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VIP Passport - Tourism Travel Destination Package: Business Program / Outline

Credit: D. Cree Crawford

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VIP Passport - Tourism Travel Destination Package

  1. 1. VIP Passport Destinations Group, Inc, (VPDG)Created to address the Travel/Tourism Industrys ever-growing need for the development of new products,tours, and services. VPDG has addressed this need by creating the world’s most exciting and successfullysold VIP Destination Packages. VPDG continues to develop and expand upon their already successfulproduct line, to take advantage of current and future market trends in travel / tourism industry.Proven Successful Business Model:VIP Passport Destinations Group, Inc.: VPDG is an expansion of the already proven, successful, andprofitable business model based in Las Vegas, Nevada called Vegas-Passport, LLC. with 2006 Gross Sales of $1,300,000.Unique Products & Large Sales Channel Network(VPDG) is a marketing and tourism package development company that has successfully combined the popular and lucrative NIGHTCLUB / NIGHTLIFE industry with the ever growing TRAVEL / TOURISM markets to create a successful and profitable product line of unique travel destination experience packages. These packages, called “VIP-Passports” are marketed and sold through an extensive network of the world’s largest and most popular retail travel / tourism / airline companies that the Founder, Cree Crawford has contracted with over the last 3 years. Our “Travel Partners” i.e. Expedia, Southwest Airlines, Viator Travel, Look Tours, Orbitz / Travelport, Travelocity, Mark Travel, US Airlines, Virgin Atlantic Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Go Go Travel, Liberty Travel, and many more, have officially endorsed and will contract with us to market and sell VIP Passport packages develop for all destination cities we expand our business model.
  2. 2. Total Online Booking Revenue and Channel Share, 2003 to 2009 Year Online Percentage of Travel Booking Total Revenue Travel Revenue 2003 $46 billion 20% 2004 $54 billion 23% 2005 $62 billion 26% 2006 $70 billion 28% 2007 $77 billion 30% 2008 $84 billion 31% 2009 $91 billion 33%* Source Y&R/Yankelovich 2006 National Leisure Travel Monitor
  3. 3. A Veritable BEST “Taste of a City’s Nightlife VIP Passport Destinations Group, Inc.’s VIP Passport products give visitors a veritable “best taste of” a city’s nightlife including: the ability to: cut the "velvet rope", get treated like a LOCAL Insider, and share in promotional specials for a plethora of offers in a destination city location’s nightlife, restaurants, and other, after dark events, services, and venues. The benefits to the Passport patron are many, including: VIP Admission Cover Included Passes (pre-paid credentials, avoiding having to wait in line for access to the most popular nightclubs), VIP seating at restaurants, special dining and drink promotions / discounts, specialty retail discounts, and receive other valuable discounts, gifts, and informational materials. VIP Passport is a uniquely Local Market Managers Create a REAL Local Experience: VPDG partners with clubs, restaurants, and other businesses in each city. Its packaged “Coupon type” Passports offer “venue-partners” major exposure and promotion to the VERY product that is inserted in a LUCRATIVE travel/tourism market, in the form of a highly marketable and DVD/CD box. But unlike coupon versatile package. Each “VIP Passport” package contains high-gloss quality flyers, book, each participating postcards, passes and other promotional swag, that allows participating venues the opportunity to promote themselves as uniquely as the properties themselves. venue/business has their OWN VIP Passport Destinations Group, Inc. encourages its partners to get as creative individual card/promotional and competitive with their offerings as they can, thus creating an even more credential. valuable package for VIP Passport patrons.* NOTE: This model has been proven successful in Las Vegas and San Diego and, we are currently in negotiations with a local San Francisco, Miami, NYC, Cabo, Honolulu, nightlife icon to be come our partner there. We plan a San Francisco VIP Passport market launch by year end.
