Station Headwalls Preliminary Construction Plan
  22. 22. Tunnel Drive Sequence Mine-Through Headwalls Preliminary Construction Plan
  23. 23. Extraction Shaft ExampleSpadina Subway Extension - Keele and Finch Preliminary Construction Plan
  24. 24. Extraction Shaft ExampleSpadina Subway Extension - Keele south of Finch Preliminary Construction Plan
  25. 25. Eglinton and Allen - Existing Preliminary Construction Plan
  26. 26. Utility Relocation Work Exact Lane Setup TBD• Minimum one through lane in each direction on Eglinton• Aiming to provide 3rd lane when safe to do so Preliminary Construction Plan
  27. 27. Extraction & Launch Shaft Preparation Exact Lane Setup TBD Preliminary Construction Plan
  28. 28. Extract TBM & Re-Launch(Ensure Subway Service is Maintained) Preliminary Construction Plan
  29. 29. Soil removal for Tunnelling • 1 165 000 cubic metres of soil to be removed during tunnelling • Enough to fill the ACC rink higher than the CN Tower Preliminary Construction Plan
  30. 30. West Tunnelling – Keele Street to Yonge Street Preliminary Traffic Management Overview
  31. 31. Existing Conditions on Eglinton• Rush Hours : 7am to 9am & 4pm to 6pm• Most sections from Keele to Allen have one lane in each direction for general traffic in rush hours• Most sections from Allen to Yonge have two lanes in each direction available for general traffic in rush hours• In most sections during rush hours, the curb lane is for buses/taxis only• Outside of rush hours, the curb lanes are used for on-street parking, generally leaving one lane per direction for moving traffic Preliminary Construction Plan
  32. 32. Traffic Origin Eglinton Avenue Dufferin to Chaplin• External traffic represents 45% of the auto trips (AM peak)• 45% of traffic has an origin and destination outside the area & use Eglinton as a traffic corridor in AM peak• PM peak period is similar, 42% external, 58% local Preliminary Construction Plan
  33. 33. During Tunnel Construction• One lane of traffic available on Eglinton both EB and WB all-day in active construction zones. Buses and general traffic will share this lane.• Advance warning signs will be placed in the vicinity of the corridor. Changeable Message Signs and Static Signs. Preliminary Construction Plan
  34. 34. Transit Services during Tunnel Construction• Pedestrian and bus access to Eglinton West and Eglinton Stations will remain open• Some local bus route detours may be required for key tunnelling activities (e.g. tunnel extraction shaft near Duplex Avenue)• Eglinton buses will be monitored and additional buses added as needed to respond to changes in traffic conditions Preliminary Construction Plan
  35. 35. Parking• Currently, 3 hour paid parking is available on Eglinton Avenue West outside of weekday rush hours.• In order to provide space for construction work, some of these spaces will be unavailable• One-hour parking on some local roads will be extended to 3 hours, only while construction is impacting parking availability on Eglinton Avenue• Parking on local roads will be enforced to discourage long-term parking and will be closely monitored by Toronto Police Services Parking Enforcement Preliminary Construction Plan
  36. 36. Pedestrians/ Cyclists• Front door access to Eglinton Avenue buildings maintained• Minimum 1.5 metre sidewalk widths• Some temporary closures of sections of sidewalk required. Where necessary, crossings will be available at traffic signals. One side open at all times.• Bike lanes not currently provided on Eglinton• During construction, cyclists will continue to share general traffic lanes• Where space is available, wider lanes provided to accommodate all users Preliminary Construction Plan
  37. 37. Allen Road Area• Detailed Traffic management plans will be developed upon award of tunnel contract and presented at Fall 2012 follow-up meeting• 2013 – Potential for occasional, off peak (overnight) Southbound Right Turn prohibitions from Allen to Eglinton for utility relocations at Extraction Shaft• 2013 - Potential short duration Eastbound to Northbound left turn prohibitions from Eglinton onto Allen Road for decking installation at ramp Preliminary Construction Plan
