Script - Role Play.


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Script - Role Play.

  1. 1. Script for Role play – CampaignCharactersSuma – Student, Parent,Sabrina – Director, Student, ParentSiddiquea – Producer, Student/Girl: SallyAlberta – Dancer: Angel, TeacherRenee (ME) – Choreographer, Student/Girl: SarahCara – Dancer, Student, ParentHumaira – Cameraman, Student/Girl: ??Shapla – Make-up Artist, Student Scene 1: (Whole cast) We are on the set of a music video and as you can imagine, there is a lot of chaos! The Russian choreographer is in the middle of going over her routine with the dancers and the director and producer are briefing the rest of the crew.Sabrina (Director): ACTION!(The dancers began to do the routine and were abruptly stopped)Renee (Choreographer): CUT! Sputnik, there’s something I like about you, but you, what is wrong with you?!Sabrina (Director): What do you think you’re doing? I’m the one who says cut!Renee (Choreographer): She is a load of boopkins!Sabrina (Director): Get off of my set!Renee (Choreographer): You know what, I quit!Sabrina (Director): (Too Cara) Are you alright? MAKE-UP!Siddiquea (Producer): No! Don’t quit – Look, Angel, your doing everything right, but your meant to do everything wrong, I mean, when you do everything right you make ________ look bad. I mean, look I’m sorry, you’re fired!(Alberta stands there shocked and distraught as the scene pulls to an end. BLACKOUT)Scene 2: (Whole cast) Its your average school day and we get to see what each persons everyday life is like and the drama’s that they bring. (Elements of sound scape in the beginning of the scene).<br />The students have just come into the classroom and are nattering amongst themselves whilst there teacher prepares for their lesson. Then the teacher abruptly interrupts...<br />Alberta (Teacher): Right!Whole Class: She was eating.Siddiquea (Girl): NO I WASN’TCara (Girl): FatsoThe teacher grabs the bag of crisps out of Siddiquea’s hand.Alberta (Teacher): DETENTION!Renee & Siddiquea (Girls): Yay! Twin power.Alberta (Teacher): No, not you Sally.Renee (Girl): Oh Sabrina & Cara (Girls): Yay! Twin power- LOSERS.Siddiquea (Girl): Sally, I think it’s catching on!Sally gives Sonia a sarcastic look and then the bell rings.Alberta (Teacher): Don’t forget tomorrows home – where you going?Renee (Girl): I’ll meet you in the park.<br />Scene 3: (Humaira, Renee, Alberta & Siddiquea) The Park. Humaira and Sally are sitting on the bench in the park waiting for Sonia when they get an unexpected visitor who joins them who isn’t as different from them as they thought.Humaira and Sally are muttering to each other when Angel comes and joins them.<br />Alberta (Angel): Hum (she sighs)Humaira and Sally both look at her and then continue to talk. They hear soft sobs coming from Angel. Sally offers her a tissue and turns towards her.Humaira: Go on (she whispers).Renee (Sally): Err – are you okay?Renee (Sally): Do you want to talk about it?Angel nods so Sally turns back to Humaira.Alberta (Angel): Well basically, you know, I’m one of those video vixen girls and I was working on P.Diddy’s new song you know - Renee (Sally): Oh! HELLO..GOODMORNING -Alberta (Angel): Yeah that one and you see -Renee (Sally): Oh! Your that girl err, Angelique, Aquiesha - Alberta (Angel): Angel.Renee (Sally): Oh right.Alberta (Angel): Yeah, so I was at work and I was doing everything right and then this girl Cara, she doesn’t listen, she doesn’t even show up most of the time and she did everything wrong but -Renee (Sally): Wait wait wait, why are you complaining? You have a great job, a dream life; EVERYONE adores you I mean, what’s not to love?Alberta (Angel): That’s what you think! Its not all what it seems in the media. I get treated like dirt off of there shoes and I’m hardly ever appreciated. Do you know how that feels?Renee & Humaira: Yeah I guess I know how that feels “/.As Angel continues to talk, Sonia comes back and tears Humaira and Sally away from Angel.Alberta (Angel): And it’s like so hard for me I mean it feels like nobody ever listens to me -Angel turns round to find that the girls are gone and she is left there alone. She starts to sing.Scene 4: (Suma, Humaira and Cara) Suma comes home from school with her head scarf half done only to meet her mother who is least impressed.Suma (Mother): WHY IS YOUR SCARF NOT DONE PROPERLY?Humaira: I was hot, I just wanted to -Suma (Mother): I don’t care, you know how I feel about you not doing your scarf!Humaira: YES! But I was HOT! For goodness sake your so annoying sometimes!Suma (Mother): What did you say to me!! Who do you think you are talking to? I AM NOT ONE OF THE TWINS!Humaira: I know but -Suma (Mother): CHUP! Suma then slaps Humaira around the face.Suma (Mother): Say something to your daughter Dave!Cara (Father): Err, go eat your dinner.Suma (Mother): You are so useless!Scene 5: (Sabrina, Siddiquea & Renee) Sally and Sonia come home from school to greet a mother who is not very happy.Renee (Sally): Oh my gosh, why are we late? Why are we late?Siddiquea (Sonia): I don’t know, you know I’m not good under pressure!Sally and Sonia try to sneak into the house but only get caught.Sabrina (Mother): WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN.Renee (Sally): She had – I mean we had detention.Sabrina (Mother): Do you know what the time is? I’ve been worried sick! Dinners been ready for hours but I guess its cold now! Sit down.Siddiquea (Sonia): I already ate – okay I’ll eat it.Sabrina (Mother): What are you doing? Yours is HERE.Renee (Sally): It’s cold!Sabrina (Mother): I’ve been slaving over the stove all morning and your complaining? You ungrateful little bitch.Siddiquea (Sonia): Do you want to swap?Renee (Sally): Please.Sabrina (Mother): HAVE YOU BEEN STEALING HER FOOD? WHY YOU LITTLESabrina then slaps Sally.Siddiquea (Sonia): Are you okay?BLACKOUT.<br /> <br />