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Jan11 2 6_weighing the pros and cons of credit-final


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  • 1. Weigh the Pros and Cons of Credit
    Privacy Matters Identity Helps you Decide whether Store Cards are Worth it!
  • 2. Store Cards
    Store cards are basically credit cards that are issued by stores
    But these can be used in specific stores or chain of stores only
    A store card generally offers some perks to those who opt for them in terms of loyalty points and special offers too
    But these store cards can spell disaster for the shopaholic who does not know how to stop
  • 3. Store Cards
    Store credit cards are one of the main strategies that stores adopt to lure shopaholics and bargain hunters
    They create offers and promises relentlessly
    The store cards are definitely a marketing gimmick that help the store more than the customers
    But store credit cards are not always bad if you use them well
    Some tips from Privacy Matters Identity can help you turn the tables and use store cards to favor you
  • 4. Real Money
    It is important to remember at all times that even when you are swiping a card, you are spending real money.
    Remembering this helps in preventing you from treating the store card frivolously
    After all it is not monopoly money
    Being careful while spending on store card is essential lest you find a ‘go to jail’ command in the future
  • 5. Interest
    It is important to avoid any kind of interest on store cards since these can be extremely high
    Make sure that you pay off the entire amount when you get the bill
    If you put off clearing the amount and continue to carry forward the credit the interest will also accumulate
    You may end up spending more than the 10% discount that you got due to the store card
  • 6. Hidden Fees
    There are some stores that sneak in an annual membership fee that can sometimes be very high
    And this can mean that you pay a certain fee to the store irrespective of whether you shop at the chain or not
    Store cards also charge a hefty late fee that you may just not notice on the statement that you receive
    So make sure that you find the bills, look up the statements and make the payment in time
    Privacy Matters Identity suggests that you ask about all the fees or fines that have been charged to you
  • 7. Privacy Matters Identity explains that Store Credit Cards can be used to your Advantage
    But you do need to know how to manage and control your spending and pay on time too