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Scarlet Valley - Week 2 - The Scarlet Family
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Scarlet Valley - Week 2 - The Scarlet Family






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Scarlet Valley - Week 2 - The Scarlet Family Scarlet Valley - Week 2 - The Scarlet Family Presentation Transcript

  • Week 2 – The Scarlet Family
  • Welcome back to Scarlet Valley! With Rotation 2 we have an updated style (I’mstill playing around with PowerPoint.)Last time we met our founder, Micah and watched as he got married to MissMarisa Bendett, whom shortly after fell pregnant. What are they up to now?
  • The pair were delightedto introduce their firstchild, a daughter, intothe world. She wasbeautiful, with fineblonde hair and deepblue eyes like hermother.After much debatebetween names, Micahwho was hoping for a boysimply left it up toMarisa in the end, whodecided the perfectname for her sweet girlwas Eva, and so, little EvaScarlet began her life. View slide
  • The couple made suretheir daughter wouldnot be neglectedbecause of theirsituation. They knewshe’d have a hardlife, but they tried thebest they could toprevent that.She had a cute nurseryready for her birth, aneutral yellow colour, despite protests ofMicah who wanted bluefor a boy. View slide
  • Micah was naturally a fantastic father. He spent as much time as he couldcuddling, feeding, playing with, bathing and talking to his baby girl. He couldn’tcomprehend the love he felt for her, but also a pang of guilt every time she cooedup at him. “You’ll be okay, little one, I promise you...you’ll be okay,” hewhispered, as she suckled from a bottle of milk.
  • Much to hisdislike, Micah had togive his daughter backto her mother, or puther down in her crib.When she was nappingor they wereparticularly short onmoney, he would bepainting. His work wasimproving all thetime, but he felt like hehad almost masteredhis talent. His work wasselling for around $300a piece, but he couldonly hope this wouldincrease.
  • Marisa was a goodmother too. She hadnever imagined herselfin any such life...shedidn’t even everimagine gettingmarried, let alonegiving up everything tosettle down with a manshe barely knew! Sheheld her preciouschild, smiling.However, inside wasnot quite as bright. Shestill felt like she hardlyknew Micah, theyrarely spoke since Evawas born. Perhaps shewas just beingparanoid...
  • However, with passing days, Micah could tell Marisa was acting oddly. He stood in boxers, painting, waiti ng on her to get out of the shower, and when she did, he gave a simple ‘hello’ glancing up as she went to her own easel. “Hi...” she said dryly, in her own underwear. “Is she asleep?”“Out like a light,” Micah smiled, splashing a little red onto his canvas. Whenconversation ceased, he simply blurted, “What’s wrong Marisa?”There was no response. The two stood in silence and then eventually retired tobed, acting as if nothing happened.
  • As if the house wasn’t busy enough with the new baby, one morning, when he went out to water his money-plants, Micah heard faint crying, sounded as if it was coming from the trash-can. Raising an eyebrow, he rubbed his ears, afraid he was going crazy.When it went silent, Micah put it down to it being too early, his ears hadn’t loadedup yet. However, seconds later the crying got louder than before, and could nolonger be ignored. He rushed to the trashcan, opening it to see a little black fluffybeing, curled up, whimpering. “Oh my gosh...MARISA!” he cried, scooping it outand running into the house.
  • Unable to findMarisa, Micah settledwith little Eva who wasstirring in her crib. Heentered her roomsinging ‘Hush littlebaby’. He picked herup and brought herinto the kitchen wherethe puppy was lying onthe floor.“Eva, would you like apuppy?” heasked, smiling as hecuddled her .
  • Using the new puppy as a tool to win Marisa over and get her out of her bad mood was a fantastic idea, and worked a charm for Micah. The little bundle of fur was named Oden and became part of the family almost instantly.“You’re going to be my daughter’s best pal...and eat all of her boyfriends, okay?”Micah said, not completely joking. He knew that Eva would be a crucial part ofrepopulation, but the thought of anyone with his daughter was an awful one.
  • It wasn’t long until thehouse was filled withexcitement and thesmell of fresh bakedbirthday cake.Marisa and Micah werea little bit said as guestsarrived, fanning overtheir littlebaby, wishing her ahappy birthday. Theycouldn’t believe she wasgoing to be a toddler sosoon!Eva was blissfullyunaware, enjoying all ofthe attention, butfeeling most content inher daddy’s arms.