  38. 38. Allen Road Proposed Closure to Northbound Access at Eglinton in 2014• Potential closure of northbound access to Allen Road at Eglinton to expedite tunnelling• Closure projected to reduce tunnel-specific construction by approximately 1 year and allow full project completion by 2020• Northbound Allen access would remain open at Lawrence• Closure would give contractor enough space for construction staging and movement of 150 trucks per day directly onto Allen Road – All prohibitions at Allen Road require City Council approval – Anticipated report timing is FALL 2012 Public Works Committee/City Council Preliminary Construction Plan
  39. 39. Tunnel Launch ShaftSheppard Subway Example at Leslie Preliminary Construction Plan
  40. 40. 13 Division – Working with PoliceTemporary Property Requirements • 5 metre area between sidewalk and 13 Division building • Utility construction area • Temporary sidewalk • Tree removals are unavoidable • Sign removal/ relocation • Tiebacks Preliminary Construction Plan
  41. 41. Cross Passages - 2014• Cross passages are used for emergency evacuation of the tunnels and for access between the tunnels for maintenance• Constructed by hand mining between the two tunnels• Area needed on road for pumping equipment to dewater the area where the mining is conducted• Bathurst to Yonge: Jet grouting is required. Street occupation similar to station headwalls• Impact = 2 -3 months per location• 1 lane per direction Preliminary Construction Plan
  42. 42. Temporary Local Road Closures at Eglinton AvenueTemporary closures at Eglinton intersections with some local streets willunfortunately be required during different phases of tunnel construction to safelycomplete work:• Yarrow Road (2012-2013 - 7 weeks)• Kane Avenue (2013 - 5 weeks)• Little Boulevard (2013 – 4 days)• Strathearn Road (2013 - 11 Weeks)• Flanders Road (2013 - 11 Weeks)• Peveril Hill North Road (2013 - 9 Weeks)• Chaplin Crescent Southbound Thru & Left (2013 - 9 Weeks)• Latimer Avenue (2013 - 9 Weeks)• Highbourne Road (2014 - 9 Weeks)• Maxwell Avenue (2015 - 17 Weeks) Preliminary Construction Plan
  43. 43. Station Construction Overview Projected Start – 2015• After tunneling is completed, station construction begins Preliminary Construction Plan
  44. 44. Eglinton Pre-Construction - Existing Right of Way Use Watermain Preliminary Construction Plan
  45. 45. Station ConstructionStage 1A Piling - Divert Traffic & Construct Support of Excavation (Exact Construction Set-Up TBD by Location for all stages) Watermain Preliminary Construction Plan
  46. 46. Station ConstructionStage 1B – Construct Centre Piles Watermain Preliminary Construction Plan
  47. 47. Station ConstructionStage 2A - Construct Roadway Decking on one Side Watermain Preliminary Construction Plan
  48. 48. Station ConstructionStage 2B – Construct opposite side Decking & Support of Excavation Watermain Preliminary Construction Plan
  49. 49. Station ConstructionStage 3: Construct Station Box under the Roadway Decking Watermain Preliminary Construction Plan
  50. 50. Station ConstructionStation Complete – Restore Roadway, Utilities & Traffic Watermain Preliminary Construction Plan
  51. 51. Monitoring Construction Noise & Vibration• Noise levels monitored and must comply with City of Toronto Noise by-law• Noise by-law allows: • Civil construction 7 am to 11 pm, 7 days per week • Continuous underground tunnelling work• Sound barrier to be installed in TTC East Commuter Parking Lot• Vibration levels monitored and must comply with Municipal Code section 363-3.6• If limits exceeded, contractor required to take action to reduce noise and vibration to within specified limits Preliminary Construction Planning
  52. 52. Future “Shop Eglinton” Program to Support Local Businesses• Grassroots program to be developed for 2013 to support local businesses through construction• Local business & community involvement for brainstorming• Sign-up tonight to become involved & Support your Business Improvement Areas 7/3/2012 Preliminary Construction Planning
  53. 53. Next Stepsa) Fall Meetings in advance of construction (Review and input on traffic and construction staging plans)b) Construction Liaison Groups Smaller groups (10 local representatives per station with local councillor) give input, questions & concerns directly to construction teamc) Contact Community Liaisons with specific local issues & recommendations for investigation as well as for meetings Preliminary Construction Plan
  54. 54. The Crosstown Team Please Get in Touch with Us!Devin Horne, Franca Di Giovanni, Community Office Hours — 2012Denise Jayawardene Monday, Wednesday, Friday:E-mail: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.Online: Tuesday & Thursday: by appointmentTel: 416-338-6310Fax: 416-397-8193TTY: 416-481-2523Visit our West CommunityOffice at1848 Eglinton Avenue West(at Dufferin) Preliminary Construction Plan
