Text and Data Mining (TDM):Tools to make it easier by Chuck Koscher


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Text and Data Mining (TDM):Tools to make it easier by Chuck Koscher

  1. 1. Chuck Koscher Director of Technology Ejournal Press Roundtable Washington DC February 5, 2014 Text and Data Mining (TDM) Tools to make it easier
  2. 2. Geoffrey Bilder Director of Strategic Initiatives Taking the tedium out of TDM….
  3. 3. X 4079 CrossRef publishers
  4. 4. • Subscription-based publishers find it impractical to negotiate multiple bilateral agreements with thousands of researchers and institutions in order to authorize TDM of subscribed content. • Researchers find it impractical to negotiate multiple bilateral agreements with hundreds of subscription- based publishers in order to authorize TDM of subscribed content • All parties would benefit from support of standard APIs and data representations in order to enable TDM across both open access and subscription-based publishers.
  5. 5. Prospect Working Group • AAAS: Walter Jones, Stewart Wills, Deborah Rivera-Wienhold • American Institute of Physics: Evan Owens, • American Physical Society: Mark Doyle • Elsevier: Chris Shillum, Ale de Vries • HighWire: John Sack, Craig Jurney • Institute of Physics Publishing: Graham McCann, James Walker • Springer: Chinchu Ann Belarmin, Michiel van der Heyden • Taylor & Francis: Gillian Howcroft • Walter de Gruyter: Bettina de Keijzer • Wiley: Edward Wates, Alan Bacon • CrossRef: Geoffrey Bilder, Chuck Koscher, Ed Pentz, Carol Meyer, Kirsty Meddings.
  6. 6. There is no fee Text and Data Mining (TDM)
  7. 7. Text & Data Mining (TDM) IS IS NOT Ways to automate the acceptance and verification of acceptance of terms of use licenses Standardized techniques for navigation to the content Access control to content Actual delivery of content These are under the control of and are the responsibility and the publisher * *
  8. 8. Text & Data Mining (TDM) 1) 2)
  9. 9. Based on Content Negotiation DOI 10.1371/journal.pone.0031314
  10. 10. Based on Content Negotiation DOI 10.1371/journal.pone.0031314
  11. 11. curl -L -iH "Accept: text/turtle" http://dx.doi.org/10.5555/515151 Based on Content Negotiation http://help.crossref.org/#content_negotiation
  12. 12. What do publishers need to do • Deposit text mining specific metadata with CrossRef MUST • Distribute mineable data MUST • Register licenses and validate user’s requests for data Might want to
  13. 13. What do researchers need to do • Use content-negotiation to retrieve an article’s metadata • Extract license and mineable URL • Use this data to retrieve the mineable content MUST • If required by the publisher login to the license registry, review and accept the applicable licenses. MUST • Be nice when retrieving mineable content Might want to
  14. 14. TDM driven by specific metadata (that must be deposited to CrossRef) <collection property="text-mining”> <item> <resource mime_type="application/pdf"> http://annalsofpsychoceramics.labs.crossref.org/fulltext/10.5555/515151.pdf </resource> </item> <item> <resource mime_type="application/xml"> http://annalsofpsychoceramics.labs.crossref.org/fulltext/10.5555/515151.xml </resource> </item> </collection> 1) Tell the researcher where to go to get the content <collection property="text-mining”> <item> <resource mime_type="application/pdf"> http://dx.doi.org/10.5555/515151 </resource> </item> <item> <resource mime_type=“ application/xml"> http://dx.doi.org/10.5555/515151 </resource> </item> </collection> For example: IF the publisher’s content delivery platform abides by Accept headers
  15. 15. 2) Tell the researcher what TDM licenses apply to the article <program name="AccessIndicators"> <license_ref> http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/deed.en_US </license_ref> </program> <program name="AccessIndicators"> <license_ref> http://www.annalsofpschoceramics.org/art_license.html </license_ref> </program> Creative Commons CC- BY license: Publisher’s proprietary license: <program name="AccessIndicators"> <license_ref start_date="2013-02-03"> http://www.crossref.org/license </license_ref> </program> <program name="AccessIndicators"> <license_ref start_date="2014-02-03"> http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/deed.en_US </license_ref> </program> 1 year embargo license:
  16. 16. Researchers should (must) understand and agree to the terms of the license Can this be validated?
  17. 17. Research queries DOI using CN + API token Publisher verifies API token with Prospect If token verified AND access control allows, publisher returns full text (frequency at publisher discretion)
  18. 18. curl -k -H "CR-Prospect-Client-Token: hZqJDbcbKSSRgRG_PJxSBAx” “https://psychoceramics.org/fulltext/515151" -D - -L -O