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Why I Wouldn't Wash A Rented Car: A Lesson in Ownership
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Why I Wouldn't Wash A Rented Car: A Lesson in Ownership


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This was the second presentation in my 'Manifesto' series, delivered in 2010. What I encourage here is to understand the value of Ownership in a working and creative environment.

This was the second presentation in my 'Manifesto' series, delivered in 2010. What I encourage here is to understand the value of Ownership in a working and creative environment.

Published in: Business, Automotive

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  • 1. Why I wouldn’t wash a rented car. (and why it matters) 1 The Manifesto Series
  • 2. Encouraged to take ownership of our projects. 2 The Manifesto Series
  • 3. I couldn’t agree more. 3 The Manifesto Series
  • 4. “ The key to a successful implementation and delivery of our projects is ownership.” 4 The Manifesto Series
  • 5. But what exactly do we mean by that? 5 The Manifesto Series
  • 6. Let’s think of ownership as the way we feel about something. 6 The Manifesto Series
  • 7. If it is mine, I own it. 7 The Manifesto Series I take care of it.
  • 8. Therein lies the solution: We have just defined ‘ownership’ as the ability to ‘care about something’. 8 The Manifesto Series
  • 9. Let’s consider our topic again: 9 The Manifesto Series “ Why I wouldn’t wash a rented car.”
  • 10. “Why on earth should I care?” (The car does not belong to me.) 10 The Manifesto Series
  • 11. Yet most of us take care of our own cars. 11 The Manifesto Series
  • 12. They don’t come with washing instructions and nobody tells us to wash them. But we do. And we lovingly maintain and care for them because they are ours. 12 The Manifesto Series
  • 13. After 2 years ... The rented car (that we did not wash) has a zero residual value. Nobody will buy a car that has been driven by people who did not care about it. 13 The Manifesto Series
  • 14. The rental co. has no option ... The car is scrapped. 14 The Manifesto Series
  • 15. Your car has retained it’s value. Suddenly the care you gave your car paid off. 15 The Manifesto Series
  • 16. What we should change, is the way we feel about work. 16 The Manifesto Series
  • 17. Let me share an example ... 17 The Manifesto Series
  • 18. Henry Ford (July 30, 1863 – April 7, 1947) 18 The Manifesto Series
  • 19. Henry Ford (July 30, 1863 – April 7, 1947) 19 The Manifesto Series
  • 20. The Assembly Line. “ You can drive any colour car you want, as long as it's black.” Henry Ford (July 30, 1863 – April 7, 1947) 20 The Manifesto Series
  • 21. Think Create Engage Optimise The Assembly Line. Do you recognize anything? 21 The Manifesto Series
  • 22. Think Create Engage Optimise Our Assembly Line. 22 The Manifesto Series
  • 23. This was recently demonstrated ... 23 The Manifesto Series
  • 24. 24 The Manifesto Series
  • 25. It’s time to kick butt! “But ... the client has already signed this off.” “But ... it’s too late to change anything now.” “But ... we don’t have any more hours left.” “But ... there’s no-one available to change it!” “But ... we’re launching tomorrow.” 25 The Manifesto Series
  • 26. There is ALWAYS time to stop The Assembly Line. If we shouldn’t stop it, then we can fix the problem. Always. 26 The Manifesto Series
  • 27. You feel it’s wrong. Say so! Your instincts are screaming at you. Say so! You care about it, and it’s not the best it can be. Say so! You know it’s simply not going to work. Say so! It’s common sense. Say so. Think 27 The Manifesto Series Create Engage Optimise
  • 28. 28 The Manifesto Series
  • 29. 29 The Manifesto Series
  • 30. In other words: Think Create Engage Optimise I’ll wash Grant’s car. I’ll wash Soph’s car. I’ll wash Joe’s car. I’ll wash Scott’s car. I’ll wash Ruan’s car. I’ll wash Emma’s car. I’ll wash Liam’s car. I’ll wash Jean’s car. I’ll wash Kath’s car. I’ll wash Tish’s car. I’ll wash Janine’s car. I’ll wash Barry’s car. I’ll wash Carlos’ car. I’ll wash Matt’s car. I’ll wash Santie’s car. I’ll wash Nic’s car. I’ll wash Terence’s car. I’ll wash Tom’s car. I’ll wash Justin’s car. I’ll wash Mick’s car. I’ll wash Mary’s car. I’ll wash Nicole’s car. I’ll wash Sam’s car. I’ll wash Celeste’s car. I’ll wash Geoff’s car. I’ll wash Jarred’s car. I’ll wash Baize’s car. I’ll wash Sue’s car. I’ll wash Gavin’s car. I’ll wash Mark’s car ... okay, I won’t wash Mark’s car unless I can use it for the weekend ... 30 The Manifesto Series
  • 31. Own your work. Like you mean it. Do it for you. Shit you worked on it. It’s the least you can do for you. 31 The Manifesto Series
  • 32. fin. 32 The Manifesto Series Q’s. Debate. Conversation.