Q3-2012 At Border Omnibus Survey Overview


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Overview of Quarterly At-Border Omnibus Survey packages offered by Crossborder Group along the US-Mexico border (pricing shown for San Diego-Tijuana region, additional costs for other regions). An affordable, Quarterly service to help our clients to collect proprietary insights about individuals that drive or walk across the US-Mexico border -- for crossborder retail, policy, and infrastructure or transportation projects.

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Q3-2012 At Border Omnibus Survey Overview

  1. 1. A Mexico & US-Mexico Market Research Service of Crossborder Group Inc. [US]& Crossborder NS, S de RL de CV [México] 1-888-4XBORDER • 619-710-8120 Answers@CrossborderBusiness.com
  2. 2. economic studies • impacts of wait times • public perceptions • transportation planning • health studies • crossborder shoppers • tourism surveys • market studies • brand awareness...and more. Our Quarterly At-Border Omnibus Surveys provide an easy, 2012 California-Baja California At- affordable way to access insights about border crossers. Border Omnibus Survey Packages* Packages include 4 standard demographic variables of border Survey Your 4 to 8 Questions Cost per Days in crossers, plus either 4 or 8 of your own proprietary questionsRespondents + 4 Demographic Var. Question Field (including jumps). Standard pricing (at left) includes: Your 4 Qs+ 4 Dem $ 975 4 to 6 600 • at-border staffing, permits, & bilingual data collection Your 8 Qs+ 4 Dem $ 875 4 to 6 Your 4 Qs+ 4 Dem $ 1,250 8 to 10 • basic analysis of data (frequencies + crosstabs of 2 variables) 1,100 Your 8 Qs+ 4 Dem $ 1,100 8 to 10 • a concise, English-language report (delivered in PDF) * Sample cost shown for projects at San Ysidro & Otay Mesa POEs; additional fees for projects at Tecate, Calexico, Calexico East or Quarterly surveys take place in Spring, Summer, Fall and Algodones; or for 3 or more POEs (contact us for a free quote) Winter/Holiday seasons. We also offer multi-season discounts, and can combined at-border surveys with flyering. Contact us at 1-888-492-6733 today!Since 2003, Crossborder has applied over 20,000 at-border surveys just along the California-Mexico border-- plus field and B2B surveys (phone, email, face-to-face) by our Mexico-based staff.Our mission: to provide our clients with accurate data for critical insights and decisions. A Few of Our Satisfied At-Border & Mexico Survey Clients...
  3. 3. CrossborderSurveysA Small Sample of Our At-Border & Other Survey Work
  4. 4. BORDER SURVEYS: SD UNION TRIBUNE & OTHERS (OMNIBUS) The Challenge Crossborder’s Solution The San Diego Union- Created at-border Omnibus Tribune (and other survey that combined questions clients) needed updated from multiple clients, but kept data on crossborder results separate and proprietary shoppers During Holiday shopping season, Needed to understand if applied two versions of survey Tijuana Metro area border using PDA equipment and crossers were familiar bilingual crews with advertising Also handed out promotionals The UT and other clients flyers for one client during wanted to understand survey process to increase purchasing and travel consumer awareness of new habits of crossborder product visitors – but on a budget Result: Provided fresh information about crossborder consumers for the UT and others
  5. 5. BORDER SURVEYS: SOUTH BAY EXPRESSWAY/125 TOLL ROAD The Challenge Crossborder’s Solution Operator of $635 million As a leader in at-border toll road in San Diego market research, Crossborder County needed insights designed and implemented a about potential and series of at-border surveys. existing customers that In 3 years, have collected crossed the border 4,600+ surveys for client Wanted to shape During the survey outreach, marketing outreach, at-border staff also provided messages, pricing, and drivers with informational understand perceptions… materials about SBX, to promote future usage …as well as find way to Result: Surveys provided key promote usage insights for client’s marketing strategies, and informational flyers have increase awareness and usage of toll road
