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ZMOT is the abbreviation for Zero Moment of Truth. It was coined in 2013 by Google. The term refers to the moment in the purchase cycle between the stimulus and first moment of truth. In other words, ZMOT refers to the point in the buying cycle when the consumer researches more about the products online. There has been a steep rise in the number of consumers researching a product online before making any decision to buy because of the advancement in Internet and mobile phones.

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ZMOT | Digital Marketing Company

  1. 1. ZMOT – A Modern Marketing Technique Many years before when there was no internet and social media, businesses used to implement traditional marketing tools to advertise their businesses. Out of all the marketing © Copyright 2013 – 1
  2. 2. tools that were used in the past, only a few of them are recognized today. A lot of consumer goods were sold door to door. Many sales individuals used to knock at doors to sell their products to people. People used to rely on sales persons and used to buy products from them. Also there was a trend to send postcards and business cards. Businesses used to advertise their products and services among their customers by sending postcards and business cards. They used to drop their business cards in front of houses so that people could see them and keep them for their reference. Old, Traditional way of marketing Marketing in older days was completely different than what it is today. Generally, it was 3 step process - stimulus, shelf and the experience. Stimulus is the phase when you hear about a product from a TV ad, or by browsing a magazine, reading an article or a blog. It can also be the condition when you hear about a product from your near and dear ones. Once you hear about a product from a TV ad or any other resources, you feel like going to a store and buying the product. This situation is known as shelf or first moment of truth. After you have bought a product, you bring it home, use it and come to know more about it. You share your experience only when you have used the product. This condition, where you are able to experience the merits or demerits of any particular product is known as Second Moment of Truth. Different Buzzwords used in the marketing world Today, the world of marketing is plagued with many buzzwords. You can know more about them from people who use them in their daily conversation, or can read them in blogs and different industry articles and press releases. Some of the most popular buzzwords in marketing world today are ZMOT, FMOT AND SMOT. Out of all of them, the one that has really brought a revolution in the arena of marketing is ZMOT. It has really brought a good change in the way people shop today. Who coined Moment of Truths? ZMOT: Zero Moments Of Truth was coined by Google in 2013. FMOT: First Moment of Truth was coined by Procter & Gamble in 2005 SMOT: Second Moment of Truth was coined by Procter & Gamble in 2005 Significance of Moments of Truth in marketing © Copyright 2013 – 2
  3. 3. The moments of truth play a major role in marketing because they are decision points a customer faces during the process of learning, shopping, purchasing or using a product. With the passage of time, moments of truth have evolved a lot and can take place while the customer is using Internet to search things that interests him. Definition of Zero Moments Of Truth ZMOT is the abbreviation for Zero Moment of Truth. It was coined in 2013 by Google. The term refers to the moment in the purchase cycle between the stimulus and first moment of truth. In other words, ZMOT refers to the point in the buying cycle when the consumer researches more about the products online. There has been a steep rise in the number of consumers researching a product online before making any decision to buy because of the advancement in Internet and mobile phones. Definition of First Moment of Truth First Moment of Truth is a moment when a marketer attracts and holds the attention of a potential customer while they are shopping in a store at the point of purchase. It can be applicable in both scenarios - one when the person is in a physical store or, second, when a person is making a purchase online. Definition of Second Moment Of Truth Second moment of truth happens when a customer brings the product home and begins to use it. Once he starts using the product, he/she begins to analyze advantages or disadvantages of using products. ZMOT – Bringing a Revolution in Marketing Arena With the passage of time, the number of impulsive buyers is diminishing. They are being replaced by people who have the thirst for getting more information about products and services that interest them. Though, stimulus, shelf and experience still remain the main components of a complete buying cycle; ZMOT has taken a place between stimulus and shelf. Now-a-days people like to investigate or research more about the products on the Internet before making buying decision. There are dozens of websites on the Internet which provide great insights about different products and services used by customers. They provide opinions and reviews of customers who have already used different products and services. © Copyright 2013 – 3
  4. 4. Findings by Google The case study of Google shows that there has been a great change in the way people shop today. In 2010, it was found that buyers used 5.3 sources of information but in 2011, it rose to 10.4. Looking at these trends, we can conclude that there has been a huge change in the way people shop today. It has almost got doubled in one year. Benefits of ZMOT ZMOT offers benefits to business owners as well as to the buyers. Saves money: When you are searching online more about information about various products and services, you discover many places where you can get your type of products or services at an affordable pricing. This is going to save you some good bucks. Saves time: When you are doing your research online about products and services, you come across many online shopping stores that perfectly cater to your requirement. When you are shopping through these online stores, you are saving your time. You no longer have to waste your time and gas in reaching different shopping centers and malls for getting a better deal. You can order any type of product online right sitting at the comfort of your house. Helps in improving life style: ZMOT helps in improving lifestyle because you will be buying exactly what you want. You are not forced to compromise as sometimes you do while visiting a nearby local store. Your way of living will improve and you will be more satisfied because you will be using products and services that you like. © Copyright 2013 – 4
