Energy around us by Paula Crespo


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Energy around us by Paula Crespo

  1. 1. EnergyAround Us Paula Crespo González
  2. 2. Forms of energy Energy is the ability an object or body has to create changes arond it . There are different types of energy : * Mechanical or kinectic energy . * Light energy. * Sound energy. * Electric energy . * Thermal or heat energy. * Chemical energy. * Nuclear energy.
  3. 3. Electricity Electricity comes from other forms of energy that exist in nature like the kinectic energy of moving water or wind ,or the chemical energy of coal. Electricity is very useful form of energy: * We can transport it easily . * It transforms into other types of energy .
  4. 4. Sources of energy Sources of energy give us the energy we need . There are two *Sources of renewable energy .These are the ones that are abundant like sunlight or the wind. *Sources of non-renewable energy .There is only a limited amount of this type of energy ,like petroleum.
  5. 5. Sources of renewable energySunlight is a reneweble source of energy
  6. 6. Sources of non- renewable energyPetrol is the most used non-renewable energy source
  7. 7. The most widely used sources of energy The most common sources of energy are: * Fuels. The most frequently used fuels are: - Coal. - Natural gas. - Petroleum. * Water. * Wind . * Uranium and plutonium.
  8. 8. Other sources of energy There are other sources of energy that we use less: * The sun. * Biomass. * Rocks and water in volcanic areas. * Waves and tides.
  9. 9. Other sources of energySolar panels catch solar energy and trnsform it
  10. 10. Producing elctricity These power station are different ,depending on the source of energy they use: * Hydroelectric power station . * Thermal power station . * Nuclear power station . * Solar power station . * Wind farms.
  11. 11. Producing electricityWind turbines generate electricity when they move
  12. 12. Thermal power plant
  13. 13. Thermal power plant
  14. 14. Hydroelectric power stations
  15. 15. Energy problems Producing and using them causes many problems to living things and the enviroment : * Changes in the landscape. * negative effects on living things . * Polluntion. * Depletion of non- renewable energy sources.
  16. 16. Energy problemsAcid rain harms the forests
  17. 17. Energy problemsPower lines can be harmful to living things and the enviroment
  18. 18. Using energy efficiently We can do many things to save energy: * Turn off the lights. * Use public transport. * Turn off heaters and air conditioning. * Avoid opening the door of the fridge.
  19. 19. Fin