Evaluation of the research stage


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Evaluation of the research stage

  1. 1. 4.1 – Understanding different media.This section is about researching the history and development of record, looking atexamples of records and the recording technology used. I did a variety of primaryand secondary research throughout and I found that the combination of both wasbeneficial.To begin with, I looked at the macro elements of film (based on music videos) so Iknew the types of things that I was meant to be looking when watching and evenconducting a music video. In order to gain a better understanding of record ingeneral, I undertook various research tasks looking at the four main types of record;print, film, audio and web-based. I looked at the history of these four types ofrecording and analysed the development in which each of these had taken over theyears and tried to understand how social, economic and technological factors haveinfluenced this development. I then looked at examples of different types of records(VHS, CD, DVD, 35mm etc). I answered lots of questions about when they were madeand the quality of them and related this back to the development of record.I wanted to gain expert advice on this, so I interviewed three people who have a lotof experience with all different areas of record. One of the three was Lokmen Chekkiwho had previously worked for big names such as the BBC as a production assistant,told me a bit about Camera Obscura and the processes of creating a film. The secondwas Yoshito Darmon who was a professional camera man who told me about camerashots and angles and taught me about the ‘rule of three’, ‘headroom’ and‘leadroom.’ The third person was Trevor Jarvis who was a professional in creatinganimation and taught me how to use adobe flash CS3 to create my own animations.Each of these people had given me something essential that I could take on and usein the creation of my music video.I also looked on YouTube and found a few videos that gave advice on how to create amusic video and the stages they went through when they created a particular musicvideo. In order to find out about the history and development of record, I decided todo a lot of research mainly on the internet because it is a quick way in which I canaccess the information that I need. However, I also looked at books and othersources for information.I think the researching process went well as I managed to find out all of thenecessary information and learnt a lot from it too. I think that I could have varied theways in which I presented the information in order to improve it and it would havemade it more appealing. Overall I think this section was successful and have learnt alot by doing this.