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cost effective, innovative, alternative advertising, through innovative viral commercials

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In vi-mercial

  1. 1. In-Vi-MercialInnovative Viral Commercial
  2. 2. Viral baba active छे creative छे
  3. 3. Brand (Entity) Name : Viral babaBrand Statement : active छे creative छेBrand Ideology : Surprisingly Innovative Cost Effective
  4. 4. What is Viral baba Introduction The In-Vi-Mercial The Differentiation Brand Ideology Brand Strategy
  5. 5. IntroductionViral baba is an interactive vertical ofSense and Cinema. Looking at today’ssocial media graph and increasing demand& consumption of end user centriccommunication, Viral baba stands toprovide an alternative & highly costeffective advertising solutions byproducing In-Vi-Mercials at a large.
  6. 6. The In-Vi-MercialInnovative Viral Commercial is a newterminology which defies our nature ofwork, the actual product we deliver.This is not a typical Viral video. From thevery ideation to execution, we havepackaged it as a futuristic format, thus wecall it the In-Vi-Mercial.
  7. 7. The Very DifferenceIn-Vi-Mercials are designed & produced tomeet the Client’s futuristic requirements. Theyare shot on the high end Digital or film cameras(as required).It begins from web, social media, 3G mobile asa Viral, as soon as it catches the momentum itis converted into the relative format to makethe same a national campaign on TV &Cinemas.
  8. 8. Brand Ideology (i) Surprisingly InnovativeCompanies spend considerable resources toensure that people recognize their brands.But the real payoff is achieved when peopleconnect with a brand at a level that transcendsrecognition and enters their culturalconsciousness at an iconic level. And this iswhat ‘Viral baba’ stands for. We exist toexplore ‘possibilities’ in brand communication& innovate consistently.
  9. 9. Brand Ideology Cost EffectiveLet it be ‘word of mouth’ or ‘word ofmouse’ A viral medium rely onnetworks of people to spread the Buzz.And that is what Viral baba is all about,creating a ‘big-buzz’ in a cost effectivemanner.
  10. 10. Brand Strategy : Thumb Rules UnconventionalWe do not follow the very conventional advertisingmethods in creative thinking. Innovation is a sheermadness, We work not to appease some one & play withrisks but the end deliverance makes us client’s darling. Functional & ConsistentWhen it comes to marketing we follow the tricks of thetrade to achieve that big-buzz & our mad-lab is trulyconsistent to deliver the wow-content.
  11. 11. Meet The Innovation Alternative Medium Expertise Approach Viral Baba Gang Services
  12. 12. Viral baba : Alternative MediumWe don’t adopt. We create independentstrategies. We understand the power ofnew-edge medium & know how totransform the technology in consumer’slanguage. We present ourselves as anhighly effective & alternative advertisingmedium provider.
  13. 13. Viral baba : ExpertiseBeing an advertising, drama & mass mediaexperts we have mastered the fine art ofconsumer communication.We understand the domestic market andits cultural roots. That’s why Theconversations we generate are always inthe language of our target consumer andoften in the idiom of the sub-culture.
  14. 14. Viral baba : ApproachTo seize Consumer’s attention we use ArtisticGorilla approach, when and where they leastexpect it and holding them captive untilthey’ve absorbed the message.Freshness of Idea, appropriateness of mediumand the Captivating nature of contents areViral baba’s mantra to involve the consumerand generate quick ROI and a larger ‘mindequity’.
  15. 15. Viral baba : GangViral baba has a highly skilled & well equippedgang of mass communication performers &specialized segments such as: Viral Mustandey Viral Babes Viral Amma Viral Taoo Viral Bhabhi Viral Bachcha Viral Aunty & so on.
  16. 16. Viral baba : Services OfferedIn-Vi-Mercial - the viral agent / seeding / tracking / innovative labActivation - on ground activation / interactive brand shows / live commercials lunch break theatre / product launchEvents - cultural events / corporate events / theme parties / road showsBranded Entertainment – in film & post film branding / film & TV campaign strategy / film & TV content bank / artist managementActivity Club - Ps Pt club for school, college, corporate, NGOs, jail inmates, police dramaducation workshops / skill workshops for corporate / theme picnic tour / school contact programsMedia & AV - ad film / corporate film / docudrama / news capsules / packaged news / entertainment news fillers
  17. 17. Global & Domestic Trend
  18. 18. Global TrendMature Internet & on ground interactivemarkets like U.S and UK are relying moreon Video ads and Social interactive kindof advertising models where ROI is morerobust and leads are far more qualified.
  19. 19. Domestic Trend Social media & on ground activation has thepower to transform a campaign into a religion. 30 million online consumers in Indian aremembers of social networking sites; 20 million ofthese spend time on social networking sites daily. Over 100 million Indians are online and spendan average of 16 hours per week on theinternet.” YouTube today has more than 20million unique users per month even in a marketlike India”.
