Developing the Creative Economy


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Presentation by Leena Hoppania on Developing the Creative Economy. Presentation given at the Experience exchange event in Warsaw, October 2009

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Developing the Creative Economy

  1. 1. Developing the Creative Economy Leena Hoppania SME Foundation Creative Metropoles Warsaw 21.10.2009
  2. 2. Creativity is Everywhere. Creative industries produce copyrights, patents or trademarks. Business in creative industries involves commercial utilisation of intellectual property. Development of creative industries is influential in three ways: 1. New independent 3. Enhanced utilisation of creative business is created on the competence improves the basis of creative competitive ability of Finland competence. as a whole. 2. Competence in creative industries helps other industries improve their products and services.
  3. 3. INNOVATION ACTIVITY ==> joint demand-based Business activity product and service development - Foresight in all other sectors  Communication, interaction, competence - Productisation in a b-to-b-situation Entrepreneurship in  Financial instruments the creative industries Entrepreneurship OPERATING ENVIRONMENT MOTIVATING ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND GROWTH IN in arts and culture DIFFERENT AREAS ==> Arts and - Development of the business service system cultural heritage - Business advisory services (Refinery)  Development of expert services (incl. public and private)  Growth and internationalisation services - Strengthening of business expertise PERFORMANCE OF THE LABOUR MARKET AND AVAILABILITY OF WORKFORCE ==> Strengthening of entrepreneurial skills Monitoring of employability and analysis and foresight of workforce needs
  4. 4. Outlook of SM Enterprises in 2007 Research has analysed the notions of Finnish SMEs of their business cycle situation, operating environment and markets. One fifth (20%) of SMEs have produced content services for clients. By line of business, SMEs producing services for business have produced most content services (42%). Export companies (32%) produce content services more often than home market based companies (17%). Production of content services becomes more common as the size of enterprises grows: of micro enterprises, 19 per cent have produced content services, while 21 per cent of small companies and 32 per cent of medium-sized companies have done so. Production of content services is more common among growth-oriented than other companies.
  5. 5. Strategic Programme for Creative Economy Management Group Chairperson: Minister of Employment Copy- Project Manager rights Innovation Team Employment and Development of Development Communication and new forms of work entrepreneurship of creative economy foresight Labour market Product Growth and Development of performance and development internationalisation operating environment labour supply and innovations Development Reinforcement of Strengthening of Business projects knowledge base entrepreneurial skills development Development of Analysis Market surveys foresight Financing of and foresight of internationalisation and statistics labour force needs Risk and seed Growth enterprise financing Communication Monitoring of services employability Networks Development Taxation of expertise
  6. 6. Thank you Leena Hoppania SME Foundation Add. Unioninkatu 20-22 FI-00130 Helsinki, Finland tel. +358 40 7242 076 email