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Ken Mills Ken Mills Presentation Transcript

  • Welcome to the Republic of Finland, where spending time in the sauna is a national past time. by: Ken Mills
  • Independence from Russia
    • Conquered by czar Alexander I in 1809
    • A revolution distracts Russia
    • On Dec. 6, 1917, independence was declared peacefully
  • The Flag
    • Adopted on May 29, 1918
    • White represents snow
    • Blue represents the lakes
  • Map of Finland
    • Capital city is Helsinki
    • Lapland- northern region, home to the Sami, the native people of Finland
    • Savonlinna- international snow sculpture competition
  • The Renaissance & Reformation in Finland
    • Part of the Swedish Kingdom
    • No major influence to the renaissance
    • Protestantism replaces Catholicism
  • Finland and Absolutism
    • Still controlled by Sweden
    • Russia and Sweden fight for control
  • Industrial Revolution, Imperialism, and Finland
    • Now a grand duchy of Russia
    • Finnish nationalism spreads
    • Independence is wanted
  • WWI Affects Finland
    • Russia has a revolution
    • Finland peacefully declares independence
    • Blockades cause food shortages and unemployment
  • Finland Fights in WWII
    • Finland vs. Soviet Union
    • 1939-1940: the winter war, Finns lost
    • 1940-1941: the continuation war, Finns lost
    • Ceded the Karelia to Russia
  • Finland in the Cold War Neutral!
  • Government
    • Parliament, President, and Prime Minister
    • Parliament and Prime Minister serve 4 years, President serves 6
    • Tarja Halonen (current president)- 1 st woman president, serving her second term
    • Matti Vanhanen (current prime minister)- serving first term
  • Finland and U.S.
    • Finnish embassy in Washington D.C.
    • American embassy in Helsinki
  • Lahti, Finland
    • Tiirrismaa- ski resort
    • Skiing Stadium- 295ft ski jump, cross-country trails, 3,300ft floodlit sawdust run
    • Kiverio- 165ft high water tower with a café at 130ft
  • Urho Kekkonen
    • The most popular political figure
    • Prime Minister in 1950
    • President from 1956 to 1981
    • Kept Finland neutral during the Cold War
    • Arranged the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe in Aug. 1975
      • Helsinki Accords: settled post-WWII national boundaries