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A one day symposium on zero/low carbon sustainable homes took place at The University of Nottingham on the 24th October, 2012. The event offered professionals within the construction industry a unique …

A one day symposium on zero/low carbon sustainable homes took place at The University of Nottingham on the 24th October, 2012. The event offered professionals within the construction industry a unique opportunity to gain added and significant insight into the innovations, policies and legislation which are driving the construction of zero/low carbon energy efficient homes both here in the UK and elsewhere in Europe. It explored solutions to sustainability issues “beyond” the zero carbon agenda. BZCH followed on from the successful ‘Towards Zero Carbon Housing’ symposium the University hosted in 2007. This event is part of the Europe Wide Ten Act10n project which is supported by the European Commission Intelligent Energy Europe.

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  • 1. Beyond ZeroCarbon Housingexploring solutions to sustainability issues beyond the zero carbon agenda2 4 th O c t o b e r 2 0 1 2 a t T h e U n i v e r s i t y o f N o t t i n g h a mDepartment of Architecture and Built Environment
  • 2. © Copyright Notice A l l t h e m a te r i a l i n t h e s e s l i d e sm ay n o t b e u s e d o r re p ro d u c e d w i t h o u t t h e ex p re s s p e r m i s s i o n o f t h e a u t h o rs
  • 3. Beyond Zero Carbon HousingThe University of NottinghamAlan Shingler– Sheppard Robson
  • 4. 2005 - £60,000 = 2 Bed House or Flat, 76.5sqm
  • 5. • Embed film here
  • 6. 60K Common Chassis … sustainability
  • 7. Kingspan SIPS
  • 8. Avante | Kent | Design for Manufacture Competition | Code Level 4, Eco Homes Excelent | The design utilises the TEK building system from Kingspan |Avante, Linton, Kent | Design for Manufacture Competition | Code Level 4 | The design utilises the TEK building system from Kingspan | Community Consultation
  • 9. Post OccupancyPerformance Evaluation – TSB Funded Design & Co-Heating Air-tightness Review of Qualitative 2-yearConstruction Tests Tests Handover & Customer On-going Audit Commissioning Feedback Monitoring ProcessSAP2005 check gives a better y-value thermal bridging(0.048) than details assumed (0.08)15% improvement on target (TER) for 2006 regulationsAirtightness slightly higher 5.82 m3/h/m2Positive aspects : Contemporary look, open plan groundfloor, good daylight provision, high ceilings, uniqueness oflantern.Negative aspects: lack of storage space, entrance sequence,heating provision and controls, use of MVHR system 14
  • 10. The Code for Sustainable Homes How it worksIts ambition is clear; guiding the design and Energy & carbon dioxideconstruction of sustainable homes to set Materialsworld class standards that reduce the impact Ecologyour homes have on the UK’s carbon Wasteemissions, Pollution Health & well-being Water Surface water run off Management
  • 11. Will it compromise lifestyle?How will the Code effect the housing market?
  • 12. Not to the detriment of practical innovation!
  • 13. Energy & carbon dioxide• Walls, roof, floor U-values = 0.11W/m²K -Tek • External lights on PIR (presence detection)System, 284mm thick • Cycle storage• Windows = 0.7W/m²K (inc. wooden • Home office facilitiesframe),triple glazed, gas filled • On-site renewable energy: 4.7kW, 46m²• Air permeability = 1m³/h/m² at 50 Pa photovoltaics• Thermal bridging 4.5% of surface area • 10kW automatic wood pellet boiler – only 2kW• Mechanical ventilation = 88% heat recovery - neededKingspan KAR MVHR • Wood store, filled three times a year• Specific fan power 0.92W/l/s • 4m² solar hot water to reduce wood resource• Lighting – 100% fluorescents used in summer• Drying room with fittings• Energy labelled A++ white goods
  • 14. Materials Health & Well BeingWalls and roof – TEK structurally insulated panels Daylight – 1.5 -2%(SIPS) daylight factorsCladding – sweet chestnut Private spacesPaved surface from recycled or sustainablesources Lifetime homes standardsEcologyImproved biodiversity through native planting and Watercreation of surface water environment Potable water reduction: Low water shower 8 litres/min and taps Dual flush WC, 4/2 litres, 160 litre bath Water labelled A++ washing white goods Greywater recycling for WC flushing Rainwater harvesting for washing machine and irrigation.
