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Upground Residential

  1. 1. Upground Residence benefits from one of the most solid partnerships ofreal estate companies that develops residential, business, commercial, andindustrial projects under the Upground Estates umbrella brand.Upground Estates represents seven years of outstanding achievementson the real estate market, built on a dynamic business vision and the mostexperienced team of certified industry specialists. Our company is an indelibleestablished regional developer, who has delivered ten remarkable projects toits clientele, mostly investment funds. Upground Estates is currently developingfive complex residential and office building projects in Romania and Bulgaria.Upground Residence is a solid residential venture that announces a newlifestyle that we have coined as extraordinary living.
  2. 2. concept 6-9buildings 10-15apartments 16-29
  3. 3. lifestyle 30-51concierge 52-57neighbourhood 58-65
  4. 4. concept
  5. 5. We understand that it is much more to luxury than capacious existence. Weare aware that a quality residential neighborhood is just the premise for anexceptional living. We know that a commanding vista replenishes the viewer iftime allows. Extraordinary living has however an ampler touch.
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  7. 7. live theUpground conceptWe have created a home that makes you rediscover lost sensations, roundsounds, and gracious gestures. Upground Residence opens up a whole newworld of luxury living where all your dreams are gratified.Here you can find a unique haven especially designed for highly demandingindividuals who are in the quest of a bountiful lifestyle. Upground Residence ispositioned in the northern part of the City, that has become the new business,commercial and entertainment center of Bucharest.Upground Residence comprises two-, three-, and four-room apartments thatbring together the notions of lavish space, premium furnishings, and high-quality materials, which give rise to a feeling of privilege and delight. Thisrepresents for us the ordinary extraordinary.At Upground Residence we reckon that dynamic people are always looking fora rounded life. That is why we incorporated all amenities so that you can enjoysophisticated cuisine, do your shopping at designer’s boutique, keep fit in themost exquisite World Class Center, and let our children day-care professionalstutor the youngest members of your family. All important facilities are at home,be it supermarket, pharmacy, medical center, banks, post office, travel agency,hair stylist, dry cleaning, restaurants, coffee shops, exclusive Spa, or swimmingpools.It is our idea of ordinary extraordinary living that you have been hankeringafter. It is the way Upground Residence makes you feel immediately at homeby extraordinary living. 9
  8. 8. buildings
  9. 9. excellent executionhigh-quality materialsUpground Residence embodies singular attention to detail, high-qualitymaterials, excellent execution, and stylish design. We have created a new wayof living, which blends together the essentials of extraordinary living: safety,convenience, luxury, style, volume, and comfort.
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  11. 11. safetyconvenience comfortThe building has reinforced concrete columnar-plate construction, while theapartments (after laying the floor) have 2.7 m height. The building structure ismade of reinforced concrete walls, columns, beams and slabs respecting alldesign and execution antiseismic norms according to the Romanian law. 13
  12. 12. 14
  13. 13. state of the art constructionFittings of internal and external wallsExternal walls are made of structural clay brick (Porotherm type) with the widthof 30 cm plus polystyrene isolation. The interior partitions are 12,5 cm gypsum- board walls KNAUF W112 type or similar (75mm CW structure + 2 gypsum- board sheets on each side + mineral wool for acoustic insulation). Internalwalls between neighboring apartments and walls separating apartments andcorridors are made of the BCA with gypsum - board cladding.Plaster and isolation layersInternal plaster consists in a gypsum mechanically spread combinationensuring the ideal wall and ceiling smoothness, which are painted once withwhite acryl