Programme / Cristal Festival 2013


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Programme / Cristal Festival 2013

  2. 2. wednesdaydecember11 1:00pm Jardin Alpin Opening Cristal LuncH 2:00pm Private session Media cristal academy deliberations For members only In the honored presidency of Mauricio Sabogal, Global CEO - BPN Mediabrands 3:00pm - 4:30pm Auditorium BRAND ENTERTAINMENT & CONTENT SESSION Creativity & Content Creation O pening speech by Brent Poer – CEO, LiquidThread North America Golden Moustache, entertainment for brands / Golden Moustache – Sandra Albertolli, Business Development Director & M6 Web – Adrien Labastire, Deputy Managing Director and Golden Moustache - Founder Celebrities & media performances: a new love story / ZAM Agency – Céline Saint-Remy, Associate Director Where does creativity come from? / youlovewords – Grégory Nicolaïdis, CEO Digital Content: What does the future hold? / Havas Media – Michaël Bernier, Innovation Director 4:30pm - 6:30pm Auditorium media session Display is dead, long live the display! / SRI panel moderated by Thierry Amar, President – Offremedia with - Horyzon Media – Eric Aderdor, Managing Director (SRI President) - Orange Advertising – Sophie Poncin, Deputy Director (SRI Administrator) - Microsoft France – Erik-Marie Bion, Director of the Advertising & Online Division (SRI Administrator) - M6 Publicité Digital – Nicolas Thorin, Managing Director (SRI Administrator) - Yahoo! – Mikael Willmouth, Commercial Director Agency Business (SRI member) One wrong move - book launching campaign, the seduction journey of the consumer by building a fictional world / Talent Agency for Advertising – Meirav Oz, CEO (Israel) Integrated partnerships : content marketing exploiting multiple platforms and stakeholders / MEC – Chantal Rickards, Head of Programming Branded Content EMEA (UK) closing keynote session Buy with a good vibe / BPN Mediabrands – Mauricio Sabogal, Global CEO (US) 7:00pm Cristal Business Club & Bar Cocktail * Defining branded content for the digital age / BCMA – Andrew Canter, CEO (UK) BECS : BRAND ENTERTAINMENT & CONTENT SUMMIT The key of success of consumer magazine / Mediapost Publicité – Eric Trousset, Managing Director in charge of Research and Marketing & QualiQuanti – Daniel Bô, CEO and Founder
  3. 3. 8:00pm Auditorium awards ceremony - media 9:30pm Le Chabotté cristal dinner Sponsored by 11:30pm KU-DE-TA Cristal Party DJ set
  4. 4. thursdaydecember12 10:00am - 11:30am Vivaldi market research Seminar Academic Studies 1st Barometer (2012 vs 2011) of the M&A operations in the Communication & Marketing Digital sector in France / APM Corporate Finance – Stéphane Amis, Associate Kantar Media intelligence Observatory : advertising & digital / Kantar Media – Denis Gaucher, Managing Director Europe with Corinne In Albon, Marketing Director & Sophie Le Barazer, Marketing Director Deputy How to highlight the culture of brand? / QualiQuanti – Daniel Bô, CEO and Founder 6th edition of Dufresne Corrigan Scarlett’s Advertising Innovation Observatory «Going further on consumer’s perception of innovative campaigns» / Dufresne Corrigan Scarlett – Alain Roussel, President, INfluencia – Isabelle Musnik, Managing Editor and OpinionWay – Hugues Cazenave, CEO 11:30am - 1:00pm Vivaldi becs* SESSION New Vision Creating Data Driven Programming / Yahoo! Studios – Paul Cochrane, Head of Entertainment (US) Beyond the buzzwords #innovation #brandcontent and #strategicplanning: intelligence brought to strategy / UDECAM panel with - Moxie – Thomas Jamet, President - Aegis Media – Gwen Raillard, Delegate Director - Mediacom – Grégoire Garrel, Content Director Stop telling the truth! / Wonder – Glen Condie, CCO (Australia) 1:00pm Cristal lunch La Laiterie Private becs lunch La Montagnette Sponsored by 2:30pm - 4:00pm Auditorium BECS session Digital, Web & social media Moderated by Ted Cohen – Managing Director, Tag Strategic (US) Ad(d) social on TV / TF1 Publicité – Bertrand Nadeau, Commercial Director 361 Cats are NOT over / We Are Social – Sandrine Plasseraud, Managing Director France Social Media and Data driven marketing / Socialyse Havas Media Group – Frédéric Saint-Sardos, Managing Director Clever Usage of Music & Sport in Digital Advertising / Warner Bros. – Lori Feldman, SVP Brand Patnerships & Commercial Music Lic. (US)
