Strategic Workforce Planning


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The strategic workforce planning allows organizations to allocate the resources as the productivity improvements are achieved.

The strategic workforce planning requires a change of the managerial mindset as workforces can move among departments.

The strategic workforce planning is closely linked with the business strategy and supports the delivery of the key goals of the organization.

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Strategic Workforce Planning

  1. 1. Strategic Workforce Planning CREATIVE HRM Visit Creative HRM for more information.
  2. 2. Workforce DefinitionWorkforce: – Total pool of employees or labor available in the organization – Many organizations do use the word “headcount” for measuring the number of employees in the organization – Workforce always creates costs for the organization; it has to pay its employees for the job delivered – Workforce is a scarce resource and HR has to run the regular process for the right allocation of employees to processes/departments Visit Creative HRM for more information.
  3. 3. Workforce PlanningTraditional Workforce Planning: – Aligning the needs and requirements of the business with the available pool of employees – HR leads the process of the workforce planning, interacts with the Finance Department, line managers and the top management – Restructuring of requirements with the aim to strengthen the strategic agenda of the organization – Preparation of the recruitment and redundancy plans as the current workforce gets appropriately adjusted Visit Creative HRM for more information.
  4. 4. Strategic WorkforcePlanningStrategic Workforce Planning: – The planning process is driven by the business strategy, market development, HR strategy and the gap analysis of the current workforce – The joint team with the executive management buy-in leads the planning process – The team analyzes inputs from different sources, adjusts workforce plans, sets the short-term strategic plans and estimates costs/benefits – The executive management approves the strategic workforce plan and the implementation plan Visit Creative HRM for more information.
  5. 5. Strategic WorkforcePlanning Process Planning Team Set Up Strategic Gap Analysis of Workforce Plan the Workforce Approval Productivity Strategic Growth Improvement Areas Incorporation Identification Visit Creative HRM for more information.
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