high-resistance paint. The walls within entrance halls are lined withnatural stone panels.finishingFloors and foundationsThe apartments’ floor consists in a basic layer, made of soundproof material.The following layer is a floor mixture laid in semi-dry state. The entire laser-leveled structure constitutes an ideal basis for laying oak wooden and ceramictiles.WindowsApartments’ windows have aluminum profiles. Large windows are linedwith metal railings allowing horizontal opening and are manufactured by therenowned Schüco company. Multiple-pane windows have 1.1 heat transmissionfactor (‘warm pane). Panes consist of two 4 mm layers of glass filed with argongas.Balconies and terracesBalcony and terrace floors are covered with ceramic tiles resistant to lowtemperatures. The 1.2 meter high safety barriers are made of inox to ensuremaximum anti-corrosion protection. All balconies and terraces are illuminatedby external lamps that can be turned on from the inside of apartments.technologyHeating and coolingEach apartment is heated with Viessmann independent water-heating system.This type of heater is characterized by the highest operating parameters,exceptional outlook and casing design, which forces the flow of generated heatthrough the entire room. All apartments have power, water and gas meters.The cooling is provided by independent Daikin systems for each apartment.Video Intercom systemAt Upground, modern systems offer total access control to the staircases, whileall apartments are connected by intercom to the building entrance.Access and securityProximity tag readers are installed for residents’ use at entrances into thebuilding, while auto access to the underground parking is based on securitycards. Fire alarm, smoke detectors and excessive car fume detectors areinstalled in the underground garages. 15
  14. 14. apartments
  15. 15. exquisite residence for sophisticated individualsThe desire to possess one of the limited-number exclusive homes at UpgroundResidence is the starting point of a life-long journey, imbued with luxury, drive,and plenitude. It is the extraordinary living you have always coveted for yourselfand for your dearest ones.
  16. 16. 18
  17. 17. premiumresidential estateUpground is an exquisite residence in the northern part of Bucharest, uniquellymodeled for highly demanding individuals.Upground Residence comprises two-, three-, and four-room apartments thatbring together the notions of ample space, premium quality furnishings, andhigh-quality materials, which give rise to a feeling of privilege and delight.The urbane interior architecture is augmented by deluxe decorations and anunusual attention to detailing and quality execution, all of them exuding subtleand sophisticated luxury.Built on 16,000 square meters, the living concept of the future is embodied intwo residential entities, which have each 4 main entrances and comprise 570apartments on 16 levels, 1,000 parking lots on three underground levels, aswell as commercial, wellness, lifestyle amenities and concierge facilities.Each class of apartments is individually designed to meet unique tastesof customers and blends in a grand manner defining assets such as valuehardwood flooring, fine sandstone pavers, secure glass balconies, ceramictiles restrooms and highly-effective air conditioning.Upground Residence comprises 5,000 square meters of green area, walkwaysand the proximity to the northern string of lakes. Its courtyards are subtlyilluminated, so that they create the safe feeling without disturbing the inhabitantsat different levels.Upground residents have access to an intelligent elevator system, as well asto the three-level underground parking with reserved access and 24/7/365surveillance. 19
  18. 18. 20
  19. 19. Upgroundtwo-room apartmentsFour types of two-room apartments are designed for those that are enticed bythe concept of extraordinary living, and are ideal for residents desiring comfortof space and the benefits of sophisticated entertaining.However comfortable, one room is never enough for a young professionalwho leads an intricate life and has multifarious interests, hobbies, and a tightschedule. You need space to express yourself and an unmatched level of luxuryto support your lifestyle. The two-room apartments at Upground Residence aredesigned to meet these needs with intelligent distribution of generous areastotalizing from 92 to 121 square meters.Dynamic individuals will also appreciate the proximity to the northern Bucharestbusiness centers and to the most famous restaurants and clubs in Bucharest:Trattoria Il Calcio, Casa Di David, La Provence, Gaia Bar Lounge, FratelliLounge or Club Bamboo, Turabo Society Club to name just a few. 21
