Educational Beauty


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This is another amazing presentation that I made for the second grade teacher at my old school. Please view with PowerPoint 2010 and see why I'm the best.

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Educational Beauty

  1. 1. For computer help when no one’s around, call or text me at (405) 388-0553Do not expect any responses between the hours of 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM on weekdays, or call answers from 9:30 AM – 12:00 PM, and 4:30 – 7:30 PM on Sundays.Click this message to close it.
  2. 2. dull alone enormous alongside exciting always chipmunks cheer amazing granddaughter choreshandsome homework picked fine clustered grew engine hardly minutes sniffing meadow gathered planted simple sideways snuggle south reason raced strong sprout sparkling treat woods spoiled wandered turnip tool spotted batter frontier beneath cranes buttery announced nearby beautiful discover knelt boasteddirections perfect arrived orchards nutrition energy relay- crept promise recipe glum survive protects forecast race crown twitch smeared members tame ripens shed shimmer village worry yellow cake rebuild wild streams source snug vines wrinkled
  3. 3. Not bright or shiny: This bike was blue when it was new, but now the paint is dull. dull Stirring up strong, lively feelings: The movie was so exciting exciting that we forgot to eat our popcorn.handsome Good-looking: A tiger has a handsome striped coat. hardly Almost not: He could hardly lift the heavy box. To one side or the other: I try to swim in a straight line, sideways but I keep going sideways. Shining in the light as a jewel does: The dew on the grass sparkling was sparkling in the sunlight. spotted Saw something that might not be easy to see: We spotted a plane flying high above.
  4. 4. always Every time: He is always on time Schoolwork done at home: Our teacher gives ushomework homework every night. Sets of sixty seconds: Dad told us to wait a few more minutes minutes before leaving. To hold close; cuddle: I love to snuggle my baby sister in snuggle my arms. Food or drink given or paid for by another: Our coach bought treat each of us an ice cream treat after we won the game.
  5. 5. Animals that look like small squirrels with stripes on theirchipmunks backs: Two chipmunks ran under our porch. chipmunk Took something such as a flower, a fruit, or a vegetable from a plant: picked She picked a big bunch of flowers from her garden. Pick, picking Breathing in through the nose in order to smell something: Everyone sniffing kept sniffing the roses because they smelled so good. Sniff, sniffed. The direction to your right as you face the sunlight: The south plane turned and headed south. A place where many trees grow: Deer and other animals live woods in the woods. syn. forest
  6. 6. Away from everyone else; by oneself: Matt was alone in the yard after the other children went into the house. alone To make someone who is unhappy feel better: You can cheer make a card to cheer a sick friend. Cheered, cheering fine Good: We had a fine time at the fair. An open place where grass grows: The cows ate grass inmeadow the meadow. A statement that tells why someone did something or why somethingreason happened: The reason they are late is that the bus broke down. Ruined; no longer useful: The picture I drew was spoiledspoiled when I left it outside in the rain. Spoiled, spoiling
  7. 7. Surprising: It is truly amazing how good Morgan is at amazing soccer. amaze, amazed Got close together: All the children clustered around theclustered kitten. cluster, clustering Came together in a group: The family gathered aroundgathered Grandpa to listen to his story. gather, gathering Went very fast from one place to another: Jenny raced home raced from school to tell her mother the good news. race, racing Walked as people do when they are not in a hurry: We looked at bugswandered and smelled the flowers as we wandered across the field. wander, -ing
  8. 8. Very, very big: The fish was so enormous that it wouldn’t fit in the boat! syn. hugeenormous The daughter of a person’s son or daughter: The grandparents took grand- care of their little granddaughter while her parents worked.daughter grew Got bigger: The little tree grew to be very tall. grow, grown, growing Put something into the ground so it would grow: These planted flowers grew from the seeds we planted. plant, planting Full of power; not week: The wind was so strong that it strong blew down some big trees. turnip A round vegetable that grows under the ground and may be white or yellow: Mother cooked the turnip so we could eat it with our dinner.
  9. 9. Beside; at the side of: Park your bike alongside the fence.alongside Jobs that people do at home: Setting the table and chores weeding the garden are two of my chores. chore The part of a car or other machine that causes it to move: engine Dad opened the hood of the car so we could see the engine. Easy to do or to understand: Some math problems are simple hard, but this one is simple. Begin to grow: When the seeds sprout, tiny plants will sprout push up through the ground. sprouted, sprouting A thing you use to help you do work: A drill is a tool that tool you can use to make holes in wood or metal.
