Sony Playstation Hack Presentation


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The Sony Hack

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Sony Playstation Hack Presentation

  1. 1. How Hackers Potentially Stole 77 Million User’s Credit Card Details From Sony
  2. 2. How Bad Is It? Countries Most Affected: The Sony Hack United States Japan United Kingdom Europe Australia
  3. 3. Timeline of Events  February The Sony Hack
  4. 4. Timeline of Events  April Apr. 17, Sunday 25 million customers’ information exposed. The Sony Hack Apr. 19, Tuesday Sony discovers there has been “an intrusion” into the Playstation network.
  5. 5. Timeline of Events  April The Sony Hack Apr. 21, Thursday Seybold: Sony is “investigating the cause of the Network outage”.
  6. 6. Timeline of Events  April The Sony Hack Apr. 26, Tuesday 77 million PlayStation network accounts compromised. Sony took 7 days to notify PSN customers of security breach.
  7. 7. Timeline of Events  April The Sony Hack Apr. 27, Wednesday Media stories, lawsuits and threats directed at Sony.
  8. 8. Timeline of Events  May The Sony Hack May 2, Monday Sony reveals that Sony Online Entertainment’s network had been hacked over 2 weeks ago. May 3, Tuesday Sony begins informing their users of the breach.
  9. 9. Timeline of Events  May The Sony Hack May 9, Monday Analysts See Billion - Dollar Repair Bill
  10. 10. Timeline of Events  May The Sony Hack May 15, Sunday Sony restarts internet services after hacking debacle.
  11. 11. Timeline of Events  May The Sony Hack May 16, Monday Amazon cloud servers used to hack the PSN.
  12. 12. The Sony Hack
  13. 13. The Sony Hack latest target: SONY Spokespeople for anonymous have denied any role in Playstation Network hack and have stated that it isn’t the anonymous style. verdict: probably innocent anonymous
  14. 14. The Sony Hack famous attack: Silicon Valley bigwigs The attackers first hit a single employee then expand through the network until they’ve found what they’re looking for - trade secrets, source code and intelligence. verdict: innocent china
  15. 15. The Sony Hack who?: Bored teenager Much smaller numbers than professionals. The Playstation Network database is an alluring target for recreational hackers to target. verdict: maybe guilty recreational hacker
  16. 16. The Sony Hack found at places: Ukraine and Russia Attackers will steal databases and sell routinely over carder forums and in private transactions. verdict: probably guilty for-profit cyberthief
  17. 17. How does the Sony fiasco compare to past data breaches? The Sony Hack
  18. 18. The Sony Hack SOURCES: collapse card-heists-in-history hacking-debacle/story-fn7x8me2-1226056194901 lures-hackers-at-pennies-an-hour.html e6frgakx-1226056625499
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