The Thankful Way
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The Thankful Way



"Everything is a present"

"Everything is a present"

The Thankful Way is in essence a course in The Art and The Skill of Happiness and Success.



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    The Thankful Way The Thankful Way Presentation Transcript

    • Begin with Thanks *Your answers become your affirmations
    • Begin with Thanks1. I do not need a specific reason to have a sense of well-being and satisfaction.
    • Begin with Thanks2. I practice living in the moment.
    • Begin with Thanks3. I feel empowered, enthusiastic and alive.
    • Begin with Thanks4. I regularly experience a sense of peace, calm and well-being.
    • Begin with Thanks5. I notice the bad in a situation and choose to maintain my balance and clarity.
    • Begin with Thanks6. I am quite adventurous and open to trying something new.
    • Begin with Thanks7. I have multiple interests.
    • Begin with Thanks8. It is usual for me to smile and laughter is a natural part of my experience.
    • Begin with Thanks9. I believe the universe to be responsive and supportive rather than a hostile place.
    • Begin with Thanks10. I look for the positive in the negative and learn from my experiences.
    • Begin with Thanks11. It is usual for me to let go of grievances and to practice forgiveness.
    • Begin with Thanks12. I respect myself and have a healthy sense of self- esteem.
    • Begin with Thanks13. I notice and recognize the good in others.
    • Begin with Thanks14. I practice acceptance of what is outside of my control and change what I can.
    • Begin with Thanks15. I build a good support system around me and am supportive of others.
    • Begin with Thanks16. I do not make a habit of criticizing, condemning or complaining.
    • Begin with Thanks17. My predominant thinking is primarily positive (rather than negative).
    • Begin with Thanks18. I can easily list 5 things I am grateful for.
    • Begin with Thanks19. I have an overall sense of purpose in my life.
    • Begin with Thanks20. I am conscious of a connection to something greater than myself.