  20. 20. 22
  21. 21. Upgroundthree-room apartmentsThe Upground concept expands the space of the three-room apartments to rarecapacious standards. Six types of apartments with an area ranging from 115to 153 square meters allow residents to enjoy an authentic homely experience.It is the perfect choice for a small family that reckon with the essential factthat each individual needs the elbowroom to articulate him or herself. Eachresident can cultivate his or her pursuits and lifestyle, taking delight in the newUpground concept of urbane living.The interior architecture of the apartments beckons relaxation, grand style,and luxury. These top essentials are rendered by the subtle blend of the finestmaterials and the accurate execution with the comprehensive heating, airconditioning, and electrical equipments, as well as the security and parkingfacilities. 23
  22. 22. 24
  23. 23. Upgroundfour-room apartmentsThe design of Upground four-room apartments bespeaks the idea ofsophisticated grand. The brilliantly portioned flat comprising 203 square metersinvites families to luxuriate in the unique feeling of our residence.The beautifully spacious interior embraces one living room, three bedrooms,three restrooms, and three balconies, which offer a comfortable scope evento a large family. Hardwood flooring, fine sandstone pavers, secure glassbalconies, ensuite ceramic tiles restrooms, as well as own gas heating systemcome as standard.Residents can rejoice not only at the interior space and the high-classdecorations: the apartments’ positioning enables them to have a nonpareilvista of the northern green area of Bucharest. The vicinity to the string of lakeswith their fashionable clubs and famous restaurants make this apartment therallying point for different generations seduced by extraordinary living. 25
  24. 24. Upgroundduplex apartmentsDuplex apartments are designed for individuals and families who assume high-class living standards that include capacious interiors, exclusive finishing andappliances, outstanding comfort and state-of-the-art technology.A duplex within Upground Residence is more than an apartment: it is a fully-fledged property in the heart of the City. Located at the fourteenth, fifteenth andsixteenth floors, Upground duplexes are available in three different versions,with living areas ranging from 243 to 385 square meters.Duplex apartments offer breathtaking panoramic views of the northern districtof the City, as well as the chance to create a unique living space, accordingto the owner’s requests and personality. Clients benefit from comprehensiveconcierge services, customized to business, family and individual needs, whichconvey the feeling of Upground extraordinary living. 27
  25. 25. Upgroundpenthouse apartmentsAt Upground Residence, grand means stylish. Our residents have a widechoice of penthouse apartments with living areas ranging from 112 to 230square meters, comprising two, three and four rooms.Located at the highest floors of the building, Upground penthouses aredesigned for sophisticated individuals who desire to take advantage of amplespace and a beautiful view of the city skyline, while keeping them at a distancefrom a clamorous city.Penthouse apartments comprise king-size rooms and wide-span windows,spacious terraces and balconies, high-end appliances and fine furnishingmaterials. Modernistic construction concept and comprehensive amenitiesmake sure that living in an Upground Penthouse is the safest and the easiestway to get the most out of one’s life. 29
  26. 26. lifestyle
  27. 27. upgroundextraordinary livingThere is one exclusive residence where luxury is of necessity. Where self-caressing is the prime condition for admittance. Where grand amenities openthe code of conduct. Where whims are reserved a distinctive portion of theservice. Upground Residence translates lifestyle into living with style.
