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Crimson Consulting Healthcare and Social Media Overview

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Describes how leading healthcare companies are using social media to succeed in the market. By Crimson Consulting.

Describes how leading healthcare companies are using social media to succeed in the market. By Crimson Consulting.

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  • 1. Healthcare and Social MediaAn Overview of how leading healthcare brands are using social mediaApril 11, 2011Karen O’Brien, Managing DirectorJim Lightsey, Managing DirectorAlysse Esmail, Analyst
  • 2. Introduction Social media is here to stay and the role that social media can play in healthcare marketing and communications is evolving. Marketers in regulated industries are finding it challenging to leverage the full power of social media and are awaiting guidance on Internet and social media from the FDA. This report is an overview to demonstrate how leading healthcare brands are using social media marketing today. From marketing strategy to web marketing and social media marketing, Crimson Consulting is experienced in helping companies understand the nature of emerging media and how to best execute effectively. Please contact us if you’d like to learn more about our approaches and services. Best regards, Karen O’Brien, Managing Director Jim Lightsey, Managing Director Crimson Consulting Crimson Consulting 650.429.0340 650.429.0366 kobrien@crimson-consulting.com jlightsey@crimson-consulting.comwww.crimson-consulting.com 1 © CRIMSON CONSULTING 2011
  • 3. Contents  Introduction  Social Media and Healthcare  Healthcare Social Media Marketing Examples  About Crimson Consultingwww.crimson-consulting.com 2 © CRIMSON CONSULTING 2011
  • 4. Consumers Look Online for Health Care Information • 61% of American Adults look online for Health Information • 83% of consumers with internet access have looked online for information about health topics (i.e. disease, treatments, insurance, daily health issues) • 24% of Patients Have Consulted Reviews of Medical Facilities Online • 41% of patients have read someone else’s commentary or experience about health or medical issues on an online news group, website or blog -2009 Pew Internet Research Study • 24% of patients online have consulted rankings or reviews of doctors or providerswww.crimson-consulting.com 3 © CRIMSON CONSULTING 2011
  • 5. Information found by Consumers is having an impact on their health care • 60% said it affected a decision about how to treat an illness or condition • 56% said it changed their overall approach to maintaining their health or the health of someone they care for • 53% said it led them to ask a doctor new questions, or to get a second opinion • 49% said it changed the way they thought about their diet, exercise or stress management • 38% said it affected their decision to see a doctor • 38% said it changed the way they cope with a chronic condition or manage pain - 2009 Pew Internet Research Studywww.crimson-consulting.com 4 © CRIMSON CONSULTING 2011
  • 6. Current Trends in US Hospitals use of Social Media In 2009… In 2010 … 367 US hospitals were using 744 U.S. hospitals were using social media social media • 267 Twitter Accounts • 549 Twitter Accounts • 190 Facebook Pages • 513 Facebook Pages • 186 were on YouTube • 337 YouTube Channels • 35 had blogs - Cache, Health care professional Resourcewww.crimson-consulting.com 5 © CRIMSON CONSULTING 2011
  • 7. Current Trends in US Hospitals use of Social Mediawww.crimson-consulting.com 6 © CRIMSON CONSULTING 2011
  • 8. Patients are actively engaging through social Media - Ed Bennett, Hospital and Social Media Presentationwww.crimson-consulting.com 7 © CRIMSON CONSULTING 2011
  • 9. Healthcare Recruitment Healthcare organizations have begun using social media for recruitment, posting job opportunities on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. These outlets allow recruiters to target closely. This method is very cost-effective, the company only pays when someone clicks on the link. www.kaiserpermanentejobs.org/www.crimson-consulting.com 8 © CRIMSON CONSULTING 2011
