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Ways to astral project
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Ways to astral project






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Ways to astral project Presentation Transcript

  • 1. WaysTo Astral ProjectYamaya Cruz
  • 2. DoYou ReallyWant to Learn about AstralTravel? The problem with astral travel is that many of us arecarrying too much weight. I’ve read the statistics and understand that many ofus are teetering towards obesity. But in order for us to move around, we have to dropthe weight. How much weight? Well, all of it.
  • 3. DoYou ReallyWant to Learn about AstralTravel? You see the smallest parts of yourbody actually transform as theytransition into different realms orplanes of existence. In quantum mechanics, this processis called phase transition. Inmetaphysics, it is known as travelingthrough different planes of reality. We understand that the human body,no matter the size is way too clunkyand heavy to fly. Merely because we have the goodold force of gravity pulling it down.So the body needs to transform.
  • 4. DoYou ReallyWant to Learn about AstralTravel? Just think of the human body as being like a huge blockof ice that is frozen and as hard as concrete. When the ice melts into water, the molecules inside thewater can move freely amongst each other. When the water begins to evaporate, it becomes a gas.When gas is not contained, it will disperse into space,defying the laws of gravity. In metaphysical terms, we are like blocks of ice on thephysical plane, bodies of water on the etheric plane, andlike steam or gas on the astral plane.
  • 5. DoYou ReallyWant to Learn about AstralTravel? When people speak about having anout of body experience. They are referring to atomstransforming into a different shape.This process can be explainedthrough string theory. Although it has yet to be proven,many scientists believe that atomscontain tiny little strings that vibrateat different frequencies. These frequencies actually determinethe shape and form of atoms. The strings give particles theirdefinition such as mass and charge.In short, these strings are veryversatile and define our existence.
  • 6. DoYou ReallyWant to Learn about AstralTravel? These strings also define space. The curvatures throughoutspace and the universe can bewarped and molded much likea piece of fabric. These curvatures throughoutspace are the ripples thatgravity travels through. Have I lost you yet? I’ll make it easier for you. Just think about space as beinglike a quilt.
  • 7. DoYou ReallyWant to Learn about AstralTravel? Much like space, a quilt consistsof a network of fibers that areall interwoven andinterconnected. Now, imagine a needle with along thread, piercing in and outof this fabric. This needle represents theastral body. And the thread symbolizes thesilver cord that connects theetheric body to the physicalbody.
  • 8. DoYou ReallyWant to Learn about AstralTravel? This is how our ancestors wereable to reach across space andtime without actually leavingtheir physical bodies. Today, scientists are well awareof cosmic shortcuts. These cosmic shortcuts are alsoknown as warm-holes that linkcertain aspects of space together. Ironically, our ancestorsdescribed moving through atunnel, heading toward a beamof light during astral travel oraltered states of consciousness.
  • 9. DoYou ReallyWant to Learn about AstralTravel? They may have been traveling through warm holes thatweren’t fully formed. Or they were creating new ones. Scientists believe thatnew worm-holes cannot be formed without tearing thefibers of space. So how did our ancestors defy gravity, space, and time?They were able to transform their astral body into a gaslike substance. This substance was contained in the ripples of gravity.
  • 10. DoYou ReallyWant to Learn about AstralTravel? Much like a needle, piercing throughfabric, they were able to travel todifferent worlds and realms. Just think about it! Have you knownsomething to be true without realproof? Have you ever had a vision about afuture event to only experience it inthe present? There are no such things ascoincidences. Just parallel worlds that connect allof earth and space together, andconsciousness that can transform it
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  • 12. WhenThe Shadows BeganTo Dance By Yamaya Cruz Available at Amazon.com Barnes & Noble