  28. 28. 32
  29. 29. enjoyliving with styleUpground Residence reveals a smart, dynamic and healthy lifestyle fused withthe daily extraordinary living.Energetic individuals expressing different lifestyles will always desire to livewith style.At Upground Residence you can enjoy sophisticated cuisine, shop at designer’sboutique, do your important banking in person, and let day-care professionalstutor the youngest members of your family.Residents have easy access to all important facilities within UpgroundResidence, whether it is supermarket, pharmacy, medical center, banks,post office, travel agency, hair stylist, dry cleaning, restaurants, coffee shops,exclusive Spa, or swimming pool. 33
  30. 30. 34
  31. 31. Our residents’ body and soul is of utmost significance for our exclusiveconcept of extraordinary living. Consequently, each Upground Residenceowner together with his or her family will enjoy the benefits of a two - year fullmembership in the largest World Class Center from Bucharest.World Class is a global provider of premium fitness that offers the highestquality in service and instruction within a safe and friendly environment. TheUpground Residence World Class Center provides personal and group fitnesstraining, massage and Spa treatments, pool, jacuzzi, and squash facilities.First-class resources and some of the world’s most skilled aerobic and strengthinstructors facilitate a balanced training that induces a state ease, wellbeing,and superior health.World Class offers everything within the field for individuals and corporatefitness. Members and guests are guaranteed the highest quality in service andinstruction within a safe and friendly environment. The company’s internationalstaff consists of some of the world’s most skilled aerobic instructors andadvisors in strength training. 35
  32. 32. 36
  33. 33. Pizza Factory Restaurants is an established brand that has been serving theNorth East of the United States for more than 25 years. Pizza Factory takespride in providing excellent “home cooked” food together with a fast and friendlyservice.Here customers can choose from a wide variety of pizza, lasagna, grinders,fresh salads, starters, pasta, beverages, and dessert. Expertise and the love tocook combined with selected fresh ingredients turn every pizza into a completeculinary festival.At Pizza Factory we offer great food for great tastes all day long. If it is earlymorning, you can have a starter or just some refreshment. If it is noon, you canhave lunch with your colleagues and friends, taking advantage of a first-ratemeal and a friendly company. In the evening you can join Pizza Factory for ahealthy salad and relax after a busy day. 37
  34. 34. 38
  35. 35. Café Flo is the biggest coffee shop chain in Greece, and has a leading positionand a distinctive personality. It operates internationally under the FloCafébrand.One of the things that turn Café Flo into a unique enjoyment haven is the factthat it gives guests the chance to create their own Café Flo experience. Hereguests can enjoy a carefree and stylish ambience, that create lively and upbeatentertainment through colors, music, and excellent service.Café Flo offers quality and friendly service in a carefully designed environment,and builds long-term relationships with customers based on trust and reliability.Here is one of the fewest cafés where one can delight in top quality products,obtained through selected ingredients and authentic recipes.Our specialists are passionate about coffee and chocolate, and that is why theyare always creating new formulas and products, aiming to provide customerswith a bountiful variety of choices and the most exclusive touch of refinement. 39
  36. 36. 40
  37. 37. KINDERGARTENUpground is the perfect home for young families with a busy schedule, sincethey know that they have at hand all the necessary prerequisites for a good life.Upground residents can focus on their daily business objectives or job tasks,while certified kindergarten professionals tutor the youngest members of yourfamily.The kindergarten within Upground Residence offers a balanced educationalprogram, which includes both the national curricula and other optionaleducational activities tailored to the corresponding age group. We focus onchild’s desire to discover, learn and share with others, and help the youngstudents to communicate, to work together and inspire them to become better.The kindergarten schedule is accommodated to different parental lifestylesand job programs, and offers three timetable alternatives so that even adultsworking late hours can rest assured that their children are safe and receive theproper education. 41
  38. 38. 42
