PDF/VT - A Presentation from Crawford Technologies Inc

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PDF/VT - A presentation from Crawford Technologies Inc - http://www.crawfordtech.com/

PDF/VT - A presentation from Crawford Technologies Inc - http://www.crawfordtech.com/

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  • 1. PDF/VT
    A presentation fromCrawford Technologies Inc.
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  • 2. What is PDF/VT?
    An ISO standard - ISO 16612-2
    Provides Variable Data Printing
    Competing with VIPP, PPML and AFP
    Plugs the ‘variable data gap’ present in native PDF files
  • 3. PDF/VT
    PDF/VT-1 for a complete single file exchange.
    PDF/VT-1 requires all resources necessary for proper interpretation of the PDF data.
    PDF/VT-2 for multi-file exchange.
    PDF/VT-2 permits references to external ICC profile and PDF/X.
    PDF/VT-2s for streamed delivery.
    A PDF/VT-2s stream is a MIME package that contains a sequence of one or more PDF/VT files and supporting resources.
  • 4. What is the problem?
    Designers are under increasing pressure to find new ways to promote their customers
    Pushing the limits of creative software
    Personalizing content
    WYSIWYP – What You See Is What You Print
  • 5. What is the problem?
    Print service providers need to adapt to these new technologies and advancements
    Currently convert PDF to another format before printing
    PDF doesn’t offer variable data natively
  • 6. Why do these issues exist?
    Disparate progression has led to fragmentation
    Line printer to laser printer technology
    Form overlays to replace pre-printed forms
    Multiple fonts
    Graphical elements
    Full colour laser printing
    Deployment of AFP architecture
    Use of PDF for printing workflows/online viewing and PDF/A for archiving.
  • 7. Fragmented marketplace
    Print on demand
    Direct mail
    Personalised documentation
    Promotional printing
    Full-colour one-to-one Marketing
  • 8. Shifting the landscape
  • 9. Evolving technologies
    • High-volume variable output
    • 10. Geared towards high-speed output
    • 11. Bi-directional communication, error notification, resource management
    • 12. Tray pull information, duplex etc.
    Graphical complexity
    Transparency, ICC profiles, layers
    Low-volume or desktop output
  • 13. Evolving technologies
    PDF and PDF/A
    • Low-volume and desktop output
    • 14. Transparency, ICC profiles, layers
    • 15. Graphical complexity
    Bi-directional communication, error notification
    Tray pull information, duplex etc.
    High-volume variable output
    Geared towards high-speed output
  • 16. Why Does PDF/A Matter for Transactional Customer Communication Documents?
    PDF/A is the standard for transactional document storage for customer service and compliance purposes
    Conformance levels are not well understood – accurate rendering is the key concern
    Text re-flow and accurate text extraction should be considered for mobile use and workflow needs
    Contains tagging and metadata necessary for document accessibility
  • 17. PDF/VT adds to these positives
    Native PDF processing
    Allows for very late changes
    Switching between presses
    Switching between digital and offset
    Mixed jobs that start digital and then move to offset
    Direct output of transparency
    Less potential for banding, sharp edges on drop shadows
    For high or low volumes
    Transactional or graphical output
  • 18. Challenges for PDF/VT
    Still a long way to go
    The competition, notably AFP, has been established for over 20 years
    PDF/VT still to be fully defined
    Once in PDF/VT format, you have to print to ‘realise’ the output
    You can ‘proof’ using a PDF reader
    Supported printers are very specific
    The competition (AFP for example) allows for output to virtually any device or format, including PDF and PDF/A
  • 19. PDF/VT and PDF/A
  • 20. Conclusion
    PDF/VT solves some problems
    Avoiding the RIP to PostScript
    Late changes
    Flexibility to work with mixed volumes
    PDF, PDF/A and PDF/VT
    Will work in parallel development for some time before PDF/VT can emerge fully formed
    The return on investment is not high enough yet for organisations to throw out existing infrastructure
  • 21. Conclusion
    PDF/VT does offer many benefits
    One-time rendering and caching
    Graphical complexity
    Practical for lower-volume runs
    If other current shortcomings, and the relation to PDF/A for compliant archiving, can be solved, PDF/VT will be a format to consider for many.
  • 22. You’ve been watching:PDF/VT
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