  5. 5. 4:00pm - 4:30pm Auditorium Pilot Showcase sessions Meeting brands: Original web projects Showcase 4:30pm - 6:30pm Auditorium BECS session Leaders’ conference Pros and cons of the increasingly interconnected marketplace from the point of view of a storyteller/ content creator / Group M Entertainment Worldwide – Peter Tortorici, CEO (US) 2nd edition of the Brand Entertainement & Content inspirational panel What's new/what's coming up? / Panel hosted by Ben Silverman – CEO, Electus (US) Moderated by Doug Scott – President, OgilvyEntertainment (US) with The revolution will be on every screen: transforming content & advertising for the next generation - Erin McPherson – VP & Head of Video Programming and Originals, Yahoo! (US) Content & Data - Olivier Abecassis – Managing Director, eTF1 & WAT TV Programming your brand: Turning content into a campaign - John Rosenberg – President, g-NET - David Freeman – Co-Head of Brand Coverage, Creative Artists Agency (US) 7:00pm Cristal Business Club & Bar cristal cocktail Sponsored by 8:00pm Auditorium awards ceremony integrated / consumer marketing / brand entertainment & content / scriptwriting contest 9:45pm cristal dinner Pilatus private dinner Le Genépi Sponsored by private dinner La Cabane Des Bûcherons Sponsored by 11:30pm KU-DE-TA cristal party dj set
  6. 6. fridaydecember13 9:00am - 12:30pm Auditorium Brand entertainment & content summit Brunch Sponsored by part of 9:30am Auditorium Opening speech The new challenges of Branded Content. From a buzzword to a real strategy By Thomas Jamet - President, Moxie Paris Brands & music Moderated by Ted Cohen – Managing Director, Tag Strategic (US) The power of sound applied to brand equity / Sound Value – Olivier Covo, CEO Film music, from the big screen to the TV screen / StartRec – Alex Jaffray, Producer The La Redoute case study: The art of being awesome with music / Sizzer Amsterdam – Marcel Wiebenga, Music Supervisor & New Business Developer and Drebika Riyadh, Music Producer (Netherlands) Music & Advertisement: Dos & Dont’s Showcase of the best and worst cases in music for adverting. / Creaminal – Jaco Zijlstra, Music Production & Clément Souchier, Music Supervision Sports & entertainment SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT - Cristal Sports Marketing Award with - Cristal Festival – Christian Cappe, Founder & Managing Director - Havas Sports & Entertainment – Lucien Boyer, President & Global CEO #FuelYourFire? Breaking conventions in F1 sponsorship with Burn & Lotus / Havas Sports & Entertainment, Formula 1 & Burn Case Study With - Lotus F1 – Eric Boullier, Team Principal - Havas Sports & Entertainment – Lucien Boyer, President & Global CEO - The Coca Cola Company 12:00pm Social TV Creation of a new kind of TV: the Tweet series. What Ze Teuf, with We Love Cinema on D8 with - BNP Paribas – Bertrand Cizeau, Deputy Director Brand, Communication & Quality - Le Douze – Matthieu Reinartz, Founder - Canal+ Régie – Bastien Lanson, Director Special events & Sponsoring and Vincent Salini, Director Digital Business Back to roots to face the future / BIM Agency – David Gaudry, Co-founder 12:30pm Media & politics Public & Political Communications: Yesterday, today and tomorow Moderated by Jeannette Bougrab – Journalist and former Secretary of State for Youth & Community Life with - Havas – Jacques Seguela, VP - Conseil National du Numérique – Benoit Thieulin, President - Emakina – Manuel Diaz, CEO