  4. 4. VIP Nightclub Access Restaurant / Drink Dining Discounts / Discounts VIP Promotions PASSPORT Contents Promotional Gifts / Promotions / SamplesNOT JUST NIGHTCLUBS… Each VIP package contains a BEST “Taste-of” City Nightlife: Clubs, Restaurants, Gifts/Retail
  5. 5. Successful and STRONG Multi-Tiered Success Program/ SystemWHY we have such a successful business model:VIP Passport Destinations Group, Inc. provides key benefits to the three (3) integral groups:1. Visitor/Tourists : “VIP Passport Patrons”, an extremely high-value-to-cost, pre- tested/organized experience package which caters to their appetite for night life and their desire to feel like a special VIP with all the benefits associated.2. Local Entertainment & Night-Life Businesses: creative, effective and attractive marketing program which strategically and cost effectively targets the valuable Tourist/Traveler Market that has excess money to spend.3. Major Travel , Tourism , Airline Retailers: A HIGH PROFIT MARGIN product line which in turn gets preferential exposure and marketing. VIP Passport allows travel partners the opportunity to expand their product offerings that increases revenue and additionally caters to the ever increasing demands of patrons who desire a more FULL SERVICE travel experience. The above benefits combined with a LOW PRODUCTION COST / HIGH MARGIN, gives VIP Passport an incredible opportunity to become a major player with almost unlimited business-development / product expansion in the ever growing retail travel market.
  6. 6. VIP Passport Core Business ModelDevelopment of Travel /Tourism Nightlife Experience Packages Called: “VIP PASSPORTS”Sales Channels• Reseller Partners •Large Travel Partners - Expedia, Southwest Airlines •Smaller Retail Affiliate Websites – San /• Direct Retail •Websites – / / •Airport Kiosks / Convention Bureau Locations (in each market)The Ultimate “City” Nightlife Experience………..A “Taste of City Nightlife” Main 1st Product / Initial Market Developed & Launched Nightclub VIP Access Restaurant / Dining Discounts Bar/Pub Drink / Dining Discounts Drink Discounts / Promotions Promotional Gifts / Promotional / Samples Specialty Retail Discounts Local Tour / Trip / Sightseeing Discount (if applicable)
  8. 8. Vegas Passport Package Product Line: Ultimate Nightlife Package VEGASPASSPORT ONE PASS Bachelor Bachelorette VIP Party Party Services Package Package Packages are created by combining various VIP Passes & Promotions
  9. 9. Las Vegas Passport Product Line Package Covers
  10. 10. Gentlemen’s Club Package Scores Adult Cabaret / Nightclub •Complimentary Limousine Pick Up/Drop Off to Scores •Complimentary Admission to Scores ($30.00 value) •$25.00 Free Drink Card at Scores •$100.00 Off Bottle ServiceVIP Nightclub Entry Passes •Buy 1 Get 1 Free Bottle Service (Not valid with other offers) •50% off Entrees •Complimentary Hat, T-Shirt or Calendar (subject to availability)•House of Blues – Mandalay Bay VIP Line Cover Included!•Rain - Palms - VIP Line / Cover Included!•Ivan Kane’s Forty Deuce – Mandalay Bay VIP Line / Cover Included!•Late Night Empire Ballroom - VIP Line / Cover Included!•Rockhouse – Imperial Palace - VIP Line / Cover Included & One Free Draft Beer!•VooDoo Risin’ - Rio VIP Line / Cover Included!•Tabu - MGM - VIP Line / Cover Included!•Mix – Mandalay Bay VIP Line / Cover Included!•Foundation Room / Godspeed – Mandalay Bay•Risqué - Paris - VIP Line / Cover Included!•Studio 54 - MGM - VIP Line / Cover Included!•Tangerine – Treasure Island - VIP Line / Cover Included!•Coyote Ugly – New York New York VIP Line / Cover Included!