  10. 10. Large machines used to move or lift heavy things: Tall cranes cranes lift the heavy beams that are used to build skyscrapers. crane Plans that tell how to do something or how to go somewhere: Readdirections the game’s directions so you will know what to do. syn. instructions A statement that a person really will do something: Don’t promise make a promise if you are not sure you can keep it. To move quickly a part of the face or body: I like to watch twitch rabbits twitch their noses. twitched, twitching worry To be upset by thinking about something that might happen: When it doesn’t rain, farmers worry that their crops will dry up. worried, worrying
  11. 11. A mixture of flour, milk, eggs, and other things that will be made into a cake or pancakes: Pour the cake batter batter into the pan and bake it. Having butter on it: My fingers are buttery from the buttery toast I just ate. The best that something can be: It was warm and sunny, perfect a perfect day for a picnic. A plan that tells what items you need and what steps to follow to make recipe something to eat or drink: This recipe for popovers says to add two eggs. Spread something wet or greasy onto something else: My little smeared sister smeared finger paints all over the wall. smear, smearing A kind of cake that is yellow in color: Would you like ayellow cake yellow cake or a chocolate cake for your birthday?
  12. 12. Told others some news or information: Our teacher announced to theannounced class that we would have a special visitor. announce, announcing Got to a place: His plane arrived at the airport on time. arrived arrive, arriving Very unhappy: Andy has been glum all day because his glum bike is missing. syns. sad, gloomy People who belong to a group such as a club or a team: All members the members of our reading group liked the story. member To build again: The farmer had to rebuild his barn after it rebuild burned down. rebuilt, rebuilding
  13. 13. A place where people have not lived before: Years ago, people moved to the frontier to find new land forfrontier homes and farms. Not far; close by: Mother stays nearby to watch us when nearby we swim. Large groups of fruit trees or nut trees that people have planted: Someorchards farmers have planted orchards of apple, pear, and other fruit trees. orchard To stay alive: Desert plants and animals can survive survive without much water. survived, surviving To make something less wild: You should not try to tame a tame wild animal by petting it. tamed, taming Not lived on or used by people: Our country has made parks wild where no one may build so that the land will stay wild.
  14. 14. Nice to look at: The butterfly was so beautiful that Ibeautiful painted a picture of it. syns. pretty, lovely Food for health and growth: Children need nutrition tonutrition stay healthy. Keeps safe: Some animals have thick fur that protectsprotects them from the cold. protect, protected, protecting Becomes fully grown or ready to be used as food: A tomato ripens turns from green to red as it ripens. ripen, ripened, ripening Small rivers: Fish live in ponds, lakes, rivers, streams, andstreams oceans. stream
  15. 15. To learn or find out: What did you discover when youdiscover walked in the woods? discovery A force that can give something power: The energy of energy rushing water turns machines to make electricity. To predict, or say ahead of time, what will happen: I’d like toforecast learn how to forecast the weather. forecasting, forecaster To throw off: We kept dry because our plastic ponchos shed shed the rain. sheds, shedding A thing or person from which something comes: Trees are source a source of food and shelter for many animals.
  16. 16. Under: We found the cat hiding beneath the sofa. beneath Got down on one’s knees: He knelt down to pick up the knelt pen he had dropped. kneel, kneeling A race in which members of a team take turns running parts of the race: In the relay race relay race, each person on the team had to run to the tree and back. Shone with a soft sparkle: The moonlight shimmered onshimmered the lake. shimmer, shimmering Warm and comfortable: The children were snug in their snug warm beds that winter night. syn. cozy Became less smooth: The clothes wrinkled in the hot wrinkled dryer.
  17. 17. Talked in a bragging manner: Ryan boasted that he wasboasted the best actor in the play. boast, boasting Crawled: We crept into the bushes when we played crept hide-and-seek. creep, creeping An object worn on the head as a sign of honor: Alice crown wore a silver crown as the princess in the play. A group of houses in the country: We drove through a small village village when we got off the main road. syn. town Plants with stems that grow along the ground or climb by clinging on vines to something: The vines twisted along my granddad’s back fence. vine