  7. 7. 1:00pm cristal lunch La Laiterie Private women cristal academy lunch Le Lana Trends & Insights: How new identity markers «make up» for IMC? Ipsos – Françoise Hernaez Fourrier, Advertising Trends & Insights Director Sponsored by Private advertisers grand jury lunch Le Saint Roch Sponsored by 2:30pm Private session deliberations advertisers grand jury - Global leadership council journalists jury In the presence of the Jury Presidents 2:45pm - 6:00pm Auditorium marketing innovation & data forum O pening speech Big Data Marketing, myth or reality? Perspectives & Evolutions By Gilles Babinet - President, Captain Dash & EU Digital Champion Innovation: From san francisco to Courchevel Innovation through technology / Havas Worldwide London – Michael Olaye, Head of Tech and Innovation Design thinking: a powerful innovation driver / Betwin Consulting – Suzana Perta Gorea, Managing Director big data, everybody talks about it Attribution: where credit is due ? / Quantcast – Franck Lewkowicz, General Manager France Big Data: a buzzword, that’s all folks! Everyone talks about Big Data, but what issues behind the buzzword? Technology and algorithms, the key to survive the deluge of datas / Performics France – Pierre Emmanuel Cros, Managing Director & Olivier Deletombe, Deputy Managing Director Big Data begins at home: Brands testimonials / RadiumOne – Frédéric Bellier, Managing Director France with - Warner Bros. Entertainment Group – Michael Nathan, Director Digital Marketing & eCommerce - BNP Paribas – Ariel Steinmann, Head of Digital Marketing - Online Bank and Hello Bank! What does it look like on Data Publishers’ side Why publishers must keep their Data to create value and sale audience? Panel hosted by and moderated by Augustin Decré, Managing Director France with - Horyzon Média – Eric Aderdor, CEO & SRI - President - La Place Média – Fabien Magalon, Managing Director - Amaury Médias – Arthur Millet, Digital Director & SRI - Vice-President - Médiaprism – Philippe Leblanc, Data Development Manager - Figaro Médias – François Dufresne, Deputy Managing Director
  8. 8. Tomorrow’s Digital economy Development perspectives of the new digital economy in Europe Panel moderated by Gilles Babinet – President, Captain Dash & EU Digital Champion with - Orange Digital – Stéphanie Hospital, Executive Vice-President - Conseil National du Numérique – Benoît Thieulin, President - Accenture – Christian Nibourel, President France & Benelux - NextRadioTV – Alain Weill, CEO closing keynote session Magister conference / Twitter – Katie Jacobs Stanton, VP & Head of International Strategy (US) 4:30pm Vivaldi #Drink&Date…and feel good! Share a drink and meet Communication Directors of major Causes In presence of - Isabelle Chebat, FIdH - David Germain, Salvation Army - Catherine Monnier, Fonds Addie - Claire O’meara, FNH - Béatrice du Retail, Perce Neige - Christine Tabuenca, Sidaction 5:00pm - 6:00pm Vivaldi Cristal book club: meet the writers Moderated by Patrick Poivre d’Arvor, Journalist & Writer / « Merde à la déprime » by Jacques Seguela, VP – Havas / « Les nouveaux défis du Brand Content » by Thomas Jamet, President – Moxie / « Generation Y et Luxe » by Eric Briones – Darkplanneur 7:00pm Cristal Buisiness Club & Bar cristal cocktail Sponsored by 8:00pm Auditorium awards ceremony digital & mobile / design / PR / production / women cristal 2013 10:00pm cristal dinner Le Ku De Ta / Le Dénali orange dinner - advertisers grand jury Chabichou Sponsored by 11:30pm Le Ku De Ta cristal party dj set Sponsored by
  9. 9. saturdaydecember14 9:00am - 12pm Marketing Innovation & Data Forum Innovation Brunch Sponsored by 9:30am Auditorium Opening speech Media revolution : Brands survival manual By Raphaël De Andreis - CEO, Havas Media Group France The future of brands as media /! – Guillaume Decugis, Co-Founder & CEO Video killed the advertising star Video advertising trends for 2014 - crack the code of social video sharing / Unruly – Dorota Smaggia, Managing Director France Reach Now: Turn the web into a TV channel! / StickyADS.TV – Etienne Bodel, Associate Director Media & Marketing From creation to mediaplanning Panel moderated by Antoine Duarte with - Ebuzzing Group – Pierre Chappaz, CEO - AdVideum – Julien Leroy, Founder - M6 Publicité Digital – Nicolas Thorin, Managing Director Synchronised TV ad broadcasting on all-screens in a multi-tasking world: Audio-visual mediaplanning revolution in 2014? / AdVideum – Julien Leroy, Founder What