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Cutomer-Focused Selling Cutomer-Focused Selling Presentation Transcript

  • Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizCustomer-Focused SellingMatching product benefits with customer needsCraig JamesSales SolutionsMay 11th, 2005
  • Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizAgendaHow to use this mediumIntroductionsContentClosing Q&A
  • Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizCustomer-focused SellingWhat does it mean?Compared to what?
  • Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizProvider-centered approachListen to me!
  • Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizCustomer-centeredapproach“Let me tell you about me”
  • Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizWhat’s your customer’sprimary interest?His problemsAnd addressing themHis worriesAnd alleviating themHis needsAnd satisfying themHis goalsAnd achieving them
  • Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizWhat’s your customer’ssecondary interest?Your offering - and how it gets himwhat he wantsYour offering - and whether it’ll gethim what he wantsYour offering - and how it’ll get himwhat he wantsYour offering - and whether it’s agood deal
  • Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizUnerstanding your customerSituationNeeds, GoalsWorries, ConcernsConstraints
  • Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizWhy Bother?Establish CredibilitySeen as a solution providerBuild TrustSeen as a concerned advisorSharing of critical informationGet the inside trackPaving the wayGet introduced to key players
  • Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizHow to be customer-focusedGet inside your customer’s headAsk questionsListen intently to the answersRecommend a solution specific tothat customer’s situation
  • Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizWhat kinds of Questions?SituationNeeds, GoalsWorries,ConcernsConstraintsWhat’s going on?What looking toaccomplish?What concernsyou?What mightprevent you fromsucceeding?
  • Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizPresenting YourSolutionBe sure it speaks to the customer’sexpressed needsFocus on the benefits of youroffering and support them withfeatures
  • Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizPresenting YourSolutionAn effective presentationGrabs the customer’s AttentionGenerates InterestStimulates Desire
  • Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizFeatures vs. BenefitsAspects of yourproductSizeSpeedColorConfigurationWhat they cansee, touch, hearWhat thecustomer getsfrom the feature.What they’rereally buyingIs intangiblecomfortcost saving
  • Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizFeatures vs. BenefitsWhen presenting features andbenefits, resist the urge to talkabout all themLimit to only those that relate toyour customer’s issues, and thatsupport the solution they need.
  • Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizKey point #1 to rememberwhen presenting your solutionDon’t talk too much - you will eitherlose the customer’s interestsay something that will trigger aconcern
  • Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizKey point #2 to rememberwhen presenting your solutionWhen you start hearing buyingsignals, STOP SELLING!
  • Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizResults of customer-focused sellingProspects are more likely to buyfrom you whenyou’ve given them the opportunityto share their “stuff” with youthey feel you understandyour solution aligns with theirproblem or goalthey trust your judgment
  • Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizSummaryCustomers buy for their ownreasons, not yours.Ask questions to find out whatthose reasons arePresent relevant benefits, suportedby relevant featuresKnow when to stop selling, andstart asking for commitment
  • Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizClosing Q & A
  • Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizSales SolutionsService Offerings1/2-day and full-daySkill Enhancement/Sales ProcessImprovementOne-on-One Sales CoachingMonthly Sales Round TablesCustomized Sales ConsultingCall for a free assessment
  • Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizMonthly Sales Round TablesBrainstorm best practices withother sales professionalsImprove Your Sales PerformanceFun, stimulating environmentLow time commitmentMimimal
  • Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizCustomer-Focused SellingCraig JamesSales Solutions877-862-8631info@sales-solutions.bizSign up to receive our Free monthly e-newsletter,The Sales Solution, at