  55. 55. THANK YOU Preliminary Construction Plan
  56. 56. Additional Information Preliminary Construction Plan
  57. 57. Extract TBM & Re-Launch(Future LRT concept under Subway) Preliminary Construction Plan
  58. 58. Additional Background Information Preliminary Construction Plan
  59. 59. Approach to Traffic Management• Existing Conditions as Baseline vs. Construction Conditions• Pedestrians, vehicles, & transit (allocation of space)• Level of service at signalized intersections• Levels of through traffic vs. local traffic• On-street Parking StrategyStrategies• Adjustments to signal timing• Monitoring and preventing local infiltration through residential streets• Signage program across City and nearby 400 series Highways Preliminary Construction Plan
  60. 60. Traffic Study Methodology• City of Toronto Planning Department participates in Transportation Tomorrow Survey of travel patterns in Toronto and the GTA (5% sampling of GTA households approximately 150,000 interviews)• Data reflects trip origin and destination information• Intersection turning movement counts from City of Toronto• Reviewed City of Toronto Transportation Model• Undertook counts at un-signalized intersections where counts were not available• Analysis with specialized transportation software using established methodology Preliminary Construction Plan
  61. 61. Existing Conditions Dufferin to Chaplin & Chaplin to YongeExisting capacity constraints – Dufferin to Chaplin• Westbound Eglinton to southbound Oakwood (PM peak)• Allen Road southbound off-ramp during AM peak• Northbound left at Spadina Road and Eglinton during PM peak Preliminary Construction Plan
  62. 62. Pedestrians & TransitPedestrian Activity• Ensure safe crossing spaces• Re-routings when necessary with effective signage• Between Allen and Chaplin increased pedestrian activity is found at key points such as Allen Road and Bathurst street• Allen Road SB 5027 pedestrian crossing during peak 8 hours• Bathurst has 3788 pedestrian crossings during peak 8 hoursTransit Service & Bus ridership• Maintain efficient service throughout construction for 68 500 daily Eglinton bus riders• Bus ridership on the 7 Bathurst 3000 daily commuters through the intersection Preliminary Construction Plan
  63. 63. Ministry of Transportation (MTO) Highway 401 /Allen Road Ramp Improvements• MTO is rehabilitating 8 structures in the Highway 401 and Allen Road Interchange• Bridge improvements have been broken into 2 contracts• Contract 1 (Bridges 4 and 24) Contract 2 (Bridges 5, 6, 12, 16 19 22)• Construction for Contract 1 commenced in Spring 2012• Completion for Contract 1: late Fall 2012• Construction schedule for Contract 2 TBD Preliminary Construction Plan
  64. 64. Ministry of Transportation (MTO)Highway 401 /Allen Road Ramp Improvements Preliminary Construction Plan
  65. 65. MTO - Highway 401 /Allen Road Ramp Construction Details• Lane reductions on the 401 to Allen Road ramps and bridges• Periodic overnight ramp/bridge closures• Advance traffic warning signs will be posted in the area to advise the public of traffic restriction and lane closures• Construction is planned to take place during daytime hours from Monday to Friday• Extended working hours (periodic night time work) & weekend work required to complete construction on schedule.Project information:Mr. Sam Molai, P.Eng., Senior Structural Engineer Mr. Larry NG, Project ManagerMinistry of Transportation, Central Region Design SNC Lavalintel: 416-235-5506 tel: 416-252-5315 Ext 2711e-mail: Preliminary Construction Plan
  66. 66. City of Toronto – Long Term Planning Allen Road Environmental Assessment• The City of Toronto is studying ways to improve Allen Road• The study will follow a provincially mandated Environmental Assessment process.• Study investigating current challenges and opportunities in the Allen Road corridor from Eglinton to just south of Transit Road• Currently, a Terms of Reference (Study Framework/Work Plan) is being developed to guide future work Preliminary Construction Plan
  67. 67. Allen Road Environmental AssessmentFor more information, please contact:Jason DicemanTel: 416-392-3787E-mail: AllenRdStudy@toronto.caWeb Preliminary Construction Plan
  68. 68. Diamond Lane Offpeak - East to Bathurst Preliminary Construction Plan