  39. 39. BEAUTY PARLOURLooking good is a matter of taking good care of yourself at the best beautyparlor in the city. At Upground our residents have the opportunity to enjoy avariety of salon treatments and styling services in a fancy environment that aredelivered by experienced beauticians.At Upground beauty parlour we make sure that you are looking and feelinggreat and that every moment spent with us is a source of joy. That is why wecaress also our clients’ soul and state of mind, by means of sound, light, smell,and the friendly approach of expert beauticians.Services include hair styling, cosmetic treatments, skin health procedures,facial aesthetic, foot care, aromatherapy, oxygen therapy, massage, manicureand pedicure, body treatments, and make up.All beauty products employed during procedures are internationally renownedbrands, being yet another strong guarantee of our clients’ complete satisfaction. 43
  40. 40. 44
  41. 41. DRY CLEANINGThe dry cleaning services company within Upground Residence is the simplestand the fastest way to take care of the entire family cleaning needs. Now youare free to enjoy your free time, go out with friends or take a trip with your kids.The dry cleaning services are available for all textile and clothing items: shoecare, household textiles, laundry, moths, neckties, garments, shirts, etc.The dry cleaning facility offers also special cleaning services, so that you canfeel clean and comfortable: odor removal, stain removal, color restoration,button sewing, and bleaching.If you want your clothes to feel, smell and look better, and to last longer, the drycleaning facility within the Upground premises is the best choice you can make. 45
  42. 42. 46
  43. 43. Medicover is an international company, which offers a complete range ofmedical services in Romania, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland,holding thus a leader position in Central and Eastern Europe. With more than70,000 individual clients from 1,500 companies and regional medical centersin Bucharest, Cluj Napoca, Constanta, Iasi, Ploiesti, Brasov and Timisoara,Medicover has a strong presence on the Romanian medical services market.During its 13-year medical activity in Romania, Medicover has developed aprofessional medical team comprising 450 medical doctors and nurses, whichpossesses the ability and expertise to offer a rich variety of medical servicesthrough its own medical centers and partner clinical facilities.Medicover delivers subscription- and health insurance-based services to bothindividuals and companies, being the only company that offers both medicaland health insurance options.Within Upground premises our residents have also access to a pharmacy,which is open long hours, including Sundays and Saturdays, so that theydo not need to drive downtown for obtaining prescription or non-prescriptionmedication.Besides, Upground Residence comprises a medical optics facility, whichdelivers quality ophthalmology services, including but not limited to glasses andlens prescription, and opthalmoscopics. Clients benefit from a quick servicefrom certified professionals. 47
  44. 44. 48
  45. 45. PASTRY SHOPWhether you like to have a different breakfast, a quick and flavorsome dinneror just desire to taste one of the most delicious cakes in the city, you are invitedto visit the pastry shop opened at the Upground Residence.Here you can enjoy a rich variety of European desserts, such as cakes andtortes, pound cakes, traditional specialty cakes, éclairs, chocolate balls, fruitand cheese strudels, candies, baklava, kataifi, or marzipan.Our pastry shop takes pride in its high standards and the client-orientedapproach. Here you can order personalized cakes and cookies especiallymade to help you celebrate special occasions such as birthdays and familyoccasions, as well as gift baskets themed for corporate, holiday, graduation orteambuilding events.In case that you have not enough time to enjoy the pastry products within ourpremises, our friendly personnel will package the delicious gifts for home. 49
  46. 46. 50
  47. 47. SUPERMARKETBucharest is a busy and crowded city, and sometimes it is difficult to getwhat you want, especially if you have a tight schedule and you do not enjoy aprivileged geographical position.At Upground Residence, the real estate developer has taken care that itsinhabitants have all they desire at their finger tips. That is why you do notneed to make a long and tiring trip in the city in order to buy food, householdmerchandise or convenience store items.The supermarket offers an ample variety of products, including fresh andcanned meat, vegetables, and fruits, beverages, bakery, pet supplies, as wellas a wide range of non-food products, such as personal care products, smallgarments, newspapers & magazines.In Upground supermarket you will always have a pleasant shopping experience.You can take time and find the products of your choice, while never having toworry about traffic congestions on your road back home. 51
  48. 48. concierge
  49. 49. virtual concierge servicesOur aim is to deliver outstanding concierge services to give you the sense ofextraordinary living each and every moment you spend at Upground Residence.Thanks to our concierge services available 24/7/365, you can dream theimpossible as we have a consistent expertise in achieving it.