  • Everyone gathered around as Micah held little Eva in his arms, towering over the birthday cake and it’s lit candles. Noisemakers were being spun and horns being blown as he rocked his daughter gently.“Make a wish baby girl,” hewhispered to her, as he always did.He brought her close and her eyeslit up at the candle’s flames, then hesimply blew those flamesaway, wondering if sheunderstood...if she wished.
  • Little Eva was cute as a button. A friend had brought her a little green dress as apresent, and it fit her beautifully. She had a little blonde bob and was all smilesas her daddy held her tight against his chest.
  • Eva was as much of a joy asever to have around the house.She was a well behaved littlechild and she would spendhours playing withher little blocks, happy to playalone as her parents were busy.
  • Chores however, ate up most of the adult’s time. Micah would fill holes dug byintimidating large dogs almost every day...and when he wasn’t doing this he waspulling weeds, tending his money-garden or painting. He wished there wasmore time for his daughter, however, things had to be done, whether he liked itor not.
  • Things seemed tobreak around thehouse a lot too.Marisa would be onthe job almostimmediately when itdidhappen, however itgot tiring when shewas trying to teachher daughter tospeak and use thepotty and a suddenexplosion ofinterruption in theform of runningwater would attackher.
  • Despite thestress, Marisa andMicah were delightedat their news of onceagain, expecting achild.“We need a boy, tocarry on our name...”was the excuse Micahgave as he hoveredover Marisa, kissingher. It was cheesy, buttrue, they did need aboy.Eva’s name wouldchange one day whenshe moved out andmarried. Her childrenwould have theirfathers name too.
  • Micah began to spend the majority ofhis time with his little girl, realisingshe would not be a baby for muchlonger. Her birthday wasapproaching, and she would soon bestarting school! The two were as closeas could be, and Micah taught Eva allshe needed to know at her young age.
  • Marisa, however, remained separated from the little family unit that haddeveloped. She would sit alone, eating at different time from her daughter andhusband. She wasn’t sure if it was the pregnancy hormones or she was alwaysfeeling this way, but she longed to be out, exploring again.
  • Micah hadn’t realised Marisa wasn’t so involved, he was too sucked in to his little girls eyes, unable to resist letting her get away with every little thing. However, Eva was well behaved, so it was rare she’d have to use those puppy- dog eyes of hers.She was learning to speak, but her favourite word was already ‘Daddy’. Shenever cried for Marisa or even asked about her, something her mother wasall to aware of. It was almost as if Eva didn’t know her own mother.
  • Marisa wouldn’t be able to avoid Micah and Eva for much longer though, as shewent into labour one evening, right in the middle of their newly renovatedkitchen. Micah was asleep in another room, so unlike last time, she was forced togive birth by herself.
  • Much to her surprise, Marisa unexpectedly gave birth to twins. A baby girlwith blonde hair and blue eyes like her sister and a baby boy with brown eyesand blonde hair, just like his daddy.She again, named them alone; Alyssa and Otis.
  • The next day, Eva ignored her parent’sfighting, and celebrated her birthdayalone, still happy however. She kepther haircut, except it was a littlemessier now.She took to painting, much like herfather, paying no attention to herparent’s loud voices, arguing about heryounger siblings. It made her sad thather mother had distracted her daddythe whole day, but she knew that she’dbe able to play with him when he sawhow good her painting was.
  • That wasn’t the case however.Eva was sent to her room by anangry Marisa when sheinterrupted the argument.Sighing, Eva stared around theminute bedroom, humming toherself, “Hush little baby don’tsay a word...daddy’s going to buyyou a mocking bird...and if thatmocking bird to sing, daddy’sgoing to buy you a diamondring,” she began tosing, resenting her mother a littlemore with each word.
  • Resentment was notthe case later on thatevening, at least notfor Eva’s parents. Aswhen she was tuckedup in bed, the twoweresimply...apologizing.This had been thecase for a whilenow, the only timethe two spenttogether was in theirbedroom...but howlong could that last?
  • As he painted how he would like Scarlet Valley to one day look, Micah was blissfully unaware of what was going on around him. He was already a good father to all three of his children, and hoped he would raise them to be the best he could be. He had felt the chemistry drop between himself and Marisa...butThanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this slightly that was what happenedlonger chapter...I’m building them up! I appreciate all in marriage...right?your comments and hope you’ll all tune in again nexttime! :D