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India is getting younger an evolving. Lots have changed and its time to bring younger generation to protect the heritage and also open.

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Culture & Heritage India Focus by Creatingdemand

  1. 1. Culture  &   Heritage  -­‐   India  Focus   CREATE BRAND MARKET www.crea'   Copyright  2014-­‐2015        Presenta'on  by:  Sachin  Bansal   Changing Perceptions of Stakeholders By SACHIN BANSAL
  2. 2. India   is   a   land   of   various   cultures,   tradi+ons,  religions,  art  and  so  on  as   people  of  various  religions  live  together.   www.crea'   Copyright  2014-­‐2015        Presenta'on  by:  Sachin  Bansal   Culture  &  Heritage  -­‐  India  Focus  
  3. 3. Indian  society  is  considered  as  one  of  the   most  cultured  in  the  world.   www.crea'   Copyright  2014-­‐2015        Presenta'on  by:  Sachin  Bansal   Culture  &  Heritage  -­‐  India  Focus  
  4. 4. Language,   religion,  food  and   the  arts  are  just   some  of  the  various   aspects  of  Indian   culture.   www.crea'   Copyright  2014-­‐2015        Presenta'on  by:  Sachin  Bansal   Culture  &  Heritage  -­‐  India  Focus  
  5. 5. Religion  -­‐  India  is  iden.fied  as  the  birthplace  of  Hinduism  and  Buddhism.   A  huge  majority  —  84  percent  —  of  the  popula.on  iden.fies  as  Hindu.   There  are  many  varia.ons  of  Hinduism,  and  four  predominant  sects  —   Shaiva,  Vaishnava,  Shakteya  and  Smarta.  About  13  percent  of  Indians  are   Muslim,   making   it   one   of   the   largest   Islamic   na.ons   in   the   world.   Chris.ans  and  Sikhs  make  up  a  small  percentage  of  the  popula.on,  and   there  are  even  fewer  Buddhists  and  Jains.   www.crea'   Copyright  2014-­‐2015        Presenta'on  by:  Sachin  Bansal   Culture  &  Heritage  -­‐  India  Focus  
  6. 6. www.crea'   Language  -­‐  India  has  28  states  and  seven  territories,  and  each  has  at   least  one  official  language.  While  the  na+onal  languages  are  Hindi  and   English,   there   are   about   22   official   languages   and   nearly   400   living   languages   spoken   in   various   parts   of   the   country.   Most   of   the   languages  of  India  belong  to  two  families,  Aryan  and  Dravidian.   Copyright  2014-­‐2015        Presenta'on  by:  Sachin  Bansal   Culture  &  Heritage  -­‐  India  Focus  
  7. 7. FOOD     Indian  cuisine  boasts  Arab,  Turkish   and   European   influences.   It   is   known  for  its  large  assortment  of   dishes  and  its  liberal  use  of  herbs   and   spices.   Cooking   styles   vary   from  region  to  region.   www.crea'   Copyright  2014-­‐2015        Presenta'on  by:  Sachin  Bansal   Culture  &  Heritage  -­‐  India  Focus  
  8. 8. Wheat,   Basma.   rice   and   pulses   with   chana   (Bengal   gram)   are   important   staples   of   the   Indian   diet.  The  food  is  rich  with  curries   and   spices,   including   ginger,   coriander,   cardamom,   turmeric,   d r i e d   h o t   p e p p e r s ,   a n d   cinnamon,   among   others.   Chutneys   —   thick   condiments   and  spreads  made  from  assorted   fruits   and   vegetables   such   as   tamarind   and   tomatoes   and   mint,  cilantro  and  other  herbs  —   are   used   generously   in   Indian   cooking.   www.crea'   Copyright  2014-­‐2015        Presenta'on  by:  Sachin  Bansal   Culture  &  Heritage  -­‐  India  Focus  
  9. 9. ARCHITECTURE   The  most  well-­‐known  example  of   Indian   architecture   is   the   Taj   Mahal,  built  by  Mughal  emperor   Shah   Jahan   to   honor   his   third   wife,   Mumtaz   Mahal.   It   combines  elements  from  Islamic,   Persian,   OWoman   Turkish   and   Indian   architectural   styles.   India   also  has  many  ancient  temples.   www.crea'   Copyright  2014-­‐2015        Presenta'on  by:  Sachin  Bansal   Culture  &  Heritage  -­‐  India  Focus  