  50. 50. 54
  51. 51. conciergecomplete kitWhatever your needs and desires, our virtual concierge personnel can assistyou in fulfilling them. Referrals and recommendations for:Personal & familyIn-house catering, personal chefsRoom servicesFloral deliveriesErrands and appointments stand-ins“While you were away” servicesSpecial gift ideas/ sourcingPersonal trainer, nutritionistMassage, spa, salon appointmentsChildren tutoring services, music lessons, language instructionSpecial events for children (birthday parties, theme parties, etc)Moving & housekeepingMoving companiesStorage optionsHome stagingPacking servicesHome design & decorationIT support servicesAudio & video installationWindow washing, upholstery & carpet cleaningLaundry & dry cleaning 55
  52. 52. 56
  53. 53. conciergecomplete kitWhatever your needs and desires, our virtual concierge personnel can assistyou in fulfilling them. Referrals and recommendations for:Leisure & entertainmentRestaurants, nightclubsTheater, concert, sporting events ticketsCatering, party rentalsEvent planningBusinessIncoming calls and mail managementErrands and appointment stand-insTravel arrangementsCar, limousine servicesPrivate chartersCorporate gifts 57
  54. 54. neighbourhoodnestled in themost exclusive district
  55. 55. We started from the assumption that neighborhood must be as high-classas the actual edifice, since it bestows trust and excellence on the concept ofextraordinary living. Consequently, we have chosen the northern quarter ofBucharest as the privileged location for the luxury haven we created. Here,in the heart of the newly emerging City, you are always attuned to the latesttrends.
  56. 56. 60
  57. 57. the beat in the heart of the citySoaring above Tei and Floreasca Lake, Upground Residence offers aspectacular perspective together with easy access to main shopping areas, topcafés, public and private clubs and restaurants grouped around the northernstring of Bucharest lakes.Upground residents are within 10 to 20 - minute reach from the most famousshopping galleries, restaurants and clubs in Bucharest: Trattoria Il Calcio, CasaDi David, La Provence, Gaia Bar Lounge, Fratelli Lounge or Club Bamboo,Turabo Society Club to name just a few.Our residents are also close to other leisure, health, and sport facilitiesencompassed by Floreasca area, Herastrau Park, Victoriei Square, andAviatorilor Blvd. They include Eden Spa, Club Floreasca Swimming Pool, BleuCiel Club or the Pescariu Sports & Spa. 61
  58. 58. 62
  59. 59. the best educational facilitiesUpground Residence is located in a dynamic residential neighborhood, adjacentto northern business, entertainment and commercial center of the capital. It isalso close to the National Road No. 1 communicating with Prahova Valley, themost popular weekend tourism destination for young families. Thanks to itslocation, professionals will benefit from a significantly reduced commuting time,which allows them to spend more quality moments with their families or friends.Upground Residence is the ideal location for a young family, as it allows quickaccess to the most coveted educational facilities in town: American InternationalSchool of Bucharest, British School, Jean Monnet and I.L. Caragiale Colleges.Upground is also strategically positioned near medical centers (Medicover,The Emergency Hospital), cultural landmarks (Antipa Natural History Museum,Geology Museum, Romanian Peasant Museum, Village Museum), childrenattractions (State Circus and Baneasa Zoo), as well as grocery stores andsupermarkets (Baneasa Shopping Center, Kaufland, Billa and Carrefour). 63
  60. 60. 64
  61. 61. Bucharest’scorporate centerThe location is ideal for dynamic professionals who spend a significant portionof their time in the office. Upground Residence is located in the neighbourhoodof Pipera district, Bucharest’s new corporate center.At the same time, Upground Residence is near downtown Bucharest, whichmeans proximity to all local and central state authorities’ offices and otherimportant private companies’ headquarters.Professionals and businessmen living at Upground significantly benefit ofour 15-minute away location from Henri Coanda and Aurel Vlaicu Airports,mandatory gateways in their business travel arrangements.Moreover, Upground has a privileged business positioning because it is eithersurrounded or in the close vicinity of all major commercial banks operating inRomania. 65
  62. 62. Upground ResidenceAddress: 9B Fabrica de Glucoza St. Bucharest, 2nd DistrictSales office: 3 George Constantinescu St., BOC Tower Entrance B, 7th floor, 2nd District, BucharestTelephone: (+40) 21 311 58 58Fax: (+40) 21 319 35 63E-mail: vanzari@upground.roWebsite: www.upground.roTransportationMetro line: Pipera Metro Station, 100 m away, on Dimitrie Pompeiu Blvd.Bus lines: 110, 167, 112, 135, 167, 201Tram lines: 5, 16, 36
  63. 63. www.upground.ro