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Castles Miguel Matilla

  1. 1. By Miguel Matilla Rodríguez
  2. 2. I’am Miguel. Do you want to come with me?I want to show you all the enchanted castles in Britain
  3. 3. Windsord Castle is one of the placeswhere Queen Elisabeth II of Inglandlives.It is the biggest inhabited castlein the world.It is 45 km west of LondonWilliam the Conqueror invadedIngland in 1066 and built this castle.The castle is full of treasures andfamous paintings.In the Royal Libraryyou can hear footsteps. They arefootsteps oof rhe ghost of QueenElisabeth I! She lived here in the 16hcentury.In 1992, there was a big fire inWindsord Castle and it destroyedmany of the treasures. The castleclosed for a long time, but is now openfor visitors.Great hall is beautiful!
  4. 4. BALMORAL CASTLEBalmoral castle is another of theQueen of Ingland castles. The royalfamily usually go to Balmoral forChristmas.Balmoral castle was a pressent fromPrince Albert tho his wife, QueenVictoria. She was Queen of Englandfrom 1837 to 1901.She loved Escotland and Balmoral.It isnot a very old castle and there are noghosts.The royal family can sleep in peace!Balmoral castle is in north-east
  5. 5. Glamis CastleIt is in the east of Scotland nearDundee.It is over 600 years old and ithas got a lot of beautiful tall towers.Glamis castle is a haunted castle.Thereare more than nine ghosts!Macbeth is the king in Shakespeare´sfamous play Macbeth.He murdered many people!There is also a ghost called the Greylady who lives in the castle chapel.Do you want to sleep in Glamis castle?
  6. 6. RICHMOND CASTLERichmond castle is in the north ofEngland.It is over 900 years old. It is ona big hill next to a river.It has got twobig towers.These are called keeps.It isthe only castle in England with twokeeps.Soldiers lived in the castle First andSecond World Wars.The castle was alsoa prison.Ghost of the soldiers live inthe secret tunnels under the castle.You can visit the castle and climb up tothe keeps, but you cannot visit thesecret tunnel
  7. 7. DOVER CASTLEDover castle is a very big, old castle in England.Itis on the sout-east coast of England.It is on top of the famous white cliffs of Dover.The castle has got an extrmely big keep.There arealso hundreds of tunnels in the cliffs under thecastle.You can visit the castle and secret tunnels, butdon´t worry, there are no ghosts her
  8. 8. BLARNEY CASTLEBlarney castle is a very ols castle inIreland.It is eight km from Cork.The King of Munster built the castle in1446.The castle is famous for the Stone ofEloquence.This is a magic stone.Youkiss it, and then you can speak otherlanguages very well.One kiss and you can speak English
  9. 9. WARWICK CASTLEIt is near Coventry in England. It ismore than 600 years old and is thehome of the Earl of Warwick.Warwick castle is famous for its towersand a keep that is a ruin.Prisoners lives in this dungeon foryears.There are messages on the wallsfrom all the prisoners. You can stillread them today.One message is from a prisoner in the16 th century!
  10. 10. The Tower of LondonThe Tower of London is in the centre ofLondon , next to the River Thames . Itis over 900 years old and it was famousprison and place of execution.The Tower is full of the ghosts of pastkings , queens , princes and princesses.The were all prisioners in the Towerdungeons . A dungeon is a prisionunder the groundThe ghosts of two little princes andQueen Anne Boleyn, one of King HenryVIII’ s wives , haunt the Tower ofLondon
  11. 11. KING ARTHUR´S CASTLES TINTAGELTintagel was a beautiful 12th-centurystone castle.Today it is a ruin on thecoast of south-west England withviews over the sea.One legend says that Merlin themagician lived in Tintagel.There is atunnel under the castle. This is calledMerlin´s Cave.The ghost of Merlin livesthere and you can sometimes hear himtalking.Is he saying magic spells?Anotheer legend says that King Arthurlived in Tintagel.In 1998 archeologistsdiscovered a stone at Tintagel with thename ARTOGNOV on it. Artognov islatin for the celtic name Arthnou.Was Arthnou King Arthur
  12. 12. KING ARTHUR´S CASTLES CADBURYCadbury castle is in the south-west ofEngland.Some people believe this was the sitefor Arthur´s famous castle, CAMELOTwhere he lived with his wife, QueenGuinevere and Knights of the RoundTable
  13. 13. KING ARTHUR´S CASTLES RICHMONDKing Arthur is asleep in the tunnelsunder Richmond castle.The legend says that King arthur isasleep and waithing for the day thatEngland needs him.Sho where is Arthur?Read the following story aboutRichmond castle
  14. 14. King Artur´s treasure
  15. 15. Peter pitt was a shepherd in Richmond in the north of England.One cold day in autumn an old man stopped Peter on the path.He was tall with a long white beard. He carried a long stick.The old manwas a wizard……….I AM MERLIN THE MAGICIAN.TAKE ME TO AN APPLE TREE.THERE ISTREASURRE UNDER THE TREE-There was an old apple tree near the castle.Peter walked to it wihtMerlin.Merlin moved the leaves on the ground around the tree.Petersaw a door.Merlin opened the door and Peter saw a tunnel going underthe castle…………….Peter followed Merlin into the tunnel.At the end of the tunnel therewas a enormous cave……..At the entrance to the cave there was a big bell….There was a Kingasleep in the cave with a beautiful gold crow on his head.Hr was insilver armour with a big sword in his hand.Next to him there wreremany knights .In the middle of the cave there was a huge pile oftreasure……IT´S KING ARTHUR AND THE KNIGHTS OR THE ROUND TABLEMerlin explained to Peter that Arthur and the knights stay asleep untilsomebody rings the bell.
  16. 16. Merlin pointed to the treasure on the floor.PUT SOME TREASURE IN YOUR BAG BUT DON´T TOUCH THE BELL.DON´T WAKE UP KINGARTHUR.And Merlin dissappeared…….Peter Pitt filled his bag with gold and jewels from the cave and carried it outside…….I´M RICH,I WANT TO BE THE RICHEET MAN IN RICHMOND…So Peter returned to the cave and filled his bag again.The third time he returned to thecave he bumped the bell with his head.It started to ring very loudly.The King and the Knights opened their eyes…..THE BELL IS RINGING,ENGLAND NEEDS ME.But they looked at Peter DID YOU RING THE BELL?.......OH NO…IT WAS A MISTAKE……I´MSORRY……..King Arthur was very angry….England did not need him.STUPID BOY! LEAVE HERE NOW!Peter started to run. The door of the tunnel clossed behind him with a big crash.Peterlooked behind him.The door disappeared.Hi looked in his bag.It was full of stones.There was a big pile of stones and no treasure.He was the poorest man in Richmond-And now nobody knows where King Arthur an the khights or the round table are sleeping.Are they still waiting for the bell to ring?
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