Learning Chinese the self-guided way


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An interactive and self-guided tool for learning Chinese at your own pace. Suitable for adults to learn on their own or parents to use as a teaching tool to guide their child to learning the Chinese Language.

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Learning Chinese the self-guided way

  1. 1. An interactive and guided solution for learning Chinese
  2. 2. iFlashBook is best used for learning or teaching the Chinese Language
  3. 3. Textbooks come to live with multimedia technologies designed to build ability to Listen, Speak, Read and Write Key Word References Animation Listening Read along / Recitals Read Along Animated Stories Games Creative Knowledge Confidential
  4. 4. Learning is more all-rounded with the help of many language tools and rich knowledge banks Bilingual guides (EN) Animated Strokes Grammar Hanyu Pinyin Dictionary
  5. 5. A tested Platform for Self Learning Students learn at their own pace and can revise repetitively to get a solid grasp of language concepts!
  6. 6. iFlashBook has many built-in utilities to drill the important aspects necessary to learn Chinese Dictionary Read Along Strokes PinYin Word Games Listen
  7. 7. iFlashBook for Parents & Teachers The Best Teaching Assistant Deliver a consistent learning experience for the children in school and at home! • Guide the child with – – – – • Use in School Standard pronunciation using recorded human voice Pin Yin Stroke sequences Meanings Activities available in iFlashBook – Spelling exercises and interesting word games that will gain children’s attention and help them stay focused Use at Home
  8. 8. iFlashBook for your child/student The Perfect Self-Learning Companion Interactive Learning functions and Games to keep children interested! • Read along & Self recital function With advance voice recognition technology 1. Listen to the standard recording 2. Practice by reading along / self recital 3. System will rate your reading Practice makes perfect! • Self learning becomes fun and easy with iFlashBook
  9. 9. Your choice of textbooks that are based on well-established Chinese curriculum 1. Chinese as a Second language – Singapore Primary School Textbook published by Marshall Cavendish for Primary 1 - 6 2. Chinese as a Foreign Language – Flying with Chinese published by Marshall Cavendish. Developed based on USA ACTFL Performance guidelines for K-12 learners 3. Chinese Culture and Language – Shuang Shuang Chinese Language and Culture Course is a series of 20 volumes that aims to build a literacy of 2500 Chinese characters. Widely used in international schools in China, Southeast Asia, Europe and America
  10. 10. Used in 80% of Singapore’s primary schools for Chinese classes
  11. 11. Start your Chinese Learning Journey http://www.iflashbook.com.sg See iFlashBook in Action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHDQAJnGdKc&feature=you tu.be
  12. 12. • iFlashBook is a product of Creative Knowledge, a leading provider of digital education products and platform, with key IP and specialization in education technologies • Proven Track Record – Well established presence in Singapore education system – Manufacturer of best-selling E-Dictionary products endorsed by Ministry Of Education for use in Singapore schools for Chinese exams – Proven Interactive textbook platform that are used in schools in China and Singapore Contact us: helpdesk@hansvision.com https://www.facebook.com/hansvision.sg