Digital & Mobile Cristal Shortlist / Cristal Festival 2013


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Digital & Mobile Cristal Shortlist / Cristal Festival 2013

  1. 1. SHORTLIST DIGITAL & MOBILE (WORLDWIDE) ID Campaign Name Ad Title 810-19 Online Ordering ID Campaign Name McDonald's Agency DDB Paris A2 - Brand Website (Services, Products & Comparators) Ad Title Advertiser 918-26 I want Karl's sunglasses ID A1 - Retailer Website Advertiser optic 2000 Country France Agency Buzzman Country France Digital & Mobile - Category : C-1 Food / Drink Mass-consumption product / Home product Campaign Name Ad Title Advertiser Agency Country 918-12 Milka Last Square Mondelez international Buzzman France 908-2 Really Friends Nestle Boissons Instantanees Zenith France 972-1 The Secret Place Nestlé Waters Zenith France Lowe's BBDO New York USA Mondelez international Buzzman France Lowe's Vine Fix in Six Campaign Lowe's Vine Fix in Six Campaign 918-24 milka the hidden eggs 727-4 ID Campaign Name C2 - Automotive / Motorcycle / Automotive Product Ad Title Advertiser Agency Country 844-11 CURVE CURVE Porsche (China) Motors Ltd. FRED & FARID SHANGHAI China 520-1 Toyota Ramadan Abdul Latif Jameel Drive Dentsu/ Jeddah KSA Test Driver Peugeot BETC France Toyota Hilux Ramadan 677-23 Test Driver ID Campaign Name 698-1 Tweet & shoot 837-2 Crush The Speed The worst customer: An insurance nightmare C3 - Insurance / Banking / Financial Service Ad Title Advertiser 749-2 Agency Country BNP Paribas Crush The Speed We Are Social France Alfa Strakhovanie Asstel ProKunde Versicherungskonzepte GmbH Hungry Boys Russia DigitasLBi Germany
  2. 2. ID Campaign Name 959-2 Clouds Over Cuba 727-7 CineMama 837-4 C5 - Charity / General Interest Ad Title Advertiser Agency Country John F. Kennedy Presidential Library The Martin Agency USA CineMama March of Dimes BBDO New York USA The WWF 'Rare Page' The WWF 'Rare Page' WWF Hungry Boys Russia 676-9 WWF Russia BBDO Russia Group Russia 748-6 BACK ON TAKSIM AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL TURKEY Musee de la Grande Guerre du pays de Meaux Herezie France DDB Paris France 810-13 Facebook1914 ID Campaign Name C8 - Information Technology / Telecommunications Ad Title Advertiser Agency Country 848-7 SFR 4G LIVE SFR Red France 868-4 Eat A Tweet M6 Mobile Blast Radius Paris France ID Campaign Name Ad Title C10 - Fashion Advertiser Agency Country 868-3 Get Loud Paris Converse Blast Radius Paris France 813-3 JEAN PAUL GAULTIER BEAUTE PRESTIGE INTERNATIONAL KASSIUS France ID 820-8 ID Campaign Name C11 - Media (TV, Press, Internet, Radio) Ad Title Advertiser We all need Glamour Campaign Name 542-3 AXE WINGMAN ID Campaign Name 824-12 Vive le sport! DAN PARIS C12 - Beauty Product / Hygiene / Health Products Ad Title Advertiser SOS condom 478-1 Les Publications Conde Nast / Glamour Agency Country France Agency Country Durex AXE WINGMAN Ad Title Hermes Vive le sport! Buzzman France UNILEVER GULF DIGITAL REPUBLIC UAE C13 - Luxury Advertiser Agency Country Hermes DigitasLBi Paris France 813-2 ISSEYMIYAKEPARFUMS.COM BEAUTE PRESTIGE INTERNATIONAL KASSIUS France 683-3 Boucheron, the moments B MNSTR / BOUCHERON MNSTR France
