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  • I want to start out by just simply saying what this assignment is before I use my P.U.N.C.H.
  • Meeting me getting them interested into what I have to say with my slides. I want them to want to flip to the next slide to see what I have to say. I want them to want to get to know me.
  • I want to make my slides humorous. I feel that when things are funny they tend to hold people’s attention.
  • Tell them a little bit about me.
  • Here I am going to talk about that I have always knew that I wanted to do something with music.
  • Even though I wanted to have a picture that showed different people (the blocks) working together to build something great, but I feel that my words are not jumping off the page because the picture it to busy.
  • Vasquez cristiana visual_resumestoryboard2

    1. 1. Cristiana Vasquez Visual By Eric Bennett, Taken on March 29,2010, Retrieved October 3,2012,
    2. 2. NOTCHRISTINA!!!!
    3. 3. Born and Raised in the beautiful state of Detroit, Michigancom, By Whitewall Buick, Taken on March 24,1999, Retrieved October2,
    4. 4. Proud Mexican- American! By Esparta, Taken on January 21, 2007, retrieved October 3, 2012,
    5. 5. in my blood.Everyone in my family hassomething to do with By: Stephcarter, Taken on May 30, 2007, retrieved October 3,2012
    6. 6. I have been singing every since I could talk…Yup that long! Ethan Hickerson Taken February 13, 2010, Retrieved October 4, 2012,
    7. 7. Lead singer in a Spanish Christian By: Midiman Taken January 21, 2006, Retrieved October 4,2012,
    8. 8. singing Mariachi … It doesnt get any more Daniel Orth Taken March 6,2011, Retrieved October4,2012,
    9. 9. I have always known that I was going tohave something to do with, By: Pink Sherbet Photography, taken December 25,2006, Retrieved October3,2012
    10. 10. In my senior year of high school I knew that I was going to go to Full Sail and not take no for an answer. I knew that I belonged here!, By: Mayes Studios Taken March 4, 2011, retrieved October 3,2012,
    11. 11. So I Enrolled for my bachelors in Music Business Online!
    12. 12. Coming here has been the best decision of my life. I have grown not only in my school work and my music but I havegrown and become stronger as a person
    13. 13. I Love working in groups with different people with different ideas but with the same passions and wants the same outcome as you By: Woodleywonderworks, Taken on May 4, 2008, Retrieved October 3, 2012,
    14. 14. I am a strong individual withgreat leadership skills.
    15. 15. A little outspoken…
    16. 16. But the great thing about me is that I am self motivated. It doesnt take a lot to get me fired up! Mr.Theklan, Taken June 23,2007, Retrieved October 4,2012,
    17. 17. I Love to learn!
    18. 18. And try new By: Matthew Kenwrick Taken April 30,2009, retrieved October 4, 2012,
    19. 19. I love talking to people with the same passions and goals as I do. TEAMS!!! By: William Hook, Taken September 5, 2008, Retrieved October3, 2012,
    20. 20. Presenting really is not my thing butdoing my best to be great at it
    21. 21. inKeynote, PowerPoint, iMovie, GarageBand, iPh oto, and By:Collin Allen, Taken October 9,2006, Retrieved October 4,2012,
    22. 22. Even though I like to be theleader I have no problem havingsomeone else take the lead and take orders.
    23. 23. Found out that Ilove to DJ and Iam pretty good atit…, Taken May 2, 2005, retrieved October 4,2012,
    24. 24. Tell me to do something and I will put my heart and soul into By: Sharon Pruitt, Taken December 8, 2006 retrieved October 3,2012,://
    25. 25. I want to make a difference! By: Scott Davidson taken December 7,2008, Retrieved October 4,2012
    26. 26. inside me. Music was one of my parts. Like my ribs, my kidneys, my liver, my heart. Like my blood. It was a force already within me when I arrived on the scene. It was a necessity for me-like food or water.Flickr.com_By:Luiz Fernando, taken November 11,2012, retrieved October7,2012