  5. 5. You get relevant information - When you are using Internet for finding various products and services, you get an opportunity to join the conversation that is one to millions. Whatever information you get is real and has great statistical value. You are the in charge of yourself –When you are using Internet to research more about the products and services that are of your interest, you are in charge of yourself. You are not under the clutch of any sales representative who tries to interfere your decision. You have the liberty to research more, all on your own. Influencing customers at ZMOT If you are a product owner, ZMOT helps you to promote your products smartly. So, as a producer, you need to make sure that your potential customers find you at ZMOT. By doing this, you have a great chance to brand yourself. If you want to influence your customers, you must have some good strategies in place. Online reviews and ratings are no doubt powerful resources for branding you as a professional business. You must interact directly with your customers through emails, social networks, posts on videos and YouTube, IMs and chats. You must create tools for reviews, comments and ratings. Make use of message boards on retail and corporate websites and look for seller ratings on search engines. Once you know how to influence your customers, you end up putting your business in the right place, at the right moment and with the right business message. Winning at ZMOT © Copyright 2013 – 5
  6. 6. There are seven smart ways to start winning at ZMOT. Putting someone in charge – If you want to win at ZMOT, you need to put someone in charge. There must be a dedicated person for ZMOT. The person handling it must be enthusiastic enough to work with your various departments, viz-a-viz creative, digital, media and strategy to name few. The person must be in coordination with various departments to plan strategies and understand the overall experiences of your customers. Find your zero moments It is imperative for you to find out zero moments of truths for your product, category and brands. You need to identify this because ZMOT for one product will be different from another product. You need to research how people search for your products and services. If you are able to find out exactly what your customers look for while searching your kind of products and services, there are sure chances of winning at ZMOT. 1. Give answers to your customer’s questions When customers research online, they have a number of questions. They put up various types of queries in front of product suppliers or manufacturers. So, you need to have good knowledge of your products. It will help you in answering questions of your customers. It is not only necessary for you to understand the query of your customers but you must also be in position to answer the questions put up by them. If you are successful in doing so, you will easily win over ZMOT. 2. Be fast in your approach If you want to win at ZMOT, you must be fast in your marketing approach. You must keep on implementing new marketing strategies so that they work. Keep tracking the strategies that you implement. If they work, keep on following them. If not, you must turn them down and start implementing new strategies to capture attention of more visitors. 3. Videos – Excellent for grabbing attention of customers Smart businesses always keep a tab on the search behavior of their customers. These days, the second most important search box in the world is YouTube. It is normal human tendency that people get more attracted to visuals. They prefer watching videos over reading something. So, create engaging videos for your customers, as they look for attractive and informative videos. For example, customers like viewing videos on product showcases, demos, how-to’s, expert advice and case studies. Videos are for sure going to help you win © Copyright 2013 – 6
  7. 7. at ZMOT. They are easy to share through emails, post to social networks, or embed on blogs and web pages. Credence Digital Marketing – A Leading ZMOT Agency in India Credence Digital Marketing is a dynamic ZMOT agency in India. We are a collective team of qualified and experienced Internet consultants offering superior digital marketing services. We are great players in the field of digital marketing. We hold relevant experience in the field of internet marketing and know all the tricks on how to harness the benefits of ZMOT. We are professionals at Credence, and are well versed with the changing trends in all types of target markets. We strategize the online marketing campaigns of our clients in a smarter way and help them earn good returns on their investment in short time frames. At Credence, we are digital marketing consultants. We understand that a successful marketing campaign must be unique so that it can be distinguished easily from other marketing campaigns. If you are a business aiming high to remain competitive in your target market, it’s time to win at ZMOT. We would help you by offering expert consultation and guidance to implement right marketing strategies. We will help you to strategize on effective techniques so that you stand firm in your target market. The digital marketing services offered by us assure that your business will not perish in your competitive market. For more information on ZMOT or for finding easy ways of winning at ZMOT, visit © Copyright 2013 – 7