are the drivers & KPIs of engagement? / Ebuzzing Group – Pierre Chappaz, CEO Bullseye: Data Targeting From mediaplanning to audienceplanning / Weborama – Arnaud Caplier, Chief Data Officer Big Data in the media mix / Rocketfuel – Eric Clémenceau, Managing Director France 12:00pm - 1:00pm Auditorium AACC Customer Marketing session Catch me if you can - the new rules of targeting Big Data, ePrivacy: threat or opportunity for brands? How customer marketing agencies guide brands? Panel moderated by Isabelle Musnik, Chief Editor – Influencia with - AACC Customer Marketing – Catherine Michaud, President - Criteo – Grégory Gazagne, Managing Director Europe - ETO Groupe Publicis – Yan Claeyssen, Managing Director & VP AACC Customer Marketing Followed by cocktail « Cookies à in the Cristal Buisiness Club & Bar gogo » 1:00pm Cristal lunch La Laiterie Starcom advertisers grand jury Lunch Le Denali Sponsored by
  10. 10. 2:45pm - 6:30pm Vivaldi marketing INNOVATION & data FORUM Big (Data) is scary, small is beautiful When small nuggets are key in the consumer engagement and generate big results Panel with - Wunderman – Philippe Bonnet, CEO Group France - Unruly – Dorota Smaggia, Managing Director France - ETO Groupe Publicis – Yan Claeyssen, Managing Director & VP AACC Customer Marketing Privacy: cookies are not only for cravings Moderated by David Abiker, Journalist - Europe 1 Open Data : a driver for transparency, democracy and economic efficiency / Havas Media – Irène Labus, Analytics Director What about privacy in a DMP centric world? / Ezakus Lab – Christophe Camborde, Co-Founder & CEO / IAB France – Jérôme De Labriffe, President Better Data, Better Decisions How Big Data from telco operator can bring value to marketers and media strategists? Find out use cases and what type of Data is at stake? / Orange – Ludovic Lévy, VP Data Monetisation Better data & digital standards for programmatic branding / – Karim H. Attia, CEO & Chairman Brand Advertising Committee IAB Europe (Germany) Put the Data at the heart of human experience / Starcom France – Armel Bursaux, Data & Analytics Director Data-driven marketing delivers enterprise wide value - results of the Teradata eCircle survey / Teradata eCircle – Raphaël Savy, Country Manager France Empowering the upside of viewable impressions / ComScore – Scott Joslin, VP International Advertising Effectiveness (UK) AD EXChanges - Supply side RTB Marketplaces do they create value? Panel moderated by Richard Menneveux, Founder - Frenchweb with - Google – Gérald Sauvageon, Head of Publisher/Entertainment - Adverline/The Place to Bid – Philippe Framezelle, Media manager of the Sales House - La Place Media – Fabien Magalon, Managing Director - – Gilles Chetelat, COO & Co-Founder - – Augustin Decré, Managing Director France AD EXChanges - demand side Why mobile RTB is on your 2014 agenda - Brand testimonial Panel moderated by Richard Menneveux, Founder - Frenchweb with - Tradelab – Charles Gros, Founder & Owner - RadiumOne – Frédéric Bellier, Managing Director France - Microsoft – Alexandre Vasseur, Marketing Communication Manager Windows Phone Social TV: insights for Advertisers / Mesagraph – Sébastien Lefebvre, CEO Native Advertising - Give me a definition Why Native advertising is the opposite of porn? Panel moderated by Antoine Duarte with - Amaury Medias – Arthur Millet, Digital Director & SRI - Vice President - Adyoulike – Charles Deffontaine, CMO
  11. 11. - Huffington Post – Tessa Gould, Director Native Advertising Products - BuzzFeed – Keith Hernandez, Executive Director, International Sales & Strategy (US) 7:00pm Cristal Business Club & Bar cristal cocktail Sponsored by 8:00pm Auditorium closing awards ceremony film / press / radio / print / print craft / outdoor / future is now / Special Awards festival grand cristal / advertisers grand cristal / leadership grand cristal / journalists grand cristal / luxury cristal / ASIA PACIFIC / ng’ads cristal by 10.00pm Chalet de Pierres closing Dinner 11:30pm KU-DE-TA cristal party dj set Sponsored by
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