  10. 10. ARTS   India   is   well   known   for   its   film   industry,   which   is   based   in   Mumbai   and   is   oXen   referred   to   as   Bollywood.   The   country   began   as   a   major   producer   of   movies   in   the   1930s.  Today  the  films  are  known  for   their   elaborate   singing   and   dancing   and  Bollywood  produces  more  films   per  year  than  Hollywood.   www.crea'   Copyright  2014-­‐2015        Presenta'on  by:  Sachin  Bansal   Culture  &  Heritage  -­‐  India  Focus  
  11. 11. Indian  dance  has  a  tradi.on  of  more   than  2,000  years.  The  major  classical   dance   tradi.ons   —   Bharata   Natyam,   Kathak,   Odissi,   Manipuri,   Kuchipudi,   MohiniaWam   and   Kathakali   —   draw   on   themes   from   mythology   and   literature  and  have  rigid  presenta.on   rules.   www.crea'   Copyright  2014-­‐2015        Presenta'on  by:  Sachin  Bansal   Culture  &  Heritage  -­‐  India  Focus  
  12. 12. CLOTHING     Indian   clothing   is   closely   iden.fied   with   the  colorful  silk  saris  worn  by  many  of  the   country’s  women.  The  tradi.onal  clothing   for  men  is  the  dho.,  an  uns.tched  piece  of   cloth   about   5   yards   long   that   is   .ed   around  the  waist  and  legs.  Men  also  wear   a   kurta,   a   loose   shirt   that   is   worn   about   knee-­‐length.   For   special   occasions,   men   wear  a  sherwani,  which  is  a  long  coat  that   is  buWoned  up  to  the  collar  and  down  to   the  knees.   www.crea'   Copyright  2014-­‐2015        Presenta'on  by:  Sachin  Bansal   Culture  &  Heritage  -­‐  India  Focus  
  13. 13. What  makes  Indian  society  cultured  and  popular  world-­‐over  is   the  fact  that  people  of  various  religions  here  live  together  like  a   well-­‐knit  family  and  celebrate  fes'vals  with  joy  and  fes'vity.   www.crea'   Copyright  2014-­‐2015        Presenta'on  by:  Sachin  Bansal   Culture  &  Heritage  -­‐  India  Focus  
  14. 14. Indian   society   is   modifying   in   the   name   of   geang   modern  at  a  very  fast  pace.   www.crea'   Copyright  2014-­‐2015        Presenta'on  by:  Sachin  Bansal   Culture  &  Heritage  -­‐  India  Focus  
  15. 15. This   unique   quality   of   being   able   to   transform  life  so  totally  belongs  only  to   Indian   spirituality.   Our   spirituality   is   not  bookish  and  confined  to  scriptures   alone,  it  is  very  and  scien.fic,   and  can  be  integrated  in  our  daily  lives.   www.crea'   Copyright  2014-­‐2015        Presenta'on  by:  Sachin  Bansal   Culture  &  Heritage  -­‐  India  Focus  
  16. 16. We   have   always   considered   music   and   dance   as   an   indivisible   part   of   our   culture   and   heritage   since   .me   immemorial.  Lord  Shiva  Himself   performed  the  Tandava.   www.crea'   Copyright  2014-­‐2015        Presenta'on  by:  Sachin  Bansal   Culture  &  Heritage  -­‐  India  Focus  
  17. 17. Indian   Food   and   Cooking   styles.   We   cook   such   a   variety   of   dishes   across   the  country.   www.crea'   Copyright  2014-­‐2015        Presenta'on  by:  Sachin  Bansal   Culture  &  Heritage  -­‐  India  Focus  
  18. 18. The  huge  number  of  tourist  spots   that  one  can  find  to  visit  in  India,   cannot  be  matched  by  any  other   country  in  the  world.   www.crea'   Copyright  2014-­‐2015        Presenta'on  by:  Sachin  Bansal   Culture  &  Heritage  -­‐  India  Focus  
  19. 19. The  culture  of  India  is  one  of  the  oldest  and  unique.  In  India,  there  is   amazing   cultural   diversity   throughout   the   country.   The   South,   North,   and  Northeast  have  their  own  dis.nct  cultures  and  almost  every  state   has  carved  out  its  own  cultural  niche.  There  is  hardly  any  culture  in  the   world   that   is   as   varied   and   unique   as   India.   India   is   a   vast   country,   having  variety  of  geographical  features  and  clima.c  condi.ons.  India  is   home   to   some   of   the   most   ancient   civiliza.ons,   including   four   major   world  religions,  Hinduism,  Buddhism,  Jainism  and  Sikhism.   www.crea'   Copyright  2014-­‐2015        Presenta'on  by:  Sachin  Bansal   Culture  &  Heritage  -­‐  India  Focus  