  6. 6. BORDER SURVEYS: CONFIDENTIAL DEVELOPER (RETAIL SECTOR) The Challenge Crossborder’s SolutionShopping center Crossborder’s research teamdeveloper in Southern helped design and undertake aCalifornia wanted retail-focused at-borderinsights into retail survey of over 700+ Mexico-purchasing habits of residing border crossersMexico-based visitors Data collected includedNeeded credible retail preferred stores, typical Monthly San Diego Borderdata for negotiations with expenditures, key products Trips for Shopping (Mexico Residing Only, n=707)possible store tenants and purchased, and other details 6.0%local government agency about crossborder consumer 0 1-2 times 43.9%for new development site purchasing habits 3-4 times 27.1%near border 5-6 times 10.3% Result: Survey data being used Primary 4.6% 7-8 times ResidenceWanted to know “how to attract major retail anchor (Mexico-Residing Only) 9-10 times 2.7% 3.7%much” and “where” tenant for 50-acre shopping More than 10 5.2% 91.0% Dont know 0.3%crossborder consumers mall (expected opening 2013) 3.2% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50%spent their money 2.1% Tijuana Ensenada Rosarito Other Area of MX
  7. 7. CROSSBORDER O/D AND BORDER DELAY STUDY The Challenge Crossborder’s SolutionMajor regional Crossborder led data collection forgovernment agency team (under HDR) in integrated datasought a broad analysis collection effort that included:of border data for cargo • Measuring border crossings oftrucks and passenger 5,200+ north/south-bound cars;vehicles at Port of Entry • Measuring border crossings ofWanted to estimate 2,800+ north/south-bound trucks; Calexico North-bound:border delay times north • Gathering confidential data from Bluetooth Av Estimated Crossing Time (n=1171)and south bound using 65+ Mexico-based manufacturers and 2:52 2:24different technologies logistics firms on 1,300+ 1:55 1:26 crossborder shipments; and 0:57 0:28Wanted detailed • Used border knowledge & 0:00 7:00 8:00 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 13:00 14:00 15:00 16:00 17:00origination-destination equipment to measure additionaldata on crossborder 1,100+ car crossings with Bluetoothshipments sensors and 570+ truck crossings with GPS Result: Draft results presented to public in March 2012; client (SCAG) pleased with data
  8. 8. BORDER SURVEYS: CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL/ORISE The Challenge Crossborder’s Solution The CDC and the Oak Crossborder’s research team Ridge Institute for Science worked closely with ORISE, and Education (ORISE, a CDC, and binational health Federal research lab) officials to plan and wanted to assess the implement a survey on flu effectiveness of health education awareness information at U.S. border crossings Using hand-held, Android- based tablets, Crossborder Needed a survey team staff recruited, screened, familiar with the border, and interviewed more than that would apply sensitive 1,420 pedestrians crossing health research protocols, at one of the largest U.S. and that could effectively border crossings in less than apply a complex, bilingual three weeks questionnaire… Result: Client pleased with results; currently analyzing data for future scientific study and policy plans
  9. 9. THE CLIENT: SD ASSOC. OF GOVERNMENTS & IBI GROUP The Challenge Crossborder’s SolutionRegional government As part of a transportation &agency planning $400M+ engineering team, Crossbordertolled Port of Entry undertook a variety of efforts forneeded insights from a challenging infrastructuretruckers, manufacturers project, including:and other border • Strategizing and developingcrossers on current and appropriate methodology andfuture information industry target lists;technology (ITS) needs. • Assisting development and From 1 to 5, please indicate how important a quick border crossing time is for a loaded or empty shipment trip? (with 1 testing of questionnaire being "least important" and 5 being "most important")Needed help with target All Respondents (n=34)list, questionnaire, and • Soliciting & securing interviews 2.9% Northbound – Loaded 97.1%getting access to the with 10 maquiladoras, 12 regional Northbound 8.8% 17.6% 14.7% 8.8% 50.0%right border individuals. trucking firms, 6 agricultural – Empty shippers, 6 3PL firms, and 22 Southbound 2.9% – Loaded 5.9% 91.2% frequent border crossers Southbound 2.9% – Empty 14.7% 5.9%8.8% 11.8% 55.9% Result: Developed ITS customer 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% profiles and recommendations for 1 2 3 4 5 N/A future POE market strategies