  20. 20. Global & Domestic
  21. 21. Ad Spends : Shifting Trends The biggest spenders for on line & interactive inIndia include the small, mid size & the biggestindustries in the country; namely, Banking,Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI), FMCG,and the retail industry. Other industries includeeducation, telecommunication, travel and theauto industries.Biggest brands in the country, from Nokia to thecola giants to HUL, are spending big bucks toacquire the on ground & on line interactivemedium.
  22. 22. Global Spend by Category
  23. 23. On Line Spending
  24. 24. Domestic Growth : Onlinetext and display ad growth atRs 993 crores in the financialyear 2010-2011 from Rs 785crores in the financial year2009-2010.Online Display advertisinggrew at about 28%.while online text adregistered 26% growth.
  25. 25. Strategy + Who is TakerTargeted Categories ROI Deliverance
  26. 26. Price Tag StrategyAn up front price tag strategy seems awinning formula to capture the targetedbusiness.No hidden agenda, No quotations and 5 lakh Rs is the flat rate tonegotiations.produce & publicize 1 In-Vi-Mercial.
  27. 27. Why a Price Tag Strategy? We are offering a new futuristicproduct ‘In-Vi-Mercial’ & not a just viralvideo.Our product got a direct comparison &competition to TV commercials whichare taken as a high end & pricy products.Thus an upfront Rs 5 lakh price tagstrategy seems a winner.
  28. 28. Who is the Taker ? Let it be any sector & any size, for In-Vi-Mercials possibilities are immensely big. The organized players in domesticmarket are already doing viral activities butin an unorganized manner. [example attached] The big unorganized foreign advertisersdepends on Indian production houses fortheir TV commercial needs. This segmentcan be a bet for In-Vi-Mercial business.
  29. 29. In-Vi-Mercial :Targeted CategoriesRational Products: Television, Audio Systems,Computer, Automobiles, Audio, Camera, Film, Insurance,Credit Card, Computer Software, Washer/Dryer, Airlines,Motor Oil, Toothpaste, Paper Towel, Headache Remedy etc.Emotional Products: Underwear, Cosmetics,Watch, Beer, Beverages, Cigarettes, Gum, Soap, Ice Cream,Fast food, Coffee, Perfume, Shampoo, Restaurant, Snack,Footwear, Sports Car, Entertainment etc.
  30. 30. From ideation to contentdevelopment & from innovationto packaging Till Publicizing The end product, A 5 Lakh Rs Tag Can Be A Trend Setter!
  31. 31. The DeliverancePre Production : Ideation & Content Development Workshop with actors or real people Location hunt, bookings & permissions Crew hire & logistic management Theme music recording (as required) Costume, Jewelry, Properties Innovative Property (as required)Production : Shooting / Editing/ Dubbing / Mixing / Color rendition /CG & effects / Background score / Master cutsPublicity :Seeding / Tracking / Incentive Based Promotion / campaignon YouTube/ face book / Blogs etc.
  32. 32. Lets Deliver Now
  33. 33. Got the brief & we are ready with atodu In-Vi-Mercial. We upload it on YouTube & so on..will it work? The answer is a big-no. Get Prepared
  34. 34. Remember20 to 50 thousands + videos are beinguploaded on YouTube daily & so on.Each video has a shelf life of 48 hoursbefore its moved from DMV to WMV list.80 million videos are watched each day onYouTube, & they come from clicking the“Videos” tab at the top.
  35. 35. TMV Space : PreparationsPrepare Viral baba’s relevant, large &active network.Target CEOs & Heads of the org. watchthem, write, interact & get noticed.Let it be face book, imp blogs, my space,YouTube, Forums, e-mailers, friends,whatever, be every where & be active.
  36. 36. Viral Baba Centric Campaign For Targeted Clients
  37. 37. Viral Baba Campaign : What & Why Since Viral Baba is a new entity & In-Vi-Mercialis a futuristic product, it is a rational idea to hit atargeted client based viral campaign. The cleverly thought & designed campaign willnot only boost the in house morale & sprit butwill definitely grab the client’s eye ball & will setan example to get the business on rolling.
  38. 38. Viral baba : Campaign & MediumsCampaign - Teasers Pre-Launch LaunchMedium - SMS / Call E-Mailers Viral On Ground Trade Magazine & afaqs Radio Tie up
  39. 39. ReferencesThe Advantage of Viral Marketing. / /Indian Advertising Industry. / / / /
  40. 40. Brief Profile of Raaja Jaffrey [Project Leader, Creative Brain & Strategist]Post Graduate in Dramatics, PG Diploma in Journalism. 10+ Years ofproven expertise as a ‘Creative Leader, Strategist’ in advertising,entertainment & mass media. Have build several popular brands &innovative entertainment formats. An ex investigative journalist &columnist of renowned media houses. Screen writer, ad film director,actor & acting coach of popular film & tv stars. [work profile & Bio data attached]
  41. 41. Thanks for your patience