  • 15. Renewable energy technologies Building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) SolarServices will be integrated thermal arraywith smart metering andmonitoring which recordsenergy consumption and Mechanical ventilationenables occupants to with heat recovery (MVHR)identify if any wastage isoccurring, helping topromote moreenvironmentally awarelifestyles. Low volume, water Heat store Biomass efficient sanitary boiler ware and appliancesSketch by Arup Rainwater recycling tank
  • 16. Wind catcher/ light funnel Solar collectors and shadingSelective thermalmass Low embodied energy
  • 17. Solar gain and shading• At Level 6 there is a mandatory heat lossparameter• As a result the ratio of glazing to wall in theLighthouse is 18% as opposed to 25-30% intraditional houses.• This drove our decision to locate the livingspace on to the first floor enabling us tomaximise daylight and volume, with a top-litdouble height living space.
  • 18. Selective thermal massPhase changing material in the ceilingsabsorbs the room heat by changing from solidto liquid within microscopic capsulesembedded in the board. This process isreversed when the room is cooled with thenight air, working with the passive system ofthe wind catcher.
  • 19. BRE Innovation Park 2007
  • 20. Innovation – Raising the profile of Sustainable Design
  • 21. The energy cost of running the Kingspan BREhouse would be about £31 per year for thewood pellets, assuming wood pellets cost 1.8p/ kWh. The electricity is free, from the sun! Ahouse of the same size and shape but built to2006 Building Regulations standards wouldcost about £500 a year in energy bills.
  • 22. 1 Unit Photovoltaics Solar hot water Wood pellet 4.7kW 4m2 boiler 2kW 25 Units Photovoltaics 4 x Wood pellet Local wind Wood pellet 4.7kW micro-CHP turbine 45kW ~ boiler 50kW 1kW 15m blades 250 UnitsBiomassCHP100kW Local wind turbine 400kW Biomass boiler ~ 45m blades 450kW
  • 24. Development plots above the flood plain
  • 25. DLR extensionEast London TransistMain road accessMain cycle access
  • 26. RIVERGATE CENTREPrimary SchoolCommunity facilitiesSmall scale retailResidential
  • 27. Water attenuation ponds
  • 28. Sports pitchesPlay StationsPlay ports
  • 29. Environmental Analysis
  • 30. CL01 Terraced Block • Generous terracing at rear • Combination of dual & single aspect units • Duplex and single level units • Units with direct ground level access (front doors) • 5 stories •Under-croft parkingCL02 Head Block• Combination of single, dual,and triple aspect units• Single level units throughout• Units with direct ground levelaccess (front doors)• Private amenity space forevery unit• Up to 6 / 7 storeys•Under-croft parking
  • 31. CL03 Mews Houses • Dual aspect units • Single level units throughout • Units with direct ground level access (front doors) • Private amenity space for all units • Up to 3 storeyCL04 Higher Density Block • Single aspect units throughout • Units with direct ground level access (front doors) • Private amenity space for each unit • Up to 4 / 5 storey high •Under-croft parking
  • 32. CL05 Bebo Block•Derived from Dutch ‘belo-boven’ (1 below – 1 above)houses.•Dual aspect units throughout• Combination of single level &duplex units• Raised front porch walkway• Private amenity space forevery unit• 5 storey block•Under-croft parkingCL06 Head Block • Combination of single, dual, and triple aspect units • Single level units throughout • Units with direct ground level access • Amenity space for every units • Up to 6 / 7 storey
  • 33. Barking Riverside
  • 34. Roofs
  • 35. Windows
  • 36. Sheds!
  • 37. North facade
  • 38. South Elevation
  • 39. Home zone
  • 40. Buzzards Mouth Creek
  • 41. Gardens & sheds!
  • 42. Thank you