  • 10. Connecting Employees AMN Healthcare is using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to connect its employees and brands. “We engage in dialogue through social media sites, encourage two-way conversations and respond to online posts when appropriate,” - Carol Burke, Senior Director of Marketing and Communications for AMN http://www.facebook.com/#!/NurseConnectwww.crimson-consulting.com 9 © CRIMSON CONSULTING 2011
  • 11. Digital Health Records Microsoft HealthVault is a platform from Microsoft to store and maintain health and fitness information digitally, the website is accessible at and addresses both and individuals and healthcare professionals Microsoft uses social media to inform Health Vault users ways get the most from the product “New home blood pressure study created for #diabetics - patients www.microsofthealthvault.com uploading readings into #Microsoft #HealthVault http://bit.ly/dGIBOM” http://twitter.com/HealthVaultwww.crimson-consulting.com 10 © CRIMSON CONSULTING 2011
  • 12. Social Media for Corporate Communications  Pfizer was one of the first companies in a regulated industry to establish a Slideshare channel. • Launched in July 2010, the channel provides investor and corporate presentations, documents and videos in a custom-branded space. http://www.slideshare.net/Pfizerwww.crimson-consulting.com 11 © CRIMSON CONSULTING 2011
  • 13. Condition Related Campaigns Genzyme “KneeToKnow” Facebook Campaign based on knee osteoarthritis Internationally focused on consumers in India, Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines. http://www.facebook.com/KneeToKnowwww.crimson-consulting.com 12 © CRIMSON CONSULTING 2011
  • 14. Condition Related Campaigns In 2009 (Red) a worldwide campaign was launched to help spread awareness and raise money for the AIDS epidemic growing in Africa. Facebook and Twitter launched interactive profiles an streams in support of this campaign. Partner companies Starbucks, Apple and Nike who have designed special products that contribute to funding the campaign. http://www.joinred.com/red/ www.twitter.com/#!/joinred www.facebook.com/joinredwww.crimson-consulting.com 13 © CRIMSON CONSULTING 2011
  • 15. Mobile Content, Tools and Engagement Text4baby is a free mobile information service designed to promote maternal and child health. Care4lifeSM is a personalized interactive mobile health service designed to help diabetics manage their condition by leveraging the ubiquity of mobile phones to educate, interact, and engage the patient. http://www.text4baby.org/ http://www.voxiva.com/solutions/health_engagement/diabetes.htmlwww.crimson-consulting.com 14 © CRIMSON CONSULTING 2011
  • 16. Social Media for Crisis Management Tylenol Recall: Johnson & Johnson leveraged social media in a Crisis Management situation to create awareness about the Tylenol recall using social media outlets • Got information out quickly • Keeps public up-to-date • Allows for dialogue between company and consumer http://jnjbtw.com/2010/01/mcneil-recall/ http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=124240290919932www.crimson-consulting.com 15 © CRIMSON CONSULTING 2011
  • 17. Using Video to Engage Johnson & Johnson Health Channel on YouTube • Interactive with Consumers • Close to 100 Human Interest Videos • Engaging, Innovated, Maintained and Liked http://www.youtube.com/user/JNJhealthwww.crimson-consulting.com 16 © CRIMSON CONSULTING 2011
  • 18. Making Healthcare fun Bayer Didget: A blood glucose testing product for kids. Connecting to Nintendo DS and rewarding users for building consistent blood glucose testing habits and meeting targets “ “The Didget meter is a revolutionary development in healthcare management. Up until now, blood glucose monitors have been created with adults in mind.” Head of Bayer Medical Care, Sandra Peterson http://www.bayerdidget.com/Homewww.crimson-consulting.com 17 © CRIMSON CONSULTING 2011
  • 19. Patient experiences AstraZeneca My Asthma Story Focused on the drug Symbicort , AstraZeneca “My Asthma Story” via vlog and YouTube focusing on viewers stories and challenges of battling Asthma www.youtube/myasthmastorywww.crimson-consulting.com 18 © CRIMSON CONSULTING 2011
