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This short slide presentation is about free energy and a free description of nuclear fusion, zero point energy, and perpetual motion with short descriptions of the Bedini motor. For more information you can always try searching on Google or at your local library.

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T10 0852515 Free Energy

  1. 1. Free Energy Possibility of the Future? Or Just Pathological Science… Background image taken from: http://www.eastgwillimbury.ca/Assets/Environment/Sustainability/Green+Tree+Pic.jpg
  2. 2. Free Energy at First Glance Cold Fusion AKA nuclear fusion, this process fuses deuterium and/or tritium into helium creating massive amount of energy in the process Zero Point Energy By taping in to the energy of a grounded state of the system, we can extract virtually unlimited amount of energy Perpetual Motion A mechanical system that allows for it to be forever in motion
  3. 3. Cold Fusion It is a clean process - There are virtually no waste product formed such as carbon dioxide It is safe - The amount of radiation form is usually less than the natural occurring radiation on earth yields massive amount of energy from limited amount of input. - energy released in fusion of deuterium and tritium to form helium is approximately 410 TJ/kg compare to that of nuclear fission of one U-235 atom at 82 TJ/kg Has abundant supply of input materials. - the amount of natural occurring deuterium is about one atom in 6500 Concept art of the ITER nuclear fusion reactor hydrogen atoms Picture taken from: http://www.iter.org/pics/ITER_col.jpg This reaction is also the same reaction which powers our sun
  4. 4. Zero Point Energy The concept of zero point energy was first proposed in 1913 by Albert Einstein and Otto Stern. It is proposed that zero point energy is the energy that exist in a vacuum This energy comes from the fact that particles constantly pops in and out of existence (Heisenberg uncertainty principle) However it is fair to say that trying to extract this energy is certainly not possible with out current technology, and I personally think that trying to trap the energy from something that constantly pops in to and out of existence with something that constantly pops in to and out of Picture taken from: existence is beyond strange http://www.scienceagogo.com/news/zero_point.shtml
  5. 5. Perpetual Motion Perpetual motion’s literal meaning is motion that goes on forever However it is more commonly thought of as energy from perpetual motion is energy that is generated extra from a closed system. It is a heavily debated topic, especially with designs similar to the Bedini motor, which is hard to say if for sure works or not. How every there seems to be some promising research with the usage of permanent magnets as seen in the following video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYc jjSfiNNE Robert Fludd's 1618 quot;water screwquot; perpetual motion machine Taken from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:WaterScrewPerpetualMotio n.png
  6. 6. The Bedini Motor The bedini motor in its simplest form is a system where a battery drives an electric motor with a flywheel attached to it, that charges some coiled wires, which charges the battery. It also uses a modulator to control the energy input while conserving energy at the same time.
  7. 7. Picture of a Bedini Motor In Action Picture taken from: http://www.icehouse.net/john34/bedinibearden.html
  8. 8. Graph of an Energy Generation Test This graph shows the amount of energy charged in three parallel batteries while using only one battery as the source of energy connected to the motor Graph taken from: http://www.icehouse.net/john34/bedinibearden.html
  9. 9. This is a chart of world energy consumption as of 2005 in type of fuel and percentages World energy consuption Oil Coal 0.5% 0.3% 3% Gas 0.2% 4% Nuclear 6% 0.2% 37% Biomass Hydro 23% Solar Wind 25% Geothermo Biofuel Graph data taken from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Energy_consumption
  10. 10. For the Future As seen from the previous chart, we need to make a drastic change in the type of resource we consume, and invest more in to renewable resources. Or lets go a few steps ahead and fund some of these so called free energy hoaxes and see where that takes us. Maybe eventually we’ll be running our cars on magnets and battery, flying space crafts (or flying saucers) using zero point energy, and powering our houses from the same fuel as the sun But in the mean time, we should all hope for the oil prices to not raise any higher, because lets face it, we are not the ones getting any richer. Thank you for your time!