The world of the animals by Ainoa Álvarez


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The world of the animals by Ainoa Álvarez

  1. 1. ASIATIC LIONThe Asiatic lion lives in Asia and Africa, It is indanger of extinction. It eats zebras,gazelles, antelopes, giraffes ... they are animals thatlive in groups or herds of 3 to 40 animals. Femalelions are the most important of the herd as they areusually the most prestigious and quarrelsome.
  2. 2. SQUIRRELThe squirrel live in the forests of most of the world.She eats seeds, nuts, acorns, bark, young shoots...Squirrel lives with her family and relatives; the squirrelhas a slender body, very bushy tail andlong, brilliant eyes, head upright, sharp teethand sharp.
  3. 3. BENGAL TIGERThe Bengal tiger is found in Asia, from Siberia tothe north to the south island of Java.Feed on large mammals. The Bengal tiger is a solitaryanimal and has great action territory. It is the biggestliving cat.
  4. 4. DOGSThese dogs are medium length, affectionate and withan intelligent expression.The pet dog is ideal for walking or running.It has attitudes to hunting and fishingits popularity has increased its weaknesses.
  5. 5. KANGAROOThe kangaroo is an animal that lives in Australia,Tasmania and New Guinea.the kangaroo eats herbs, their characteristics are:Heavy body with small front legs and long hind withincredible strength. Long and muscular tail. Femaleshave a brood pouch, and customs, according totheir race are formed herds or live alone.
  6. 6. GRAMPUSThe whales are marine animals that live inthe Atlantic Ocean and polar coasts. These animalseat meat, their customs are that usually go in groups of up toforty individuals. Its characteristics are:-Live between 50-80 years, measure 7 to 10 meters, andweigh about 5 tons and a half.
  7. 7. HUMMINGBIRDThe hummingbird lives in all America but mostlyin tropical zones, the hummingbird feedson nectar from flowers. These birds live in groups,the hummingbird is the worlds smallest bird, theweight is two grams, has a long, narrow beak anda tongue-shaped tube.
  8. 8. DOLPHINSDolphins are aquatic animals that live in warm seas,feeding on fish. Always live in groups of more than adolphin, have spindle-shaped body, smallhead, long snout as duck bill, very voracious,intelligent, easy to tame. Are usually very playful andhappy.
  9. 9. ELEPHANTSElephants are animals that live in all of Africa exceptin Northern and Southeast Asia. these animalseat grass. When in the water, often absorbed with histrunk and throw it over.
  10. 10. LEOPARDSLeopards live in Africa less in the North. Eatother animals, usually climbing trees, as if theywere cats. In fact belong to the same family.Is mammal. It has a trunk of 1-2 meters anda tail of 1-1,5 meters. Their weight can be between 3060 kilograms.
  11. 11. PENGUINSPenguins live in Antarctic ice and in the surroundingwaters are carnivorous animals, usually stay in largegroups in order to maintain the heat. Are birds, aged 1520 live in freedom, measures 1.20 centimeters tall andweighs about 40 kg.
  12. 12. CATSThe cat lives in all the world and in all continents, is thefamily of the Felidae or also called feline. Its binomialname is Felis sylvestris. This cat is almost the size of thefox, has a very thick coat, eyes wild or opposite, adorableand its teeth stronger. This kind of cat eats everything, has 1year of maturity and gestation throughout the month ofFebruary.
  13. 13. PANDA BEARSPanda bears live in remote mountains ofcentral China; eat bamboo tubes ... They arealso omnivores. Usually do great climbs in themountains just to get their food, is a mammal. It has asize of 1 to 1.5 meters. It weighs about 140 kilograms andfree live about 20 years.
  14. 14. BEARSBears live in Russia, Alaska, Canada, Greenland andNorway, also in the entire polar region. It is a carnivorousanimal, often move by swimming or pieces of ice to othershores. It is mammal. Live an average of 25-30 years in thewild. Your body is between 2 and 2.5 meters, and its tailbetween 8 and 13 centimeters. It weighs between 400 and 730kg.
  15. 15. FROGSThe frog lives in a small region of northeasternSouth America. Believe it or not this frog iscarnivorous. This frog only have to be carefulwith a type of snake that has developed itsspecial resistance to poison. Live about 10 yearsin captivity; the frog measure 2.5 centimetersand weighs 30 grams.
  16. 16. SNAKESThe snake lives in the Southeast of North America, andthe entire Florida peninsula. It eats meat, because itis an animal carnivore. They are animals that use theirvenom to paralyze their prey before eating them. Snakesare reptiles in the wild, they live between 10 and20 years, measuring 1.8 meters and weigh 2.5 kg.
  17. 17. WOLFThe wolf lives in Europe, America, Asia and Africa. Heeats meat from small and medium-sized mammals,insects, fruit and even fish. Its a very social animal, thewolf lives in family groups. He uses his famous howlwolf to communicate with other members of his grouplooks like a German shepherd and is one of themammals that lived longer on earth.
  18. 18. This presentation is made by:AINOA ÁLVAREZ DURÁN THE END