  20. 20. INDIAN  PAINTING  flourished  as  an  art  form,  from  the  pre-­‐ historic  age.  The  Neolithic  man's  drawings  on  the   walls   of   his   cave   dwellings   represent   the   oldest   examples   of   Indian   Pain.ngs   on   pots   discovered   from   the   Harappan   Civiliza.on   (3000   BC),  the  cave  pain.ngs  of  Ajantha  and  Ellora  using   earth   and   vegetable   dyes   (I-­‐V   Century   AD),   wall   pain.ngs   in   the   temple   of   Tanjavoor   (I   Century   AD)  and  the  Kalankari  art  forms  in  the  Vidharba   temple  present  the  refinement  in  techniques  and   process.   Indian  art  is  an  art  of  social,  and  religious   influences   which   changed   with   evolving   civiliza.ons  in  all  areas  of  ar.s.c  expressions.  It  is   one  of  the  oldest  and  resilient  cultures  on  earth.  It   had  integrated  indigenous  and  outside  influences   but   kept   a   unique   iden.ty   of   its   own.   Like   any   other  art  form,  is  also  revolving  around   gods,  legends,  folklore  and  nature.     www.crea'   Copyright  2014-­‐2015        Presenta'on  by:  Sachin  Bansal   Culture  &  Heritage  -­‐  India  Focus  
  21. 21. INDIAN  THEATRE   Indian  tradi.on  of  theatre  is  rich  and  evolved  with  the  ancient  rituals  and  seasons  of   the  country.  It  is  believed  that  Lord  Brahma  created  Natyaveda,  the  fiXh  Veda  on   Natya  (ac.on)  as  a  mode  of  recrea.on  for  all  class  of  the  society  by   words  from  Rig  Veda,  music  from  Sama  Veda,  ac.on  from  Yajur  Veda  and  emo.on   from  Adharva  Veda.  Sage  Bharata  who  perfected  the  drama.c  art  and  wrote  Natya   Shastra,  a  great  comprehensive  work  on  the  science  and  technique  of  Indian  drama,   dance  and  music  enacted  the  first  drama  to  the  audience  of  'Devas'.  Through  the   medium   of   drama,   common   man   was   presented   with   the   Ithihasas,   Puranas,   and   Mythology.   Dance   has   played   an   important   role   in   the   birth   of   theatre.   According   to   Natya   Shastra,  dancing  and  drama.c  representa.on  has  an  in.mate  rela.onship.  Drama   gradually   moved   from   mythological   themes   to   social   issues   of   today.   Cinema   and   serials   on   the   mini   screen   are   nothing   but   offshoots   of   this   age   old   culture.   www.crea'   Copyright  2014-­‐2015        Presenta'on  by:  Sachin  Bansal   Culture  &  Heritage  -­‐  India  Focus  
  22. 22. Reputation to overall gains www.crea'   Strategically  connected  with  clients,  engaging  and  involving   them:       • How  to  get  closer  to  customers?   • To  build  brand  awareness  and  enhance  loyalty?   • To  posi'on  new  products  and  services  for  the  effec've   market  penetra'on?   • To  fulfill  what  customers  really  desire?   Special+es     Brand  Strategy,  business  entry  &  planning,  product   development,  internet  marke'ng,  trade  distribu'on,  public   private  partnerships,  sustainable  tourism  management  and   investment  promo'on.   Crafting, Operationalizing and Implementing Growth Strategies to maximize opportunities in emerging geographies; experience as my strong resource and capability Sachin  Bansal   Copyright  2014-­‐2015        Presenta'on  by:  Sachin  Bansal   Culture  &  Heritage  -­‐  India  Focus  
  23. 23. SACHIN  BANSAL-­‐  Chief  Explorer   INDIA  :  +91  97111  90192     sb@crea'   www.crea''ngdemand   DELHI LONDON MELBOURNE NEW YORK ITALY www.crea'   Copyright  2014-­‐2015        Presenta'on  by:  Sachin  Bansal   Culture  &  Heritage  -­‐  India  Focus