Serving Small Members at CrossRef: Expanding the Sponsorship Model

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Serving Small Members at CrossRef: Expanding the Sponsorship Model

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Presentation by Carol Anne Meyer of CrossRef on the use of a sponsorship model at CrossRef to increase member satisfaction, reduce costs and support increasing number of small members at the 2013......

Presentation by Carol Anne Meyer of CrossRef on the use of a sponsorship model at CrossRef to increase member satisfaction, reduce costs and support increasing number of small members at the 2013 New England Society of Association Executives meeting on January 17 2014 at the Burlington Marriott, Massachusetts.

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  • Book cover from Five Little Peppers and How they Grew
  • First just a few words about CrossRef for anyone who isn’t a member or might not be familiar with us as an organization. CrossRef is a not-for-profit membership organization of international scholarly publishers. We have 4000 member publishers, representing all disciplines - not just STM, and comprising commercial publishers, academic societies, open access publishers, university presses. We also have 83 affiliate members and 2000 library affiliates - these libraries and other organisations make use of the CrossRef database to look up DOIs and metadata. We are the largest DOI registration agency and have assigned nearly 62 million DOIs to date, including journal articles, books and book chapters, conference proceedings, theses, and data sets.
  • Why is membership growing steadily? Because publishers think that having DOIs will increase their visibility in the scholarly community.
    We have 1900 voting members, representing 4600 publishers.
    One of our members is NEJM/Mass Medical Society. They joined at the very beginning, in October 2001
  • In other words, traffic generated to publishers by DOIs. This is why we have organizations at the gate wanting to join.
  • Departments
    Finance & Operations
    Marketing & Business Development
    Strategic Initiatives
    Product Management
  • The distribution is so skewed the scale is logarithmic
  • Diversity includes by subject area (i.e. the humanities), geographical, and content type (i.e. books)
  • There is a higher level of trust needed for a sponsor than a member. We need to make sure they understand.
    We haven’t done much marketing of this, but we could do. It’s complicated to explain and we don’t want just anyone.
    What we should do is market to new members that they can work with a Sponsor.
  • This means that instead of dealing with 1357+ people in organizations, we deal with 25 of them. It also makes implementation and compliance better


  • 1. Serving Small Members at CrossRef Expanding the Sponsorship Model Carol Anne Meyer Business Development & Marketing CrossRef @meyercarol ORCID: 0000-0003-2443-2804 17 January 2014 New England Society of Association Executives (NE/SAE)
  • 2. Agenda • • • • • What is CrossRef? Our Challenge Our Solution How? Results
  • 3. Not-for-profit trade association of global scholarly publishers
  • 4. CrossRef has 1900 members, representing 4627 publishers
  • 5. Members from 100 countries 5
  • 6. Services Powered by iThenticate •Reference linking •Cited-by linking •Plagiarism screening •Update identification •Funding identification Metadata feeds •third parties to
  • 7. We generate more than a billion “clicks” to our member publishers’ sites
  • 8. In the beginning, only publishers could participate Now we have 90 affiliates and 2045 libraries
  • 9. We have two offices: Lynnfield, MA and Oxford, UK
  • 10. We have 24 employees (22.5 FTE) Lisa# Hart Director# Finance# Operations Anne# Hotchkiss Admin# Assistant Carol# Meyer Business# &# Dev# Marketing# Mgr Paula# Dwyer# Financial# Controller Amy# Bosworth PT# A/R# Assist Betty# Momjian Accountant Lindsay# Russell Payroll# Admin Susan# Collins Member# Coordinator Chuck# Koscher Director# of# Technology Geoffrey# Bilder Dir# Strategic# Initiatives Joe# Wass R&D# Programmer Anna# Tolwinska Asst# Market# Mgr Karl# Ward R&D# Programmer Patricia# Feeney Product# Support# Manager Vaishali# Patel Product# Support# Assistant Tim# Pickard System# Admin Jon# Stark Web# App# Developer Andrew# Gilmartin Senior# Programmer Mike# Yater Software# Designer Budgeted position Oxford Staff Rachael# Lammey Product# Manager# Jen# Rogers Admin# Asst Text Legend Kirsty# Meddings Product# Manager Consultants on retainer International$ Development Book$ Development AppCentric Database# Admin Lois# Wasoff Counsel Current head count: 24 (FTE 22.50) 2014 projected end of year head count: 26 (FTE 24.50) Ed# Pentz Executive# Director Jo# Steele PT# ice# OfQ Admin
  • 11. CrossRef Revenue comes mostly from member transactions Annual Fees Transactional Fees
  • 12. Our challenge Annual Member Revenue Distribution
  • 13. Our challenge Annual Member Revenue Distribution • • At $50K, 0.32% or 6 members account for 20% At $275, 85% or 1600 members account for 30%
  • 14. Our challenge
  • 15. Our challenge • • • • 1600 members pay annual dues of $250 It costs us more than that to serve them Small members have less technical sophistication They come from all over the world with different Languages Time zones Cultures • • •
  • 16. Our solution Sponsoring Publishers or Vendors represent small publishers Solve language, time zone issues Undertake technical obligations Pay members’ fees • • •
  • 17. Our solution Members Better service No annual Fee Sponsors Add CrossRef services Annual fee discount CrossRef Fewer resources Expands network Uniformity and compliance Increase diversity Increase transactional revenue • • • • • • • • •
  • 18. How? • • • • • Business Development Travel (Speaking engagements, trade fairs) Respond to requests Face to face or phone meetings Marketing?
  • 19. Results • • • • 25 Sponsors 15 Countries 1357 Sponsored Members Continued financial stability
  • 20. Thank you!