  11. 11. Gentlemen’s Club Package Scores Adult Cabaret / Nightclub •Complimentary Limousine Pick Up/Drop Off to Scores •Complimentary Admission to Scores ($30.00 value) •$25.00 Free Drink Card at Scores •$100.00 Off Bottle ServiceVIP Nightclub Entry Passes •Buy 1 Get 1 Free Bottle Service (Not valid with other offers) •50% off Entrees •Complimentary Hat, T-Shirt or Calendar (subject to availability)•House of Blues – Mandalay Bay VIP Line Cover Included!•Rain - Palms - VIP Line / Cover Included!•Ivan Kane’s Forty Deuce – Mandalay Bay VIP Line / Cover Included!•Late Night Empire Ballroom - VIP Line / Cover Included!•Rockhouse – Imperial Palace - VIP Line / Cover Included & One Free Draft Beer!•VooDoo Risin’ - Rio VIP Line / Cover Included!•Tabu - MGM - VIP Line / Cover Included!•Mix – Mandalay Bay VIP Line / Cover Included!•Foundation Room / Godspeed – Mandalay Bay•Risqué - Paris - VIP Line / Cover Included!•Studio 54 - MGM - VIP Line / Cover Included!•Tangerine – Treasure Island - VIP Line / Cover Included!•Coyote Ugly – New York New York VIP Line / Cover Included!
  12. 12. Other Bachelorette Party GoodiesVIP Nightclub Access Passes Mist – Treasure Island (Sun – Fri) 2 for 1 Cocktails Caramel – Bellagio (Mon – Sun) 2 for 1 Cocktails* Over 10 of Vegas Hottest Nightclub Venues - Cover Included / One Price! Hard Rock Café Free Premium Well Drink The Coffee Bean 2 for 1 Coffee Drink, any size! The Attic 25% off Vintage ClothingBody English – Hard Rock Ladies Only VIP Line / Cover Included!Tryst - Wynn Ladies Only VIP Line / Cover Included!Ivan Kane’s Forty Deuce – Mandalay Bay VIP Line / Cover Included!Tao – Venetian Ladies Only VIP Line / Cover Included!Late Night Empire Ballroom VIP Line / Cover Included!VooDoo Risin’ - Rio VIP Line / Cover Included!Tabu - MGM VIP Line / Cover Included!Jet – Mirage Ladies Only VIP Line / Cover IncludedStudio 54 - MGM VIP Line / Cover Included!Ghostbar - Palms VIP Line / Cover Included!Tangerine – Treasure Island VIP Line / Cover Included!Rain - Palms VIP Line / Cover Included!Coyote Ugly – New York New York VIP Line / Cover Included!13 Martini Bar - Hooter’s Hotel 2 for 1 cocktails
  13. 13. This product was created to:1. Cater to the client who wishes to go to ONLY ONE specific club.2. To penetrate the “Ticket” broker networks who understand the selling of a single ticket product.3. To allow for a LOCALLY marketed and sold product opportunity. We have OVER 19 DIFFERENT ONE PASS cards for individual clubs in Las Vegas!
  14. 14. “VIP Services”Table / Bottle Reservations
  15. 15. For more discerning clientele,VIP Passport offers:Hosted VIP Nightclub Entry – One of our professionally trained and attentive VIPhosts will provide “HAND-HELD” access. The patron is whisked past the line andRIGHT into the venue.Reserved VIP Table Acquisition and Bottle Services – Some guests not only wish to beescorted into the club, they wish to be provided a table / home base for the evening.VIP Passport provides these services by reserving hard to acquire table “real estate”through leveraged relationships created by Passport . The only overhead is a pre-arranged “Tip-Out” to venue VIP Hosts usually 20%-40% depending.