  3. 3. ID Campaign Name 824-9 The Human Youtube Player ID 914-1 Campaign Name The Human Youtube Player Publicis Groupe Agency DigitasLBi Paris D2 - Interactive & Dynamic Banner Ad Title Advertiser Agency Country France Country Tweet Player Red Bull LOWE/SSP3 Colombia 824-17 Vive le sport! Hermes Vive le sport! Hermes DigitasLBi Paris France 798-1 Speak to Navigate Samsung Digitas Brazil ID Tweet Player Ad Title C14 - Corporate Advertiser Samsung Smarttv Campaign Campaign Name 473-34 CHEYEF HALAK ID Campaign Name D3 - Homepage Customization Ad Title Advertiser DISCRIMINATION CAPTCHA LBCI The Candidate 844-17 THE COUNTRYWIDE JOKE 847-3 ACTIONAID INTERNATIONAL 868-5 ITALIA ONLUS Eat A Tweet 922-1 ID CINZIA YOUR SKIN FRIEND Campaign Name Agency Country Lebanon Country Musee de la Grande Guerre du pays de Meaux BNP Paribas Tweet & shoot 970-9 IMPACT BBDO E1 - Viral Mechanism (Device & Creation, including Social) Ad Title Advertiser 810-12 Facebook1914 720-1 Agency THE COUNTRYWIDE JOKE DONAILTUOPROFILO DDB Paris France We Are Social France Heineken CARAMBAR - KRAFT FOODS MONDELEZ INTERNATIONAL ACTIONAID INTERNATIONAL ITALIA ONLUS Publicis Italy Italy FRED & FARID GROUP France DLVBBDO Italy Blast Radius Paris France LEO BURNETT CO. Srl Milan Italy M6 Mobile CINZIA YOUR SKIN FRIEND IDI Farmaceutici (Merck Sharp & Dohme Group) Ad Title E2 - Viral Film Advertiser Agency Country 677-30 Baby&Me 812-3 One photo a day in the worst 824-10 yearHumanlife The of my Youtube Player Baby&Me One photo a day in the worst year of my life The Human Youtube evian BETC France Fund B92 Saatchi&Saatchi Belgrade Serbia DigitasLBi Paris France 486-36 Mashou' Leila - Raasuk Player Diversion Mashrou' Leila Leo Burnett Beirut Lebanon
  4. 4. ID Campaign Name 542-4 SOS condom 901-5 Bluetooth Diaper Alert 484-3 Nawras Piggybacking F1 - Mobile Marketing (Mobile Application, Sites...) Ad Title Advertiser 677-24 Music in the sky 680-2 THE BRIGHTEST ONLINE AD 473-38 HERITAGE ID Campaign Name Agency Country Durex Buzzman France Bluetooth Diaper Alert P&G Agencia Africa Brazil Nawras Piggybacking Nawras Leo Burnett Dubai UAE BETC France Publicis Germany Germany IMPACT BBDO Lebanon Music in the sky Air France THE BRIGHTEST ONLINE AD Lupine Lighting Systems GmbH / Delius Klasing Interactive GmbH & Co.KG HERITAGE ETS. KHALIL FATTAL & SONS Ad Title G1 - Digital Innovation Advertiser Agency Country 698-2 Tweet & shoot BNP Paribas We Are Social France 848-6 SFR 4G LIVE SFR Red France ID Campaign Name Ad Title 918-13 Milka Last Square 727-1 ID AT&T Digital Life Campaign Name 824-13 Vive le sport! ID 820-7 ID Campaign Name 844-10 Wezzoo Mobile App ID Campaign Name 929-11 THE MONOLITH 683-5 Lacoste Future Polo L1212 Agency Country Mondelez international AT&T Digital Life Ad Title Hermes Vive le sport! Buzzman France AT&T BBDO New York USA I1 - Craft Best Animation Advertiser Hermes Agency DigitasLBi Paris I3 - Craft Best Sound Design Ad Title Advertiser The sound of Hermes Silver Campaign Name H1 - Integrated Campaign Advertiser Hermès Agency DAN PARIS I4 - Craft Best Interface & Navigation Ad Title Advertiser Wezzoo Mobile App Ad Title THE MONOLITH WEZZOO I5 - Craft Best Video Advertiser Country France Country France Agency FRED & FARID GROUP (KIDS LOVE JETLAG) Agency Country France Country MERCEDES BENZ PROXIMITY BBDO & CLM BBDO France LACOSTE MNSTR France