Car Insurance Prices Online - How to save in California


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Calculate your limits. Shop, shop and shop some more! Be honest on your application. Not all carriers are the same. Use the CA Department Website surveys. Make brokers work for you. Try direct writers as well. Pay attention to details when comparing. Some carriers pay actual cash value, while others pay replacement cost. Switch carriers with caution. High risk drivers have to work even harder to get a good deal. Need car insurance online now?

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  • Car insurance, like health insurance, is a very individual thing. That's why even though it's becoming more of a commodity, it really pays to shop around to find the right company for you. Here is some more tips:
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Car Insurance Prices Online - How to save in California

  1. 1. Car insurance pricesonlineHow to save in CaliforniaBy Craig
  2. 2. Calculate how much• You’ll need to figure out if you need comprehensive, collision, or liability only insurance.• Carriers will not pay more than the limits.• If your insurance is more than 10% of your cars value, it’s too
  3. 3. Compare, compare & compare • Carriers have different rates and different ideal customers. Shop companies on my
  4. 4. Be truthful• Lying to the car insurer will only cause rate ups (very soon).• Honesty will save you a lot of time.• The carrier may not even cover you if you have an accident and made misstatements on your
  5. 5. Not all carriers are equal• Every carrier has a different drivers they want to attract.• Discounts vary greatly.• Some carriers do not offer SR22 policies in California (high risk)
  6. 6. Use the CA Department Website• Gives you rough estimates based on surveys.• Can narrow down your shopping.• Rates are based on what they carriers tell the Department.• Inaccurate since they don’t consider your car, model or
  7. 7. Make brokers work for you• Don’t contact more than 1-2 brokers.• They all have agreements with the same carriers.• You want to get rates from direct writers who don’t go through
  8. 8. Get quotes direct• Use our site to get rates from direct writers.• You may talk to a different employee every time.• Usually available 24/
  9. 9. Comparing carriers• Use our site to get rates from direct writers.• A company that pays actual cash value will be cheaper one that pays replacement costs.• Some quote you 6 month premiums and others a 12 month premium. Can be
  10. 10. Switching companies• Adjust your policy limits.• Comparison shop policies with the same level of coverage.• Shop around renewal time.• Talk to your local body shop or car dealer and ask about a carrier’s claims payment.• You’ll lose your 20% safe driver discount for 3
  11. 11. High risk drivers• You’ve had tickets or accidents within the last 3 years• DUIs within the last 10 years.• Many carriers don’t want you.• Substandard carriers will fight for your business, since premiums are much higher.• Don’t expect preferred
  12. 12. Need it now?• Some carriers will not give you coverage until underwriting you.• Go with a carrier that offers “online binding” if you need coverage now.• Beware of “retroactive rateups” if the carrier finds problems with your
  13. 13. About me• Husband, dad, gonzo writer and insurance medicine
  14. 14. Connect• Craig Casey on Google•••• Get car insurance quotes on my website below!