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Is it worth investing in qa processes (1) (1)


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Video presented within the frame of ProZ virtual conference

Video presented within the frame of ProZ virtual conference

Published in: Career

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  • 1. Quality Assurance : Is it worth investing in it? Tips for a high quality translation product Lorena Baudo & Susana Vivas
  • 2.  
  • 3.
    • Introduction
      • Development :
    • Human translation-related mistakes
    • CAT tool-related mistakes
    • Scores & Feedback
    • Conclusion
      • Q & A live chat
  • 4.
    • is a planned system of revision procedures carried out in different production steps that guarantee compliance with quality
    • ; said standards can be established by your own, by the client, by the industry itself or by all of them.
    • To achieve QA, it is necessary to implement tasks to measure and control the quality of our work in a way.
    Quality Assurance standards systematic
  • 5.
      • Human translation-related mistakes
      • Micro vs Macro perspective
      • Damage avoidance
  • 6. Micro vs Macro perspective Human translation- related mistakes The global vision of the reviewer compared to the micro linguistic approach
  • 7. Micro vs Macro perspective Example Human translation- related mistakes
  • 8. Human-translation related mistakes Clients who do not even speak the target language, can detect the following mistakes :
    • Trademarks & proper names in general
    • Spelling & typographic mistakes, detectable with spellcheck function
    • Formatting
    • Figures
    • Number of paragraphs, missing text & untranslated text
    • All types of mistakes in titles & main headings
    Client’s first impression compared to the micro linguistic approach
  • 9. Critical mistakes Human translation- related mistakes
    • Mistakes that have an adverse effect that result in legal, commercial or safety issues.
    • Examples :
      • Effects of drugs and medical processes
      • Contractual provisions
      • Description of commercial products
      • Slogans
      • Instructions/warning notices involving safety risk or product malfunctioning
    Damage avoidance
  • 10. Major mistakes
    • Language
    • Formatting
    • Processes
    Human translation- related mistakes Damage avoidance
    • In relation to LANGUAGE :
      • Names, brands & places
      • Figures, dates & addresses
      • Spelling & typos in headings
      • Inconsistency of key words
      • Mistranslations
    • In relation to FORMAT :
      • Hidden text or remaining tags in final files
      • Text in the source language in final files
      • Missing text
    • In relation to PROCESSES :
      • Lack of adherence to:
        • Glossary
        • Instructions
        • Style Guide
        • Reference material
      • Final files with personal marks, comments & notes
      • Linguistic differences between final file & bilingual file
      • Delivery:
        • of the wrong documents
        • when deadline is already past due
        • of fewer documents than requested
  • 11. Examples
  • 12. Minor mistakes Human translation- related mistakes Damage avoidance
    • Slight change in the meaning
    • Incorrect punctuation or capitalisation
    • Non-adherence to style requirements
    • Minor violation of generally accepted language conventions
    • Guidelines violation
    • NONE of these result in misinterpretation of the source or in the wrong functionality of the product
  • 13.
    • So far:
    • Quality Assurance: definition
    • Human translation related mistakes:
      • Opposing perpectives
      • Critical, major & minor mistakes
    • Next:
    • CAT-tool related mistakes
    We’re here!
  • 14. Easy to spot!
      • Spelling mistakes
      • Punctuation
      • Number errors
      • Not following the glossary
      • Inconsistencies
      • Missing translations
  • 15. QA & CAT tools SUMMARY OF THE MAIN BUILT-IN QA FEATURES Functions Propietary CAT tool Free CAT tool SDLX SDL TRADOS 2007 SDL TRADOS 2009 IDIOM DEJA VÚ WORDFAST Pro MEMO-Q OMEGA-T ( SDL TRADOS 2007 ) (Tag editor) (7.5.297) (2.4) Spell checker x x x x x x x x Grammar x x x x x x     Punctuation x x x x x x x   Number mismatch x x x x   x x   Terminology   x x x x X (not terminology verification) x x x (not terminology verification) Glossary Forbidden terms x x x     x     Regular expressions x x x           Inconsistencies x x x x x x x   Placeholders’ check x x x x   x   x Formatting x x x x x x x   Segment length   x x           Segments to exclude x x x     x     Empty target x x x     x     Untranslated text x x x     x     Partially translated text x   x     x     Length verification   x x     x     Trademark check   x x          
  • 16. CAT tools EXTERNAL QA TOOLS   Propietary software Free software D.O.G Error Spy QA Distiller X-Bench Consistency check x x x Regular expressions (Customized check) x x x Terminology check x x x Number check x x x Tag check x x x Format check x x   Missing translation x x x Spell checker Source x     Target x     Acronym check x     Typography check x     Single expression check x     XML Validate x     Learning experience (Customized check) x     Punctuation x x   Word list (exclude certain words from the terminology check) x x   Language specific setting   x File Type TTX XLIFF Trados TM TMX Transit XV Trados unclean file (doc or rtf) Tag editor (ttx) TMX *Bilingual STF files (Converted FrameMaker documents translated in MS Word) (Framemaker files are converted into ttx file. If you want to correct mistakes in the original file, you can open this file and search for the mistake. Tab-delimited text TMX memory Trados exported memory Trados exported Multiterm 5 glossary Tag editor (ttx) Trados Word file SDLX STAR Transit IBM TM Dictionary IBM TM Folder IBM TM Exported Folder Wordfast TM and glossary Oracle XLIFF file TBX Trados Multiterm XML Mac OS X Glossary Remote Xbench Server
  • 17.
    • So far:
    • Quality Assurance: definition
    • Human translation related mistakes
    • CAT-tool related mistakes
    • Next:
    • Scores & Feedback
    We’re here!
  • 18. Translation fields
    • Vendor specialization
    • Specific training & feedback
    Scores & Feedback
  • 19. How a reviewer scores a translation Error categories Scores & Feedback
  • 20. Customized LISA error categories A way of overcoming subjectivity when checking a translation Scores & Feedback Error Categories Description Accuracy/Terminology Appropriate terminology and the meaning of the original was kept and not altered. Consistency Cross-project terminology and abbreviation Language/Grammar Target language grammatical and syntactical rules are followed. No typos or mispelling. Style/Register Style and register according to the text specific field. Format The format of the original file is kept. Following instructions/Adherence to reference material TM, style guide, glossary and project instructions are followed. Overall Quality The time assigned to each activity is followed. All the categories above mentioned are followed and are correct. No KO punches.
  • 21. QA template based on LISA 2x1 Scores & Feedback How to quantify quality
  • 22. Summing up…
    • See the text as the client does
      • Format
      • Brands & key words
      • Critical mistakes might involve losing a client
    • Use QA tools at hand
    • Implement your own QA system and stick to it!
    • Register your mistakes and your vendors’ mistakes based on
      • Translation field
      • Type of mistake
      • Severity
    Conclusion Final checklist
  • 23.
    • Further questions & comments:
    • [email_address]
    • [email_address]
    • Find detailed answers to all your questions in the follow-up blog:
    • http :// /
    Thanks! Q & A live chat Lorena Baudo & Susana Vivas Conclusion