  16. 16. Who is out there in VIP Nightlife Services Space: Key2travel – Has ONE service: “hosted entry” (high overhead) Don’t have packages that are SELF SERVE. Founder Eric Rodriguez has alienated and burned many bridges in travel.. (Scattered | Principals have scattered to pursue other endeavors | Shot gunned with Web Presence Alone. No strong locally developed infrastructure. Velvet List – (Only in NYC)– Expedia NYC – Not Variable – We will replace in NYC . Services……………………..ONLY Hosted Entry / Limited offerings Vegas Hotspots – Geographically sells ONLY ONE destination. Vegas Company dragged into bankruptcy through investors dealings. Poorly run. Ego driven, (Stole Concept from Passport Founder)How is VIP Passport’s model different? 1. VIP Passport has the Largest Developed Travel Reseller Sales Channel Network in OUR BUSINESS SPACE! 2. Developed a STRONG brand and Expansion Product Line 3. Unique Packaging / Expanded Marketing CapabilitiesNOTE: * A product LIKE VIP Passport ..First to Market wins.. Room for ONLY ONE VIP Passport Package Product line Per Market!Why will VIP Passport be the market leader from the following points of view:• Nightclub owner – Quality patrons Tourists $$ / Associated /Partnered with Large Retail Travel Network• Travel Retailer – Best of Breed Product / 1st to Market / Expand on existing success | Great Margin and Exciting Product to Sell• Consumer – Low cost to HIGH VALUE package! Best of Breed Product / Reputation
  18. 18. VIP Passport Retail Sales Channel Network Founder Cree Crawford has created formal and personal relationships with the World’slargest travel companies and consortiums creating an huge travel sales channel network, allowing VIP Passport Group the ability to market and sell NEW PRODUCTS
  19. 19. Reseller Partner Websites Pages Selling Passport Product Line
  20. 20. Already Established Reseller Sales Channel Network
  21. 21. Continued
  23. 23. WEBSITE Retail / Nightlife Content Vegas Passport, LLC
  24. 24. Hours of Operation: Mon-Sunday – 8am-MidnightLocation: Center of N and S Baggage ClaimSales: Average $12,000 per monthMain Purpose: Main Fulfillment Location for ALL RESELLER PARTNERS
  25. 25. VIP PASSPORT Web-BasedReservation/Tracking System
  26. 26. Web-Based Toll Free Phone System Vegas Passport uses: RING CENTRAL.COM : Virtual PBX Telephone System that: routes, tracks, and centralizes our ORDER and CUSTOMER SERVICE program.This service will be added to EACH new deployed market which will allow us to monitor and manage each markets communication from a CENTRAL LOCATION. (saves on equipment capital and infrastructure development costs)
  27. 27. Web-Based ProprietaryOrder Tracking System Login Screen New Order Input Pending Orders Vegas Passport: Developed a proprietary Centralized ONLINE order reservation system that allows for REAL TIME: • New order input • Tracking fulfillment • Order updates • Customer service
  28. 28. Airport or Other Kiosk Location Hotel Delivery
  30. 30. Ultimate Club Hopping Package….$8 Hard Cost + $5 for Some Clubs……..WS: $65- $95 / R - $85 - $150• Commissions 10% Reps. Retail• Retailers: Avg. 20% - 30% (see WS)Ultimate Spring Break Package….$8 Hard Cost + $5 for Some Clubs……..WS: $65- $95 / R - $85 - $150• Commissions 10% Reps. Retail• Retailers: Avg. 20% - 30% (see WS)Bachelor / Bachelorette Packages ….$8 Hard Cost + $5 for Some Clubs…….WS: $40 - $65 / R - $65 - $99• Commissions 10% Reps. Retail• Retailers: Avg. 20% - 30% (see WS)One Pass…………………$5 Hard Cost + Neg. Net Rate (variable with venue)…..WS: $15- $85 / R - $30 - $120+• Commissions 10% Reps. Retail•Retailers: Avg. 20% - 30% (see WS)Table / Bottle Services Hosted Entry……Variable Costs: | Venue | # In Group | Special Event /Holiday• Commissions 10% Reps. Retail * NOTE• Retailers: Avg. 15%- 20% Commission / Less Net Rate • Costs go down when venue pays for printing • Costs go up with additional local info we wish to supply in package
