The planning process of creating a music video is very important in order to have asuccessful outcome. There are many stag...
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Evaluation of the planning process


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Evaluation of the planning process

  1. 1. The planning process of creating a music video is very important in order to have asuccessful outcome. There are many stages that need to be completed. There arethings such as booking the location to film and getting permission to film in thatarea, rehearsal schedules, booking camera, costumes, props, make-up, gettingcontracts signed, health and safety assessment, storyboarding and working to abudget.I took on quite a large role when it came to deciding on who did what stage withinthe group. I was in charge of:- creating the contract for the actors and getting it signed- booking location and getting permission to film- costume and props- equipment- production schedule- and creating a section of the storyboard.As you can see, these were quite a few roles to undertake and I had a hugeresponsibility within the planning of the music video. Since the people in my groupwere the only ones that featured in the video, I just had to get each of us to sign itwhich took a lot less time then it would have to do other people and meant that Icould get the forms back immediately. We decided to film the video in our school inthe playground so we didn’t have to book the locations but I got the permission tofilm from the events coordinator and the person in charge of the school. Thecostume was basic school uniform with a few extras so not much had to be changedand I provided the props. I made a list of equipment that we would need to use andleft it up to the person in charge of booking the equipment to get a hold of it. Icreated a particular section of the storyboard as we all took a few lines from thesong and created the scene that would go with it.I think that I did well at balancing all of these roles and completing them. However itwas difficult to create the production and rehearsal schedule as we wasn’t sureabout when we wanted to start recording and when we would all be available as wehad to balance the work of other subjects.I think I could have been a little bit better at meeting the deadlines because I didmanage to meet them but I had to rush at some points. In future if I was to do thesame thing then I would have balanced my time a lot better and efficiently andwould have planned it out.