Create Urgency in the Sales Process


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Are your deals taking longer to close. In this presentation you'll learn strategies to shorten your sales cycles

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  • Create Urgency in the Sales Process

    1. 1. Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizAccelerate Your Sales!Creating Urgency in Prospective CustomersCraig JamesSales SolutionsOctober 2, 2008
    2. 2. Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizAgendaIntroductionsContentClosing Q&A
    3. 3. Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizWhats the Issue?Prospects are taking forever tomake decisions“Eager” prospectsrun out of steamProspects stop returning calls
    4. 4. Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. deals stall?do I find myself so often chasing“engaged” prospects?
    5. 5. Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. so many of these “engaged”prospects fall into the black hole of“no-decisions?”
    6. 6. Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizAnd WHAT can I do about it?
    7. 7. Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizWhy do deals stall?Changing priorities for sponsor(swamped with other responsibilities)Changing priorities for sponsor’s bossChanging market conditionsChanging (adverse) economicconditions
    8. 8. Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizWhy else do deals stall?Insufficient need in the first placeNever really serious about you –just price shopping to keep theircurrent provider honest
    9. 9. Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizAnd why else do deals stall?They’ve decided they can solve theproblem on their own (after gettinginformation from you, or yourcompetitors)No agreed-upon cost of doingnothing
    10. 10. Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizStill other reasons deals stallThe prospect favors a competitor becauseTheir solution is in fact superior to yours in theareas important to the prospectA competitor’s salesperson was more skilful thanyou at selling. In other words, you were outsold• You did not uncover needs and motivations• You were not persuasive in your presentation• You were ineffective at addressing objections• The prospect deems their solution to be superiorto yours, even though it’s not (the prospect hasa misunderstanding you haven’t addressed)
    11. 11. Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizWhat can I do about itin the initial stages?Ask deeper discovery questionsTurn the tables on your prospects• are you right for us?
    12. 12. Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizAsking deeper discoveryquestionsWhy do you need this? Why do you need thisnow? Why not 6 months or a year from now?Why not 6 months or a year ago?Could you do without it? If not, why not?What priority is this for you?What priority is it for the decision-maker (iftheyre not one and the same)? Is there anyreason you would decide to do nothing?Whats the potential cost of doing nothing?What are your top 3 buying criteria?
    13. 13. Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizWhat can I do about itin the later stages?after youve made your formalpresentationafter youve presented yourproposal
    14. 14. Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizIf you’re able to reach your sponsorAsk questions that uncover the realreason for the indecision/delayReiterate the consequences of doingnothing or of delayingFind out where you stand, and why
    15. 15. Possible OutcomesReasonChanging prioritiesChanging market oreconomic conditionsInsufficient need ornever seriousBelieves they cansolve on their ownActionRemind them of the costof doing nothingOffer to do more of theleg workScale back the scope (&cost) of the proposalToo late! You mustdetermine this up-frontTactfully plant seeds ofdoubt that they can
    16. 16. Possible OutcomesReasonThey favor a competitorSuperior offeringSuperior skillUnderstood needsbetterMade a morepersuasivepresentationAddressed objectionsbetterMisunderstandingActionToo late! Mustdetermine up-frontGet coaching ortrainingGet coaching ortrainingGet coaching ortrainingGet coaching ortrainingCorrect themisunderstanding
    17. 17. Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizIf you’re unable to reach your sponsorafter several triesReach out to another contact to “get theskinny”. “I suspect/My understanding isthat your organization is leaning towardsxyz competitor. Is that correct?”Send a "surrender" letter to your primarycontact
    18. 18. SummaryThe best way to create urgency is todetermine/create it up-frontMany factors you can influence;some you cannot. Focus on thoseyou canDetermining the reason for the stallImplement appropriate tacticsif a competitor is favored, find outwhy and try to turn the deal aroundif no competitor is favored, uncoverthe deeper reason, reminding theprospect of the cost of doing nothing
    19. 19. Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizClosing Q & A
    20. 20. Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizSales SolutionsService OfferingsSales ConsultingSales Process ImprovementSkill Improvement/EnhancementOne-on-One Sales Coaching• In-person or phone
    21. 21. Sales Solutions 877-862-8631. www.sales-solutions.bizAccelerate Your Sales!Craig JamesSales Solutions877-862-8631www.sales-solutions.bizinfo@sales-solutions.bizSign up on our web site to receiveour free monthly e-newsletter!