  31. 31. • Expedia: 3,111• Booth: 1,686• Allegiant: 977• Orbitz: 769• VP Office/ Web: 637• Allegiant in air: 619• VIATOR: 323• Trip Res: 284• Liberty Go Go Travel: 235• Travelocity: 214• Travelocity on Location: 459• New additions • Southwest Airlines……………….. 500+ packages since Mid Jan • Fun-Jet • Ticket companies: Ticket Network 2,500 Individual Ticket Brokers
  32. 32. Total Revenue………$1,305,830
  33. 33. Vegas Passport Demo/Psychographic Median Age Gender 21-38 Vegas Virgins Male - 55% 1st Time Visitor Vegas - 48% Female - 45% 2x or more - 52% Transportation to Vegas Airline - 96% Auto/Car - 4% Credit Card Users - 92% Order Drinks By Name Brand - 87% Go to Nightclubs at Home - 83% Spend more than $4000 Yr. on Wardrobe - 76% Came to Vegas with 4 < People - 88% Own a Home - 74% Came for Business / Convention - 49% Are in College or Attended - 88% Came for Pleasure / Other - 51% Are Single - 69%* SOURCES Vegas-Passport, LLC. Sampling of 1,000 patrons via: telephone interview, email, interviews at various brick & mortar locations.
  35. 35. Phone: psi7511@aol.comE-Mail: Thank YouSubject:Message: FROM JAMESJust wanted to say thank you for such an amazing great service you provide with the VIP club entry to TAO. Ipurchased a couple of passes for my fiancé and I at the airport booth after claiming our baggage with muchconvenience. We arrived at TAO on Saturday a little after 11:00pm to find that the regular line was at least 2 hourslong. We walked right up to the front and entered the club with no problems or waiting. It was so simple andhassle free. Thanks again.Our group had a fantastic time; well definitely be sending more of our associates your way confident withthe quality of service they will receive.Please pass along our thanks to your host for a memorable night out - unfortunately, I forgot his name.Ill make sure to touch base with Cree for our next party in Vegas.Thanks again.Saji SamuelManager - Business Operations, Dynamic PackagingOrbitz, Cendant Travel Distribution Services
  37. 37. Vegas Passport Named:“TOP 50 Sold Travel Extra Package in WORLD!”
  38. 38. BUSINESS EXTENSIONSThese programs can be introduced after market is established
  40. 40. Other VIP Passport Goodies Mist – Treasure Island (Sun – Fri) 2 for 1 Cocktails Caramel – Bellagio (Mon – Sun) 2 for 1 CocktailsNightclub Offerings Hard Rock Café Free Premium Well Drink The Coffee Bean 2 for 1 Coffee Drink, any size!KRAVE - VIP No Line Comp. Cover The Attic 25% off Vintage ClothingSuede - VIP No Line Comp. CoverSuede - Buy one Bottle get ONE FREEPiranha - VIP No Line Comp. CoverMix – VIP No Line Comp. CoverClub 820- VIP No Line Comp. CoverClub 820- ½ off FoodPure - VIP No Line Comp. Cover
  41. 41. Pub Bar Promotional Inclusions•Over 15 of Vegas Top Local / Pub / Bar /Watering Hole•Drink / Dining / Retail offers• Double Down Saloon– Buy one Pitcher Get on Free!• Triple George – Buy ONE Martini Get One Free• Beauty Bar – 1st Shot Free• McEllis Pub – Buy A pitcher and a Shot and get a FREE appetizer.• 13 Martini Bar - Hooter’s Hotel 2 for 1 cocktails…………………………….Additional Offers in Development……………………..
