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Study Visit Amsterdam, 22-24 September 2010 Creative Metropoles …

Study Visit Amsterdam, 22-24 September 2010 Creative Metropoles

Presentation Delegation Creative Metropoles.


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  • Creative/arts education (under)graduate level mono-disciplinary technology-poor business unaware Business education   lacking in ability to be innovative creativity not widespread only 30% have innovation course less than 10% own a course of creativity
  • Fragmented markts. Draw excellent talent. Facilitate creative research labs and facilitate startups


  • 1. Learning experience for creative leaders Agnes Willenborg Managing Director
  • 2. Culture is the greatest invention of humanity . We created our own world and with it our own freedom and limitations . Most of the large-scale challenges we face today are human-made . In other words, humans should be able to resolve them again. Culture is in need of a grant new scheme and THNK takes the lead in its design .
  • 3. Our societal and economical challenges ahead are of such complexity that they require creative leaders , with a human-centered , multidisciplinairy approac h.
  • 4. THNK offers you a learning experience to develop yourself as a creative leader . THNK integrates design thinking , emerging technology , and business building to create value and have impact
  • 5. World-wide, we gather talent, brilliance , and skills in areas like: design, arts, technology, business , science and governance .
  • 6. These are the disciplines , we believe, that in creative collaboration can make the difference : From idea to implementation, from a local to a global scale.
  • 7. It is not about designing the next chair
  • 8. Instead, current society requires the design of new products, services, systems, organisations, processes, situations
  • 9. On big questions such as the future of cities
  • 10. And other complex challenges in area’s like healthcare, mobility, sustainability and finance
  • 11. Integrated domains Design Thinking Business Building Emerging Technology
  • 12. In search of the new renaissance ( wo ) men
  • 13. creating t-shaped leaders
  • 14. International postgraduate education , integrated with research and business acceleration
  • 15.
    • THNK offers students
    • A life changing experience to become a creative leader, to have impact on society
    • Educational approach:
      • Life-Long learning
      • Integrated domains, design, technology, business / Multidisciplinair
      • Action-based on scientifical foundation
      • Real life challenges
      • Knowledge, Skills, Behaviour
      • Individual coaching
    • Fulltime, part time, executive and tailor made programs
    • A network of investors, experience, knowledge, sponsors
    • Business and career opportunities
    • Personal growth and new perspectives
  • 16. An innovative learning environment in the creative capital Amsterdam.
  • 17.
    • THNK offers organisations:
    • Development of creative leadership for your organisation
    • Personal development of your high potential employees
    • International network of creative leaders, business opportunities
    • Academic research, methodologies and tools
    • Branding opportunities
    • Joint innovation
  • 18.
    • THNK guiding principles:
      • Practise what you preach
      • Failure is a must
      • Chaordic
      • Collaboration = obvious
      • Seeking tension, finding balance
      • Rapid prototyping
      • Action followed by reflecetion
      • The world is our classroom
      • Not exclusive but selective
  • 19. A creative leader is an individual , a team , a company , a country , the world !
  • 20. Partners
  • 21.