  • 20. Country Based Social Media Channels Pfizer Country Based Social Media Channels Language Specific Twitter @Pfizer_News @PfizerMexico @Pfizer_Dairy @PfizerTurkiye @Pfizer_Spain More focused and centralized for consumer satisfactionwww.crimson-consulting.com 19 © CRIMSON CONSULTING 2011
  • 21. Weight Loss Focused Social Media Channels Alli is an FDA approved weight loss system using social media to provide support and help to motivate users to accomplish their health and weight loss goals. Quick and direct responses between users and company supply tips, tricks and useful information via online forums like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. www.myalli.comwww.crimson-consulting.com 20 © CRIMSON CONSULTING 2011
  • 22. Wellness as a basis for engagement Healthymagination is a GE Healthcare Campaign created to promote healthy eating and lifestyles among adolesences and families www.twitter.com/gehealthy www.facebook.com/healthymaginationwww.crimson-consulting.com 21 © CRIMSON CONSULTING 2011
  • 23. Engaging around charitable causes Siemens Healthcare CaringHands Campaign raised more than $960,000 for organizations like the United Way, the American Cancer Society, the American Heart Association, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Water for People, and other employee-designated charitable organizations across the country. www.facebook.com/SiemensCaringHandswww.crimson-consulting.com 22 © CRIMSON CONSULTING 2011
  • 24. Education though Video University of Maryland Medical Center YouTube Channel • Video responses to common injuries • Explains injuries • How to fix/heal injuries http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLAnQcVTAekwww.crimson-consulting.com 23 © CRIMSON CONSULTING 2011
  • 25. Real-time Education - Ed Bennett: Hospital and Social Media Presentationwww.crimson-consulting.com 24 © CRIMSON CONSULTING 2011
  • 26. Health Associations are Setting the Bar for Social Media Engagement http://www.facebook.com/susangkomenforthecure http://twitter.com/#!/komenforthecure http://apps.facebook.com/causes/beneficiaries/525/info www.shopkomen.comwww.crimson-consulting.com 25 © CRIMSON CONSULTING 2011
  • 27. Co-Marketing with Health Associations Macys and the American Heart Associated have teamed up for a viral online campaign raising over $24 million and counting… www.macys.com/gored/www.crimson-consulting.com 26 © CRIMSON CONSULTING 2011
  • 28. State Health Departments Use Social Media to Spread Awareness New York City developed a Twitter account @nycHealthy to update citizens about health developments Alabama Department of Public Health uses Facebook Massachusetts created an interactive blog to help users find information about health concerns www. twitter.com/nychealthy http://www.facebook.com/alabamapublichealth http://publichealth.blog.state.ma.us/www.crimson-consulting.com 27 © CRIMSON CONSULTING 2011
  • 29. Healthcare Product Companies Partner with Consumer Companies Polar (Heart Rate Monitors) partners with consumer companies, like Nike, Adidas and iPhone applications, like Digifit to engage with users. Enabling consumers to share progress and success via social networks. www.twitter.com/digifit www.twitter.com/chrispolarUSAwww.crimson-consulting.com 28 © CRIMSON CONSULTING 2011
  • 30. Crimson Consulting Healthcare Marketing Crimson is experienced in helping Healthcare brands leverage the power of marketing. Our services include: Marketing Strategy •Brand Architecture/Portfolio Management •Value Proposition Development •Product Positioning •Product Marketing Effectiveness Social Media Marketing •Listening and Conversational Analysis •Consumer Receptivity/Needs •Marketing/Campaign Strategy •Social Media Roadmap •Governance and Policies •Campaign Design/Implementation •Engagement and Management Solutions •Metrics and Reportingwww.crimson-consulting.com 29 © CRIMSON CONSULTING 2011
  • 31. Questions?Crimson Consulting Karen O’Brien, Managing Director4970 El Camino Real, Los Altos, CA 94022 650.429.0340650.960.3600 kobrien@crimson-consulting.comwww.crimson-consulting.com Jim Lightsey, Managing Director 650.429.0366 jlightsey@crimson-consulting.com 30