  42. 42. Develop SPRING BREAK / Winter Break Specialized DestinationsNOTE: In markets that currently have an ULTIMATE Nightclub Hopping Package We will just “RE-SKIN” (Change the Cover) But KEEP THE Same Product• Cabo San Lucas• Ft. Lauderdale• Miami• Cancun• Panama City Fla.• Destin Ft. Walton• New Orleans• Vegas• San Diego• USVI• Aruba• Vail• Aspen• Costa Rica
  43. 43. Develop Packages for Special Events Held in Various Popular Destination MarketsNOTE: In markets that currently have an ULTIMATE Nightclub Hopping Package We will just “RE-SKIN” (Change the Cover) But KEEP THE Same Product• Mardi Gras• Super Bowl• Indy 500• Daytona 500• Kentucky Derby• World Series• The Grammy’s• The VMA’s• The MTV Music Awards
  44. 44. Develop Packages for Corporate Entities Corporate Sales Meetings Client Gifting at Trade Shows / Holiday Gifts* NOTE: In markets that currently have an ULTIMATE Nightclub Hopping Package Easily “RE-SKIN” (Change the Cover) But KEEP THE Same Product
  46. 46.  Product Sampling: Inclusion of ACTUAL sample sized products to expose Passport clientele Advertising Revenue: Online | Print | Cable | Online Media | More! Online Database- Corporate access to highly coveted consumer databases Publishing “VIP Passport Pocket Magazine” – Published in Each Market Upper Level or Membership VIP Concierge Services Entertainment Industry Promotions Online VIP Table Reservations System * In process of development Development of TV / Radio Programs/ Pod Casts Club Content (Nightclub Content Promoting VIP Passport)
  47. 47. Product SamplingInclusion of Product Samples or Sample Coupons in VIP Passports Potential Product Types • Breath Mints • Condoms • Pens • Hangover Preventative / Tums • Credit Cards / Gift Cards • Locally specialized • Example: In New Orleans, we have a local spice company called: “SLAP YO MAMMA” that put a sample pouch into the package
  48. 48. Advertising Revenue • Inclusion of Promotional Pieces in VIP Passports • Travel Related • Liquor Related • Credit Cards • Cross Marked Products / Services within our VIP Passport NETWORK • Online Website / Web Network – Advertising on ALL our Websites • Banners / Skyscrapers • Hot links to corporate sponsor websites • Email Blasts: Direct Email Marketing / Advertising Opportunities to VIP Passport consumer database
  49. 49. Database Utilization …………………………………………….Custom Services Taken from information New website member form. Username: shannaleigh8 Password: 1software First Name: David Last Name: Lopez Company:Billing Address: Address: HC 62 Box 8146 City: Thoreau State: New Mexico Country: United States Zip/Postal code: 87323Contact Information Phone: 5058627013 Leads and Clients login at website Fax: You have received this notification from E-Mail: Vegas Passport, LLC because you are a Thank you for using our shopping system Vegas Passport, LLC Hotel Lead registered user or you or some other David Lopez registered user requested some Phone: 1-877-225-8284 Guest Name: information for you from our store. Fax: 1-702-868-4552 Date of Arrival: 08/02/2007 New member has been registered. URL: Profile details: Hotel Staying: Excalibur
  50. 50. “VIP Passport Pocket Magazine / Guide” – Published in Each Market • Built in Circulation / Distribution • Inside Passports • @ Venue Partners Establishments • Editorial Format • 80% Shared Editorial (For ALL markets) • 20% Localized Editorial Content • Cost Savings: Consolidation of: Printing / Editorial • Advertising $$ • National Print Advertisers • Local Market Advertisers • Promotional Events • Added Value Merchandising • Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities
  51. 51. Upper Level VIP Concierge Services – Custom Services • Car / Limousine Service • Concierge Services – Ultra premium packages • Concert / Event Ticket Sales (Partner) • Private Security Detail
  52. 52. Entertainment Industry Promotions Custom Services CD / DVD inclusions – Box Packages have place to insert DVD / CDs • Promotion of New Music Artists - Interactive CD / Connect To Webpage Sales..?? • Music Label Promotions • Concert Promotions • Local Convention Promotional DVD • Local DJ or Local Music Compilation • Promotion of NEW MOVIE Releases / New VIDEO Releases
  53. 53. Online VIP Table Reservations System International Web Based Nightclub VIP Table Reservation System/Service Capitalize on the growing nightlife phenomenon of TABLE / BOTTLE SERVICES by creating an international network of club venues FLOOR PLANS to allow guests the opportunity to BOOK / RESERVE VIP Tables at their favorite nightclub venue. This service also allows you to log in to the club remotely, from any PC connected to the internet. Send automatic email acknowledgements and reservation reminders to guests. Centralizes a RESERVATION NETWORK that will give club management full control of WHAT Is offered , for how much, when, bottle minimums, table “hold-backs” Special Events and more. Let 3rd party promoters AND end user patrons book direct.
