Why routine customer communications could be the secret weapon in direct marketing


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Crawford Technologies and Docuplus explain why routine customer communications, such as invoices, statements and bills, could be the secret weapon in direct marketing.

This presentation was first delivered at MediaPro 2011.

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Why routine customer communications could be the secret weapon in direct marketing

  1. 1. crawfordtech.com Why routine customer communications could be the secret weapon in direct marketing docuplus.com
  2. 2. crawfordtech.com Who we are docuplus.com Crawford Technologies www.crawfordtech.com Docuplus www.docuplus.com
  3. 3. Routine customercrawfordtech.com correspondence is NOT boring docuplus.com Neither to customers nor to those marketing to them
  4. 4. crawfordtech.com What is routine customer correspondence? docuplus.com Bills Statements Invoices Legal notices Insurance documents etc.
  5. 5. crawfordtech.com Why is it interesting when marketing to customers? docuplus.com
  6. 6. Facts and Figures • 99% open rates instead of under 1% • Content read for 2 to 5 minutescrawfordtech.com • Also beats direct mail on cost and ROI • Enhances customer retention • Cross and up-selling opportunities docuplus.com [Source: Royal Mail survey]
  7. 7. The problem?crawfordtech.com 90% of the applications that produce routine customer correspondence were written in the 80s and 90s. docuplus.com
  8. 8. Example outputcrawfordtech.com docuplus.com
  9. 9. Document Re-engineering • Example functionality • Add/change finishing barcode • Add QR codes, 2D barcodescrawfordtech.com • Add/remove pages and images • Concatenation • Splitting/Segmentation • Multiple Up docuplus.com • Pre-sort • Conditional messaging • White-space management
  10. 10. crawfordtech.com That’s the Why, docuplus.com now for the How….
  11. 11. Who are Docuplus? Personalisedcrawfordtech.com Transactional One to One Personalised Personalised On Demand Documents documents docuplus.com Message Information Management Governance Specialist Marketing Techniques
  12. 12. How do I implement Transpromo? Produce an effective ROI based on:crawfordtech.com • Reduce costs. • Include messages on documents that are already produced. docuplus.com • Of production on Paper, Inserts (less printing and weight), Postage, etc • Increase message effectiveness (Personalisation, Colour for example) • Reduce time to market • Place the management of messages with marketing / business department
  13. 13. TransPromo Objectives • Use transactional document as a Marketing tool o Cross sell or up sell products and services • Make document more readable and easier to understandcrawfordtech.com o Reduce customer services calls • Educate customers o Inform on new rates, options, choices… docuplus.com • Create a more effective document o Combine Newsletter, bill and inserts • Further Personalise documents o Geographic, usage, profile, previous purchases “The transactional document is the image of the company”
  14. 14. crawfordtech.com How to implement this – docuplus.com isn’t it difficult?
  15. 15. crawfordtech.com docuplus.com Use that white space
  16. 16. crawfordtech.com An example – QR codes docuplus.com
  17. 17. QR codescrawfordtech.com docuplus.com First quarter 2011 demand rose 810%
  18. 18. Transpromo and QR Express –crawfordtech.com Crawford Technologies • Simple solution docuplus.com • No major infrastructure to be changed • Changes made to the print file prior to printing
  19. 19. crawfordtech.com docuplus.com Solution Snapshot
  20. 20. Solution Snapshot • Australia/PacRim’s largest Service Bureau • Problem: Salmat’s banking client wanted to turn off paper based statement yet continue to market to its customers without changing thecrawfordtech.com current application or their use of CMOD archive • Solution: Customer implemented a CrawfordTech document re- engineering solution to: docuplus.com • Index existing AFP files with additional fields for retrieval purposes • Load indexed AFP file into CMOD supporting the existing archiving, viewing and reprinting processes • Upon retrieval from CMOD, CrawfordTech’s software is invoked to merge in full colour paper stock backgrounds, terms & conditions text, and full colour PDFs representing the inserts that would have been in the client’s envelope. Customer is adding PURLs in next phase of project. • Convert to PDF and deliver to client screen for presentment
  21. 21. Solution Snapshot • Problem: Salmat’s Financial Services / Travel client wanted to add targeted messages to their customers based on loyalty point values and geography – to their existing application • Solution: A CrawfordTech document re-engineering solution was usedcrawfordtech.com on the existing production print stream in a two-pass implementation • First pass: Determination • Extract customer name, address, rewards point balance, postal code and account number docuplus.com • Determine area of white space available on each bill • Write to external file, which is used as input for further processing: • Name, address information and customer number • Page number where white space appears • Amount of white space available on the page • Location of where white space starts
  22. 22. Solution Snapshot • The customer developed procedures process the file and returns it: • These procedures could engage any external business rules, databases, CRM process, etccrawfordtech.com • Second pass: Execution • The print stream is re-processed along with the returned and updated external file and the requested images are placed on the appropriate pages • Index records are also imbedded into the print file, identifying the added docuplus.com images for audit purposes • The new file is then printed and loaded to the CMOD archive • Eight weeks elapsed to implement including 6 weeks of testing • Salmat’s client is now evaluating migration to full color devices and bringing on other applications and print stream types
  23. 23. Thankscrawfordtech.com Crawford Technologies www.crawfordtech.com docuplus.com Follow us, Like us and Join us – links at crawfordtech.com/About Docuplus www.docuplus.com