  54. 54. TV / Radio Programs/ Pod CastsWeekly produced CABLE / RADIO / Pod-Casts created by content derived from our “Strategic Partnerships”Create LOCALIZED programming from local content acquired by our CONTENT PARTNERS• Leverage contacts in local entertainment industry• “Field Interviews” on site• “Studio Interviews in office / studio”• Air on Local / National networks like FOX• Sell / Barter Sponsorship & Advertising• Video Tape a Show and simulcast in RADIO• Syndicate on a Satellite Radio Service
  56. 56. Red Rope Reviews - MySpace TYPE Peer NetworkCommunity Site with Nightlife Focus : Peer to Peer Reviews of: • Nightclubs | Restaurants | HotelsRegularly Updated Photo / Video Content : • Nightclubs | Restaurants | Hotels | Special Events Allows Users/Members to Create a (MySpace – Like Webpage) • Users Can Update Photos • Communicate with Community • Be Made Aware of Events and Promotions • “ Red Rope” Private Events • Plan “Your own Event “ Page/Tool Contests / Promotions • Best of …. • Sponsored Promotions / Contests
  57. 57. Red Rope - VIP Passport • Provide ALL Multimedia Venue Content • Sells VIP Passport Products • Assist in Marketing Events • Offers Additional Benefit for Joining VIP Program VIP Passport - Red Rope • Provide and Fulfill VIP Products / Services for Resale • Business Leadership and Mentoring • Assist in Marketing EventsCo-Operative Programs• Radio | TV | Cable | Web Broadcast / Podcast (Local Market Shows)• Production of Events
  59. 59. Business Model Expansion Destination Market StrategyExpansion Market Deployment Strategy:1. Deploy the initial “ULTIMATE VIP Experience Package” as FAST AS POSSIBLE.2. Take advantage of a FIRST TO MARKET (barrier to entry to other potential competitors)3. There is TRULY only room for ONE (1) product line like our VIP PASSPORT products per destination cities! (No other product like the VIP Passport is available today!)4. Leverage existing solid contractual relationships developed with our “RESELLER PARTNERS”5. To keep “true” to a “Local” experience VIP Passport will either partner or hire a local expert in each market. This to ENSURE a TRUE LOCAL “Best Taste of Experience”Expansion Market Equity Strategy: Employee or Equity100% Owned : VIP Passport Destinations Group, Inc. ……………………………… (hired local rep.) • 1st Tier Destination Markets:……………….i.e. Miami, NYC, etc. • Boutique Markets…………………Santa Barbara, Napa, Vail, Tahoe, NantucketPartial Equity shared with local strategic Partner:…………………………10% - 20% equity • 2nd / 3rd Tier Destination Markets …………. Twin Cities, Prague, Charleston • Specialty Event Packages: …………………i.e. Mardi Gras, Spring Break
  60. 60. NORTH AMERICAN TARGET CITIES – 1ST TIER New York Miami NORTH AMERICAN TARGET CITIES – 2ND / 3rd TIER New Orleans - Development Seattle Los Angeles Minneapolis San Francisco Cabo San Lucas Atlanta BOUTIQUE/ SPECIALTY MARKETS Washington DC - Development Atlantic City Cancun/ Cozumel Boston Hamptons Honolulu San Diego - Live Key West Chicago Phoenix Ft. Lauderdale Montreal Dallas Santa Barbara Toronto Vancouver Tampa EUROPE Napa Jacksonville London Vail/Aspen Austin Portland Amsterdam Reno / Tahoe San Juan, PR Philadelphia Berlin Nantucket Caribbean St. Louis Budapest Fire Island Rome Martha’s VineyardCENTRAL/ SOUTH AMERICA Paris ASIASan Jose, Costa Rica Dublin TokyoPanama City Madrid SeoulRio de Janeiro Barcelona Hong KongSao Paulo SOUTH PACIFIC Prague - Development Bangkok & Thai IslandsBuenos Aires Sydney Greece (Athens/ Islands) ShanghaiMontevideo Melbourne St. Petersburg Beijing New Zealand Moscow Bali Reykjavik Singapore
  61. 61. VIP Passport URL Holdings Websites are used to sell products RETAIL and as an independent resource of nightlife information: Can eventually generate ADVERTISING REVENUE (Current URL IP Holdings) Websites For: Retail Channel Local Info. Advertising / Retail Ops.
  62. 62. EXPEDIA Market Ranking Package Sales INTERNATIONAL MARKET US MARKET RNK RNK RANKED BY PACKAGE SALES St. 1 USA 1 Las Vegas NV 2 Mexico - Cancun / Cabo 2 New York NY 3 Canada - Montreal / Toronto / Vancouver 3 Honolulu HI 4 Bahamas - Nassau 4 San Francisco CA 5 Jamaca 5 Orlando FL 6 Dominican Republic 6 Kissimmee FL 7 Puerto Rico 7 Miami Beach FL 8 Aruba 8 Chicago IL 9 US Virgin Islands - St. Thomas / St, John 9 Maui HI 10 Bermuda 10 San Diego CA 11 Costa Rica 11 Lake Buena Vista FL 12 Netherlands Antilles - St. Martin 12 New Orleans LA 13 Turks and Caicos 13 Los Angeles CA 14 St. Lucia 14 Atlanta GA 15 Grand Cayman 15 San Antonio TX 16 Barbados 16 Reno NV 17 France - Paris 17 Ft. Lauderdale FL 18 United Kingdom-London 18 Washington DC DC 19 Italy - Rome/Venice 19 Denver CO 20 Seattle WA 21 Anaheim CAWHERE WE GO NEXT: 22 Phoenix AZ 23 Boston MAexpansion Strategy based on our Partner Expedia’s 24 Houston TXTOP package destinations. We will determine the 25 Dallas TX 26 Scottsdale AZbest deployment cities from this matrix. 27 Salt Lake UT 28 Miami FL 29 Key West FL 30 Tampa FLYellow = Sub-Part of Orlando Market
  63. 63. Individual Location Model Initial Capital Investment Expense $297,623 Per. MoAdvertising: Feeder Market Radio / Print / Cable $42,000 $3,500 PR $30,000 $2,500 Web Marketing (Payfor Click / SEO / Banners) $72,000 $6,000 Web Design / Maint. $30,000 $0 Business License & Fees $2,500 $208 Promotional Car/Truck $6,000 $500 Dues and Subscriptions $4,500 $375 Insuarance Health Insurance $3,600 $300 Insurance - Other $4,500 $292 Office Equipment $4,500 $375 Office Supplies $3,000 $250 Market Manager Salary (avg. median) $40,000 $2,917 Postage and Shipping $6,000 $500 Accounting Fees $1,500 $83 Legal Retainer $500 $42 Meals $1,200 $0 Refunds $200 $17 Rent Retail Location $36,000 $5,500 Repairs and Maintenance $200 $105 Taxes $1,259 $500 Telephone and Fax $2,000 $3,672Promotional Packages SEEDING NEW MARKET $6,000 $167 Total Expense $297,459 $27,302
  65. 65. VIP PASSPORT DESTINATIONS GROUP, INC. VEGAS-PASSPORT ALL Global Destination Markets $297,623 Avg. to Dev. each.